Coronavirus False Flag

The coronavirus crisis is a false flag on a global scale. Sound evidence demonstrates that the mortality rate is similar to that of the flu — about .1% — so the “lockdown” shock is clearly unjustified. (1)

Unreliable evidence has been wrapped around a preplanned policy to destabilize and impoverish the world with these unjustifiable lockdowns.

So who benefits? If China is falsely blamed for the fabricated catastrophe, then the military industrial complex will benefit. War plans against China will be escalated, courtesy the Corona false flag.

But fabricated foreign enemies are not and will not be the only casualties. We the people are also being targeted. The pre-planned implosion of the economy will impoverish the vast majority globally, but the large corporations, the large monopolies — all bailed-out by you and me — will benefit by buying undervalued assets and bankrupted businesses. Corona will be falsely blamed for the bankrutpcies and widespread poverty.

Healthcare will also suffer. If hospitals are forced into bankruptcy(2) because they are largely empty, privateers will move in to do what they do best — privatize healthcare even further, thus making accessible healthcare even more inaccessible to the masses.

Ruling classes, the Big Monopolies, Big Money will gain from the wholesale destruction of Western economies. Assets will be cheap and bought in volume by institutions. The shock will numb the majority to realities, and more bailouts (3) will continue to flow to the very same entities that need to be de-monopolized, thus furthering the neoliberal cancer that has delivered the economic malaise and the corruption.

The public should identify the cancer and push back, but the monopolies/Big Media also own the messaging.

Neoliberal economic models do not work. They are not self-sufficient. They require bailouts and economic crashes. They breed corrupt fake “regulators” like the WHO(4) itself and the CDC. (5) This fake capitalism, which is to a large degree divorced from production, is a real cancer, a real driver for war and more war, and a real menace. It must be dismantled. Currently the opposite is happening. The shock of the fabricated crisis has us dazed, confused, desperate — exactly the scenario that predatory faux capitalists create and exploit.

The war against Western populations, and the entire globe, is a self-devouring manifestation of the failure of current neoliberal political economies. It should be identified as such and then changed, radically.

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