Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes The Covid Scam

SARS-Cov-2 (coronavirus) talks with Dr Judy Mikovits, the scientist who worked out how to treat HIV AIDS and came up with the first curative therapy for hairy cell leukemia.

Many thanks to Eduardo, Lucas and Emilia of the Wilmington faculty for putting these transcripts together. They kept them in English because they did not have the time to translate into Spanish. They are not word for word transcripts and have, however, been heavily annotated to help entry level students who do not speak English as a first language. All of the things spoken about here can be found in Dr Judy Mikovits’ published books and articles. We thank our three colleagues for putting together this very quick introduction to her work based on recent interviews.


INTERVIEWER: What is your medical background? 

DR JUDY MIKOVITS: I got my PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology in 1991. My PhD changed the paradigm of the way we treat HIV AIDS in the United States.

It was called ‘HIV Latency In Monocytes [white blood cells]’. At the time, it was generally believed that patients’ T cells [a type of white blood cell] and their adaptive immune responses were going into the toilet because of the damage done by the HIV infection.

[In other words, the HIV virus was known to infect T cells and large numbers of T cells would die, meaning the expectation might be that it was the patient’s T cells that needed protecting.

[The mystery was why only one in 10,000 white blood cell T cells were infected with the HIV virus and yet many more T cells than that were dying. Once T cells fall below a certain level, the patient is in dire straits.]

My PhD argued that the damage to T cells was done by another part of the immune system, the monocyte macrophage [monocytes and macrophages are types of white blood cells – they are the body’s first responders; a monocyte is a white blood cell made in the bone marrow that travels through the bloodstream to tissues in the body, where it becomes a macrophage]. They are like the computer game character Pac Man.

They run around the body all the time looking for anything bad. It turned out that it was these Pac Men cells that needed protecting. It was these that were orchestrating the development of the disease. HIV hides like a Trojan horse in the macrophage white blood cell. A toxin or something wakes it up. What we had to learn how to do was keep it quiet.

I argued that it was the inflammation – the inability of the immune system to control the flame and the fire of disease – which was driving the pathogenesis


of the disease and its development. 

In other words, a person could be infected with HIV [the virus] and not get AIDS [the disease] if the patient simply controlled what was going on with the monocyte macrophage [white blood cell first responders].

[This is vital to understand: infection does not equal disease.]

[The idea is to prevent the activation and the expression of the HIV virus, keeping it quiet and silent as DNA, keeping its provirus (meaning its replicating mechanism) quiet and not infecting other cells.] 

We used things such as Peptide T [Peptide T stops HIV in its tracks. It modulates the entry of the virus into certain cells].

I worked at the National Cancer Institute for 20 years doing this work from 1980 until 2001 when I moved to industry.

When I worked in industry, I studied epigenetics. I was looking at gene expression.

With regard to genes, it is not the blueprint of a person’s genes that matter. It is not your genetics that matter.

What matters is the dysregulation [the weakening] of the gene expression and the way in which this contributes to disease.

[The virus we are talking about today is known by its full name as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (this is often shortened to names such as SARS coronavirus 2; or SARS-Cov-2. The disease we are talking about today is called Coronavirus Infectious Disease 2019 or Covid-19. The virus and the disease must not be confused as the being same thing.]

This idea of dysregulation of gene expression plays a key part in understanding the infection of the SARS-Cov-2 virus as opposed to the disease Covid-19. 

A key part in how the Covid-19 disease is being misrepresented is the media saying: ‘A person can be infected with Covid-19 disease without having the disease.’

This is wrong. If a person is infected with a virus without having the disease, they have immunity. This can help others.


INTERVIEWER: What is zoonosis? Why is the bat soup theory implausible?

DR MIKOVITS: Zoonosis is kind of what the word means. A zoo [a collection of animals or animal tissue kept in laboratories]. And then it [a virus] jumps species.

A researcher in a laboratory takes a pathogen that is not behaving as a pathogen [where it currently lives inside a healthy animal]. It is symbiotic [in other words, it sits in the body of an animal where it is usually found and causes no harm].

There are viruses that live comfortably in bats. They do not bother the bats. The bats do not care that they are they are there. 

When those viruses jump species, they cause devastating disease.

For example, the zoonosis in HIV AIDS was a monkey virus that jumped to humans

[after the virus was created (perhaps accidentally) in a laboratory, although
this is always officially denied]


In this case, with the coronavirus, it supposedly came from bats. However, bat viruses would not infect human cells.

The differences between the immune systems are so great that you need what is called an intermediate host. You would need another small animal that is biologically closer to humans [in order to switch a bat virus into a human virus].  For example, a civet [a civet is a small animal not dissimilar in size to a small monkey].

You would need another animal host in order to attenuate [adjust] the virus. You need another animal host in order to change the virus and teach it to infect an immune system that is closer to humans. This is unlikely to happen without laboratory intervention because human beings do not come into contact with civets or other animals often enough that the civet could act as a natural intermediary.

The theory of the bat virus just jumping from uncooked soup in a seafood market in Wuhan, China into humans makes absolutely no sense.

In all the most recent pandemics the world has seen, the intermediate was not another small animal, although that is what the general public will always be officially told about all of these events.

[For example, you will see headlines such as: ‘World Health Organization says evidence suggests coronavirus originated in animals and was not produced in a lab.’]

In fact, the intermediate will almost certainly be an animal cell line [an animal cell line is animal cells grown in a laboratory]. Or animal tissues repeatedly grown in a laboratory.

[Cultivating animal cell lines in a laboratory is something Dr Mikovits has done for all of her working life as a virologist.] In 1999, I worked at the US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. 

My job was to teach the ebola virus to infect human cells without killing them. We cannot study a virus unless we can grow it. We cannot understand how it causes disease in an animal unless we can grow enough copies of it. 

It was somewhat scary to do this research. At the time, the ebola virus was destroying the human blood cells I was putting it into, the human macrophage cells [white blood cells]. They disintegrate almost instantly. You cannot study them if that happens.

My entire career has been tissue culture. Animal tissue culture and human tissue culture.

I would grow various cancers in the laboratory to study how they would develop and see what causes them. And see what part of the immune system is dysregulated.

The way I would do it is to keep feeding the virus more cells, until, one day, a cell does not die.

And then you can grow that cell perpetually by using various growth factors, which we do in the laboratory in order to study the virus.

My job involved taking the Ebola Zaire virus [the ebola type that is mostly commonly in humans], which was a highly pathogenic [highly toxic] strain and comparing it with what is known as the ebola Reston virus strain [which is a non-pathogenic strain. This strain does not infect humans]. 

We looked at the difference. We infected primary human cells with the pathogenic strain immune cells and then with non-pathogenic strain.

And what we saw was a signature of disease. We saw things known as inflammatory mediators [this is a messenger that acts on blood vessels or cells to promote an inflammatory response]. A signature of disease is a very useful tool in understanding viruses.

We are told the SARS-Cov-2 virus supposedly causes what is being called the disease called Covid-19.  The disease Covid-19 has an inflammatory signature of disease.

If you, the susceptible individual, do not have that inflammatory signature of disease then it does not matter how much of this SARS-Cov-2 virus [the coronavirus the media talks about] is in your body. You will not get sick. 

You are immune. You make an immune response. You mount an immune response.

You have antibodies. Your body makes alpha interferons. [The human body’s white blood cells produce a thing known as Type 1 alpha interferons. These stifle viral replication by interfering with the viral nucleic acid, which is the building block of the virus that makes it multiply. In other words, a white blood cell produces alpha interferons and these stop the virus in its tracks].

You suppress the virus, as an immune system will do.

Part of the big fraud in all of this is the way they are testing. And what they are looking at.
And how they are saying: ‘Oh, this virus just popped up overnight from one woman in a seafood market in Wuhan.’ 

I don’t know how bat soup would come into a seafood market! At any rate, the idea that there was a seafood market with improperly cooked food and within two months’ time a virus jumps to 110 countries. No.   

That is really not an ingested virus. That is an injected virus.

I am saying that the novel coronavirus [the SARS-Cov-2 virus] is an injected virus.


INTERVIEWER: You are saying this is an injected virus. Does the enormous nationwide annual program of flu vaccines used by millions of people have anything to do with that?

[Explanatory note: Over the course of the past decade, Americans were openly and blatantly told: ‘The flu vaccine does not work. But do it anyway to strengthen your immune system.’ In fact, this is simply not how vaccines work. Once a person has either had flu or received a single flu vaccine, that will be as much protection as they will ever get from the flu.

[The argument for receiving the flu vaccine over and over again in very strong doses made to the American people was based on the idea that viral interference means that a person receiving the flu vaccine would strengthen their immunity and develop immunity to co-infections.

[Dr Tony Fauci, the health official in charge of America’s response to Covid-19, spearheaded media efforts to encourage people like the over-65s and other people in vulnerable groups to go and get the flu vaccine year after year after year. Older people are likely to be weak because they are carrying all the toxins they have built up in life around inside them.

[The recent US flu vaccine would contain at least three live RNA viruses as well as bird retroviruses and bird coronaviruses, which it would have picked up from being grown in chicken eggs.]

There are articles being published that talk about viral interference. [In usual circumstances, viral interference means one virus inhibits the replication of other viruses. In other words, upon receiving a vaccine, in the usual course of events, this would make the immune system stronger. What is being suggested is that one virus, in this case, the flu virus in the form of a vaccine, has ended up promoting another virus, which is the SARS-Cov-2 virus.]

These articles suggest that people have much greater susceptibility to Covid-19 if they have been given the flu vaccine.

Do you think there was anything different with the flu vaccine that came out recently?

DR MIKOVITS: The concept of viral interference is important. What that scientific term means, in this case, is that when you get the influenza vaccine, in some cases, the immune response to that influenza can mean that the body can respond in a good way to other families of viruses. [In other words, in the traditional meaning of term ‘viral interference’, the immune system can supposedly become stronger. The immune system can supposedly beat other viruses related to the virus being vaccinated against.]

But in the case of the 2017-2018 flu vaccine given to the US military, when researchers studied this flu vaccine, they found that the viral interference in fact promoted coronavirus infection. It enhanced it by 36 per cent.

That is to say, if you got an influenza vaccine in 2017-2018, which is the period covered by this study – and they looked at the military, who are forced to get these flu vaccines – in those cases, they were 36 per cent more likely to get a coronavirus infection with the flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine was promoting the coronavirus infection.

[Data published in a study published in 2019 by Dr Greg Wolff said that the supposed benefits of viral interference were not true in relation to coronaviruses. In fact, the flu vaccines were accelerating coronaviruses.] 

There are several other studies looking at whether inactivated influenzas became recombinant [which is to say the genetic material of the flu virus recombines with other things inside the body into something harmful] after a vaccine was injected.

These studies showed that people who got vaccines – including and not limited to influenza vaccines – were 4.4 times more likely, especially children, to get the disease. [She means the disease they were supposed to be avoiding by taking the vaccine in the first place. Vaccines do not necessarily prevent disease. The paragraphs above related to infection. Students please note this sentence was about disease.]

By which I mean these people who developed disease upon receiving a vaccine had an excessively powerful immune response. The flame [of disease] could not be controlled [by the immune system].

The vaccine promoted the disease. Not necessarily the infection, but the disease.


INTERVIEWER: Are you familiar with an article in ‘Nature’ journal, published in 2015, which has attracted a lot of attention?

The article in ‘Nature’ journal is entitled ‘Engineered Bat Virus Stirs Debate Over Risky Research’.

In fact, the article has attracted so much attention of late that these words have now been placed at the top of it on the online version: ‘Editors’ note, March 2020: We are aware that this story is being used as the basis for unverified theories that the novel coronavirus causing Covid-19 was engineered. There is no evidence that this is true; scientists believe that an animal is the most likely source of the coronavirus.’ [This is in line with the official explanation for all pandemics.]

[This is what the article says in summary: “Lab-made coronavirus related to SARS can infect human cells. An experiment that created a hybrid version of a bat coronavirus – one related to the virus that causes SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) – has triggered renewed debate over whether engineering lab variants of viruses with possible pandemic potential is worth the risks.”] 

Would you care to comment on this?

DR MIKOVITS: What do I think of the 2015 ‘Nature’ article entitled ‘Engineered Bat Virus Stirs Debate Over Risky Research’?

It is pretty clear there. Many virologists, not just myself at the time, were saying: ‘These things can happen all the time.’

[What Dr Mikovits is saying here is that virologists know it is very dangerous to grow viruses in laboratories in the manner described in that summary. They all know they are taking risks when they teach a virus to gain in function. There was no good reason for such studies to take place. Students can wonder if there might be a bad reason.]

We are told this when we do this research in a lab. I was told [how risky this research was] in 1999.

I was trying to weaken the ebola virus so that we could develop therapies and vaccines. We wanted to prevent the pathogenic strain of the virus from killing people. That is a laudable goal.

Between 2013-2017, institutions in the United States were not allowed to do what they call gain of function studies [which is what I did with ebola and what is described in the ‘Nature’ journal article where a bat virus was grown in monkey cells].

Think about the study I just told you about on ebola. I took a virus that would not have evolved to infect human cells for decades, if not centuries.

In a few months, I taught it in a laboratory to infect human cells. That is a gain of function study. Gain of function studies were outlawed in the USA because of the risks attached to the research.

When we do that type of work, we will take those animal cell lines and we send them around the world. We use those cell lines in manufacturing many biological therapies, most prominently vaccines.

The cell line that was used in that [dangerous] 2015 study cited in Nature journal [that a lot of people are talking about] was a cell line of Vero monkey kidney cells.

[If students ever want to look this up, these Vero monkey kidney cells are known as Vero E6 cells. They originate from an African green monkey. Vero is an abbreviation of “Verda reno” meaning “green kidney” in Esperanto].

That is the same cell line [of monkey tissue] from which HIV AIDS evolved from: simian immunodeficiency virus [which jumped into humans via injection, after which it could be spread human to human].

[Students need to think about this. Growing a bat coronavirus in monkey cells, from which HIV AIDS evolved from, may have unforeseen consequences.]

There have been numerous reports of HIV sequences. [The SARS-Cov-2 virus has HIV sequences in the nucleotides – the building blocks – that make up the virus].

You can get recombinant activity [genetic mutation] in the cell line when you infect it with another virus. [In other words, if you place a bat coronavirus into monkey cells, the virus can mutate. In this case, it can mutate in the original host of the HIV virus.] 

This means several different viruses, or perhaps many different viruses, can be expressed [put simply, an expressed virus is a bad virus; it is awake and up to things]. When they are expressed, they can recombine and cause a very much more dangerous virus species.

This can happen in an animal cell line grown in a laboratory. We grow hundreds of litres of cell lines at a time. We save them, theoretically to manufacture therapies. But they can also be released from laboratories [through air and water].

These viruses can acquire the ability to be contagious. That is to say, spread in a way they would not spread naturally. I do not like to use the word engineered.

I simply culture [grow] a cell over and over again. I call it the Heisenberg uncertainty principle of biology. By which I mean: Every time you culture a virus, you change it.

We do not know what those changes are until later. We do not know what will evolve.

[In that 2015 study entitled ‘Engineered Bat Virus Stirs Debate Over Risky Research’ in Nature journal] we do not know what dormant virus may have been activated when the researchers in that study infected the Vero money kidney cell line with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus number 1 virus

[known as SARS 1.]

This allowed the SARS 1 virus to gain in function by infecting this cell line, which it previously did not affect. [In other words, a coronavirus was taken from a bat and grown in monkey tissue and therefore changed to develop new abilities it never had before. To repeat what Dr Mikovits has just said: ‘We do not know what dormant virus may have been activated.’]

We do not know what changes happened. I do not like to use the word engineered. It implies we thought about it. It implies we cut and pasted a virus together. 

That is not how it works. We have no idea what is going on in the laboratory when we do these things. That is why these studies should never be done again.

That is why, theoretically, gain of function studies were outlawed in the USA from 2013.

You would have to ask senior US health official Francis Collins [director of the US National Institutes of Health] why he lifted that law in 2017.

[In relation the study discussed above and written up in ‘Nature’ journal,] people need to ask why the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, under the oversight of Dr Anthony (Tony) Fauci, funded these studies in Wuhan, China with the University of North Carolina and with a Harvard researcher also being involved in the work. [Other people were involved too spread around the world.]

When Dr Fauci, the Wuhan lab, the North Carolina lab and the Harvard researcher set this arrangement up, they would have known the people involved would be sending this cell line between the labs, probably via the mail. It was somehow sent [between the US and China] via researchers. I don’t know how these researchers sent it. We sent it via the mail when I worked there.

Is this SARS-Cov-2 virus engineered? No. Escaped? Likely. Intentional? Yes. We did these studies intentionally. 

And intentionally breaking the law, in this case [with the 2015 study in ‘Nature’ journal]. But I guess maybe Dr Tony Fauci is the law of the world, as we have seen.  It is in part true to say it came from a lab China, but that is only part of the story. The Wuhan lab was not working on its own. There was collusion with people in the US and elsewhere.

This coronavirus, the SARS-Cov-2 virus, is not more than a severe cough.

It is totally implausible that it is passing from human to human by healthy humans coughing. That is not how it happens.

It is far more plausible that it has been injected. Remember that essentially every vaccine carries animal cells. [For example,] the Pediarix vaccine [which covers diphtheria, hepatitis B, pertussis, polio and tetanus] is made with Vero monkey kidney cells. We give that vaccine to infants.

Flu vaccines contain bird cells that carry coronaviruses and many other viruses, including retroviruses not dissimilar to HIV in the way they work. [A retrovirus is a type of RNA virus that inserts a copy of its genome into the DNA of a host cell that it invades, thus changing the genome of that cell. In other words, a retrovirus enters the body without alerting the immune system. It can then lie dormant for years. They are sometimes called stealth viruses or slow viruses. They can be unknowingly passed on to children in the womb and in breast milk.] 

The new flu vaccine in Italy used from January 2019 onwards contained four different influenzas, including the H1N1 flu virus. [A lot of this vaccination program, with four strains of flu, would have gone into elderly people with weak immune systems.] This vaccine was grown in Madin-Darby canine kidney cells, which to say it was grown in dog cells. Dogs carry coronaviruses. Cats have infectious, transmissible coronaviruses and get diseases from them.  

This SARS-Cov-2 virus did not spread to 110 countries from a seafood market in China starting in December 2019 or whatever date the media claim.

It is plausible and probable that SARS-Cov-2 virus has been in flu vaccines beginning somewhere from 2013-2015 onwards because that is when this work was being illegally done. The flu vaccines are driving the infection. This is injection.

I object very much to the mask. If you are carrying these injected viruses and you wear a mask and you allow yourself to be under stress and the fear they have driven into us, you can activate these viruses with things like the stress of not having a job. These dormant viruses will wake up in yourself. [A dormant virus is not expressed.] You are actually re-infecting yourself over and over with a mask.

You are not making somebody else sick. You are making yourself sick. Especially those with asthma. And those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  And those living in pollution.

There are a lot of co-factors to disease development. Wearing a mask will kill more people.

This SARS-Cov-2 virus is not coughed through the air by healthy people, who are almost certainly immune because they have likely been infected at some point over the past couple of years.


INTERVIEWER: I am sure you are familiar with the 1918 flu pandemic that originated at the Fort Riley military base in Kansas. It broke out shortly after the use of a very experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine put together by the Rockefeller Institute. That was very transmissible, the bacterial infection.

Are you saying this SARS-Cov-2 virus cannot be spread person to person?

DR MIKOVITS: No. I’m not saying it cannot. I am saying it was made in essentially the same way [in a laboratory. She is saying it originated in a laboratory]. This SARS-Cov-2 virus is more contagious. It is not more pathogenic [toxic].

The SARS-Cov-2 virus is very much spread from person to person. [The primary mode of transmission is by way of injection.]

People keep using the word aerosolised. But these coronaviruses live in water droplets. Dry air does not contain water droplets.

If you cough or sneeze, a tiny water droplet is what the virus would travel in

[if you are expressing the virus]


This is how we transmit things such as influenza every year.

What comes out of your mouth or nose is a particulate matter of sputum or saliva that travels. This can land on surfaces, for example, an apple, and you can eat the apple. That is how these things transmit. A coronavirus, including this one, cannot float through the air. The authorities know this but say otherwise. They pretend people need a thing called ‘social distancing’.  

INTERVIEWER: Let us recap. It can be spread from person to person. It is not a retrovirus [by which she means something that can linger in the eight per cent of human DNA that carries retroviruses into the next generation]. We do not want to use the word engineered.

You know about the work of Dr Theresa Deisher. She talks about insertional mutagenesis [the mutation of DNA by inserting something into it]. If you examine the cord blood of a child that later develops autism, the mutations – these de novo mutations [de novo is Latin for ‘of new’, in this case something seen for the first time in a family blood line] – are not in the child’s cord blood.

The mutations came later. These mutations would arise from the use of the injected aborted fetal cells [contained in a vaccine] that has DNA fragments

[in it]

. In a way not dissimilar to gene therapy, the idea is that this would be taken up into a child’s stem cells. And the stem cells will take up those DNA fragments from the aborted foetal cell lines and cause an insertional mutagenesis. And lead to autism.

But you are saying this SARS-Cov-2 virus is not a retrovirus. Can you please comment further?

DR MIKOVITS: No, it is not a retrovirus. It is a coronavirus. There are different RNA viruses.

Dr Theresa Deisher is right in what she is saying. When you inject all that DNA into an individual via a vaccine, you change their susceptibility to other things. Their immune system becomes crippled and dysfunctional. The fire [of disease] is always on.

The people most likely to get severe disease from this SARS-Cov-2 virus are the vaccine injured. It is the vaccinated people who are spreading the virus because they are immune compromised.

Healthy people who do not get severe disease – for example, teenagers – have almost certainly made antibodies to the SARS-Cov-2 virus. They were probably infected years ago. At least within the past three years.

Those people who have already been infected with the SARS-Cov-2 virus, including people recovering, will make neutralising antibodies that prevent further infection.

Alternatively, these people would make non-neutralising antibodies that prevent them from getting as severe a disease if they were to be infected or exposed again.

The epidemic, or pandemic, is being misrepresented as if viruses float through the air. Viruses do not float through the air. [They are spread by the water droplets that are in sneezing and coughing. They do not just float through the air.]

They do not live on surfaces for more than an hour, especially coronaviruses. We are being told: ‘Wipe down your groceries.’ This is ridiculous.

We have immune systems made by God. Unless we have been severely vaccine injured and crippled by the toxins in our environment, we will not have severe disease. We will develop a natural herd immunity.

