Journalist Bisan Owda Documents Western/Zionist Genocide in Real Time.

Gazan journalist Bisan Owda, currently trapped in Gaza like so many others, reports that “there are no places for people… no places to go to”.

It is a game of “death and hunger” she says, and it has been so for nine months.

The terrorists, she explains, are wearing soldier uniforms. They behead children, they blow up homes with people in them.

She correctly blames ”silent spectators” to this Western/Zionist perpetrated genocide, and says “they will have their turn.”

Zionists have been committing genocide against Palestinian civilians, for 265 days, she says. The Israeli army has evacuated the northern part of the Gazan strip, using starvation, famine, and military operations to achieve their goals.

Zionists bomb homes, businesses, buildings and tents, killing and maiming untold numbers of civilians.

This is “genocide by design,” explains author and human rights lawyer Dan Kovalik, on a Telegram post (see above).

Reuters just reported exactly what kind of bombs the U.S. has been sending Israel. Biden sent 14,000 two thousand pound bombs – more than all other types combined. These bombs destroy whole city blocks. The destruction of Gaza is intentional…”