British journalist shows tragedies of people maimed by the western sponsored terrorists in Syria’s Aleppo. Article By Basma Qaddour

Although Aleppo city has regained its bustle since the liberation of most of its neighborhoods from foreign-backed al-Qaeda terrorist by the Syrian army in 2016, there are desperate attempts by those terrorists, who are still hiding out in the northern, western and southwestern sides of the city, to paralyze the movement in some streets there and to turn the ancient city again into a field of battle.

The British journalist Vanessa Beeley, who is now in Aleppo city, said in a post she published on her Facebook account that there is graffiti on a wall warns people not to cross a street in Khalediyah neighborhood because snipers lie in wait to pick civilians off like rabbits.

“The streets and houses in Khalediyah neighborhood, which is located less than 500 meters from the terrorist groups- dominated by Nusra Front, also known as Al Qaeda in Syria- are strafed by shrapnel scars, the makeshift barricades peppered with bullet holes,” she said.

One young man, Mahmoud, 18 years old, told her that a mortar had killed his mother, aunt and three- year- old sister 3 months ago. He came running after her at one point to warn here that the street ahead was a regular sniper target.

“The streets are full of life, children playing football – “Real Madrid versus Barcelona” , people are shopping, playing backgammon in the shadow of the heaps of rubble or barrels piled high to hide them from the sniper scope,” Beeley affirmed.

She interviewed a 19-year-old young man, whose leg was blown off by a terrorist mortar three years ago in Khalidiyah neighborhood.

Hamoud told her: “what can I say to the West – that they should keep supporting the terrorists who are killing us? May God curse them for what they did to us”.

Beeley also narrated the story of another victim in Aleppo city.

“Malak, 9- year- old girl, lost her left leg below the knee after a so-called “moderate” sniper shot her in the leg as she was on her way to school in Bani Zaid three years ago. After she was maimed by the Western sponsored terrorists, her family moved to Khalidiyah where they still are targeted by the same terrorists embedded only a few hundred meters away.”

Dark shroud

“What did Malak do to deserve this pain and disability? How dare Western media war-vultures lecture anyone about “human rights” when they enable and support this child mutilation.” .

Walking around Khalidiyah in the northwest of Aleppo, Beeley asserted that every person in the street is affected by the continued terrorist attacks.

“Children wave shyly from the balconies, others hide behind the sniper sheets, others walk past glaring but return out of curiosity and to have their picture taken. Life goes on, but the terrorist presence only a few hundred meters away hangs like a dark shroud, a shadow behind the eyes of the children who can be shot for crossing the street or their homes destroyed by mortars,” she said.

The British journalist posed the following the question: “How many more mutilated young people must we show before those who support these endless “humanitarian” wars wake up to the tragedy they are inflicting upon the people who don’t believe in their “humanity”

Basma Qaddour

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