“Do No Harm”

Covid-19 can be prevented, and it can be cured. Important preventative measures, argues Prof. Dolores Cahill, include vitamins C, D, and Zinc, which boost immunity. If preventative measures had been taken, claims Cahill, “no one would have died.”

The cure includes Hydroxoquine, which has been clinically tested and was proven successful in treating SARS patients in 2003.

Cahill claims there is no need for new drugs and there is no need for vaccines. People are dying unnecessarily. Furthermore, she says lockdowns are unnecessary, and indeed counterproductive.

If all of this is true, then the global lockdowns, well-orchestrated and pre-planned, did much harm, and continue to do so. In fact, they might well be crimes against humanity, since the intent to create widespread and systematic harm against civilian populations is evident.
Excess deaths would include not only those in Intensive Care Units, but also those who did not get treatments for other ailments such as heart disease, cancer etc. due to Fear campaigns and lockdowns. Excess deaths would also include those linked to state-demolished economies globally. Poverty kills.

If all of this is true, then judicial inquiries should be launched.

So, who is Prof. Cahill? (1) She has a degree in molecular genetics, and a PhD in immunology. Her career, says interviewer Dave Cahill, “has been steeped in data integrity, transparency, and trying to engage in good, high quality science.”

Unlike Bill Gates, the WHO, CDC, and corrupt Western politicians, she is also free from conflicts of interest.

Watch the video below before Youtube bans it:

(1) https://people.ucd.ie/dolores.cahill

COVID-19 Scientific Statements Contradict Government Lockdown Policies