Anybody demonstrating an antibody right now should be allowed to go to work. That is the entire definition of immune. We do not need a vaccine forced on our world if we are already immune.

We act as if: ‘Everybody has to wear a mask or you will make everybody sick.’

Healthy people do not make people sick. Healthy people do not express these viruses. I guarantee you that I am not expressing this virus. 

I will not wear a mask because I have been infected from my work in the laboratory by murine leukemia [murine means mouse; leukemia means cancer] viruses. These are cancer-causing retroviruses, which we discovered in 2009. These viruses are associated with autism and many other things.

If I wear a mask, I will simply re-infect myself and explode my dormant, quiescent immune-controlled retroviruses and become ill. The last thing I will do is wear a mask.

INTERVIEWER: Looking at the testing for SARS-Cov-2, there are four common cold coronaviruses. Those four common cold coronaviruses are giving false positives for SARS-Cov-2.

In fact, on the US Food and Drug Administration website, if you scroll through the Q&A, you find out that the false positives are caused by those four common cold coronaviruses. Can you please explain this further.

Can you also please speak about the viral load. For example, when we consider people that are asymptomatic, they can either be testing positive for the common cold coronaviruses or they do not have significant enough viral load to actually have their body show symptoms of being sick.  Can you please speak more on this?

DR MIKOVITS: There are two tests being done right now for SARS-Cov-2.

[Nasal swab test] The first type of test that is being used is called the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test.

You do not need to understand those three words to understand how the test works.

This nasal swab test involves going into the back of the nasopharyngeal passages, the sinuses and the throat.

The clinician will scrape the epithelial cells there. These are the cells that first encounter coronaviruses and upper respiratory infections, of which there are hundreds of causes.

The epithelial cells are what coronaviruses first infect. I am talking about epithelial cells in the sinuses, the nasal passages, the throat and so on. They are the coolest parts of the body. They allow the virus to get into the cell and replicate itself. A virus must have a cell to grow in. 

Then the clinician will amplify, a zillion times, a fraction, a very small piece of the virus. One of the problems with this is that testing a piece of RNA is not testing a virus.

We get a little RNA, because it is an RNA virus. We reverse transcribe that, meaning we write it backwards with enzymes in the lab. And then we amplify if it. This is the PCR bit.

They amplify this piece of RNA a zillion times. This would take about 30 minutes when done in a laboratory. And then they say you are positive or negative.

There is a problem with this. Every single animal has many coronaviruses. A PCR test can show up cross-reactive sequences to other common cold viruses. This is not creating accuracy.

When you amplify something a million times over in a laboratory using a PCR test, the amplified product you have made has had to go through the air and contaminated surfaces. This will make for even poorer accuracy. When you amplify in the 30 cycles it will go through, the RNA is way over-estimated.

In the US, it was discovered in January that the reagents that were used in the PCR tests were contaminated. Our centres for disease control in the US were using a contaminated PCR test.

It is so easy to get a false positive with a PCR test. You will get a false positive if the reagents are contaminated [with things like other common cold coronaviruses. Where headlines appear saying ‘Dozens of people/babies are diagnosed with coronavirus’, people need to ask what would the outcome be had those swabs been lab tested right out of the package.]

Owing to the fact that there are so many coronaviruses, they could be amplifying another coronavirus and end up calling it SARS-Cov-2.

They are not amplifying unique sequences. They are amplifying conserved sequences to coronaviruses.

This is important because the SARS-Cov-2 virus has HIV sequences in it and other sequences. 

There are some changes in this virus that make it more infectious. They are not looking across those biological regions.

The South Koreans used PCR tests that were not contaminated and which incorporated much more stringency.

This means they have had better results in working out who is infected and who is not. This makes things better in terms of handling contagion.

The greater accuracy of blood antibody tests meant the South Koreans were much better at realising who was a genuine case of the very rare Covid-19 disease.

They were much better at realising who might accurately be associated with a SARS-Cov-2 infection and who, by contrast, is in fact a patient presenting with an upper respiratory infection that may have had the same inflammatory signature or immune response of a cough or a fever that might be associated with SARS-Cov-2. That is hundreds, if not thousands, of things. 

The PCR test was never intended by the inventors of the PCR test to be used diagnostically.

Doing a nasal swab or a throat swab of nucleic acid sequencing does not reflect exposure. I could pull any microbial sequence I wanted out of somebody’s throat.

If you amplify a piece of RNA, a piece of RNA is not a virus. It will not have an envelope around it, the little circular shape with the spike proteins on it, that you see on the TV news all the time. It is just a piece of RNA. That piece is not a virus. We have millions and millions of pieces of these things inside us.

I could take the PCR test and show you a microbial pneumonia and say: ‘Oh, that caused Covid-19.’

I could take the PCR test and show you any one of several of strains of influenza and say: ‘Oh, that caused Covid-19.’

It was very quickly said: ‘Only this virus can cause Covid-19.’ That is very far from the truth.

[Blood tests] What should be done is blood testing, known as serology testing.

We should be looking at the blood for antibodies to the virus. This is because the blood – not the back of the throat, not the RNA in your nose – is more accurate. 

If you test for antibodies, you know exactly who has been exposed.

All mucosal surfaces have different anti-bodies, which are made by the various B cells that patrol those surfaces looking for infections and when they find something, they say ‘ah’ and they have the immune cells amplify and make an antibody via the body’s immune response. 

That is vaccinology 101. This is what a vaccine is intended to do: make an antibody.

If it is an IgM antibody, this means it is a recent infection. An IgG means it is a past infection.

If you have an IgG, you have an immune memory.

That is to say, you are immune. You are in effect vaccinated. You have seen the virus at some time in the past and your immune system responded.

You may have undergone a mild flu or an upper respiratory infection. You may have been totally asymptomatic.

But you have a memory. The next time your body sees that pathogen, your body can deal with it.

Your immune system cleared it by definition. 

If you have a PCR test after being told you have an IgG antibody telling you that you have an infection, the PCR test is irrelevant. It cannot be more accurate than an antibody test.

If you have an antibody, you are by definition immune.

Have you been infected by a virus? You will make an antibody, unless you are immune compromised. In other words, you have an immune deficiency.

[Explanatory note: In blood tests, Immunoglobulin M (IgM), which is found mainly in the blood and lymph fluid, is the first antibody to be made by the body to fight a new infection. It indicates a likely early stage of infection or an acute infection.

[In blood tests, Immunoglobulin G (IgG), the most abundant type of antibody, is found in all body fluids and protects against bacterial and viral infections.]

If you are infected by a virus, you make an antibody. An IgG antibody means it is a past exposure.

[This idea that an IgG antibody indicates past exposure been turned on its head by the authorities on this occasion. In this one instance, the authorities are claiming an IgG indicates a later stage of the disease is in progress. Dr Mikovits says this is nothing less than fraud. She says an IgG result shows past exposure and immunity, which is exactly what you will find in medical textbooks.

[The authorities seem to have changed their tune since this interview and have come up with a new idea that any antibodies detected are waning. The suggestion that the antibodies are fading away in immune people and may not last more than a year seems to be little more than a way of insisting on a vaccine.]

An IgM antibody means it is a recent infection. 

An IgG is a very strong antibody that means every time you are exposed again to a virus, you will produce that antibody.

When you make antibodies, they can be cross-reactive across an entire family of viruses.

The conserved regions of the family members of the virus are usually tested for strength because that is how your immune system responds.

Both of those can be called false positives. Both tests should be used to confirm a positive infection.

More importantly, since infection does not equal disease, that inflammatory cytokine signature [a signalling system – the most commonly used analogy for cytokines is a ‘fire truck’; if the body produces too many fire trucks running about and achieving nothing (a ‘cytokine storm’), inflammation results], those inflammatory molecules, which can be detected with a simple blood test, should also be tested.

[‘Cyto’ means cells. Cytokine is the term immunologists gave to the communicating molecules, meaning the mediators between the cells in the immune system. A cytokine storm would refer to about 5 to 7 types of cytokines being expressed together at the same time. They are an army heading out to fight an invader.

[A ‘cytokine storm’ could also be described as a ‘signature of disease’. If a virus is pathogenic, the immune system will produce a ‘cytokine storm’, which might also be called a ‘signature of disease’. If a virus is non-pathogenic, a cytokine storm will not be expressed.

[When there is something the immune system needs to target, the communicators between the cells are cytokines.]

In HIV AIDS research, and all the virology research I have ever done in the past 40 years, we always do confirmatory test for a positive. You need at least two tests to say, yes, that is a true infection.

If it is a cross-reactive blood antibody, this means you are still developing immunity against the coronavirus. This means you will not necessarily get as sick.

But the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that a common cold can cause a false positive antibody test for SARS-Cov-2.

And the inventor of the PCR test says it should not be used to diagnose a disease.

The sort of sample used in a PCR test represents about 10 per cent of a virus. That RNA is not a whole virus. You do not know what that virus is. There are many common cold coronaviruses. Nothing would tell you that the sample you are testing is SARS-Cov-2.

In blood tests, antibody cross-reactivity can occur. We all make blood antibodies to the common cold, to coronaviruses, because we are all exposed to many coronaviruses from our pets, from animals, from food, every single year.

This is the first time ever in history that the authorities have started using PCR tests and antibody tests, which can throw up cross-reactivities to lifelong exposures, and started calling the situation some kind of ‘pandemic’.

If you test antibodies, you can get cross-reactivity.

Most of the tests being reported on are absolutely meaningless.

None of our vaccines prevent infection. The measles vaccine means you get less disease. You ameliorate disease. 

The polio vaccine is not a neutralising antibody. People who get the polio vaccine do not necessarily not get a polio virus in their system.

The question is do they develop a strong enough immune response so that the disease is lessened. In other words, that you don’t die of disease.

That is at the heart of vaccinology science. And it is why we make these things.

Where this situation has been misrepresented in every area of the media, including the scientific media, is where the media says that this antibody testing can be interpreted as: ‘IgM means early in infection and the IgG shows a later stage of the disease.’

No, it does not. That is not immunology. An IgG antibody means you are immune.

[See earlier in this answer where she explains how the production of either an IgM antibody or an IgG antibody are traditionally interpreted. The authorities and the media have deliberately distorted the traditional meaning of an IgG antibody. The fraud is that flagrant.

[The World Health Organization seems to be putting out the message that even if you have an IgG antibody that you may not have built up an immunity to SARS-Cov-2. This is wrong. If you have an IgG antibody, you are immune.

[The authorities have rigged the testing system by making it impossible for people to prove they are immune, even if they are producing IgG antibodies. Producing those antibodies would normally be accepted as a person being immune.

[If governments want to pass laws saying that people can be arrested if they are suspected of having SARS-Cov-2, the detained person will not be able to prove they are immune even if they are producing the traditionally accepted definition of an antibody that proves immunity: an IgG antibody. In usual circumstances, the production of an antibody would mean the patient was classified as immune. 

[This stance by the authorities seems to have changed to say words to the effect: ‘IgG antibodies are waning in those who develop them and may not last more than a year.’ Which is handy if you want to promote a vaccine.

[Just to show the level of disagreement between Dr Mikovits and the authorities, bear in mind what you have just read with the following sentence, published on 18 April 2020: ‘There is no evidence to support the belief that people who have recovered from coronavirus will not catch it again, the World Health Organization has said.’

[The WHO, which helps to style policy for governments around the world, says that normal proof of immunity is wrong. The WHO, funded by people such as Bill Gates and others, supports the argument for a vaccine.]

The authorities have so twisted and propagandised immunology and biology that, all of a sudden, there is supposed to be this super-virus out there. This coronavirus is a nothing for people who are healthy. They will develop a healthy immune response.

The media are saying: ‘Wait a minute. Somebody got infected again.’ Of course you get exposed to these things. They are everywhere. Every animal has coronaviruses. Some of them more than one.

All of the tests have cross-reactivities [PCR and blood antibody tests]. None of them [the tests the authorities are carrying out] have used other confirmatory assays. [Confirmatory assays are used to confirm whether specimens found reactive with a particular screening test contain antibodies specific to the virus they have been tested for.].

The authorities are doing everything they can to delay antibody tests [which would have shown the true level of infection immediately – the authorities were very keen not to do that because it would have proven the virus has been here for at least a year].

And if they do agree to antibody tests, they are turning the meaning of antibody tests on their head to pretend that people who are immune and have produced IgG antibodies are not immune.

If a person shows an IgG antibody result, these people are immune and their IgG antibodies could be taken and placed into people who need protecting intravenously. It is called plasmapheresis and we do it all the time.

We regularly plasmapharese people who have common and variable immune deficiencies. We use plasmapheresis to help people who do not make antibodies by taking antibodies from healthy people and placing them intravenously into the people who cannot make antibodies.

This is the way this is normally done: There has been a past infection and there are strong antibodies produced that can help to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

One manufacturer of the serology tests in the US has said that it has manufactured a test for IgG antibodies so that now they can stage the disease. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The manufacturer is claiming that an IgG antibody shows a person in the late stages of aggressive disease. Nothing could be further from the truth immunologically.

The media reports all this as if it were true. It is not.

And the PCR test just takes little sequences from the nasal passages. It says nothing about the spread of infection. In my view, the SARS-Cov-2 virus has been out there a long time. There is data to support that.

The test for an IgM antibody and the test for an IgG antibody are done in the same test. It takes about 15 minutes to do the test. This could have been put on sale at the end of 2019 in the local drug store. But the US Food and Drug Administration blocked this. Instead, it promoted the PCR test, which is worthless. More than being worthless, it enabled bad actors to set forth the panic and the fear.

A serology [blood] test does not take long to come up with, but the government did everything it could to stop this from happening quickly.

It is very easy to devise. The people who have recovered have antibodies. You take the plasma. You purify the antibodies and then that forms the basis of the test.

[As regards what is happening in hospitals], infection does not equal disease. You do not diagnose someone because they have a cough. [This is happening in US hospitals.]

You do not walk into an emergency room and diagnose an infection with a chest X-ray. That is not how it works. [This is happening in US hospitals.]

You do not say: ‘Oh, the sequences were in your nose therefore you are infected.’ [This is happening in US hospitals with PCR tests.] That is not how it works. 

This might be how it works when there is another agenda toward taking away personal freedoms.

Making everyone walk around in a mask. Is that to say you control me? I won’t wear a mask. I’m not going to wear a mask.

There is no public health risk from healthy people walking on the beach.

Why are they closing the public toilets? And the restaurants? If you are sick, would you go to a restaurant? No. You would stay home and get well. You would stay at home and drink chicken soup and Vitamin C and you would be just fine. Or a little zinc.

This is an agenda that has nothing to do with this infection. None of the science supports the numbers they are giving or the numbers of deaths they are posting.

People are said to be dying of Covid-19. Covid-19 means coronavirus infectious disease 2019.

It does not satisfy a single one of Koch’s postulates [the four criteria designed to establish a causative relationship between a microbe and a disease] or Hill’s criteria [the Bradford Hill criteria, otherwise known as Hill’s criteria for causation], which stipulates that every person with the virus has to have the disease.

[Koch’s postulates: Criteria used to determine whether a micro-organism is the cause of a disease. (1) It must be found in all cases of the disease. (2) It must be isolated from the host and grown in pure culture. (3) It must reproduce the original disease when introduced in a susceptible host. (4) It must be found present in the experimental host so infected.] 

Most people do not have the disease. In fact, the German numbers show that less than 0.8 per cent get any kind of severe disease with it.

This can only be considered to be a plague of corruption intended to take away constitutional, religious and every other kind of freedoms, which have been taken from America by the agenda of this vaccine program, which has now been in effect since 1986 when all liability was removed from manufacturers.

I personally would not get any test done owing to the privacy issues. I would wash my hands and drink hot lemon.

[Note: Kary B. Mullis, Nobel Laureate and inventor of the PCR test: “…these PCR tests cannot detect free infectious viruses at all.”

[There are also reports that the figures are being fiddled by testing the same person several times over. Each new test is written up as a positive on its own to make it look as if there are multiple positives.]


INTERVIEWER: The vaccine is the endgame. That is the big moneymaker.

There are 7 billion people on the planet. You can multiply that 7 billion people by $50 per vaccine. They are saying this vaccine could come around every year.

They are pointing in the direction of a recurrent vaccine, just like the flu vaccine. The masses get a flu vaccine every year.

This vaccine they want to come up with. Will it be a live viral vaccine, like when they had the flu mist. Or will it be a killed vaccine? Do you happen to know?

DR MIKOVITS: It really does not matter what vaccine they come up with. 

Do you remember SARS and MERS [Middle East respiratory syndrome]? SARS was 2001 or 2002. They have yet to make a successful vaccine.

In fact, the vaccines they have tried have caused far more aggressive lung disease and lung fibrosis. And they know exactly what the mechanism is.

In 18 years, we have not made a [worthwhile] vaccine against a coronavirus such as SARS or MERS. In 40 years, we have not come close to making a successful, safe, more efficacious vaccine against HIV or retroviruses. So why would there be any [worthwhile] vaccine?

I won’t let anyone come anywhere near injecting me with anything they make. Can you make a safe vaccine? I think there are ways to do it.

Do we have therapies right now?  We don’t need a vaccine. All you have to do is have a healthy immune system.

Every one of those people who were infected, particularly if they had a severe response and survive, have made the vaccine. We’re talking about herd immunity.

This means the exposed who do not get sick are immune because they made antibodies and have adaptive memory responses to the pathogen. All we have to do is take that and give it to the susceptible. We do it all the time in medicine. It is called plasmapheresis.


INTERVIEWER: Pertaining to the retroviruses that are present in vaccines. This has led you to have had direct interaction with Dr Anthony Fauci. What is your experience with Dr Tony Fauci?

DR MIKOVITS: It started too long ago! It began in 1984. I will fast-forward to 2009-2011.

At that time, in the journal ‘Science’ in 2009, we published our findings on the isolation [meaning proof] of a new family of human retroviruses called xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related retroviruses [This is really important. The shorthand is XMRV].

[Xenotropic means something that belongs in one animal’s body, but has ended up in another animal’s body. Murine means mouse. Leukemia means cancer. In other words, mouse-cancer-causing viruses that have ended up in humans.] These are also known as the XMRV viruses.

These are cancer-causing viruses seen in people with the disease known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, which is inflammation of the spinal cord and brain. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention dubbed this disease ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ to stigmatise the sufferers. ME means inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. It is a very serious condition.

[Re-read the last few sentences. Mouse cancers come from mice. Yet traces of mouse cancers were being found in humans with chronic fatigue syndrome. She is arguing that traces of mouse cancer end up in humans via injection of vaccines and help to cause diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome.]

When we published our study in ‘Science’, we showed not only the isolation of several strains of the XMRV virus, but also a strong association with the disease [known as chronic fatigue syndrome].

The journal ‘Science’ would not allow us to use the word ‘strong’, even though I think there were about 18 zeros in front of the probability value! 

The idea that this happened by chance and that this XMRV virus was not associated with this severe debilitating [chronic fatigue syndrome] disease was implausible. The association of the XMRV virus with this [chronic fatigue syndrome] disease was in fact highly likely.

[Note: The article she has just described, which was published in ‘Science’, caused uproar. That article essentially blew the whistle and pushed these ideas into mainstream public debate. This was something that a lot of people in the medical establishment rushed to destroy and bury.]

At any rate, between 2009 -2011, the data became stronger. There were many strains of mouse-related cancer viruses, neurological disease-causing viruses in humans that were associated [with this family of mouse viruses].

These included Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, lupus, a lot of auto-immune diseases, obsessive compulsive disorder and other diseases. There were at least 32 diseases and many cancers associated with this family of mouse viruses floating about in humans.

When this data became very clear, in 2011 another scientist published an opinion paper that said the most likely way that mouse viruses had jumped into humans was via biological therapies. The most prominent of these in the past 30 years has been vaccines.

[This very famous 2011 article appeared in Frontiers in Microbiology. The article caused enormous uproar. The authorities acted very quickly to dismiss its findings. Dr Mikovits’ 2009 study discovered the mouse cancers in humans. The 2011 study by someone else specifically linked the mouse viruses to vaccines. The second revelation, the link to vaccines, was too much for the authorities, especially when put into print. At that stage, the shutdown had to happen.]

We used mice for all of our research in all of the labs. It was very clear in 2010-11 that the [global human] blood supply was heavily contaminated [with mouse material].

We calculated that more than 25 million Americans were infected with mouse cancer causing viruses. We think the figure today is 50 million. These people

[in the US and around the world]

are carrying these mouse-related cancer-causing viruses. These people are like sleeping volcanoes for developing cancer and all the related diseases, which is now occurring in that patient population.

A figure of 25 million people at the time meant we were looking at something 25 times HIV AIDS in this country, which was only 1 million Americans in 1991.

My 2009 study established that what we were finding in humans were mouse cancer causing viruses. The study published by someone else in 2011 linked these mouse cancer causing viruses to vaccines and the blood supply.

[In around 2010, Dr Mikovits was finding that the mouse cancer causing virus (XMRV) was in 70 per cent of women with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME). Whenever she looked at a healthy control group to see the comparison, she could only find the XMRV mouse cancer causing viruses in 4 per cent of the general population.

[This is a huge disparity. This supports the link of XMRV to chronic fatigue syndrome and other conditions. To be sure of her findings, Dr Mikovits ordered in blood from London and found XMRV material in 4 per cent of that blood, which is the healthy population. This tallied with what she was finding in the US. The UK, like other countries, also has people infected with XMRVs from vaccines suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions. The 4 per cent is not a good figure. Even in outwardly healthy people these XMRVs are lurking. Retroviruses can take years to become active.]

Senior US health official Francis Collins, head of the US National Institutes of Health, was alarmed at what he saw and said to me: ‘Where did you get your control of blood samples?’ And I said: ‘The blood supply of London.’

This [urgent and very dramatic finding] was discussed in a high-level meeting held on September 6th 2010. This meeting was held the US National Institutes of Health.

In that meeting, Francis Collins, head of the US National Institutes of Health, ordered Tony Fauci to fund and direct a large confirmatory (or replication) study, which researcher Ian Lipkin would lead at Columbia University.

This was to be a large study across the appropriate populations.

But what they did was design the study to fail by using the wrong patient populations.

The method for patient selection that they decided to use was akin to trying to find HIV in a patient population that deliberately excluded gay men, intravenous drug users and prostitutes.

In other words, it was designed to find nothing. They were not about to let that study happen using real patients that fitted the criteria that we wanted use.

Against all odds, there was one cohort of patients at Stanford University that snuck through the study.

