Anti-Lockdown Rally, Hamilton, ON

Vaccines do injure people.

Since 1986, with the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in the U.S., which protects Big Pharma from vaccine-injury lawsuits (and guarantees huge profits), the subsequently created “Vaccine Court” has paid out over $4 billion, to vaccine-injured people.

In the following interview, John, who attributes vaccine injury as a cause of his son’s autism, discusses the negative impacts that Lockdown measures have imposed on some of Canada’s most vulnerable people.

Anti-Lockdown Rally, Hamilton, ON. (

Interview with John Hamilton Ont — Dec 6, 2020

Mark: Okay, so we’re back. This is a December beginning of December. I’m with john again. We’re in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. And we are protesting the lockdowns and the impacts of this COVID COVID state measures and Canadians. And John has has a story to tell us about how vulnerable people are impacted by the state lockdowns. Could you tell us your story, john?

John: Sure, certainly. So name’s John. I’m here, for a lot of reasons. Probably one of the biggest ones is the vaccines, you know, you give an inch with the masks, and they’ll take a mile with the vaccines, which are becoming more and more sinister as time goes by. But I’m here to talk about the damage that has been caused by vaccines mushroom to my son,

Mark: and what can you tell us? When was your son vaccinated and what happened?

John: So he was born in 1996. So he is 24 years old right now. And he got the same kind of difficult birth, you know, I’m not gonna blame it all on that, but I’m gonna blame it on the fact that when you are had a difficult birth, and then they give you the vaccines that you’re more susceptible to damage, and I’m going to attribute it to that the the damage  

Mark: Okay, so your son was there was a difficult birth, and your son was vaccinated as all kids are, I think.

John: Correct.

Mark: And I know that now, there are many, many more vaccinations that we have relative to what we used to have. And I my understanding, part of the reason is, is that the pharmaceutical companies have indemnity, you basically can’t sue them. And the States does the same thing, except there is a vaccine court and they have since 86, they have settled for billions of dollars, I was reading last night.

John: That’s right.

Mark: And how is that different here?

John: Well, here we have a great system, so they don’t need to pay us extra there is no ability to sue the pharmaceuticals within Canada.

Mark:  But so who pays for it?

John We all do.

Mark: Okay. The same in the states that the taxpayers pay for the vaccine court settlements?

John: Yeah. And here,

Mark: Okay, go ahead.

John: And here they have autism programs. Okay. Mostly here to help us. Yep. But frankly, all they do is support a oligarchy up in Hamilton says that do the there’s a couple doctors that are world renowned autism expert. They did zero for my son.

Mark: Okay, now how have these lockdown measures had a negative effect on your situation with a son who has autism?

John: Okay, so, my son, he goes to, you know, and I was going to mention this thing beforehand, but it doesn’t matter. He goes to a program called Cornerstones great program. We had the most amazing events at Thanksgiving, all kinds of stuff.

Mark: Yeah.

John: And there’s very, very nice community built all kinds of disabled. And these lockdowns are affecting all kinds of people. Number one is the support workers that are there. They’re not allowed. They’re not paid well, they’re not getting great hours. So they typically jump around, they would go to, you know, seniors homes at night and come to this event of the day, they can’t do any of this kind of stuff. And they

Mark: can’t do it because the lockdown measures

John: correct. And there’s all the transferring in particular, the concern with the seniors, I totally understand.

Mark: So suppose people like like your son get less attention.

John: They get less attention, and virtually no activity.

Mark: and no activity

John: and the mask thing is a big thing. And I know for a fact, I watched one lady who cannot come to those to cornerstones anymore. And it wasn’t because of the mask because she’s not wearing a mask. It’s because of that heat gun. And she cannot handle that. And she broke down and had a big breakdown right in front of me. And the dad says sorry, I can’t bring her anymore if you got to keep doing this temperature thing, which they do. All kinds of things

Mark: So prior to these lockdown measures describe a typical session that your son would enjoy with others, that he can no longer partake in.

John: Swimming, any activity at all, they would go on various events. The only thing left is the hikes in the woods, just like the rest of us. That’s all they have left. They have people in wheelchairs, they can’t take them all there. They have all kinds of events setup.

Mark: So it seems to me that, again, the vulnerable people are are disproportionately negatively impacted by these lockdown measures.

John: Correct. Now before we go, I just want to tell you one thing because I want this story to come out, when you go to a doctor and you tell the doctor Don’t want to get a vaccine, because it’s going to give it gives people autism, they will go. Don’t be silly. There is no evidence and I’m here to tell you that you go and get the D tap virus. Insert package, insert the package.

Mark: The insert comes right with the shot.

John: Comes right with the shot, if you go to page 11 out of 13.  And I will read you the following the adverse events, events reported during post approval use of tri PDF vaccine includes Salton cits and galactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsions, etc, etc. I can wait right there. Its right in the vaccine insert. So I show this to a doctor and the doctor will say this, they’ll go, “Oh, that’s the 2006 one”. Sorry, my son was born in 1996. And this is the one he got and tell me how they called that got taken out of there.

Mark: Okay, that’s interesting because Dr. Carrie Madej who opposes these new vaccines with their Luciferase and their bioluminescence and the nanotech, as some of these doctors are recommending, well, okay, fine. If you want to take a vaccine, I would suggest you read the vaccine answer is right there in black and white. This is what could happen. And I think that’s probably a good idea.

John: You know, speaking of that there’s this application to the European Union from several doctors, complaining about and asking for the the stage three trials to end in Europe. Yes, there’s all kinds of horror stories in this thing, but I’m going to read you the big story.

Mark: This is for the new proposed COVID-19 vaccine. Okay, proposed

John: Covid 19, Pfizer, BioNTech. Yeah, it’s also inserting an ingredient derived from a marine invertebrate m neon green into its vaccine. The ingredient has bio luminescent qualities, making it attractive for medical imaging purposes. But is it unclear why an injected vaccine would need to have this quality, amnion green has unknown antigenicity.

Mark: And, and I believe Bill Gates has a patent on that. And I believe the patent is 060606. It’s got some Luciferian connotations to it. And it’s to track and trace, I believe down the road it has to do with nanotech. And it has to do that with these new vaccines which actually alter the DNA. So, I think people need to be informed about what they what these vaccines are all about. And this is what we’re doing now.

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John:  Right. So you know, the package insert isn’t quite out yet, but some people have gotten it. You read this, I highly recommend it and some of the other stuff that’s going to come out and I really beg of my fellow citizens to not take it.

Mark: because they want to brand us using a Quantum Dot Tattoo. I think that Bill Gates has a patent on that. Thank you, sir. Thank you very much.

John: Thank you.