Daily Life In Syria. By Rawan R. Mahmasa

Life in Aleppo is quite far from calling it “safe” . Concerning the western part of Aleppo, everyday we get missiles originally from Aleppo countryside which is under the terrorists control. It is not easy to live under their mercy! Personally speaking, I teach English at public schools at the Eastern countryside, things are so different there!!! People barely have something to eat or they make crops just to pass by! There is also no electricity, no fuel, nothing! However, life in Aleppo, the city, is horrible. Sometimes we sleep by the sounds of explosions and bombs. I know, it is hard to believe. But believe me, we are sick of this and we want to live in peace even just for a day. I go out and pray that I’ll be back safe and sound.

Most Syrians believe and trust The Assad government (the Syrian Army) because so far it did not stop trying to manage this war with all its bad consequences. Public hospitals still treat patients for free, schools are reopened, salaries for labors ..etc. As a Syrian citizen, of course the Western countries are responsible for the economic embargo especially the US government.

Well, Syrians are working hard to prove that the West is doing wrong by helping and arming the terrorists in Syria. We think the Western countries got rid of the worlds most dangerous terrorists by sending them to Syria under the title of JIHAD. They are sent to meet their death! Does the West know that one day those groups of terrorists could threat the West peace! Furthermore, we didn’t mention oil, gas, petrol stealing!

We want your people to know everything about the war in Syria. We love our president and we will continue supporting the SAA what ever may befall as. 70% of the Syrian childern have psychological and physical disorders. Losing a family is not easy! Charities did a geat job by taking care of the injured kids.

Canadians are good people. We know that they are very kind and they have nothing to do with the West and its policy. In my opinion, Canadians should give us another chance and try to look at this war from the eyes of the Syrians, not the fake propaganda which the West is supporting.

I hope I made myself clear. Thank you so much