It was the very last cohort of a group of about 400 people, controls and patients.

The cohort of patients was from the Stanford area in Northern California. This was one of the epicentres of myalgic encephalomyelitis [chronic fatigue syndrome].

[However,] Tony Fauci forbade me [from being involved in the research].  Tony Fauci put an order out that if I stepped foot in Dr Francis (Frank) Ruscetti’s laboratory at the US National Cancer Institute, I would be arrested.

If I came into the lab to do that study, I was to be arrested.

[I sidestepped that ban.] I ended up carrying out retro-virology research by telephone.

[What happened was that] Dr Frank Ruscetti became my eyes in the lab. He would call me to say: ‘Is this what the cells look like?’ Dr Ruscetti would call me to ask how to harvest the virus at the peak of its infectivity.

We got the positives. We got the right answers in that group in that patient population from Stanford. 

In this final cohort, the results came back as 80 per cent positive. This was exactly in line with the data from our original study.

When we found these patients positive, Tony Fauci said: ‘I’m tired of wasting government money. This is contamination.’

Of course, there was no contamination either in this study or in two earlier studies. 

Fauci stopped the study and demanded that Ian Lipkin order the application of a statistical analysis to imply that the positive samples were contamination.

I do not use statistical programs. You either have a virus or you do not. We use raw data.
The raw data tells the truth.

He put our names on the study. We vehemently opposed this. 

The study came out and my name was put on it and people think that because it says I co-authored it, I endorse what is in it. Nothing could be further from the truth. No, we did not find that.

How many people have died? How many people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome are called crazy. To this day these sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome are told: ‘You’re not sick, you’re crazy.’

That is the evil of this man Tony Fauci. Tony Fauci was never going to allow the realisation that vaccines cause cancer. That vaccines cause autism. That vaccines cause ME/CFS [myalgic encephalomyelitis / chronic fatigue syndrome]. That vaccines cause the evolution of more and more virulent strains of cancer-causing viruses that they are directly injecting into infants and old people.

That is exactly how this coronavirus and Covid-19 situation has developed. This is a big cover-up of the bigger problem.

We do not think a thing about 2,000 people a day who die of cancer in the United States.

Do you really think a little cough and keeping people out of restaurants and stores makes a difference?

As long ago as 2009, we described infectious transmissible cancer. And Tony Fauci made it all go away.


INTERVIEWER: Let us recap a few things. With regard to the transmission of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, you believe this is a virus that went through the flu vaccines and that is how it has started. It is transmissible person to person.

You believe the tests the authorities are using are inaccurate because you cannot just have this positive or negative without looking more into the antibodies. And without looking more into non-specific immunity.

Can I also ask about SV40 [simian virus 40]. Was that another retrovirus that was in the polio vaccines? Is that another retrovirus that causes cancer?

Can you tell us what activates a long-dormant retrovirus? For example, if a person has been vaccinated and is thinking to themselves: ‘I have been vaccinated. I have all these animal viruses. They would not have caused a problem within the animals. They have been injected into me and because vaccines are passed through all these animal cell cultures to attenuate them, I now have these within me. How can I suppress them?’

What can these people do in order for them not to express and activate such things?

DR MIKOVITS: Simian virus 40, also known as SV40, is not a retrovirus. However, SV40 is a cancer-causing virus. It was transmitted through the polio vaccines. It causes things like mesothelioma.

People were told that mesothelioma and some of the other lung cancers were only caused by cigarette smoking or asbestos exposure. But some people never smoked a cigarette or were never exposed to asbestos and developed the lung cancers and died very young.

Yes, SV40 is another cancer-causing virus and was spread through the human population via vaccines.

Yes, we have all been vaccinated. I got the smallpox and polio vaccines back in the 1960s. It is important to say the vaccines were nowhere near as dirty back then. 

We did not receive anywhere near the number of vaccines we all receive nowadays ever since the liability was removed from the pharmaceutical companies and anybody giving out a vaccine.

There is a bundle of money to be made because if you call your drug a vaccine, you can make a tonne of money. You don’t have to safety test it.

I think your audience probably already knows this owing to the publicity awareness raised by Robert Francis Kennedy Jnr and the Children’s Health Defense fund and the work done by the Informed Consent Action Network run by Del Bigtree.

The government has admitted no safety testing has been done on the vaccines used in the USA. It has not happened with a single vaccine. 

It never will because there is no liability. That law has to be changed. That law needs to be wiped from the books.

That law was made in 1986.  That is another president Tony Fauci stood next to, Ronald Reagan. He scared him by saying: ‘We won’t make your vaccines if you do not remove all liability because vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.’

There was a lot of controversy at the time owing to the diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and tetanus vaccine, known as the DTP vaccine. It had wholesale debris in it. It had wholesale DNA proteins floating about in it. The debris in the vaccine was literally killing children. The children it was given to experienced lifelong seizures and disease.

DTP means they just took the pertussis out of the bacterial cell and threw it into the child and all of the extra debris and garbage and other viruses pathogens was causing brain damage and death. [The US nowadays uses DTAP but this too is criticised.]

What can we all do about it because we have all been infected? That is the good news.

We really are all wonderfully and fearfully made by God. I am living proof

[during her dangerous laboratory work she was exposed to XMRV]


As are the many HIV-infected people living around the world.

We know how with natural products, with Type 1 interferon, with healthy diets, with medical cannabis, with lots of natural therapies we can improve things.

There are energy therapies. Things like Rife machines and magnetic therapies [Rife machines use electromagnetic frequency to target micro-organisms]. We can literally zap them [viruses] once they wake up.

We can detect the energies and change things. There is a tremendous amount of technology. There is a tremendous amount that can be done to keep the virus quiet. We can learn how to keep the virus quiet.

Absolutely do not eat GMO food. Do not eat genetically modified anything. That is all vaccines are right now. They are genetically modified organisms.

Don’t allow ever again another injection because every injection could activate to the point that the fire storm [of disease] and silenced and it could kill you.

This is who we are seeing dying. It is the elderly with the co-factors of the disease.

This is who will be sickened to a point of possible death with the coronavirus.

These are deadly diseases. 21,000 people were killed by the contagious ebola virus that went through Liberia in 2014-2015.

But if we try to understand the immune response and actually take all that we have done with medicine in the past 40 years, we can understand these outbreaks and what stopped them. We can do something about it. 

Eat whole, real food. Simple foods. Vitamin C.

Type 1 interferon [a spray that mimics the body’s own Type 1 interferon; this would be one spray in the mouth in the morning and one spray in the mouth in the evening in the vulnerable, it is only useful in very low dose. In total, only two sprays per day would be used]. 

The drugs that Tony Fauci called ‘anecdotal’, the anti-malarial drugs. Those have been used for 70 years. The World Health Organization has a list of essential medicine. These anti-malarial drugs were on it.

To illustrate how useful these anti-malarial drugs are, consider this. In the last ebola outbreak in Liberia, American Dr Kent Brantly and nurse Nancy Writebol contracted ebola while working there.

After he knew these two had possibly been exposed to ebola [which takes days to incubate] the doctor who treated Dr Brantly and Nurse Writebol wisely and quickly used anti-malarial drugs, the brand names is Plaquenil, also known as chloroquine [to protect their immune systems to try to stop any other infection coinciding with ebola; malaria is a big problem there so the doctor did not want that arriving on top of ebola; he wanted the ebola to run its course and let Dr Brantly develop his own antibody; this is not in line with the official story, which talks about a ‘magic serum’ called ZMapp. Anything behind the official narrative to do with this outbreak is difficult to put in print or speak about. The ZMapp part of the official story should be treated with caution.]

[Explanatory note: In relation to the SARS-Cov-2 virus and the disease Covid-19, the use of anti-malarial drugs in New York and elsewhere has produced results within hours and improved patient breathing. The medical establishment hates this drug because it is out of patent. It makes no money. Story after story is being fed to the mainstream media that doctors, such as French doctor Didier Raoult, who are using it are ‘eccentric’. As if to say: ‘Ha, ha. Look at the mad scientist.’

[There is also a smear story being gleefully reported by the mainstream media that chloroquine gives people heart attacks. This is a distortion. There is another drug sometimes used in combination with chloroquine when treating malaria patients that does have heart attack risks strongly attached to it. Chloroquine is more than 70 years old and has been used on millions of people. It will not make anyone a cent. Dr Fauci does not like chloroquine.]

These drugs, used properly, can be safe.

We have learned how to use the anti-viral retrotherapy to the point where we have TV commercials about pre-exposure HIV drugs on TV.

You can see commercials on TV now for Pre-exposure prophylaxis [this is known as PrEP. It is a way for people who do not have HIV, but who are at very high risk of getting HIV, to prevent HIV infection by taking a pill every day.]

You can take this PrEP drug and if you are HIV positive, it will stay dormant. It will stay asleep.

A dormant retrovirus is not expressed.

We know how to use these low dose, safely and efficaciously, to not only prevent disease exacerbating and spreading throughout an individual’s body, or throughout a population, but in a way to actually recover function that the patient did not have.

Take this example of using a drug to try to help children with autism. A researcher did a study using one of the first AIDS drugs, a product called suramin, to help children with autism.

This drug, suramin, is on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines for African sleeping sickness. 

That drug has a very long half life. Used in a very, very low dose it actually got kids with autism to improve.

Autism is associated with XMRVs [mouse cancers that likely ended up in humans from vaccines grown in mouse blood], which is why that researcher tried that drug. It is perfect against gamma retroviruses.

It allowed these kids with autism to get their lives back. In response to the study, the drug companies Monsanto and Bayer, who own that drug, stopped the drug. They took it away from the kids.

We need to release the natural medicines. We need to close the US Food and Drug Administration. The US Food and Drug Administration is another of these criminal organizations.

The US Food and Drug Administration says things like: ‘Oh you can’t do that. You cannot use the right test.’

If they had done the right tests in the beginning with this SARS-Cov-2. If they had allowed the right drugs in the beginning as people wanted them to.

If they had done what South Korea did with the validated tests and using the knowledge of herd immunity.  If they had bothered to find out who is immune and transfer the antibodies to the sick and prevent the disease spreading, none of what is happening would have happened. 

You do not have to lock down the entire world. Or an entire nation.

We have got the ability to do that now. And we had that ability two months ago.

And yet the US Food and Drug Administration stood in the way.

When these tests are done, it will show everything that I am saying and that others are saying was right about this plague of corruption is exactly right. This was an agenda that went far beyond an infection.

Can the infection be dangerous to the susceptible? Absolutely. I am susceptible. 

I am loaded with XMRV [mouse cancer-causing fragments]. I do not ever have to get the cancers associated with neurological diseases.

I can use my medical cannabis. I can use my healthy food. I can use my Vitamin C. I can take advantage of my Type 1 interferon alphas [this is a natural part of human immunity but it can be boosted using a very famous treatment she developed because it can be purified and grown in fermenters].

Drug company Merck discontinued selling human Type 1 interferon alpha.

A 50 million international unit vial costs $600 and would have protected 1,000 elderly susceptible citizens for a week at 50 cents a dose. They do not like to promote it any more.

The cures are out there. The treatments to give infected people a high quality of life, just like we gave HIV-infected people a high-quality of life since our discoveries of 1991. Since understanding how the immune system is dysregulated.

We know exactly how XMRV dysregulates the immune system to lead to cancers and the devastating ME/CFS [chronic fatigue syndrome].

Yet these patients are denied these drugs. They are simply called crazy.

I cannot even go into the politics of what they have done to millions of suffering people stuck in their beds who cannot be exposed to sunlight or noise. People who have been in this kind of isolation for 30 years. [She is referring to people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.]


INTERVIEWER: Going back to Covid-19. Are we looking at something that has been here for a while?

Is this something that – because we put a spotlight on it and we are testing for it all of a sudden – we are being told that people who die from all types of co-morbidities, and that who would have died anyway are being classified as dying with Covid-19?

Might it also be the case that people producing a false positive with a common cold coronavirus are misleadingly being labelled as Covid-19 death?

Give us a big picture, Dr Judy. Is it the case this has probably started from some point after 2013-15 via the manipulated virus that is in the flu vaccine? We are saying it is spreading. It is just because we have put a spotlight on this that we have noticed that it is spreading. Is that what this pandemic is?

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. The easiest way to answer that question is to think about every year in your recent memory.

Influenza, flu. Influenza, flu. ‘Oh, look how many flu deaths we have. The flu vaccine does not work.’ I’m talking about CNN and your local media news.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 80,000 people died of influenza last year. And yet less than 1,000 of those dead people tested positive for influenza.

That is the answer to the question. Have you heard one word about influenza this year?

Oh, no! Now everything is coronavirus. Everything is Covid-19. They just changed flu to Covid-19.

And so, yes, there are many causes of the kinds of lung disease we are seeing in people, bacterial pneumonia and so on, [of people who are being labelled as Covid-19 deaths].

Take people like my 81 year old husband, who has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [a lung disease]. He could die from that disease, but he would just be labelled as Covid-19. People like him could die from these diseases [and then find that they are all being indiscriminately labelled as Covid-19].

Yes, this year, let’s just call everything Covid-19.

Where is the influenza? You do not hear about it at all. Everything has been changed to Covid-19.

In those 80,000 people that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said died of flu last year, it was assumed it was assumed that they died from influenza.

How many tested positive for confirmed influenza last year? I will tell you. It was less than 1,000 of those 80,000. [It is often said that the influenza death rate has to be inflated to justify the argument for the annual flu vaccine.]

Were the other 79,000 [deaths labelled as the flu last year in fact] coronaviruses? Were 30,000 of those [deaths last year] coronaviruses? And some from bacterial pneumonia? And some from respiratory syncytial virus? Or the other causes of flu? Or upper respiratory infections, including vaccines? Vaccine injury causes reactive airway disease.

Those are the studies we were discussing earlier. [With vaccines], you are injecting a recombinant thing that is supposed to drive the same inflammatory immune response. Well, in an immune-compromised person, they can and do kill them. 

[In this clip, US health official Dr Deborah Birx says from the White House podium: ‘We no longer have the flu.’]


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells you that last year there were 80,000 deaths last from influenza. When we talk about ‘the flu season’, flu is not influenza.

In fact, when you read the records, of those 80,000 deaths, less than 1,000 of those deaths had sequences of influenza of any kind. And half of those 1,000 who died from influenza died from strains that were in the vaccines.

What were the other 79,000 deaths from? Covid-19 anyone? Do the antibody test and we will find out that this has been here a lot longer here than people realise.

[In fact, Stanford University has gone behind the back of the US Food and Drug Administration and done a non-FDA approved study on antibodies in the blood to try to capture at least some time sensitive data before the prevalence of the virus in 2019/2020 can be airbrushed out of history completely as nobody will have been looking for it. 

[This title can be searched: ‘Covid-19 Antibody Seroprevalence in Santa Clara County, California’. ‘Conclusion: The population prevalence of SARS-Cov-2 antibodies in Santa Clara County implies that the infection is much more widespread than indicated by the number of confirmed cases.’ 

[This study has angered a lot of Big Media outfits who either trashed it or ignored it.]


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has admitted that is has deliberately contaminated one of the tests [the PCR] for SARS-Cov-2 and 80 per cent are false positives.

In relation to SARS-Cov-2, you want to confirm exposure with an antibody test. If you take an antibody test and these people are producing antibodies there is no need for a vaccine. They are immune. Immune, immune, immune! That is the definition of immune.

You either have a virus or you do not.

[Note: This is how this is done for everything else. If you are tested in the US for any virus and you produce either an IgM or IgG, you are told that you are immune and to go on your way. The authorities are turning this idea on its head.

[There is a never-ending litany of excuses. They say: ‘We do not have tests.’ They say: ‘We do have tests but they are contaminated.’ They say: ‘An IgG antibody does not mean you are immune’ (a bare-faced lie). They say: ‘Even if you have an IgG antibody, you may be reinfected and so do not have immunity.’ This amounts to a recipe to arrest people on suspicion of infection, even though they are immune and can prove they are. This also amounts to a recipe to force the vaccine on people.

[The authorities drag their heels over the simple ability to plasmapherese the non-infected with antibodies from the immune, which is done daily with other medical conditions. The authorities refuse simple inexpensive but effective treatments such as Type 1 interferon alpha and hydroxychloroquine. The authorities label diagnosed living people and dead people as Covid-19 without testing them at all or, if tests are done, without testing them properly.

[The authorities have come up with a definition of disease that does not satisfy the most basic criteria of Koch’s postulates or Hill’s criteria. The authorities are promoting irrelevant and expensive treatments. Ventilators are nothing to do with the blood disorders seen in the genuine cases of Covid-19. Vaccines are dangerous and unnecessary but are being promoted by the media and the authorities.

[The authorities promote masks that would not stop the spread of an infection they claim can travel through the air. The social distancing contradicts what coronaviruses are. They do not float through the air. A coronavirus needs to be expressed in a water droplet coming from a cough or sneeze. It needs a cell to live in. Healthy people and immune people would not spread a coronavirus that is not expressed.

[The authorities and the media deliberately conflate SARS-Cov-2, the virus, with Covid-19, the disease.

[The authorities are often conducting many tests on one person, who might be in hospital for any number of reasons, and saying each test is a new  ‘case’ when it is in fact the same patient.

[Evidence of past infections, such as IgG antibodies, are being counted as ‘cases’ even though the person is by now immune.

[The authorities have sent the order down from on high that Covid-19 patients are to be treated with ventilators. This is rigged to be the wrong treatment. In a rare genuine case of Covid-19, what should happen is that when a patient is on a critical low blood level, the blood should be replaced. In the rare genuine Covid-19 patients, they all eventually need a blood transfusion because the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is too low.

[If the patient does not have enough oxygen-carrying capacity in their blood, it does not matter what is done to the ventilator settings. The patient will die. This rigs the death figures higher.

[The blood disorders the genuine Covid-19 patients display cannot come from a coronavirus or upper respiratory infection. The blood disorders are in fact associated with a retroviral disease from a retrovirus that was almost certainly lying dormant and unexpressed inside the patient and has, in some way, become expressed.

[If the order to clinicians is not to look for a retrovirus-associated blood disorder or treat it, the patient will get sicker and die. The clinicians are treating the wrong thing. This would boost the death rate but not help the patient.]

This was planned over a number of years. This was carefully organised over a number of years.
Last year, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published job requests starting 15 November 2019 running to the middle of May 2020. These were adverts for quarantines officer. These jobs were to be in all 50 states running from New York to Puerto Rico. Who knew that the US was going to need quarantine officers when those job ads were planned?

The signature of disease in Covid-19 is comprised of some of these things: Interleukin 6, Interleukin 8, MIF 1 alpha. It is these macrophage chemotactic proteins that show me a signature of disease. These are proteins. They are the inflammatory mediators of cell communications.  [Interleukin means communicate between white blood cells. In simple terms, there is a conversation between different subsets of cells.]

They tell your immune system: There is a fire. Go to the fire and put it out.

The immune system does not get the stop sign. It does not get the signal that says: No that it is just a few burning embers.

That is what inflammation is. It turns up the fire.

An old person may find it hard to get a stop sign. If they have been taking medications, been alive a long time and have built up a lot of environmental toxins, they are not as healthy as a young person. They cannot turn off the fire.

This is how SARS-Cov-2 virus would kill people. It would be driving the collateral damage. It would be your own immune system that is helping to kill you.

Tony Fauci and all the people at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, US Department of Health and Human Services are smart enough to know this.

They stand there and say ‘get the flu vaccine’ even though they openly admit it does not work. Why would you do that?

In 2017, they admitted the flu vaccine was only 20 per cent effective.

Why would you inject three upper respiratory infection causing viruses (with diarrhea)? Why three live viruses?

Why would you inject those into the susceptible? You are driving their susceptibility.

And then make them 36 per cent more susceptible to coronaviruses?

The dose of flu vaccine given to the elderly is four times as strong as it is for other people.

I have been helping people bring cases in the vaccine court saying these flu vaccines cause cytokine storms. I act as an expert witness.

By the way, in 2017, or thereabouts, I will have to look it up, there was a terrible flu season.

At the same time, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention worker Dr Timothy Cunningham, who worked in clinical practice and research, was going around in public and saying: ’I don’t know what is happening but we are giving people this flu vaccine and they are dropping like flies.’ Shortly after he made those statements, Dr Cunningham was disappeared.

My husband has COPD, which he developed from a bacterial pneumonia infection that he had in his 30s. If he walked into a hospital and started coughing they would class this as Covid-19. [She is saying he would not be a real case of Covid-19.]

By the way, I always get pleurisy under stress; stressing an animal suppresses the immune system and that activates the dormant microbes and so you get a perfect disease engine storm under all the stress people are being put under at present.

If you walk into the Emergency Room, the personnel are instructed to diagnose Covid-19, which means SARS-Cov-2 infectious disease.

We know from Italy that these people have three or more diseases.

The definition they have come up with does not satisfy Koch’s postulates, Hill’s criteria, or anything else.

There is no SARS-Cov-2 virus infectious disease because the young and the healthy get nothing. They are asymptomatic. They already have antibodies.

That is why the government is not testing the antibodies.

If we test the antibodies correctly, we will find half of the US is immune.

We do not need a vaccine.  And we do not need anything else.

We have Plaquinel, which is the brand name for hydroxychloroquine. We give it for rheumatoid arthritis.

But Tony Fauci calls it untested.

And the vaccines are driving the problem. We are seeing people even a few years who got these super-strong flu vaccines. [It is when the next round of infection hits a person – which may be years after taking a vaccine – something called antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity makes them weaker.]

Old people are mandated to take vaccines if they want to go to certain social gatherings. 

Other people are mandated: teachers, hospital workers who are falling ill.

They have had to mandate vaccines in America because of the scandal about the cover up that showed vaccines are associated with autism.

If old people are inhaling all the pollution and chemtrails and so on, this will not help them. All that aluminum in vaccines and floating about. Chemicals drive pathogens and vice versa.

We have never made an effective vaccine for HIV, a coronavirus, or flu. Why do you think they keep giving the flu vaccine every year? Because they do not work.

Vaccines do not work. That is another reason why they try to force people to take them.

They try to scare parents who do not want to vaccinate their young by saying: ‘You put other people’s young at risk.’ What are they saying? That the vaccines do not work?

What we should do is plasmapharese people who have already been infected. We can take their antibodies and give them to other people.

The authorities seem to be trying to pretend there is no such thing as herd immunity.

For crying out loud, you do not inject live viruses into people who have inflammatory disease, or who have cancer.

