Canada Embraces Sectarianism

Canada and Canadians have lost their soul. We support ISIS, al Qaeda, and affiliated sectarian terrorists in Syria and beyond who destroy everything that deviates from their extremist, medieval ideology, including Christian and Muslim places of worship. These terrorists, our proxies, dictate and impose their barbaric ways. Secularism, religious pluralism, freedom of worship, democracy are their enemies. They loot, and plunder, and ethnically cleanse. They are imperial tools.

Canada’s embrace of sectarianism extends to Apartheid Israel, an imperial catspaw. Criticism of zionism and its crimes is falsely conflated with anti-semitism. The truth is largely “deplatformed”.

In the video below, Archbishop of Jerusalem, Atallah Hanna, recently targeted for assassination, implores the world to reject Israel’s occupation of Palestine. Jerusalem, he explains, is the home of three Ibrahamic religions, not just one. He questions the point of celebrating Christmas when Jerusalem, the birthplace of Christ, is being ethnically cleansed of Christians.