Commentary by Safouh Ashour

Don’t you think that you’re “ as a people “ too late to realize the facts! It mustn’t be by Public speaking and selecting expression to express about yourself or to use the crisis for a personal purposes, the crisis in Syria isn’t about the republican or the Democrats, that region isn’t a magnet for the terrorists but you and your allies did creat, found, financed, supported, protecting those terrorists, those were gathered from all around the world to dismantle the Syrian land and to creat small ethnic and sectarian entities next to the Zionist’s regime as a service to them to complete the plan which was began in Iraq, to creat the new Middle East, to achieve the vision of Brzezinski in” the grand chessboard “!
Your regime still standing behind those terrorists and supporting the Turkish regime and preventing the Syrian from cleansing that region fro the terrorists, because they don’t want to payback by receiving back those terrorists, those they thought that they’re getting rid of them by sending them to Syria!
In that region there aren’t any civilians anymore, there’re terrorists and their families and the White helmets, those terrorists which had been awarded one of the Oscar’s prizes!
You’re talking about that region, which wasn’t known to anybody before the crisis even Syria the majority of the Americans don’t know anything about it, and ignoring that your army is occupying the oil fields in Syria and still insisting to accomplish the plan of dividing Syria into entities!
Take back your army and your mercenaries out of the region, stop the military spending and let that spending be in peaceful way, education, health, infrastructure what ever serve the prosperity of the people!
The spending of your country on the military bases around the world might be directed into the benefits of your people, and let the world live in peace!
Since your regime was found, your regime in war in average each year of its history, within last thirty years your regime was behind the killing of more than twenty million people and the destruction and the distortion of so many countries around the world by the name of spreading freedom and democracy!
Stop that!
Stop killing!
Stop lying!
Stop destruction!
Stop interfering!
It’s enough what did you did and what are you doing!