I cringe every time I walk into a cancer unit and see the posters for flu vaccines.

If you have cancer, you have an immune dysfunction by definition. You are not supposed to vaccinate immune damaged people. If you are fighting cancer and you give the patient a vaccine, you will kill the patient. I pointed one of these signs a while ago and Dr Frank  Ruscetti said to me: ‘Yes, they have to kill them before the chemotherapy does.’ 

Until 2011, we never treated an HIV with vaccines. This was changed in 2011 and has accelerated the spread of HIV around the world.

[Bill Gates runs HIV ‘charities’ right round the world. He is the second biggest funder of the World Health Organization and has enormous financial interest in vaccines. He labels this ‘philanthropy’].

We can prevent this vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 if we can prove we are immune.

I guarantee there are pockets of healthy young people in America who are already immune. They make antibodies. So use them in plasmapheresis. 


INTERVIEWER: The excipient list has been removed from vaccine packaging. We cannot even see on packaged inserts all the different animal tissues that these vaccines have been developed on.

[Explanatory note: An excipient is a substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a medication, included for the purpose of long-term stabilization, bulking up solid formulations that contain potent active ingredients in small amounts, or to confer a therapeutic enhancement on the active ingredient in the final dosage form, such as facilitating drug absorption, reducing viscosity, or enhancing solubility].

Can we no longer the read excipient list in the packaged insert of a vaccine and find out about all the different tissues that they are running all these different vaccines through to develop and see all the different potential retroviruses people are picking up?

Have they taken that excipient list off the packaged insert? Or can we still read that?

DR MIKOVITS: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s vaccine excipient list was modified at the start of 2019.

Dr Frank Ruscetti and I, and many others, including Theresa Deisher and Barabara Loe Fisher at the National Vaccine Information Center, have been talking about the damaging possibilities related to these animal tissues and human foetal cells [used in vaccines] for five to 10 years. 

There have been many people talking about this.

We have been building arguments relating to cytokine storms [a cytokine could be thought of as a fire truck in the immune system; a cytokine storm is fire trucks rushing everywhere but never achieving anything] and putting this information into cases going into the vaccine court, where we act as expert witnesses. The vaccine court said over and over: ‘That is impossible there is no such thing. Vaccines only induce local reactions.’ 

We built the argument for dozens of cases in detail using what I have told you here, using pictures and references about the effects of what the government calls adventitious agents [adventitious agents are micro-organisms that may have been unintentionally introduced into the manufacturing process of a biological medicinal product].

We are arguing: ‘They pick these up from the tissue culture.’

They admitted this on the RotaTeq vaccine [a vaccine used to protect against rotavirus infections, which are the leading cause of severe diarrhea among children] in the excipient list 2012-2015.

It says on the package label:  ‘Porcine.’ That means pig. This is what is in the vaccine: Pig. Coronaviruses. And retroviruses. From a pig.

It was admitted this in the RotaTeq vaccine.

The authorities said: ‘Oh, but there is no evidence those ever hurt anybody. There is no evidence they cause any kind of disease in humans.’ 

So the authorities say: ‘Yes, there are adventitious agents in the vaccines. But there is no evidence they cause disease.’

In 2019, we were putting this in case after case in the vaccine court saying, yes, they can cause cytokine storms.

Yes, they can cause the accelerated evolution of a more pathogenic strain of virus that nobody notices until it kills a lot of people. [The argument is that viruses can recombine inside the human body into deadlier forms. They got there by way of injection.]

In response, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now censored and removed from the excipient list all the information relating to the animal cell lines, like calf serum and cow blood, and Madin-Darby Canine Kidney Cells, and the WI-38 aborted human foetal cells that Dr Theresa Deisher talks about in relation to autism.

Now, if people look the top of their excipient list published online, all this information is gone.

I can provide the old excipient list versus the new one because I keep the old ones.

But if you go online and look, you can see the things I am talking about have gone. They are gone.

Now people go online and look at the vaccine ingredients and say to themselves:  ‘Oh, there’s nothing in there but sucrose, dextran, polysorbate 80, aluminum, adjuvants and so on.’

All of this detailed information is now placed into the package insert given only to the doctor. The doctor [administering the vaccine to the patient probably] doesn’t know it’s there. The doctor has probably never read those. The patient is never given that packaged insert.

Nor is the patient given informed consent that explains what the dangers are to them.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, oh-so quietly, took it off the excipient list.

In the 2000s there was what is known as a ‘hot lot’ of vaccines. The term hot lot means it is more contaminated than other batches.

A whole bunch of kids in Mississippi came down extra super sick. Some died. The US government response? The law was changed to the effect that vaccine lots would be spread all around the world so that people would not spot clusters of victims. You now have an unlucky dip as to whether your child is going to get a vaccine from the most contaminated batches in the world.


INTERVIEWER: We have such a plague in chronic disease. Are you saying that this huge plague is from the vaccines and from the retroviruses that are in the vaccines?

Autism is now one in 36 kids, I heard you say that there was a drug that gave these kids back their voice. If there is some type of generic drug that can help autism, I would just like you to touch in on that.

DR MIKOVITS: I call the huge plague of chronic disease 21st century acquired endocannabinoid immune deficiency.

It is 21st century AIDS. There was HIV AIDS in the 20th century. And now the 21st century AIDS is driven not only by the retroviral contaminants, [for example,] by coronavirus contaminants and the simian virus 40 contaminants. 

There are also bacterial contaminants. Look at the huge rise in cases of Lyme disease. We need to think about things like borrelia [the bacteria that causes Lyme disease] and babesia [a tick that infects blood cells and is associated with Lyme disease]. We culture these cells in antibiotics. Antibiotics drive gut dysbiosis and dysregulation of the microbiome.

The excipient contents in vaccines contain antibiotics. You are injecting a newborn with antibiotics. Thus the rise in food allergies and the rise in asthma.

[Lyme disease is reportedly rising in lots of places. This is officially attributed to ticks. Dr Mikovits argues the unusual rise needs to be looked at in the context of the excipient list in vaccines. Dr Mikovits in another interview: ‘In the process of vaccine manufacture, mouse retroviruses (the XMRVs) were combining with all sorts of pathogens including borrelia and Lyme. They carry each other in the vats where the vaccines are made and are not purified. We have no idea what we are injecting. Or what the next strain will be. Nobody has any idea what is in these witches’ brews.’]

Think of all of the garbage in those vaccines: The aluminum, the mercury. These are the most extreme neurotoxic and immunotoxic agents that we have.

It is not just the bioactives, the viruses and the bacteria. It is the aluminum. It is the polysorbate 80, which is a detergent. Polysorbate 80 may allow other vaccine ingredients to cross the blood brain barrier.

People are injecting this by the skin. You are injecting this. You have no idea what happens when you inject versus ingest because you bypass the immune system. You bypass the skin, the gut, the nasopharyngeal cavity. All of these things have enzymes that break down these microbial sequences. It breaks down all of those viruses before they ever get to your immune system.

And we inject them into a newborn who cannot detox it. Whose liver is not developed. Whose kidneys are not developed.

Or we inject them in an old person with co-morbidities as we have described. These old people can be on heavy medications. We do not understand the drug interactions. Nobody has ever looked.  

We have created this tsunami of chronic disease. We have maimed our thinking. We have maimed our entire culture.

Cancer is happening in people who are younger and younger. And all the medical establishment says is: ‘It’s due to better methods of detection. We just could not see it before.’

This is the crime against humanity. The good news about this pandemic and this Covid-19 fraud against all of humanity is that people might wake up and see that by staying in our houses we are able to eat healthy food.

Hopefully we will all wake up. And we refuse to allow anyone to take our rights any more.

Our religious freedoms to go to church. And resist being forced to be injected or we do not get to go to school or do not get to do jobs. 

If we, as a people, don’t stand up and say: ‘No more. We won’t allow you to perpetrate this fraud on us.’ 

Our bodies are God-given. This is Nuremburg Code [a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation]. Informed consent. Consent, consent, consent. Not mandates. Not fear.

We do not live on fear. That is not what this country was made for. I certainly don’t and none of my friends and colleagues live on fear.


INTERVIEWER: Earlier you mentioned the Rife machine, a therapeutic tool. A lot of people will have heard of Royal Raymond Rife, the inventor. That sort of thing involves electromagnetic frequencies being used in a therapeutic way.

There are some areas that can be dangerous. In relation to 5ive G, I know 26,000 scientists have signed a petition against 5ive G regarding the potential health effects.
We are electric. We take electrolytes. We have the electron transport chain. We use electrocardiogram data to record the electrical signal from the heart to check for different heart conditions. We are electric beings.

If you can touch on the potential danger that 5iveG could hold. If that is not your area of expertise, no problem. 

DR MIKOVITS: There is a great study on that written on 5iveG by James Grundvig on Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s Vaxxter website (https://vaxxter.com/5g-coronavirus-deadly-trigger/).

He goes into great detail. I agree that as regards 5iveG, energy activates the expression of viruses. Viruses are electrical just as we are electrical beings. Our signalling system, our endocannabinoid system, is a charged signalling system.

It is all about energy. It’s all about photons. It’s all about light.

Yes, you can use these therapeutically [using Rife machines]. But yes you can use them to great harm if too much energy is put on a susceptible individual. That can absolutely drive the progression of viral-associated disease. There is a long history of that.

I need to learn more about physics to understand all of the interactions. So much is going on with energy transport in our bodies.

The mitochondrial deficiencies are what we are seeing. Those are our energy storehouse through the electron transport chain. This is absolutely crippled by viral infections. 

Those are driven by concentrated amounts of 5iveG and the kinds of energies

[associated with it]

. Especially with the aluminum injected into our bodies

[via vaccines]

and the chemtrails, geo-engineering and so on we are exposed to.

Yes, energy makes a big difference in our world.


INTERVIEWER: Just to go back to chronic disease. With these retroviruses, where there is a chronic state of inflammation, such as autism, I want you to touch on the autism drug that gave the kids their voice back.

With autism, more and more researchers are saying it is a chronic auto-immune disease of the brain. An autistic child’s Interleukin 6 [a cytokine, a signalling component] is elevated.

You talk about cytokine storms. These are a dysfunction of the immune system.

Children with autism have this chronic state of inflammation in their brains because it is an auto-immune disease of the brain.

Can you please speak on that and the drug that gave the autistic kids their voice back.

DR MIKOVITS: The word auto-immune is often understood improperly as if it is someone’s fault that their cells attack themselves.

The primary job of your immune system is to tell self from non-self.

That ability to see what is bad and what is good – to see what is ‘you’ – is really dysregulated before the immune system and before the gut microbiome is fully developed.

Before all the different microbiota are fully developed.

All of those cells, the mycroglia [brain tissue] in the brain and all the immune cells throughout the body are dysregulated on every single vaccine injection.

The biggest single crime is that we are injecting ‘non-self’ at birth. Why would you give a Hepatitis B vaccine with a boat load of aluminum on the first day of life?  Or Vitamin K with a with a boat load of aluminum on the first day of life?

From that day on, it becomes cumulative as to how much damage is done.

It is amazing how good our bodies are that we see people functioning at all with what is being injected into a child before they are three years old.

Before they can detox things through their kidneys and have appropriate liver function.

Before they can develop the good versus the bad microbial bacteria in the gut, in the brain, in the nasopharyngeal passage, in the ears and so on.

As regards autism, a drug was used in a small double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. The drug that was used was called suramin.

If you Wikipedia that drug, it will be on the World Health Organization list of essential medicines. For about 100 years, it was used for African sleeping sickness.

It is a large molecule with a lot of charge on it. It absorbs charge. It kind of protects the membrane of cells.

We have done a lot of studies over the years on cancer using this drug. The reason why the studies are not done any more is because the drug was used inappropriately.

Suramin is off patent. You cannot patent it. It would have to be patented as something new. It costs essentially nothing.

We realised in those studies in the 80s and 90s against retroviral and other kinds of cancers that suramin was particularly effective against some things, such as Human T-cell leukemia virus, type 1.

This is like a sponge. It acts like a sink to soak up charge. It keeps things away from your membranes. 

It keeps things away from those key signalling molecules, such as the cannabinoid receptors [in other words, cell-signalling system]. It stops things from dysregulating the immune response by soaking up the charge of all the various viral and non-viral charge pathogens.

Suramin has a half life of six weeks to two months. This means you only need a low dose every couple of months.

The children were seeing gains in function. They were getting their voice back. Making eye contact without pain. They were slowly renormalizing their brain.

It was assisting the children’s microglia [brain tissue], the contacts between things inside the body. 

We know cannabinoids are extremely important and can regenerate appropriate brain-signalling microglia and the astroglia [astrocytes, also known collectively as astroglia, are characteristic star-shaped glial cells in the brain and spinal cord].

They can restore the function of the brain immune system and restore it to health.

Today, suramin is not available anywhere. This study was published in the summer of 2015. In response to that study, the drug company Bayer immediately took the drug suramin off the market.

A large group of physicians did everything we could to get this to the sickest of patients to try to continue this work. Of course, it was stopped by the highest powers at the highest levels, by which I mean the World Health Organization.

It is already listed as an essential medicine, but the US Food and Drug Administration and Tony Fauci say: ‘Things like this are experimental.’

What do you think a virus injected into a two year month old is? That is not immunity.

We know that injecting vaccines is doing nothing but drive disease. The vaccines are driving the pandemics.

We need to bring back the older medicines so that we can learn. Combined with other natural products. With things like cannabinoids, phytocannabinoids, we can restore our health.


INTERVIEWER: Zinc is essential for the immune system. We know zinc is naturally present in things such as black seed oil. Does suramin have a natural alternative?

DR MIKOVITS: I am not aware of one. Suramin was synthetic when it was made 100 years ago. In this day and age of the internet, some of the studies written about it at the time are very difficult to get hold of.

Although I say natural is good, if you have a synthetic drug that has been used safely and has minimal side-effects and can help a lot of people, at least use it in the short term. Why reinvent the wheel?

I don’t know much about black seed oil or its abilities.

I do struggle a bit because I am a natural products chemist. We have the same problem with natural products.

If people grow medical cannabis in fields with glyphosate or Round-Up weedkiller being used on the soil, it is unhelpful. Or if people grow things in soil without enough zinc, this is unhelpful. All our soil is depleted these days. It is hard to locate clean natural products.

When you get something from a health food store, it is all about bioavailability. Does it get to the right place at the right time? Is it formulated in a way to help?

I still advocate bringing back natural product chemists. It is tough for people to grow their own. We cannot all go out and be farmers.

As my fried the endocrinologist Dr Zach Bush said, in this day and age, it is better to know your farmer than your doctor.

I like to say use food as medicine rather than buy more pills where this is possible.

I don’t tend to take a lot of supplements. I tend do the best I can with foods and be minimal with the supplements.

It is good to know if there are natural alternatives. But it is hard to keep up with everything.


QUESTIONER: What do you think about the therapies they are giving in hospitals to the Covid-19 patients. Why are they suppressing fever when fever is supposed to be our friend?

DR MIKOVITS: What befuddles me and confuses me is why they do not just use a simple Type 1 interferon.

It only costs 50 cents a dose. We have 40 years’ worth of proven experience using Type 1 interferon. Why not use those?

It is human-made biological anti-viral that is shown to work exactly against this sort of thing.

It can be used as a spray that you spray in your mouth. It can be eaten in your food. It is essentially harmless, other than stopping the spread of this virus and calming down the immune system. It must only be used in a very, very low dose but it is very effective. [Low dose means one spray in the morning and one spray in the evening – but that is it. The emphasis is on low dose.]

When taken in a very, very low dose, Type 1 interferon is a curative and preventative strategy for Covid-19.

This is because SARS-Cov-2 is an RNA virus and your body has multiple mechanisms in the Type 1 interferon pathway that cross talk with the adaptive immune pathway through signalling molecules, the cytokines and chemokines.

These are the communicators to talk between cells keep you in balance and to say: ‘This is not a big deal. It is just a common cold.’ The body knows all it needs to do is sneeze and cough.

We have treatments for coronaviruses.

This problem is this coronavirus is not just a coronavirus. Coronaviruses infect certain cells in the epithelial cells. They do not infect your blood. Oh, but this coronavirus has sequences of HIV envelope proteins, the little thing that binds to T cells and monocytes, which are white blood cells of the immune system.

Coronaviruses do not infect immune cells. Why are we seeing some of the bleeding disorders?

Coronaviruses do not do that.

Somehow SARS-Cov-2 just happens to have these envelope sequences from HIV: GP120, GP41. Those are just technical terms.

That is the recognition. The fusion. They stick like glue. They stick like velcro to the white blood cells.

Guess who owns the patents relating to any vaccines in this area? Oh! Tony Fauci. So you can start to follow the money trail going all the way back to the 1980s.  [Tony Fauci owns a number of patents relating to HIV and went out of his way in the 1980s to steer HIV patients toward using drugs that he owned the patents on.]

I do not know much about what is being done in hospitals right now but I will be fed more data by colleagues.

I have seen a lot of articles about: ‘There is a new drug here and there.’ I have been reading that there is a monoclonal antibody to IL-6 [in relation to Covid-19]. So what?

Well, there are a couple of natural products. There are a few plants. There are endocannabinoids. There is Vitamin C. And hot lemon water. Use interferons.

What are people doing? The authorities are doing everything they can to complicate the issue. And, yes, subject people to potentially damaging drugs.

In fact, there are simple solutions that we have known for decades suited to both prevention and treatment.


INTERVIEWER: Are viruses alive?

DR MIKOVITS: Viruses are considered to be obligate parasites. This means they need your cells and your tissue machinery. They need this from their host cells in order to stay alive.

They cannot live in the air. In that respect, they cannot live on a surface. They need to live within another organism. Coronaviruses essentially live in all animals. Just as there are different kinds of animals, there are different kinds of coronaviruses.

Viruses by themselves are not alive. Their proteins are nucleic acid. They need to have a host cell and the host machinery to make more copies or replicas of themselves and persist.

They can sit as nucleic acid in your system. Dormant, like the seed of a plant before they burst and wake up and grow into a plant. But they are not by themselves alive.

Everything we read about viruses living in the air is garbage. That is why all this social distancing is stupid.

Stay six feet away from each other? Viruses do not travel six feet and live without things to support them.

And that is why not to wear a mask. They need water droplets. They need cells in those droplets from your throat, or from your nasal swabs, to live in. And so if you dry them out, they do not live.

[Spanish readers will be aware that it has been suggested that the six-feet policy has been put in place because facial recognition technology and other tracking technology needs people to be apart. In some Spanish-speaking countries, the six feet distance has been painted on to the ground as part of a long-term project. Social distancing has nothing to do with viruses.]


INTERVIEWER: How do viruses occur in nature? 

DR MIKOVITS: All animals have a microbiome inside them. So good bacteria in your gut, at your mucosal surfaces. 

We also have a virome. We have lots of things we have been infected with through the millennia. Pieces and parts.

That is why we are trying to say about the bats. The bats live quite happily with God knows how many pathogenic coronaviruses that would kill us.

Monkeys do not care about simian immune deficiency virus. They are parts of their expression in their genomes. Plants have retroviruses. Retroviruses are part of your genome.

Viruses have to live in cells. In a laboratory, you are working with animal tissue or cells. Or animal cell lines that we grow in a lab.

Normally you cannot grow cells in a laboratory because they do not divide outside of the body and the host.

But over the past 40 years, we have discovered all these growth factors in molecules and  have been growing them and learning about all the different immune systems of different animals.

They start as RNA, as nucleic acid, as blueprints. If that blueprint is transcribed and translated, it becomes an organism. It becomes an organ system.

For example, a blueprint can become an entire plant. That blueprint will determine whether you are a leaf or a stem.

That blueprint will determine whether you are a cat or a dog.

Cats have very different viruses from bats because cats have cells that support different viruses and different bacteria.

The world has ticks, insects and flies. All of those things harbour other organisms. It is an entire ecosystem. It is an entire world.

What you do not do is disrupt that world and mix animal tissue. The scientists are manipulating viruses in the cells of animals. 

We talk about natural evolution. Think about what it would take for a bat virus to infect a human without killing the cell. If they kill the cell, they do not survive.

They would have to establish a home in human cells to make more bat viruses. The viruses have a home in bats. It is called a reservoir. That facility does not exist in humans. In order to do that, they would have to kill the host. If you kill the host, you do not survive.

Something such as threatening the ecosystem of the virus can make it express itself.

A virus cannot live without a host cell. If we threaten their ecosystem, the viruses will express themselves.

With every kind of species on the planet, they all have viruses in their DNA or RNA, regardless of whether they are expressed or not.

Only if the host animal cells become disturbed, or become ill, does something happen. Or, in humans, if we get sick and you cannot fight off an infection, then lots of things infect you.

It is a difficult question to even come close to answering. But it is one of the reasons why I became a virologist.

I only look at human viruses. I do not think much about animal viruses. But my friends, the zoologists look very carefully. This can tell you why a species becomes extinct.

Or why an illness or a famine can change the diet to the extent that a once-non-pathogenic bacteria overrides the gut and it becomes pathogenic and it kills the host. That is little bit like what happens with sepsis.


INTERVIEWER: Is it true that in Spanish flu outbreak in 1918 has a vaccination program attached to it?

DR MIKOVITS: There is a book sitting on my table that Dr Frank Ruscetti gave me [Dr Ruscetti was her mentor before she retired] to read on the Spanish flu. I have not yet had the time to read it!

[We do not know what book she is referring to. It may be a specialist academic book rather than a mainstream title. There are links here to academic books that suggest a meningitis vaccine (grown in horses) fuelled the Spanish flu outbreak in 1918. See link.]


In relation to a historical account of a vaccine program driving disease, I do know here is a wonderful book by Dr Suzanne Humphries, which is called Dissolving Illusions. It is all about smallpox.

In the case of smallpox, the vaccination program drove the evolution of the most severe outbreaks. The most pathogenic outbreaks, where many, many people more die.

It is the communication. The vaccination can drive the evolution. That is what we are saying with the coronaviruses.

The accelerated evolution of one family of viruses at the expense of another in the case of another in the case of the flu vaccine, and that scientific term we call viral interference.

There is a wonderful book by Dr Suzanne Humphries called ‘Dissolving Illusions’. Everybody credits the smallpox vaccine with things like saving us all in World War II.  That is not the story the science supports. Her book details this at great length.

There is enough data to support the argument that vaccines drive the pandemics. Just look back over time. Look at this century so far. We start the century with SARS. We got MERS. We got bird flu. We got swine flu. We got zika [in Brazil]. We got ebola.

