COVID-19: MASSIVE HARM FROM MASSIVE LIES … WHO’S GOING TO PRISON?/ By Roger Landry (TLB Founder), September 10, 2020

PREFACE: So lets get this straight … For the most ‘At Risk’ segment of the general population the study found the following to be reality … For the average 50-64 year old, your chances of dying from COVID-19 are … Over one in 19 million (YEA Read that Again) … yet your chance of dying in a car crash is one in 114 … So WHY the hell are the elderly still allowed to own cars, and why did we let these medical charlatans destroy America ???

Another chapter in the ever growing need to show how the lives, and even the very life of countless people hang in the balance due to the massive self-serving catastrophe loosed by those dealing in profit and power. It would seem that if sacrificing a few (???) worthless sheeple lives moves them closer to their goal of total control … so be it !!!

We were told by those (supposedly) in the know that COVID-19 is a planet killer with the knockdown power of a super deadly global pandemic, one that will kill millions of Americans, and wreak havoc across the globe! FALSE, it does not even have the knockdown punch of last years flu season. By today’s (new) definition, last years flu was the most deadly flu pandemic in recent history with well over eighty thousand people dying in the USA alone (actually over 100,000, but the CDC, who owns flu vaccine patents, will not release an accurate number) and almost three quarters of a million dying globally. Now add to that over four million related global pneumonia deaths. So why didn’t we shut down the country, North America, the WORLD … because by today’s new standards, last year was the epitome of recent pandemics. Yet except for advertising their seasonal flu vaccinations we didn’t hear even a peep by the Big Pharma reps that literally rule this population by fear and fake news today?

So let’s address this continuous and totally unnecessary hype, fake news and fear mongering concerning a supposed virus being sold to us as having triggered the worst global pandemic in modern recorded history (after all they did shut the entire planet down … or almost) … and do it with a little humor/satire …


Satire can make a big difference in a messages delivery …


Today, even with this information the case is still being pushed that the only way we can even start to get back to normal is to stay locked up until Big Pharma completes a vaccine (rushed through, cutting many corners), and that is promised soon with some saying by years end, and in some cases even earlier. The second video below will blow a huge hole in that bull-crap! Also we need to consider that there are already several known treatments that are proven to knock COVID-19 to it’s knees including (but not limited to) Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. So WHY would Big Pharma and their puppets (such as Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci) be doing all they can to downplay or besmirch the effectiveness and availability of these treatments … answer … CHA CHING $$$!

Again, why if this virus is so virulent, would you discourage people who have access to a successful treatment … to wait as much as a year, locked down, watching their life being destroyed by the day, for a vaccine that any decent doctor will tell you … WONT WORK (another entire article) and may be more dangerous than the (relatively mild) COVID-19 to its recipient? For which the US Congress has already absolved the vaccine makers (and Bill Gates) of any wrong-doing if their (faux) vaccine harms, maims, or kills anyone. Billions in profit … ZERO liability ...

Lastly we come to those who represent, those who initially predicted this would cause millions of American deaths and leave a wide swath of millions of Coronavirus deaths across the entire planet … It didn’t happen, and even the numbers that are reported have been proven to be massively padded … in far too many cases, for profit (well over $200 billion on the vaccine alone).

QUESTION: Why are these same talking heads … still advising ANYONE? After all it was their prediction driven advice (predictive models) that were the mechanisms used for:

  • Shutting down America
  • Ruining countless futures by literally erasing their savings or retirement accounts,
  • Intentionally destroying the best economy we have seen in a generation
  • Knowingly destroying even more of our already suffering civil and unalienable rights.

… and how much of this is based on outright LIES … MASSIVE LIES !!!


Watch this short video & then watch it again … now ask yourself WTF ??? !!!


Which brings us right back to my opening/preface comment …

When all is said and done … when we look back on this … I sincerely hope we can point to those who were held accountable with prison terms appropriate with their heinous crimes against humanity.

Never in recent history have the actions of so few upended or destroyed the lives of so many! If this goes unpunished the next act will be even more bold, blatant and deadly !!!

What is needed is some in-depth information on the main players such as Mainstream Media’s pretty boy Anthony Fauci. If ever there was an individual who needs to be put under the microscope … Fauci is it! Egotist, Big Pharma Lacky, Profiteer, Liar, etc…!

Click on the image below to find out exactly who we are dealing with …

If taken in conjunction with the corruption witnessed by organizations that state their mission as “keeping humanity safe and healthy”, such as the CDC (an actual for-profit corporation with over 20 patents on vaccines) and the WHO (globally known to be corrupt to the max), both partners or cohorts of Gates and/or Fauci … WHY is anyone still listening to these SHILLS …

Fauci, and so many shills like him (Gates) need to be in prison for the massive pain and suffering they are ALREADY responsible for !!!


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