Every one of those outbreaks was associated with a vaccine program or a chemical spray program being used in conjunction. For example, something like a pesticide program. Every single one of those outbreaks follows that pattern. 

Viruses do not just jump out of their original host. For instance, zika has always been around in Columbia and Brazil. Viruses do not jump species overnight.

Their ecosystem, their world, has to be threatened. They have to be threatened that they are not going to have a home to live in.

They can jump species if, for example, they are sprayed with something like Round-Up [a glyphosate-containing spray].

[The backdrop to the zika outbreak in Brazil was made up of two things. First, the authorities were vaccinating pregnant women with the Tdap vaccine (a neurotoxic aluminum-containing vaccine that is supposed to prevent whooping cough). The Tdap vaccine contained aluminum, the whole cell relating to the pertussis [whooping cough virus] and lots of other organisms. [This was a very strong vaccine. It contained very strong pathogens and all the much-criticised other components of vaccines. A pregnant woman is immune suppressed. To vaccinate a pregnant woman who is immune suppressed and push her immune system in a way it does not want to go helped to create a perfect storm when combined with a virus anxious to jump species. If you vaccinate a pregnant woman, she cannot produce a normal immune response. The effects of the Tdap vaccine were going directly to the fetus. The zika on its own was unlikely to have caused the brain injury to the newborn babies. It was a perfect storm that hurt the children.

[Second, at the same time in Brazil, the mosquito population was being sprayed with Monsanto’s Round-Up Herbicide, which contains glyphosate.

[The zika jumped out of the mosquitos into pregnant women, with the result that newborn babies arrived with devastating brain injury. The pandemic was driven by the Tdap vaccine. 

[This is not the official account of what happened in that outbreak. Official accounts and reports in mainstream media will deny the argument she has just put forward. Monsanto spent fortunes exonerating itself in the media. Bill Gates was one of the biggest shareholders in Monsanto.


The brain injury developed is known as microcephaly [a medical condition in which the brain does not develop properly].

In that zika outbreak, those circumstances, the Tdap vaccine and the spraying, were where you found the brain dysfunction and the deaths. 

The zika virus exists in Columbia. But there was no problem in humans with any zika outbreak in Columbia as there was in Brazil. In Columbia, there was no spraying program at that time.


QUESTION: We know the vaccines used on children has exponentially grown. Do some of these vaccines contain coronaviruses?

DR MIKOVITS: Yes. Every time you look at the excipient list on a vaccine, you will see things like cow blood and pig. For example, the RotaTeq, where the porcine cells have coronaviruses and retroviruses. The Madin-Darby dog cells used to make vaccines have coronaviruses.

Flu vaccines are grown in chicken eggs. Chicken eggs have coronaviruses.

Any of those can pick up a virus and carry it in the vaccine. And you inject it. So it does not have to be infectious.


INTERVIEWER: So that means that if anybody has had these vaccines and, even if they are not manifesting with any symptoms, were they to be tested, they could be testing positive for coronaviruses then because they have had these vaccines? 

DR MIKOVITS: Absolutely.


QUESTION: That brings me to my next question. How do you explain these numbers we are seeing on the news every day? 

They are saying on the news it is one out of ten. These are extreme numbers. There are a reported 8,400 deaths in the United States so far.

How do you explain these numbers to someone watching the news who says to themselves: ‘There is clearly something substantial going on.’

DR MIVOKITS: Those numbers are being reported as the actual deaths. The truth is that a lot of these people died with an infection. Not from an infection.

In Italy, those deaths had two or three co-morbidities, such as high blood pressure or heart disease.  

My husband has severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. If he dies tomorrow, the coronavirus does not cause his death. But the authorities would claim this.

He could be exposed a microbial pneumonia or another upper respiratory infection that could drive the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease he has. He has heart disease. He has atrial fibrillation [a quivering or irregular heartbeat].

It does not take much inflammation to kill a person.

They are not dying from coronavirus. They are dying of something else and it is being called that.

We know doctors and nurses in hospitals are blowing the whistle. If you watch Del Bigtree’s Highwire show, the death certificates say coronavirus regardless of whether the patient had been tested positive for it.

[The Highwire, March 19, 2020 At 1:00 hr onwards the death rates are discussed using the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s figures. Available at https://thehighwire.com.]

If you walk in with a cough, it is classed as coronavirus.

This is what we were talking about earlier. Wait a minute. Didn’t the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say 80,000 people died of influenza last year. And only 1,000 of those deaths tested positive for influenza.

Show me the data. When I see lungs that are riddled with virus particles and the virus clearly killed the person, I will admit that is a coronavirus death.

I have not seen that. We are not seeing any such data.  A chest X-ray does not diagnose a coronavirus infection.

You cannot distinguish what my husband got from a bacterial infection in his 30s. They do not even type the pneumonia when they write a death certificate. They do not even type the bacteria. How can we say this when we make a pneumonia vaccine with 23 different pneumonia-causing microbes. Pieces and parts. That is 23 potential causes of death from vaccines. Are you counting all of those in the death certificates?

No. In 2020 every person who walks into a hospital with a cough is classed as a coronavirus.

Sorry, I’m not buying it. It’s fraud.

[Students should take note that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s April 2020 guidance on filling in death certificates reads as follows: ‘In cases where a definite diagnosis of Covid-19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty, it is acceptable to report Covid-19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed”.’

[In other words, it is a judgement call purely down to the doctor writing the death certificate. Only a suspicion is needed. No testing.

[Under the Medicare system that gives out funding to hospitals in the US, a Covid-19 hospital admission earns $13,000 (a usual admission would only earn $5,000). A Covid-19 patient put on a ventilator earns $39,000.

[In other words, the numbers on ventilators are also being rigged upwards through financial incentives. Ventilation is dangerous. What is more, ventilation would be unsuitable for a genuine case of Covid-19, which seems to be more of a blood disorder. Incentivising hospitals to put people on ventilators makes things look worse than they are. The ventilator is not going to help if the problem is a blood disorder.] 


QUESTIONER: How can people who have perhaps compromised their immune systems look after themselves? 

DR MIKOVITS: That is what we have been doing for my husband for the past decade. He is 81 years old. He is off all drugs, with one exception.

We got him off eating genetically modified organisms. He is eating healthy non-GMO foods. He is taking anti-inflammatory supplements.

We got him off the immune-suppressing steroids. We stopped using antibiotics. We stopped all vaccinations.

We try to heal with good old fashioned chicken bone broth soup and Vitamin C. And using essential oils in a diffuser. Tea tree oil. Orange oil. Lemon. We went as natural as we can.

We get him out in the sunlight every day. We do exercise that is not extreme.

The most important thing is your food. Our food is our medicine. He has very few pills and very few supplements. We use liquid iodine with kelp [a type of seaweed, usually too high in iodine for most people] because there is so much radiation toxicity here in Ventura, California after the fires a few years ago.

We lived in a house that developed mold after the flood here. We moved in January. The best thing you can do is keep your environment clean.

I do the same thing. I seroconverted [seroconversion is the time period during which a specific antibody develops and becomes detectable in the blood] and showed very high protein levels of the XMRVs in 2010 [she was infected with XMRV – cancer-causing mouse viruses – during her work].

I am coughing in this interview because my lungs are a sensitive place because I was born six weeks early. I am an identical twin and so my lungs were not fully developed. Sites of tissue injury is where inflammation tends to go.

We have got to get away from giving away the responsibility for our health to a doctor.

I don’t think I have been to see a doctor for at least a decade, except for an oral surgeon who took all the infected root canals and mercury out of my mouth last year and changed my life.


INTERVIEWER: Tell me about glutathione and why this might help with SARS-Cov-2.

DR MIKOVITS: We have been depleted of our glutathione. Glutathione is basically glutamate, glycine and cysteine. We have been depleted of our glutathione because glyphosate, the deadly cancer-causing ingredient in RoundUp, replaces the glycine with a phosphate molecule and so you do not get the antioxidant.

[Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, thereby leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.]

The body can get what is known as oxidative stress, which is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in your body. Things like oxidative stress, metabolic stress, would be one way of helping to spread something like a coronavirus. 

What the body needs is a sponge to soak the free radicals. Your best natural sponge is glutathione.

The best way to get glutathione inside you if you can get real food and not processed food.  Whole foods, organic foods, no GMO foods. This is the best way to get glutathione. 

If you feel you have got to use glutathione supplements, use one that is bioavailable such as Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal Glutathione, which is a spray you put in your mouth. But you cannot rely on supplements for everything.

Try to strengthen your immune system with good food. Not just supplements. We cannot just use supplements for everything. Cordyceps mushrooms. Reishi mushrooms, Lion’s mane mushrooms. Lemon juice. Quinine water. Tonic water. Get  a real good tonic water and it contains the active ingredient of hydroxychloroquine in a very, very low dose! Try a vodka tonic with a lemon. Call it quarantini! [Like Martini!]. Vitamin C. Zinc.


INTERVIEWER: In relation to the hand sanitizers, am I right in thinking that colloidal silver is a much better alternative. I understand that there are products available from companies such as Results RNA.  Colloidal silver is sold as an anti-microbial, which means by definition that it kills viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Is it right to say colloidal silver can be used in a spray form to protect against any and all viruses on the hands and in the mouth.

DR MIKOVITS: Alcohol drives the evolution of more pathogenic species because it does not kill them. The alcohol dries the skin and cracks the skin. Colloidal silver is a better alternative. Colloidal silver will not enter the immune system if applied on the skin.
Colloidal silver is an anti-microbial for many different pathogens. We have known this for centuries. And it is dirt cheap. There should be lots of ways people can access it. It can be applied to the skin. And there are oral versions of colloidal silver.


QUESTION: People have sent in questions asking about elderberry syrup and whether it is ineffective in treating coronavirus. They also say it could be dangerous to use Tylenol [pain reducer, also known as paracetamol] or ibuprofen for treating coronavirus. Any comments?

DR MIKOVITS: I can comment on Tylenol. I would absolutely, never in any situation, use Tylenol. Much less in treating a coronavirus.

Tylenol is not a good idea for anything. It is so damaging and so hard on your liver. It is not a good idea for anything. And yet it is the go-to treatment in most emergency rooms.

I do favour some of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in certain situations. I have not really looked at it with respect to coronavirus. I do not know enough about elderberry syrup to comment on that.

I do know that quercetin and alpha lipoic acid are hugely beneficial. Quercetin is good for calming the mast cell. It is a type of cell important in allergy. By which I mean what gives you the allergy if you have co-infection.

It is springtime now. Pollen is in the air. Think about allergy. Think about histamine.

One of the things the mast cells will do after releasing the histamines and the other particles is they will start releasing the same inflammatory mediators, such as IL-6. It is a chronic phase of mast cell activation.  

For people with mast cell activation disorders or chemical sensitivities, this will wake up and drive inflammation.

Quercetin is good for calming the mast cell. What you want to do is fight the co-infections. And fight those co-sensitivities. 

So keep yourself out of pollution as best as possible. Obviously don’t smoke. If you work with chemicals, that is the only time I would wear a protective mask.

If you were exposed at all to the fires in California. Those were a real problem with driving lung disease.

Those things will drive bacterial and viral pneumonia-causing things like coronaviruses.


INTERVIEWER: Is there anything that you would like to say at this point before we break off [Part II is below]?

DR MIKOVITS: In this country and around the world, our religious freedoms are being removed. 

We do not fear a microbe or a virus. We fear the Lord. We answer to the Lord. And trust the Lord for our immunity.

I said earlier, quoting from a scripture, we are wonderfully and fearfully made. I very much believe God will take what is intended for evil and make good of it.

That is why I try to speak out. I spend a lot of time with cancer patients. Those patients are just hung out to dry. And they are very afraid. And that fear will spin their disease.

I speak out to calm people down in this nightmare. I am speaking out to calm people who do not know how they are going to feed their children. And they are going to lose everything.

Just trust, trust, trust. But please do not give away any more of your freedoms. I was appalled to hear the New York Mayor say that if churches did not close when he ordered them to close and they did not close their doors, he would close them permanently. Are you kidding me?

Who can tell us we cannot walk on the beach under God’s sun? And feel the healing of the sun and sand?

The sun, the sand, the healing. You can see God in all of this. You are kidding me to say I cannot go out on the beach in Ventura and Carlsbad in California? How am I hurting the public?

I want people to wake up and say: ‘No more. We are not going to bow down to Tony Fauci, Big Pharma, government, whoever you are. You are not our God. We bow down to only one God.’ 


[Part II of this interview was conducted one week after the first part. It sheds light on what doctors are seeing in emergency rooms.]

INTERVIEW: What have you heard from your colleagues who work in hospitals?

DR MIKOVITS: This is turning out to be a plague of corruption with regard to the fudging of the numbers. 

The way the system works at present is such that we can see scenario like this one.  A person can be hit by a bus. As a result of the accident, they have a collapsed lung and they are taken to hospital. They can then be tested for SARS-Cov-2 [and the tests can provide false positives]. The test could come back positive for SARS-Cov-2. Twenty minutes later, the patient could die and be classified as a Covid-19 death.

If a clinician is treating a true coronavirus, they would be treating what is basically an RNA virus that basically causes an upper respiratory infection.

This virus, SARS-Cov-2, is theoretically less pathogenic than the original SARS virus.

The prediction in the beginning about this SARS-Cov-2 virus was that this flu-like disease would be mild, except in the immune compromised and the very old. And those with pre-existing conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and things like that. That is what we were supposed to be looking for: an upper respiratory infection that was only serious with those sorts of co-factors.


DR MIKOVITS: To quickly recap my experience, my first degree was in chemistry and natural products. I made the first immune therapy that went in to humans to treat a leukemia called hairy cell leukemia.

This therapy was called interferon alpha.

Significantly enough, interferon alpha is probably the most important therapy for coronaviruses when used in a very, very low dose. [It seems the US authorities are making this very difficult to access.] And for lots of viruses.

Interferon alpha is important for your immune response. It is important for stopping the infection and stopping the virus from replicating.

I went on from that to work with Dr Frank Ruscetti, who discovered the first human-disease causing retroviruses. [Dr Frank Ruscetti was told not to study disease-causing retroviruses. He was told they did not exist. He ignored these instructions. This was in about 1975. In 1980, he discovered the first human-disease causing retrovirus.

[Dr Ruscetti isolated the first human disease causing retrovirus and called this retrovirus the human T-cell lymphotropic virus, or HTLV-1 virus. It is associated with many diseases, including cancer. Students need to understand that retroviruses are linked to cancer. This means anti-retroviral techniques can be important in treating conditions such as cancer if they are caught at an early stage.

[Tests for cancer are not the priority in trying to ascertain the health of the patient. It is tests on the patient’s immune system that will assist with what state their health is in. The detail on this will follow later in this transcript.]  


DR MIKOVITS:  My PhD changed the way we treat HIV. It literally changed everything.

As you know, nowadays, people can have HIV and not die of AIDS.  This is because, similar to what is happening with Covid-19, owing to a plague of corruption in our government, the US National Institutes of Health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they are not treating the right thing.

At present, the authorities dismiss anybody who to dares to say: ‘That is not what that is.’

The authorities dismiss anybody who dares to suggest that this SARS-Cov-2 virus might be a manipulated virus. A virus that was accelerated in its evolution. They call them gain of function viruses.

This SARS-Cov-2 virus actually has HIV envelope sequences in some of the strains. [The HIV component is falling off the strains as it mutates. Nature has spotted an unnatural intruder.]

This means that instead of just infecting a subset of cells in the lungs, in the epithelial cells and in the airways, it now has the ability to infect white blood cells, the critical cells of the immune system. [Please take strong note of this fact. It is important in its own right. It will also be important if there are co-factors. This will be set out in further detail below.]

Those are the clinical data that doctors are starting to say they see in patients who genuinely have Covid-19.

This does not look like a coronavirus. People do not die of that



In the genuine Covid-19 patients the doctors are seeing, the haemoglobin [the iron-containing oxygen-transport part of red blood cells] is losing its iron, which ends up in the form of ferritin [a protein that stores iron and releases it in a controlled fashion] floating about in the blood. This can happen through 5iveG and 60 gigahertz [the frequency band 60 GHz is thought to be the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules].

The release of iron from the haemoglobin, which then appears in the form of ferritin floating about in the blood, will contribute to a cytokine storm. [In other words, the fire trucks of the immune system can sense this is happening and just storm about aimlessly achieving nothing and helping to make the patient more ill. Most of the rare very sick patients who receive a blood transfusion recover completely.].

It is actually the patient’s overactive, dysregulated immune system that is the problem.

The loss of the patient’s own naturally produced Type 1 interferon function is a problem. The inflammatory effect of this drives the disease and sends it out of control.

It is not that there is not an infectious coronavirus. But if this coronavirus acts in combination with a retrovirus of the type that I isolated earlier in my career [the XMRV, mouse viruses that she exposed earlier in her career], and other factors, it may cause problems.

[This is very important. She is arguing that SARS-Cov-2 is the wrong culprit on its own.

[This is what she is saying. The disease Covid-19 may be made up of two things. It is made up of SARS-Cov-2 plus XMRVs, the mouse cancer causing viruses.  Those two things act to make two parts of a key.

[XMRVs can infect cells in the body through a phosphate transporter known as xenotropic and polytropic retrovirus receptor 1 (XPR1). XPR1 is a retrovirus receptor. XMRV is thought to use XPR1 for cell entry.

[The host range for XMRV viruses, the A2 receptor, the mechanism that allows the XMRV viruses into the cells, is not on the white blood cells, it is not on the macrophages, a type of white blood cell. 

[Remember what she said earlier: SARS-Cov-2 has HIV sequences, which means it ‘has the ability to infect white blood cells, the critical cells of your immune system’. She is referring to GP41 and GP120. These can give the virus entry into the white blood cells.

[Glycoprotein 41 (GP41) is a glycoprotein on the HIV envelope. HIV enters a host cell by using gp41 to fuse the HIV envelope with the host cell membrane. This can act like Velcro on the human white blood cell it wants to latch on to.

[Envelope glycoprotein GP120 (or GP120) is a glycoprotein exposed on the surface of the HIV envelope. GP120 is essential for virus entry into cells as it plays a vital role in attachment to specific cell surface receptors. This can act like Velcro on the human white blood cell it wants to latch on to.

[This gives us what is known as the immune sequela [sequela: a condition that is the aftereffect of a disease, condition, or injury]. In other words, the knocking out of the immune system. 

[Doctors treating Covid-19 report seeing immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). This is a blood disorder that can lead to easy or excessive bruising and bleeding. The bleeding results from unusually low levels of platelets – the cells that help blood clot.

[A bleeding disorder like this is not associated with coronaviruses. It is associated with XMRV viruses.]  

SARS-Cov-2 is an infectious agent. But coronaviruses do not cause coagulopathies, blood clots, or frostbite-like injuries as we are hearing about.

[Blood clotting appeared to be the most common symptom in rare genuine cases of Covid-19.]

It is very clear from the data that the young are not getting disease at all.

The numbers on the testing are inaccurate. The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis himself, said the PCR is not a diagnostic test because all you are looking at is RNA in the cells. That is not a virus. That is not isolation of a virus.

Look back at the work done on HIV AIDS. HIV does not cause AIDS unless other factors happen.

The appearance of ferritin in the blood, which comes from the hemoglobin losing its iron, is a similar cytokine signature of disease as that seen in the gamma-retroviruses (mouse viruses, the XMRV) that these genuine Covid-19 patients are almost certainly infected with.

What I see in genuine Covid-19 is the same signature of disease I saw with XMRV. What is happening is that gasoline is being thrown on a fire and sending the immune system into overdrive.

When you inject the RNA in the form of vaccines into the blood, it will be packaged as an exosome or a liposome, which bypasses the cellular receptors, the lock and key.

Under normal circumstances, viruses are only allowed to go in certain cells.

What we are seeing here is a gain of function. SARS-Cov-2 is a coronavirus that has acquired HIV sequences that now allow the virus to infect white blood cells.

The HIV sequences are GP120, the GP41. These, on the transmembrane of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, are envelope proteins that can now infect white blood cells.

Coronaviruses cannot do that in nature. When you give that type of virus the entire host range, you may see unusual things.

We are hearing about infection of the brain. Coronaviruses do not do that. They do not cross the blood brain barrier.

We are not talking about a coronavirus agent that causes Covid-19.

Clearly, there are other viruses involved. Clearly, the signature of infection resembles the mouse viruses (meaning the gamma retroviruses) that we think may now be in 50 million Americans, which they received from vaccines. We may consider these Americans carriers and not asymptomatic.

If used properly, the serology [blood] test for SARS-Cov-2 would help us to know we were on the way to developing natural herd immunity.

The death rate is 0.1 to 0.3 per cent, which is on par or less than the annual influenza outbreaks. And these are in people with co-morbidities. 

So what is killing the people? It is clearly not SARS-Cov-2, even though SARS-Cov-2 may spread quickly in the most susceptible populations, meaning the people who have already been vaccine injured and injected with these other animal viruses, which can and do recombine inside the human body, as all of our work since the 1980s has shown.

Think about HIV AIDS. HIV does not cause AIDS by itself. If you do not destroy the immune system and the immune response, you do not have a disease.

Other factors, such as electromagnetic fields, may be involved in Covid-19 the disease. When the hemoglobin dissociates from iron, which ends up as ferritin in the blood, a level of ferritin in the blood in excess of 3000 gives you the same kind of signature of disease as I have seen in XMRV.

You are driving a furnace [ie, the immune system over-reacting], where ordinarily the immune system would easily, and in asymptomatic people, clear the virus.

Healthy people are clearing the virus. They are immune.

There is every evidence in South Korea and here in different parts of the United States, like California, that we have established a natural herd immunity. The numbers are clear, the studies are clear. The doctors are reporting we have natural herd immunity.

And this infection occurred in our country almost certainly a year ago and perhaps even two years before. [Some clinicians argue that people who have had flu vaccines in the past 20 years should be compiled in a database to see if this throws up correlations with what is happening now.]

And that is the criminal aspect of the extended fear with the authorities trying to claim: ‘Oh those people are in a later stage of disease.’ [She is referring to people who have an IgG antibody and are in fact immune. The authorities pretend they are not immune.]

The authorities are trying to make out that healthy people make people sick.

No. Healthy people do not make people sick.

You are not a carrier of a coronavirus. You are a carrier of a retrovirus. You are not a carrier of a coronavirus. You clear it.

When you carry out a vaccination for something like this, you accelerate the disease, even to the point of death, rather than toward a natural infection. You create a different kind of antibody response. This dangerous response of the immune system occurs when you are re-exposed to the actual virus [hence the sometimes long time gap between vaccination, exposure to a similar virus and finally disease]. Your immune system turns into a furnace and death comes from the vaccine, not the natural infection.

And all of the data are being misrepresented, including the false claim that people should be wearing a mask, which is in fact immune suppressive.

Viruses are aerosolised, which means they turn into droplets. You need the virus to be expressed and, even then, to be in a cough or sneeze, after which the particulate matter, the water droplet would land somewhere. It does not travel through the air. The particulate matter, the tiny water droplet, has to land somewhere.

Somebody who is not coughing is not going to spread something across a beach in a ten-mile an hour wind in the sunshine. We should not be closing the public facilities. 

The authorities are misrepresenting science that any honest scientist understands about viral transmission. A virus must have droplets. Somebody breathing is not spreading disease.

A piece of sequence in the back of your throat that you have to amplify a zillion times to see it? That is not a diagnostic test. That is not an infectious virus.

This is a plague of corruption.

When I talk about XMRVs interacting with the arrival of SARS-Cov-2, I am talking about the kind of retroviruses that I and other people have isolated in my past research work [XMRV]. Things like myalgic encephalomyelitis [chronic fatigue syndrome], various kinds of cancers, leukemia and lymphoma. XMRV-related conditions also include things like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other things.

These mouse viruses [XMRVs] appear to have entered the human virome [the collection of viruses in and on the human body] by way of vaccines. By way of the polio vaccine. By way of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

The most vulnerable people are the people who have defects in their own body’s Type 1 interferon pathways.

They have susceptibilities such that they are unable to control the inflammation. The word flame is in the middle of inflammation. That is the disease.

Throughout most of our work in the past few weeks, doctors were being told this was a coronavirus.

But doctors have been looking at it and saying: No. Coronaviruses do not do this. Coronaviruses do not cause coagulopathies. They do not cause blood diseases. They do not cause platelet disorders. They do not cause clotting disorders.

By contrast, retroviruses, including XMRV, do cause those things.

Since viruses and microbes rarely travel alone, they need to dysregulate different arms of the immune system. When I say ‘viruses rarely travel alone’, what I mean is that you need more than one virus to cause a disease.

The immune system would normally detect a coronavirus and say: ‘Ah, that’s just a coronavirus. Let’s just send out some Type 1 interferon and get this under control.’ That would be the end of the matter. The patient would probably not even notice it had happened.

But these patients who are presenting with the rare, genuine cases of Covid-19 do not look anything like that. Covid-19 does not look like a coronavirus illness.

Last week, on The Highwire show, host Del Bigtree spoke to an emergency room doctor who had been treating genuine Covid-19 patients [as opposed to an official mislabelling an innocent cough as Covid-19].

He said: ‘We should not be intubating these people. Their lungs are working fine. They are just de-saturated. Their oxygen level is wrong. It is called air hunger.’

The sort of person who will know what air hunger feels like is someone who has something like chronic Lyme disease, or myalgic encephalomyelitis [chronic fatigue syndrome], inflammation of the brain, the muscles and the spinal cord. That sort of thing. 

Those sorts of patients will know what I mean by air hunger. They literally cannot get oxygen. They cannot breathe.

All of the clinical data suggests that Covid-19 the disease is in fact XMRV mouse cancer causing viruses plus SARS-Cov-2.

Coronaviruses do not cause coagulopathies or blood disorders. Coronaviruses do not cause heart attacks or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome [a soaring heart rate when a person goes from lying to standing up]

Retroviruses do cause those things.

If you are forced to get the vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 and these things that are associated with retroviruses start happening to you, the authorities can say: ‘Oh, this is not due to the vaccine. Those things were already inside you.’

The authorities can say what they like and gloss over all the XMRV and retroviruses.

The authorities could simply say: ‘This person died of Covid-19.’

What about the XMRVs?

We [she is already infected with XMRVs] are the people who are most susceptible to Covid-
19 [XMRV plus SARS-Cov-2] and the people most likely to die. We already have a flame in us so high that it can cause serious health conditions.

Our flame of disease [from XMRVs] can already cause Alzheimer’s, autism, ME and so on and so on.

People like me with XMRVs are already carrying these infections.

If we die and there is no autopsy under Covid-19 rules or are instantly cremated, who can uncover the XMRV part of our death? The key part.

A vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 would simply wake up all the sleeping viruses inside us. It will drive the pathology in our cells.

The treatment using a ventilator is wrong. Using a ventilator will kill people because you have to force the person’s breathing system to accept all this apparatus and equipment. You have to paralyse the patient with Fentanyl and other drugs to get this tube down them and so on.

When the patients are desaturating, the iron is leaving their blood. This Covid-19 is not suited to a ventilator.

This is what I am hearing from what is going on in the hospitals.

The signature of disease for Covid-19 is exactly the same at that for XMRV. [The authorities took XMRVs out of the scientific database. Officially, XMRVs are not going to show up. The clinicians will not be looking for XMRVs. Their official hymn sheet will be to treat an upper respiratory infection.]

ITP is very often a fatal blood disorder. [ITP means idiopathic thrombocytopenia. This is a bleeding disorder.]

[Although it is the official guidance, a ventilator is not a good first course of action for someone short of oxygen where the lungs work. A nasal oxygen cannula would be a more appropriate way of stabilising the patient. The strongest pattern seen in Covid-19 patients is a problem with oxygen-carrying capacity in the blood.

[Coronaviruses do not cause what patients are turning up with in the hospitals. The clinical picture is one of retroviral disease. It is things that are akin to chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic Lyme disease. There appears to be something going on with co-infection. This resembles the early days of HIV when patients would present with mycoplasma as a co-infection.

[What the Covid-19 patients are presenting with are things akin to retroviruses and human immune deficiencies.]

The SARS-Cov-2 virus has an expanded host range and what we are hearing about that it is not acting clinically like a normal flu. It should be just a simple mild upper respiratory tract infection. But what we are in fact seeing is coagulopathies, blood disease bleeding disorders, blood clots, deep vein thrombosis. That is what retroviruses do. Not coronaviruses.

This coronavirus, SARS-Cov-2, is not the causative agent of Covid-19. Much worse, I think it may be the mouse cancer material floating about in people, the XMRVs, that is waking up inside these patients. This is a big cover up. The authorities are calling everything Covid-19.

The authorities are calling SARS-Cov-2 a causative agent. Think about HIV. In essence, HIV does not cause AIDS. You need other opportunistic infections to destroy the immune system.

This does not act like a normal coronavirus. They do not do this. They do not infect white blood cells.

They do not cause platelet disorders like ITP, meaning idiopathic thrombocytopenia. This is a bleeding disorder.

There are some reports of encephalitis being associated with it. Coronaviruses do not infect brain cells.

There is something else going on. I think there is a huge cover up.

The people who will die are people with HIVs and XMRVs. These are people with underlying inflammatory diseases.

Covid-19 would be something associated with people who have these XMRVs and anything similar floating about inside them.

[Hemoglobin losing its iron, which ends up in the blood is very similar to the signature of disease associated with XMRVs, which is another reason she links Covid-19 to XMRVs that may have been dormant and woken up.]

Lab workers, first responders, the military are the people where we found the mouse viruses in large prevalence. [These workers are mandated to receive a lot of vaccines.] These are the people reportedly becoming the most seriously ill. The illness they report getting looks like something akin to chronic Lyme disease.

I do not think we should be distanced from people because that is not how these viruses spread.

In a genuine case of Covid-19, we are not looking at something that just infects the epithelial cells of the lungs. You infect the white blood cells. You infect the immune cells. 

We are hearing of splenomegaly, which is an enlargement of the spleen. We are seeing cytopenias. We are losing cells. Just like HIV killed T cells. 

So we are seeing not only an expanded host range, but disease symptoms that make no sense for a coronavirus. Hence, we are killing people because we are treating an upper respiratory infection.

What we see in these rare cases of genuine Covid-19 is an inflammatory disease signature because it is infecting the innate immune response. The macrophages, the monocytes, the natural killer cells. The T cells.

And it is primarily the T cells and the macrophages that are involved because that is where HIV, the GP120 and the GP41, those are the cells they infect through CCR5 and the CD 4 receptor. So now you are going to lose the patient’s adaptive immune response.

You are going to drive the inflammation, drive the fire higher and it is the fire that is causing the tissue damage.

There are a lot of other elements to the pathogenicity. One of them is the spike proteins, which bind to the H2 receptors.

Clearly this SARS-Cov-2 virus comes from the original SARS, which infects through the H receptors.

There are some single point mutations there that make it far more infectious. How those were acquired nobody can really say.

We have got an infection that has gone through many different hosts, many different environments. It has gone through all these different countries, where the immune responses are clearly different. There are different susceptibilities in different people. Those things change the virus.

Every time the virus infects a new person, it has by definition changed.

At this point, very few of the SARS-Cov-2 strains have been fully sequenced. The people that are controlling the media conversation are controlling the sequences. Despite this, the origins do not matter. We can treat it.

SARS-Cov-2 is called the causative agent of Covid-19. No single virus is a causative agent of Covid-19. How do we know this? Well, there are many people infected who get no disease at all. Or get a very mild flu.

And so why the pathogenicity in some people? Why the severity in some people? Yes, it is looking like the HIV sequences have something to do with that, but that is too simplistic an explanation. The HIV sequences are not necessarily in every strain. The SARS-Cov-2 virus strains can lose those HIV sequences as it travels through populations.

[Mother nature hates an imbalance and seems to be removing the HIV sequences off this virus in retaliation against its unnatural presence. It has no part in the normal ecosystem of human viruses.]

The infection seems to wake up and amplify the retroviruses, such as the XMRVs, that some people have inside them.

And now you are sick with another virus causing the signature of disease that is being reported.

It is the same signature of disease that I have previously published for XMRV and chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is the cytokine signature of disease that I have seen before. That signature for XMRVs is exactly the signature of so-called Covid-19. 

So the hypothesis, which is supported by a lot of clinical data, is that Covid-19 equals SARS-Cov-2 plus XMRVs or human gamma retroviruses.

We also need to think about borrelia [the bacteria that causes Lyme disease]. We need to think about things in those laboratory cultures that end up injected in people. We know those things contain the things that can cause chronic Lyme disease. 

Whenever you see retroviruses, you often see the sort of thing you will see with babesia [a tick that infects blood cells and is associated with Lyme disease].

Why do the parasite drugs such as hydroxychloroquine work in Covid-19? Because there are co-infections. We know that hydroxychloroquine is good for treating parasite infections.

So what are clinicians doing when they correctly treat the co-infections? They are using hydroxychloroquine. They are using Ivermectin [a medication used to treat many types of parasite infestations – this matches hydroxychloroquine, which is used to treat malaria. Neither Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine would be suitable for a coronavirus, so their success indicates that they are acting against another type of infection and not a coronavirus infection].

People say Ivermectin is working in real Covid-19 patients. And some clinicians say Z-Paks [anti-biotic treatments] are helping alongside hydroxychloroquine.

Once you set aside the inflated numbers of people who do not have Covid-19 but have been labelled that way, and you get to the real cases of Covid-19, you are killing people with chronic fatigue syndrome, with Lyme disease characteristics, the cancer patients. 

We are driving gastrointestinal tumours in some folks.

It is waking things up. It is a sort of AIDS. It is acquired endocannabinoid immune deficiency.

We hear there are pain syndromes. ‘The most severe pain I ever had.’ Those are the TRPs [transient receptor potential channels], the cannabinoid receptors. And some of the kind of neuropathies seen in fibromyalgia patients. The dimmer switch on the immune system is the endocannabinoid system. 

Cytopenia is a reduction in the number of mature blood cells. It is common in cancer patients being treated with radiation and/or chemotherapy.

There are the reports of splenomegaly, which is the enlarged spleen. Thrombosis. Deep vein thrombosis!

Some of the things being reported sound like radiation toxicity.  That is dehydration. That is red blood cell defects.

A level of ferritin in the blood in excess of 3000 is a biomarker for the cytokine storm that is attributed to Covid-19.

If you do not see the cytokine signature of disease, the inflammatory signature of disease, you do not have disease.

You may still have the infection. But you have cleared it or developed antibodies.

When you think about what is supposedly being attributed to this one virus, these things simply do not happen with coronaviruses.

You do not have to go back the structure of the virus and find the exact point mutation if you understand the biology of how these families of viruses cause disease and who the patients are.

This is the big fraud in calling everything Covid-19. The people who are dying are people with XMRVs. They seem to want to bury these people without an autopsy.

If I am to be told that someone has died of SARS-Cov-2, I want to see the lungs after they are dead. I want to see the virus on an electron micrograph and the proteins – the whopping proteins – popping out.

Air hunger is described in chronic Lyme disease. So you give the Covid-19 patient oxygen.
You use hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). This will work far better than ventilators. This would save 95 per cent of people who genuinely have Covid-19.

As well as glutathione deficiency. People under oxidative stress will be prone to waking up dormant pathogens.

It looks like radiation damage of the kind we see in cancer patients is part of the issue.

Coronaviruses do not produce epigenetic dysregulation. Retroviruses do. Why would people with methylation or epigenetic susceptibility be more susceptible to a coronavirus? The answer is they would not.

But they would be more susceptible to a retrovirus.


My first book, ‘Plague’, was an extremely academic book. It is not easy to read.  My latest book, ‘Plague of Corruption’ is designed to be a quick, easy read.

‘Plague of Corruption’ explains how we discovered XMRVs, by which I mean mouse viruses, had jumped species and ended up in humans by coming from a contaminated blood supply and vaccines [which is important now with Covid-19, because if those XMRVs interact with SARS-Cov-2 and other co-factors, it could mean serious illness].

‘Plague of Corruption’ also details the corruption around HIV.

How did HIV spread around the USA and the world? Oh, well, Tony Fauci and another scientist called Robert Gallo delayed the publication of work by our laboratory’s team study in order that Robert Gallo and his one of his crony friends could take credit for it. [There were also patents involved. Anyone who owns patents on things to do with viruses can make a lot of money.]

Dr Frank Ruscetti had done all the work and had a paper in the pipeline. One day when Dr Ruscetti was away, Tony Fauci came on to a loudspeaker telephone call, all the staff in the office could hear him, and asked for the study that revealed how the HIV virus was linked to AIDS. And I told him I would not send him a copy of it because it was against the rules. And he started screaming and shouting down the telephone that he would fire me for insubordination if I did not do what he told me to. And I said: ‘No. It is unethical.’ You are supposed to do such things by the rules. Dr Ruscetti can send you a copy if he wants to.

Later on, Fauci bullied Dr Ruscetti into sending him a copy and Fauci and Gallo published before our team and took all the credit. Fauci used it to elevate himself to the top, where he is to this very day.

Fauci and Gallo delayed serology tests that are used to look for antibodies for HIV. We needed this information. We needed to see who had been exposed.

Where in the world has the HIV virus been? How long has it been there?  We needed to know that information about HIV.

Because with HIV, the latencies, the dormancies can be years in a healthy individual. It can take years before the disease hits and all hell breaks loose. The patient has no T cells. No adaptive immunity. No memory.

After a long delay of incubation, the result is that the HIV/AIDS patient gets everything. The patient gets every kind of opportunistic infection.

If you want to learn more about this, watch the Hollywood movie ‘And The Band Played On’.

There was also a Hollywood movie called ‘The Dallas Virus Club’. That movie tells how the government refused the healing, relatively non-toxic therapies, such as Peptide T, which Dr Ruscetti’s team developed, along with scientist Dr Candace Pert.

With HIV, Peptide T is how you modulate the monocyte macrophage [white blood cells] in such a way to calm and dim the fire of disease.

Today, we appreciate the dysregulation of the endocannabinoid system in the body. Medical cannabis can also be healing. At the level of the blood stem cell.


‘Plague of Corruption’ also deals with the uncovering of corruption around the MMR vaccine. This interests me because it is related to the cover-up I experienced when I uncovered the XMRV contamination of vaccines.

Many years earlier in the UK, Dr Andrew Wakefield had done a lot of work on MMR. He showed gastrointestinal inflammation and how it destroyed the gut of the most susceptible children to cause inflammation. 70 per cent of your immune system is in your gut, so it dysregulated it.

More and more vaccines just made the people receiving them sicker and sicker.

[Retroviruses can cause a breakdown in the gut immune system, in the microbiome, in the communication in the key antigen presenting cells: the innate immune response and the adaptive immune response. This is called Acquired Immune Deficiency. To put that in very simple terms, if the gut was being weakened, this could help lead to problems in the brain. She is arguing that autism is a neuro-inflammation.]

The new MMR revelations came to me in August 2014. This was when I met Dr Brian Hooker, who was trying to uncover information about the MMR vaccine. Dr Hooker had a vaccine-injured son and he had dogged Dr William Thompson for a decade and a half with freedom of information requests about the MMR vaccine.

Dr Hooker finally got Dr Thompson to confess that studies relating to the MMR vaccine causing autism in susceptible children, by which I mean the children were immune compromised or simply not old enough for the vaccine, were covered up. The data was covered up. [Dr William Thompson kept these files in his safe for 20 years.]

In much the same way, in 2011, the government, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Tony Fauci closed down my work when it was realised the most likely way mouse cancer-causing viruses, which were contagious, had been spread through vaccines. 

[Dr Mikovits was infected with the mouse material during her laboratory work. This was a virus that travelled through the air. And travelled past the mask she wore in the lab.]

In relation to what we are talking about today in terms of spreading infection, it is possible for me to spread cancer. I can spread Lou Gehrig’s disease

[motor neurone disease. It used to be known as Lou Gehrig’s disease because he
was one of the few people with the disease and made it famous. It has become a
commonplace disease in America but the public are uncurious to find out why
this has happened]


If I cough on someone or share a drinking glass, I could potentially spread a retrovirus. A virus that can cause AIDS. 

A virus that can cause cancer.

A virus that can cause all those blood clotting disorders [being described in genuine cases of Covid-19]. Those blood-clotting disorders are called idiopathic thrombocytopenia, or ITP, [this is an immune disorder in which the blood does not clot normally].

[Dr Mikovits believes she and many others can potentially spread cancer through coughing or saliva. She thinks the development of such a condition in a person she could infect could take years. A full explanation follows below. Think of families where people have certain conditions. And the doctors and patients all say: ‘Oh, well, that condition runs in that family.’ Dr Mikovits thinks a lot of such cases written up like this are in fact one family member who has XMRV inside them is slowly and in very slow motion infecting other family members. Her ideas on this are all below.]

In the light of what I have just said, consider this.

XMRV is present in 30% of people with that blood clotting disease. [In other words, she is not a rare case, purely because she worked in a laboratory. Where are all these people with blood clotting disease getting it from? One of the possible answers would be vaccines.] [Remember: Doctors treating Covid-19 report seeing immune thrombocytopenia (ITP).]

And what does the MMR vaccine packaged insert say? It says ‘in rare cases’, of course it is not rare at all, it says ‘in rare cases, you can get immune thrombocytopenia (ITP)’, a fatal bleeding disorder from an MMR vaccine.

In 2011, of course, they closed my work down. 

Such was the level of evidence about a cover-up of the dangers of the MMR vaccine, Dr Brian Hooker showed me a page from Dr William Thompson’s notebook about MMR. One line said: “What are we going to do with the problems occurring in the black population in relation to vaccines?”

What Dr Thompson was referring to when he wrote that note was that black people were disproportionately  injured and killed by the MMR vaccine [Dr William Thompson and others clearly knew this].

When we saw that note and the rest of the material Dr Thompson had been hiding, we finally understood the data put together by Dr Andrew Wakefield relating to a non-specific form of inflammation called eosinophilia [an increase in the number of eosinophils – a type of disease-fighting white blood cell – in the blood, which occurs in response to some allergens, drugs, and parasites, and in some types of leukaemia].

That is another part of the innate immune response that says a patient does not have a defence against a virus.

The patient’s immune response is heavily shifted toward TH2 [a Th2 response is characterized by the release of Interleukin 5, a substance that helps to grow eosinophils], which induces eosinophils in the clearance of parasites.

The patient’s immune response is heavily shifted towards other kinds of parasites. The patient’s immune response is shifted towards worms and things like that.

In relation to Covid-19, the idea of an immune response oriented towards parasites is why we are seeing the success of anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine in treating genuine cases of Covid-19 [where it is allowed. Again, the authorities and media are doing all they can to trash the reputation of this drug].

Hydroxychloroquine is a parasite drug. So why does a parasite drug work on Covid-19 patients?

Well, now we know why it works. It is not a coronavirus. They are covering up XMRV [mouse-related retroviruses that are floating about in millions of people].

The authorities have pulled an enormous trick by announcing this blanket diagnosis around coronavirus [and conflating this in the minds of the general public with a disease called Covid-19. SARS-Cov-2 does not equal Covid-19]. Now the authorities say almost anyone who walks into a hospital who is coughing or who has a fever is suffering from a coronavirus.

Hang on a second. What about XMRV.

And this covering up of XMRV dates back at least to 2011, when the persecution of those scientists who found out about this began. We would not renounce the data or cover the data up. We thought at least 25 million Americans had this XMRV stuff inside them from vaccines made with a contaminated blood supply. We think that figure is 50 million nowadays.

And the authorities have not allowed one single study since.

The government took the sequences out of the database that all the scientists use. The government slammed the testing. The government said XMRV was all a hoax. And kicked me and Dr Frank Ruscetti out of research forever.

In 2009, when we published our key study on the discovery of XMRV, we slipped it by the channels. We slipped it past the people at the top so nobody paid it much attention before it was published.

Their eyes are on every publication on a government funded study. Which is everything in our world.  

You do not get your funding if you go into these areas where nobody is supposed to look.

My work is misrepresented in the media. They will say my studies say something when it does not say that. The way that I defend myself is by leaving the data in the studies I write. Do not read the media account of my studies. Read the original studies. I deal in data. Hard raw data. I do not deal in statistics.

We leave all the data in the written study. The data remains true to this day. Examine the data I have recorded in my studies. That proves my point. Not what is in the media, or the Washington Post or Wikipedia. Our data is right and true to this day.

To this day, Dr Frank Ruscetti cannot believe what we were all unwittingly involved in. We had no idea they were taking our good intentions and using them for bad ends.

We did not know our work would be taken and distorted. But the people at the top knew. We know this because they will not fund further studies that reveal the truth.

When our study came out in the journal ‘Science’ on October 8, 2009, it was like an earthquake that was heard around the world.

Doctors who had patients with chronic Lyme disease were running around with the article in ‘Science’ under their arm and telling their patients what we had uncovered.

This is when everyone should have realised the risk of xeno-transplantation and stopped all this work.

Xeno-transplantation means mixing human tissue with animal tissue and evolving or accelerating the evolution of inflammatory diseases, of cancer, of more pathogenic strains of viruses that now can be aerosolised and become more contagious.

Consider what they did with ebola when they released it in Liberia. Ebola only used to be found in blood and body fluids. It was released in Liberia on purpose by people with connections to Fort Detrick.

Think about what they have done with XMRVs. Now they are contagious.

What we are seeing slowly unfolding is that with XMRV in the background on one family member’s human body, the infection would go through the family. People would develop common variable immune deficiencies in whole families.

[These things are officially labelled as ‘Oh, it runs in the family’. Wrong.]

When these viruses are made in the lab, they are not pieced together. What they do is just keep running it through animal tissue. Again and again and again. The virus will learn new tricks on its own. It is not being taught what to do. It is acquiring a life of its own.  

After you consider what is done in physical laboratories, you need to think of the laboratory that is your human body. Xeno transplantation means you put foreign tissue in a human body. What do you think it will do? You are a walking petri dish.

Xeno-transplantation is injecting the blood, or cells or DNA or anything from another animal into humans.

What does every vaccine contain? Tissue from another animal. Cow blood, for example. The RotaTeq vaccine has at least two pig retroviruses. 

The cell line used in the Pediarix vaccine, which is given at 2, 4, 6 months has Vero monkey kidney cells in it.

That is the very cell line that the labs in China working in a joint enterprise with the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases used in their SARS research [meaning the 2015 study featured in ‘Nature’; this was also the cell line used to distort ebola that was released in Liberia].

Where did HIV come from? Vero monkey kidney cells in a laboratory.

They have been culturing the cells, knowing how dangerous this was.

They are called gain of function studies. You just keep passing it through animal tissue. Every time it comes out of animal tissue it is different. By definition, the sequence is different. It can be weakened, which is what usually happens. But it can also be strengthened.

This is the whole basis of vaccines.

Consider the polio vaccine. In the early days, you just passed the enterovirus

[the polio virus]

through mouse brains.

It was admitted even then by the scientists doing this that you could pick up a dormant virus that was not pathogenic to the mice. But in the humans, this could combine with the enterovirus, the polio virus. It was admitted this could kill or cause disease.

All of the polio in the United States is caused by the polio vaccine. The IPV. It is a live, attenuated vaccine.

Do they do they do these things deliberately around SARS-Cov-2?

You cannot plan to have a strain that has this or that facility inside it by such and such a date. But they know how to do it. You just keep ‘passaging’ the virus. It is a repetitive process. Nobody is teaching the virus anything. It is teaching itself. If you do these things, you know exactly what you are doing. Each time you ‘passage’ the virus through a cell line, it can learn a bit more. It is not an exact teaching exercise. The virus learns on its own. The people who set this up knew what they were doing. 

My job in 1999 was to teach ebola to infect human cells without killing the human cells [it would have been the macrophage human white blood cells that she was infecting with ebola].

Under normal circumstances, ebola does not infect human cells without killing them and so therefore the infection is limited. You will not get infected. It would kill the host. End of story. We taught it to infect human cells without killing them. This transpired, years later, to have been taken by other people and used to develop the strain seen in 2014 in Liberia.

Again, we are injecting these things. You do not need infection if you are injecting it the nucleic acid. They have injected SARS-Cov-2 by way of flu vaccines.

This injection of SARS-Cov-2 by way of vaccines will drive the expression of the virus. The authorities are driving the levels of virus in the sick people because they have no immune system or weak immune systems from cancer and so on. [The US now promotes vaccines in people with cancer, a hitherto unheard of idea and one that makes no medical sense unless it is being done in bad faith.]

Vaccines will drive infection by compromising the immune system.

In today’s world, the dysregulation of epigenetics hinges in large part on what is mandated to be injected.


Every single day, the data I am seeing shows me that the SARS-Cov-2 virus does not equal the Covid-19 disease.

There is a lot of data to support my thesis that Covid-19 is not SARS-Cov-2 alone.

Covid-19 looks more akin to SARS-Cov-2 plus XMRVs, including human gamma retroviruses and HIVs. [HIV components may come from the monkey cell line it was grown in: Vero E6. There is a clean version of Vero E6 on the market that can be bought from the American Type Culture Collection lab. The cell line provided by Fort Detrick lab was known to be contaminated with XMRV components and HIV components. These things can recombine in ugly ways. Every time a batch of something is grown, recombinant events may take place. This may happen in two weeks.]

What I suggest I am seeing is SARS-Cov-2 plus XMRV [mouse retroviruses]. As we have said, XMRV is mouse retroviruses put into people by forced vaccines, for at least 30 years. You are talking about heavily contaminated and dirty vaccines.

When we talk about vaccines, the group in Italy proved it as well [Italy has reported high numbers relating to Covid-19, but there was little testing done to confirm it was SARS-Cov-2. The flu vaccines used in Italy were very strong, which would promote coronavirus infection.]

The flu vaccines will have retroviruses. The polio vaccines will have retroviruses.

There are some bird retroviruses in the flu vaccine. Your government is saying: ‘Get the flu shot, get the flu shot!’

That will kill you very quickly. Especially if you have an underlying XMRV infection, the sort of thing we have in fact been able to successfully treat with natural products, just as we can with Type 1 interferon, just as we can with medical cannabis for HIV AIDS.

In relation to XMRV [mouse retroviruses], in 2011, my team published a study revealing the signature of XMRV-associated disease. [This study and the signature of disease will help students trying to understand the relevance of XMRV in relation to Covid-19]. 

[In relation to SARS-Cov-2], we know a lot of people are asymptomatic. They do not get the cytokine storm [immune system fire trucks going berserk; they are trying to put a fire out but just add to the confusion].

What else can cause the symptoms of Covid-19? Glutathione deficiencies driven by RoundUp weedkiller [glyphosate], as exposed by the work of Stephanie Seneff.

The work of James Grundvig and Dr Sherri Tenpenny and their work on 5iveG causing iron to separate from hemoglobin. If iron separates from the hemoglobin this is literally throwing gasoline on a fire. This brings out the fire trucks of the immune system, by which I mean inflammation.

In Covid-19, the behavior of the fire trucks, by which I mean cytokine signature, is exactly as we published in 2011 for XMRVs. And it is very highly similar to the signature of infection of the ebola I have worked on.

[This is important. Repeat: The signature of disease of Covid-19 is similar to the signature of disease seen in XMRVs made in American labs and the signature of disease seen in the ebola strain worked on in American labs, first with good intentions, and later worked on in a malign way and released into Liberia.]

This signature of disease is like a fingerprint, or a footprint used to track a criminal.

Different viruses have different patterns of how they elicit disease by hurting your immune system so that they can survive. So that they can replicate. So that they can establish reservoirs.

I have not been shown one single autopsy result or anything else that will show me a single person in the United States has died of SARS-Cov-2.

I am not aware of anyone in the US dying of SARS-Cov-2, which is called the causative agent.

Remember, in order to cause the disease, everybody with the virus has to have the disease.

Nobody has shown me a death where there is an upper respiratory infection and the lungs popping with this SARS-Cov-2 virus.

Not other viruses, not influenzas, not upper respiratory infections, but this SARS-Cov-2 virus.

I am working in Carlsbad, California with a toxicologist and he has got his hands on some of the autopsy reports of what was supposed to have been the first Covid-19 death caused by SARS-Cov-2 in California.

The data on this death are clear. This lady did not die of SARS-Cov-2 or any coronavirus. She died of a sudden heart attack. This death was nothing to do with Covid-19. This death was nothing to do with SARS-Cov-2.

That is not the disease. You cannot even call what this woman died from Covid-19. Yet this is how the death was classified.

We do not have any evidence that SARS-Cov-2 itself has killed a single person. The authorities claim SARS-Cov-2 is the causative agent of the disease Covid-19.

For an agent to be a causative agent of the disease, everyone that is infected would have to get sick. That is how Koch’s postulates work when defining a causative agent. This is basic stuff.

What we are seeing is things happening in people with co-morbidities.           

There have been reports people are getting psychosis. That is not the result of a coronavirus. That is a virus that gets onto the brain. Coronaviruses do not do that. Coronaviruses have nothing to do with the brain.

We know viruses travel together. There is a lot of evidence in the clinical data we are seeing that in Covid-19 it is some of those XMRV-like and animal HIV-like viruses are actually causing the diseases.

Viruses get helpers along the way. We know that viruses rarely travel alone. They need another virus to take out one part of the immune system while they take out another part of the system.

The phrase Covid-19 neatly covers up 40 years of vaccine injury. It is not just the perpetration of a money-making fraud. If these people are buried without autopsies and cremated, people will not know what killed them.

It is folklore. It is propaganda masquerading as science.

Covid-19 is not acute respiratory distress syndrome, a condition that causes fluid to build up in your lungs so oxygen cannot get to your organs. Instead, it affects red blood cells and T cells.

Covid-19 can involve peripheral nervous system disorders. Kawasaki disease is seen in sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic Lyme disease.  The same immune pathways are dysregulated by different interactions, for example, borrelia and XMRV.

[Symptoms of Kawasaki disease are reported in some Covid-19 cases.]

Clinically, chronic fatigue syndrome and Lyme disease are indistinguishable. This is covered in the book ‘Plague’. Borrelia and XMRV can act together and take out the human body’s natural killer cells. They take out the same thing. Again, it is the idea that pathogens rarely travel alone.

There is published evidence that in XMRVs, the envelope protein on its own

[even without the virus]

induces tumor cells to promote the formation of immature blood vessels.

What do you have in Covid-19? Little microvascular problems!

That same study also said this vascular problem was also found to be similar to chronic fatigue syndrome and vaccine injuries. Covid-19 anyone!

[XMRV is attributed to vaccine injury, as is chronic fatigue syndrome. Retroviruses can lie dormant for years, but if something activates them, perhaps SARS-Cov-2, a microvascular problem is one of the injuries that can expect to be seen.]

[For those interested the study is in Journal: Retrovirology. Study title: Xenotropic MLV envelope proteins induce tumor cells to secrete factors that promote the formation of immature blood vessels.]


There has been a four-decade long plague of corruption, which has been directed by Dr Anthony (Tony) Fauci since 1984. 

Since 1984, Dr Tony Fauci has been stood right next to every US President saying: ‘We won’t protect you from the next pandemic unless you take away all liability from all vaccine manufacturers because vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.’

Ronald Reagan signed the 1986 act that put this into law. Since that time, the mandates to force vaccines on people have increased. In 1986, children were only getting eight vaccine shots.

In the 1960s, I only got two vaccine shots when I was five years old. One for polio. One for smallpox. But even those vaccines caused disease and spread disease. It is called zooanosis.

But the zooanosis nowadays is being caused by a contaminated blood supply and vaccines.

Zooanosis, caused by vaccines and a contaminated blood supply, is what is causing these pandemics: swine flu, bird flu, zika, ebola, MERS and SARS in 2000.

And now there is SARS-Cov-2 virus and they are misleadingly calling the disease Covid-19.

No, no, no. You cannot say that pathogen causes that disease unless every person with the pathogen has the disease. We know that is not true.

That means there are co-factors. RoundUp glyphosate weedkiller, 5iveG, and those 50 million Americans, and counting, who have been infected by the contaminated blood supply and cancer-causing contagiantes [XMRVs].

Get your head around contagious cancer.  Get your head around contagious Lou Gehrig’s disease [motor neurone disease]. [The detail on this is below.]

INTERVIEWER: US biotech firm Moderna has produced a prototype vaccine for SARS-Cov-2. Can we talk about this. 

DR MIKOVITS: Moderna has produced a trial RNA vaccine for SARS-Cov-2. This is a very bad idea. The RNA is the blueprint, the nucleic acid, of a deadly virus.

It wants to inject this beyond your normal protective immune barriers. Beyond your skin. Beyond your nasopharyngeal cavity and so on. You would inject it directly in the blood. How is that going to work out?

You will be inserting into the blood, past all the normal immune barriers, the blueprint for how to make a pathogenic disease that the human immune system has never seen before.

RNA in the blood is a really bad idea. It cripples our Type 1 interferon pathways, our danger-associated molecular patterns and pathogen-associated molecular patterns. The things that protect us. This is not a good idea.

Injecting this stuff means you are playing about inside the body with micro RNA, which is regulatory RNA, which is extremely important for having your immune system know what to respond to, what the level of threat is, what the danger level is.

INTERVIEWER: Is this because RNA vaccines are more likely to cause auto-immune disease and cancer than other vaccines?

DR MIKOVITS: All vaccines cause auto-immune disease and cancer.  But this vaccine would be particularly deadly because of what the RNA is. It would have information inside it that drives HIV human immune deficiency viruses combined with coronavirus.

You will be injecting something that infects your lungs [coronavirus sequences] and your immune system [the HIV sequences] so you can count on problems. Perhaps even death very quickly. There has been death in vaccine trials.

Seven children in Africa have been subjected to a prototype SARS-Cov-2 vaccine and have died. This is the virus with the HIV sequences giving it the expanded host range to infect your blood cells.

INTERVIEWER: Work on these vaccines goes on all the time. My understanding is that they do a lot of animal vaccine trials. And that it is commonplace to see scenarios where they would give a vaccine to an animal and when the animal is later exposed the real virus, the animal would die.

Whereas with the control group of animals that were not given the vaccine, when they were exposed to the virus, they were fine.

DR MIKOVITS: That is exactly what happened in humans with SARS and MERS. That is exactly right. The vaccines accelerated the pathogenesis of SARS and MERS. If you throw gasoline on that (the vaccine being the gasoline), it will explode. You are wrecking the Type 1 interferon pathways.

If you have just a few burning embers inside the body, that is fine.  The body can deal with that. The moment you inject a vaccine, it is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

You do not need a vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 if you already have antibodies and yet Deborah Birx and Fauci claim: ‘Oh, no! Those antibodies are not therapeutic. They are not beneficial.’

An IgG antibody is an immune response to SARS-Cov-2, should your body ever see it again.

They will not admit this because they want to drive circumstances toward a vaccine and keep us locked down and fearful.

It would be a very bad idea to inject the proposed vaccine into the bloodstream and send it to every cell in the body, including the brain. This is the wrong thing to do. And people know this.

Even if the vaccine kills people, the authorities will just say: ‘Oh, we had to do it. There was a pandemic.’ 

INTERVIEWER: Do you think they will try to bypass the usual safeguards?

DR MIKOVITS: They will drop any safeguards they can.

INTERVIEWER: And this would cause problems down the line?

DR MIKOVITS: Neurological disorders, psychoses, bleeding disorders, coagulopathies, cancer, cancer, cancer. And those who are already immune compromised would be the most vulnerable.

INTERVIEWER: It is said that Bill Gates is working to put a tracking facility into a vaccine, some sort of quantum dots. 

DR MIKOVITS: I do not know the technology because, of course, we are not allowed to learn it. If it was quantum dots, it would be nano technology. That would be something that goes into every cell. It would not need a lock and key like a virus to get into a human cell. I do not know everything about that technology.

INTERVIEWER: Bill Gates is heavily involved in the WHO. And the WHO is the supposed
world authority.

DR MIKOVITS: The WHO spends its time rubbishing hydroxychloroquine and suramin. It has both drugs on its list of essential medicines, so it knows they are useful and reliable, but it rubbishes them for treating SARS-Cov-2 and autism. The WHO is not interested in looking after world health. It is interested in changing people’s opinions about medicine. Propaganda.


In relation to what is happening now with SARS-Cov-2 and Covid-19, just like in HIV, they are keeping us from getting the right drugs that cost $5.

We do not need a vaccine if we have a bunch of people walking around who are immune.

We certainly do not want to wear masks.

I am healthy, even though I was one of the lab workers who was infected with XMRV [mouse retroviruses].

I seroconverted. That means I made an antibody to XMRV in 2010.

That was when I made the big realisation that these XMRV things were contagious. I was working in double gloves and masks in the lab. That means I had to be breathing XMRV in. It was going right through the masks in the lab.

In relation to the current situation, the only thing a mask will do is make you sick. It will not prevent your neighbour getting anything.

We should not be having all this talk about people not touching other people. It reminds me of when people were told not to touch HIV patients. It is totally misguided. In relation to HIV, it can transmit from saliva and blood but only if the person is ill. If the person is not sick, they will not be contagious.


If I wanted to treat myself, I would use Type 1 interferon alpha. A 50 million unit vial costs $600. That would provide 1,000 people with two doses a day at 50 to 200 units at 50 cents a dose for a week. [Two doses a day would be one spray in the mouth in the morning and one spray in the evening. In other words, it is only effective as a very low dose drug.

[The aim would be 50 to 100 units per day. This is a very low dose. One spray in the morning, followed by one spray in the evening. It is kept in the fridge.]

There is one called Alpheron. And one called Roferon. Merck makes the product. They have taken it off the promotional market, but you can still buy it.  

For someone who thinks they have been exposed to SARS-Cov-2 and is at home, the treatment regimen for Type 1 interferon alpha would be twice a day sprayed in the mouth. One spray in the morning and one spray in the evening. They person can do this for 14 days. [One vial of this stuff costs $600 so it is not cheap for one person for 14 days.] 14 days should be enough protection. It does not have to go on indefinitely.

A hydroxycholoroquine tablet could also be used for a person who thinks they are at risk. One tablet would last for three weeks. One hydroxycholoroquine tablet for three weeks and at the end of the three weeks, another hydroxycholoroquine tablet. Six weeks should be more than enough to make sure a person had enough zinc in them. [Hydroxycholoroquine is taken in combination with zinc.]

If someone was seriously ill in hospital, I would use Type 1 interferon alpha in combination with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), which is an oxygen therapy. And hydroxychloroquine [this may be one tablet per day for two to three days in an extreme illness]. And a Z-Pak if there was a bacterial component to the disease. I would expect this to last about a week.

In the United States, Dr David Brownstein and Dr Ted Fogarty have used HBOT on Covid-19 patients. Dr David Brownstein has been particularly successful.

If I get SARS-Cov-2, I could be one of the people who gets most sick because I am infected with XMRVs.

I would treat myself with Type 1 interferon. I would take this in the form of a spray in my mouth. It costs cents in the dollar for one dose [one spray costs 50 cents]. This is the therapy I developed to treat hairy cell leukemia.

I would try to prevent it with zinc. I would take this in moderation as I would with everything. People must not go overboard.

I would get a prescription of hydroxychloroqine.

I would do everything I always do to reduce the cytokine storm.

I would avoid GMO food. I would avoid food grown in RoundUp and glyphosate. This would deplete my oxygen. I do not want to deplete my oxygen.

I would know how to prevent the development of the disease if I got the infection.

Quinine and quinolone are very valuable nutritional therapies.

Hydroxychloroquine, or Plaquenil as it is known by its brand name, was originally quinine based. Hydroxychloroquine opens up the channels so that the zinc can get into the cells [this protects them].

Liver bitters are a very good natural nutritional tool.

People can use hot lemon, which has Vitamin C. Even the steam can go up the nose and help to clear the nasal passages.

I use eucalyptus and put it on a vaporiser to open up my lungs.

As well as low dose zinc, I would use Vitamin C. I do not like high doses of anything. I do not necessarily believe in the intravenous high dose Vitamin C. I have seen that sort of thing is done. It can be done, but it can be toxic too. There is a whole landscape of treatments out there and things should be bespoke to a person’s health.

I keep myself out in the sunshine with natural Vitamin D.

I will not wear a mask. That will suppress my immune system. You are not supposed to breathe dirty air.  If you wear a mask, you would be inhaling and amplifying the coronavirus and possibly other viruses you have dormant inside you.

I have childhood pleurisy so I am susceptible to coronavirus. Pleurisy means fluid in the lungs. I would amplify any coronavirus infection should I catch one because a coronavirus infection needs fluid to live.

I am not coughing right now so I cannot possibly be spreading the virus.

I certainly would not get something like a flu vaccine, which would contain live flu viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. Putting on a mask would amplify those live attenuated flu viruses and cripple my immune system, which needs to respond to the infection.

I would simply strengthen my immune system.

We are preventing natural herd immunity by not letting the people who are immune go out and about. 

If you are asymptomatic, you are by definition not coughing and spreading coronavirus droplets on people. That is not how it works [she is arguing that the idea of the asymptomatic carrier is a deliberate lie]. We have never worn masks for these infections.

My husband is 81 years old and has COPD. Every year, I prevent him from getting any kind of microbial infection. We are susceptible.

We drink tonic water and lemon. You do not need much. My husband has not been sick in years. He is fine.

If you employ the right treatment at the right time, then you stop the replication of the virus you stop the reservoirs, you stop the destruction.

That could easily have been done in SARS-Cov-2 with the simple Type 1 interferon alpha at a very low dose.

Type 1 interferon alpha is your body’s own best antiviral defence against coronaviruses and retroviruses.

Another treatment option is to use plasmapheresis to take antibodies from people who have recovered and put them into vulnerable people. The authorities deny that people who have IgG antibodies are immune and say this would not be beneficial.

SARS-Cov-2 has little to do with Covid-19. The authorities said it themselves they were going to define the disease ‘liberally’.

If you don’t wear a seatbelt and you die in a car accident by going through the windshield, you died of Covid-19.

There is no evidence in autopsies. There is no evidence in testing. 

They have done nothing to satisfy Koch’s postulates to show this this agent causes this disease. All the data suggest it does not.

How do we stop the second wave? Do not get a flu vaccine or any vaccine this year. Flu vaccines drove the plandemic, both in Italy and around the world. It is the vaccination programs every year, not just last year.

People are having conversations along the lines of: ‘I had that illness in 2018 before the first reported cases. I had a horrible thing with a cough. I went in for an influenza test and tested negative.’

Well, did anybody ever test for coronaviruses other than this year? No.

And now – all of a sudden – influenza magically went away. And respiratory syncytial virus and every cause of microbial pneumonia and any other cause of upper respiratory infection. Those do not exist anymore!

Those all used to be placed in the influenza flu count for the year, which is usually about 80,000 deaths in the US. On average, only about 1,000 of those deaths every year are from influenza.

If you get a vaccine, you are going to have a fever. You are going to have symptoms. You are going to express coronaviruses because the flu vaccines have coronaviruses in them. The PCR test does not work. It is cross-reactive.

If we all have antibodies, we are all immune anyway. Healthy people do not spread disease.

An antibody does not mean ‘you have tested positive’. It means you are immune.

That is the standard they hold our vaccines to.

And, in fact, since they have not tested these vaccines since 1988, not one of the vaccines produces an antibody.

No more vaccines until they test them because these vaccines are driving these plandemics.

The way you spread disease is through that mask. You immune suppress yourself. If you get the vaccine, it is even worse, because you have immune suppressed yourself further.

Do not give anyone the chance to raise a cytokine storm inside you. An excessive level of ferritin in the blood, which means a ferritin level in excess of 3,000, will create the same type of cytokine storm seen in the disease called Covid-19.

Protect yourself from 5iveG. Buy the protective things against 5iveG if you can.


INTERVIEWER: In your own understanding of history and viruses and the people behind this, the governments and so on, why would they have such interest in diseases?  The surface argument is that they want to protect people. But why do you think they are interested in spending so much money on such things?

DR MIKOVITS: There are lots of reasons. For example, government interest in underhand use of viruses has always been a really good way to get rid of a lot of people and not destroy the land.

Releasing something that gets rid of a lot of people is a stealth kind of government method.

The government does not flick the switch until they are far away.

This is what has happened with Covid-19. The government says: ‘Oh, there is this new coronavirus that does these things.’ 

Wait a minute. Coronaviruses are nothing. They do not do that. [People need to think about XMRVs, mouse retroviruses.]

Ah! But they do when you switch on 5iveG.

They do when we reach levels of glyphosate [RoundUp weedkiller] so high that the effect is to destroy your glutathione.  This sort of thing has been going on for 30 years.

In fact, before Fort Detrick was made the National Cancer Institute in the early 1970s by then President Richard Nixon, that is what went on there. They were getting up to no good. 

In my book ‘Plague Of Corruption’, there is an inset of pictures showing our laboratories there.

To illustrate how far back this goes, I read a fascinating book called ‘Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald’ by Judyth Vary Baker.

[Explanatory note to students, this is the Amazon summary of this book: ’Judyth Vary was once a promising science student who dreamed of finding a cure for cancer; this exposé is her account of how she strayed from a path of mainstream scholarship at the University of Florida to a life of espionage in New Orleans with Lee Harvey Oswald.

[‘In her narrative, she offers extensive documentation on how she came to be a cancer expert at such a young age, the personalities who urged her to relocate to New Orleans, and what led to her involvement in the development of something unpleasant that Oswald was to smuggle into Cuba to eliminate Fidel Castro.

[Details on what she knew of US President John F Kennedy’s impending assassination, her conversations with Oswald as late as two days before the killing, and her belief that Oswald was a deep-cover intelligence agent who was framed for an assassination he was actually trying to prevent, are also revealed.’]

Judyth Vary Baker’s job, as a chemist, was to cause cancer-causing viruses to kill Fidel Castro. So this sort of thing is not new.

I will give you a horrific example of this. In 2014, the ebola virus that killed 21,000 Liberians came from Fort Detrick in the US [this is a very serious allegation! She thinks this because she worked on this virus herself. She recognises the signature of disease]. It was not the normal Zaire strain of ebola [although the authorities claimed it was in the official explanation]. It had acquired the ability to infect different cells and spread through the air. 

This, of course, is contrary to the way we traditionally understand ebola viruses: ‘No, no, no. They are not contagious. You do not cough them.’ [Ebola is only supposed to spread through blood and body fluids. The strain seen in 2014 in Liberia spread through the air. This 2014 Liberia strain had 300 genetic mutations. Someone had been playing with this strain for a long time in the laboratory.]

We are officially told that a virus that had co-existed with its surroundings for millions of years had simply acquired 300 genetic mutations overnight compared with the normal strain, the zaire strain, seen in that part of the world. It will in fact always be something made in a laboratory. This is where the viruses become stronger.

I taught ebola to infect human macrophages [white blood cells] without killing them. [Other people carried this work on with a different intention to Dr Mikovits, who was trying to make it weaker.]

To find out more about this, read a book called ‘Called For Life’ by Dr Kent Brantly, who got ebola in Liberia.

Dr Brantly was a Christian missionary in Liberia. These Christian missionaries go to places thinking they are doing a good thing. They think they are helping people. In fact, the vaccines they are giving out are killing people. And spreading things that get rid of people.

In 2014, the Liberians were sitting on diamonds and oil.

Dr Tony Fauci stood next to President Barack Obama when the authorities flew Dr Kent Brantly back to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Everybody in the US was watching the TV news: ‘Would Dr Brantly be cured?’ 

This is what really happened. Dr John Fankhauser was the doctor who treated Dr Brantly at the unit in the field. He cured him with good old-fashioned medicine.

What did he do? He hydrated him. A lot of this injury with Covid-19 looks like radiation poisoning.

Dr Fankhauser gave Dr Brantly anti-malarial drugs. What are we talking about right now with Covid-19? Hydroxychloroquine.

He gave him the hydroxychloroquine to prevent him getting another infection

[malaria. Dr Fankhauser was clearing the landscape of the immune system,
because malaria is a big deal in that part of the world. Dr Fankhauser was
making sure there were no co-infections in the patient as the ebola hit the
patient. He wanted the patient’s immune system to fight the ebola on its own]

. He gave him saline infusions. And probably things like intravenous Vitamin C. 

He gave him fluids and then just let a strong young man recover.  He got very sick. He recovered. He developed an antibody. [Antibodies were taken from Dr Brantly’s body and used to treat other victims.]

The official story about Dr Brantly’s recovery is that he was cured with a magic serum called ZMapp, which was purportedly made by a small company in San Diego. [Dr Mikovits knows knows Dr John Fankhauser and his family. Dr John Fankhauser currently works in Ventura, California, which is where Dr Mikovits also lives. The general public could not have their attention drawn to what Dr John Fankhauser did. It does not fit with the idea of selling expensive drugs. The story about ZMapp is not the full story. The proposed Congressional inquiry into the event was quietly shelved.]

It is pretty clear this ebola stain came from Fort Detrick. The official write-up of what happened said the strain was a ‘natural isolate’, (this was supposed to be proof it was natural and had occurred naturally, after millions of years of not doing this). In fact, this strain had 300 genetic mutations.

That was another attempt to create a pandemic.

By the way, the lab in Fort Detrick was closed in for several months in 2019 for ‘safety reasons’. Was something released in to the air or the water? Was it deliberate?

Barack Obama stood there and gave everybody a lot of money.  Look at the one man stood next to every president over the past 40 years [Dr Tony Fauci]. [What she is saying is that that Barack Obama and Fauci were striking poses for the media as if to say: ‘We are the good guys.’ The American media ran stories day after day on Dr Brantly as the nation wondered if he would recover. And, of course, the nation’s leaders wanted to bask in the glory. She thinks Fauci, and plenty of others, know full well that strain came from Fort Detrick. She is accusing Fauci, and others, of killing thousands of innocent Liberians.]

It was also very helpful for the US government that the ebola outbreak in Liberia occurred right at the time that in America, Dr William Thompson confessed and thousands of pages of documents were released that said the vaccine program covered up the fact that the MMR vaccine was associated with autism.

Look at another scenario. Rewind the clock to US President George Bush Junior. At around the time of the big tragic event in New York that occurred during his presidency in 2001.

All of a sudden, a scientist was accused of sending a#thr#x through the mail. The government blamed this scientist, Bruce Edwards Ivins, for doing this. The government blamed him. He died.

The scientist did not do anything at all. He did not put anything in the mail. He did not release anything. No, the government did it. [She thinks the purpose of this false flag event was to force more vaccines on the US military. These public servants are mandated to take vaccines and this event formed a lever to force more on them.]

If scientists refuse government threats, they are threatened with losing their careers. Or threatened with a swim with the fishes.

The book ‘Plague of Corruption’ tells this story.


INTERVIEWER: So the way they do these things is such that there is deniability. It is hard to trace.

DR MIKOVITS: Yes. My first book, ‘Plague’, is difficult to read. It is much more scientific. The most accessible part of that book is Chapter 5 and the foreword.

‘Plague’ is essentially filled with all the evidence that exposes Dr Tony Fauci’s cover-up of all the XMRV mouse retrovirus material floating about in millions of people. It is full of references and emails exposing him and other people. 

Dr Tony Fauci has never said a word to rebut what is said in this book. He cannot deny it.

Dr Fauci seems to have flicked the spotlight from all the XMRV mouse retrovirus material, which will be floating about in millions of people, and which is dangerous, on to something that is essentially harmless, a coronavirus, and claiming that a coronavirus can kill on its own.

Look at what they are doing in the hospitals. Everything is being classed as Covid-19. No normal burial procedures. No autopsies.

No: ‘Did the virus really kill them?’ No: ‘Did they die from the virus or with the virus?’ None of that is being done.

They are just throwing the victims away, just as they did in Liberia in 2014 with the ebola victims. Burn them all. Throw them in mass graves. Make them all go away.

And when all these sick people go away, the authorities will just say: ‘Oh, you’re a liar, there is no such thing as XMRV.’

We know this happened in the early days of HIV.  Early on, people thought all these people were dying because it was mycoplasma [a common sexually transmitted infection associated with HIV] or it was mold. There were a lot of co-infections and environmental things.

As regards people who get this nothing coronavirus infection, this mild flu, it is those people harbouring retroviruses [this is a reference to XMRV contamination in vaccines] who will be dead in short order.

Especially if they should be unfortunate enough to have significant amounts of glyphosate and RoundUp built up inside them and not know how to treat what is happening to them.

These people [with XMRV] have been considered crazy for 30 years [whenever they complain]. This is not the first time the government has gone after them. They did it all the way back in the 1980s.

In the 1980s, it was the people with HIV and XMRV, the people who had both of those things, who were who died in the first round of horrific AIDS.

The government gave out bad drugs to treat HIV and smeared helpful drugs to put people off using helpful drugs for HIV.

Even ‘Science’, the journal, is a problem. The journals are part of the plague of corruption. In fact, they drive it. It is propaganda masquerading as science.

As regards SARS-Cov-2, there is a lot of data showing there was collaboration funded by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (headed by Fauci) using the facilities and the Fort Detrick US Army Research Institute of Infection Diseases on SARS research, as written up in the journal ‘Nature’.

Tony Fauci has been funding of gain of function studies for at least a decade between the Wuhan group and a group in North Carolina.  There has also been a group in Canada connected to this work. In the ‘Nature’ study, the North Carolina university group, Harvard, Seattle, and a location in Canada – these are the institutions named on the study.

[Some of the key names in the creation of the SARS-Cov-2 virus are Tony Fauci (who oversees funding and so on), the US Army Research Institute of Infection Diseases at Fort Detrick (this is where the Vero monkey kidney cells, the Vero E6 cells from an African green monkey came from; these are the cells that SARS-Cov-2 was grown in); North Carolina University Chapel Hill branch; a location in Switzerland and the Wuhan laboratory.

[The Wuhan lab is to some extent a straw man. It did not act on its own. The oversight of the work in Wuhan was from bad actors in the US. Some names are named the 2015 ‘Nature’ study (links to the short and long version of the ‘Nature’ study are at the bottom of this document).

[Dr Mikovits thinks SARS-Cov-2 has been in the population for at least one year and possibly longer. She believes this pandemic was driven by the recent flu vaccines.]

The cell line that they were growing the SARS virus in and studying the virus in is known as Vero monkey kidney cells. The study published in ‘Nature’ makes clear these came from the US Army Research Institute of Infection Diseases at Fort Detrick.

[There are two versions of Nature. A mass media version, which is a simple summary. There is also a more detailed and difficult to read version of ‘Nature’. The link to the long form version is provided at the end. This version shows the name of the monkey cell line and where this cell line was obtained from.]

My job in 1999 was to teach ebola to infect human cells without killing them. The idea is to make the virus weaker. But it can be done to make the virus stronger. We call these gain of function studies.

We call it passaging. We just keep re-infecting, re-infecting different animals with this bat virus.

I am not saying anyone is smart enough to piece together something that can act in a malign manner by specific design to order. All you need to know is that if you keep passing a virus through animal tissue again and again, at some stage it will learn of its own accord how to be malign. And it may be doing this by recombining with other things in the animal tissue that enhance its malignancy. 

They are not piecing something together in detail when they make these things. But they do know they are acting in an evil way because they know they are coaching the viruses to get stronger and develop new, unforeseen skills.

I know this because of what my job was in 1999 when I worked on ebola. The difference between the highly pathogenic zaire strain that was cultured in Fort Detrick and released in Liberia, was very different from the zaire strain the people of Liberia have lived with for all of their lives and many generations without jumping species.

This highly pathogenic strain of ebola seen in the 2014 outbreak had an inflammatory signature of disease that is extremely close to the same kind of signature of disease that we saw with the XMRVs and the ebola I worked on in 1999.

This signature of disease is comprised of these things: Interleukin 6, Interleukin 8, MIF 1 alpha. It is these macrophage chemotactic proteins that show me a signature of disease. These are proteins. They are the inflammatory mediators of cell communications. 


INTERVIEWER: On the subject of masquerades, can we please return to the subject of masks? Is the mask a psychological token to make people feel they are defeated?

DR MIKOVITS: I do not see wearing the mask as an act of defeat. I see it as an act of control.

People are fearful. Or, alternatively, people are not fearful and in that case they have been forced to wear a mask by the government to show them who is in control. So it is a sign to tell you who is in control: ‘We are going to arrest you. Or give you $1,000 fine. Or whatever.’

This is stressful. Stress is a horrible suppressor of the immune function. Being under stress. Being under this situation. Being controlled.

There is no public health reason for this mask for a coronavirus. Healthy people are not coughing SARS-Cov-2.

Even if you are sick and you cough, you are not going cough six feet. Influenza is spread though coughs and sneezes and the water droplets that are exhaled. But if you cough or sneeze, the water droplets are not going to reach six feet.

There is no public health reason for the mask.

Consider this. I carry retroviruses in the form of XMRVs [mouse retroviruses].

A dormant retrovirus is not expressed.

As regards pulling sequences out of your nasal passages and scraping the epithelial cells in your throat and getting a little bit on a swab and saying: That is RNA. That is not a virus. A virus has a package. A virus has an envelope. That is not a virus. It is not infectious and transmissible. RNA does not infect someone.

If they inject you with RNA, you can cause disease. That is what they are finding with the vaccines.

Why would you inject a pathogen directly in your blood system when you have a God-given immune system: your skin.

If your nasal passages are all dried out and you do not have water droplets, there is nowhere for the virus to live. It does not live in the air. It does not blow in the breeze.

Think about this. Every year people get something like diarrhea, a cough, flu-like symptoms, fever and so on. They are all soon gone.

Every time you have one of those things, you have developed an immunity to it. This is your God-given immune system.

A mask has no public health benefit. You are not preventing anyone from getting infected. It is not impermeable. So you are still getting things that come round the mask.

If you wear one of those plastic masks, you are sweating. You are causing stress. You are activating your dormant viruses, of all kinds, which suppress the immune system. You are literally driving your own disease. It is from within. It is not from without.


INTERVIEWER: We are taught that once you catch something, like chickenpox or a certain strain of the flu, that once you experience something like that, your body then has immunity to it.

This is the philosophy behind vaccination. You are exposed to a certain amount of something.  Once you are immune to it, you are Teflon. It is never going to touch you again.

DR MIKOVITS: Yes. I would not say never. And I would not say Teflon. I will give you two examples. Measles and chickenpox.

I developed measles when I was five years old. I was pretty sick. I could not be in the light. I had a lot of light sensitivity. I was really down for a while.

But I developed a fabulous immune response. I have probably been exposed to measles many times over. I am Teflon to measles.

In fact, we now know that a childhood measles infection offers protection against breast cancer and some ovarian cancers, which is interesting. Nobody in my family has caught cancer, because we have smart immune systems! 

The second example is chicken pox. I will not say people can be Teflon to chickenpox once they have been exposed to it, because we know that the virus hides away and goes into its dormancy in the nerve cells.

Every virus has a lock and a key for which cells they can enter and which cells they cannot. Coronaviruses cannot get into those immune cells, which is part of the fraud about Covid-19.

People who catch chickenpox get over it. But later in life, some people can develop shingles. Take, for example, people in their 90s. This is natural.

But in relation to vaccines, when I was working, all of a sudden I was being told that people aged 12, 13, 14 were turning up in surgeries with shingles.

I called up Dr Frank Ruscetti and he said: ‘Don’t be ridiculous. They would have to be AIDS patients to have already had chickenpox and be turning up at that age with shingles.’

It turned out to be a little retrovirus here and there is what was behind those shingles cases in young people who should not be presenting with it.

There is no reason to get a chickenpox vaccine. Getting the chickenpox is not going to hurt anyone. The reason for all the shingles younger and younger and younger is the chickenpox vaccine.

Where you hear about a case where someone was vaccinated against measles but developed it anyway, often much later in life, it is because they have no immune memory response. Just like the scenario we just talked about.

You do not get the same lifetime immunity to getting the disease in the first place.

In the foreword to ‘Plague of Corruption’, Robert Kennedy talks about the corruption around the shingles vaccine. We know the vaccines do not produce memory. They do not produce adaptive responses.

People are told that they have to get the flu shot every year, theoretically, because they do not produce adaptive responses.

In fact, you do not have to get the flu shot every year. If you have ever had the flu, or had one flu vaccine, you have got as much protection as you are ever going to get. Getting the flu naturally will not kill you.

The goal of your immune system is to prevent a pathogen from killing you. The goal is to develop an immune response to produce the antibodies.

The big message for everybody is: ‘Go outside. Take off your masks.’

This is a masquerade. This is ridiculous.


INTERVIEWER: We know vaccines contain metals, dead cells of animals, aborted human fetal cells, aluminium, mercury, formaldehyde. And you don’t want those in your system.


INTERVIEWER: But are these things effective?


INTERVIEWER: So these vaccines are introducing sickness into society that was not there before.

DR MIKOVITS: Absolutely. And that is exactly where the coronavirus came from. If you got the flu vaccine, you are 36 per cent more likely to get this coronavirus strain.

INTERVIEWER: Are you saying those who have gotten coronavirus probably had the flu vaccine or that those who take the flu vaccine are more susceptible to getting the coronavirus?

DR MIKOVITS: Both. Coronaviruses are in all animals and the vaccines can be contaminated with them. Studies show that people who have had flu vaccines are more susceptible to catching coronaviruses, anywhere from 36 per cent to 440 per cent more susceptible, depending on what kind of vaccine they received.

The authorities know these vaccines drive coronaviruses. The flu vaccines make people more susceptible. What happened in Italy? They had a really dangerous flu vaccine in Italy.

If you were incited or scared into getting a flu vaccine, then you have a much higher chance of making people sick. You are giving yourself three live attenuated influenza viruses, again depleting your Type 1 interferon responses.

If you start shedding those viruses into a mask, this will make you sicker. If you shed them into the air in water droplets, you are going to allow someone else to get an upper respiratory infection, which would just allow any coronavirus going around to make them sicker.

You will likely register positive in any of these tests. The influenza vaccines made in the US were made in chicken cells. The flu vaccine in Italy had four influenza viruses, including H1N1, a highly pathogenic strain. So you are literally telling your immune system to turn away from everything else and go toward getting rid of those influenza viruses, which in the case of the Italian vaccine were grown in dog kidney cells. Why are the Italians so sick? Because they got the super strong flu vaccine and dog kidney cells contain coronaviruses.

People who get these vaccines are bringing things into themselves. I do not believe this started by infection from without. I think in order to get this across the number of countries it has gone into, it has come from injection.

You simply cannot spread something around the world that fast from human to human transmission.

I think these viruses entered the population from the influenza vaccine. There are publications that talk about the technical term viral interference. Normally you can block other RNA viruses with another influenza infection. But the hardest-hit areas have been where the authorities were promoting the flu vaccines. And the viral interference from these vaccines actually promotes coronavirus infection.

INTERVIEWER: I have here ‘The American Medical Association: Encyclopedia of Medicine’. When we go to the letter ‘V’ for viruses and look at the list of entries, we read: ‘Coronaviruses’, beside this, it reads: ‘Common cold.’

DR MIKOVITS: That is correct. And every animal has them.

INTERVIEWER: So a common cold is your body’s response. It is going to be something that your body automatically produces as a way to clean itself. So when you get a cold, you are going to get a runny nose to flush things out.

DR MIKOVITS: You cough out the pathogen. And your immune system responds by making antibodies.

And notice we have never been able to make a vaccine for the common cold. We have never made a vaccine for HIV.

Remember what we said earlier, 12 year olds are getting shingles. That is because the chickenpox vaccine does not produce lifelong immunity in the same way that a natural infection would.

Vaccines do not prevent infection. You are injecting the blueprint of the virus and letting a compromised immune system try to deal with it. Much worse, this blueprint does not go into the cells that a natural infection would.

A natural infection would have lock and key receptors acting as gatekeepers so that only certain cells can be infected like the upper respiratory tract for a coronavirus. A vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 might mean it is a nano-particle, which means it can go in every cell without that receptor.

Can you imagine the damage of bypassing your natural immunity? And allowing the blueprint for a coronavirus that also has components of HIV in some strains, meaning you can infect your white blood cells. And people want to inject this agent and let it reach every cell in the body?

The growth of coronaviruses was in the monkey cell line, which harbors not only relatives of HIV, but other gamma monkey retroviruses such as simian virus 40 that were in the early polio vaccines. Those things could be picked up and carried in the preparation.

What we say in science is that viruses rarely travel alone. Pathogens rarely travel alone. One virus, such as this SARS-Cov-2, is just an upper respiratory infection. It essentially does nothing in most healthy people.

But when you carry components of an HIV and allow the gain of function to the point that it can infect white blood cells, which is both the innate and adaptive immune response, your front line defenders are being taken away from the battle against the coronavirus because they have to deal with the HIV component.

This is not a natural evolution. We do not know what all the components of the SARS-Cov-2 virus are.

Clearly, coronaviruses do not lead to some of the clinical endpoints that are being reported as Covid-19. Clearly, coronaviruses cannot infect the brain. They do not have access to the brain. Clearly, some strains of SARS-Cov-2 have HIV sequences, which infect white blood cells.

But what about those gamma retroviruses that were clearly in that monkey cell line used to grow bat coronaviruses [these are the Vero E6 cells obtained from United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases]? And that could infect every cell in the body through amino acid transporters, through phosphate transporters? This is the sort of thing we have seen in people with XMRV who had developed highly compromised immune systems.

The signature of disease I published in 2011 for XMRV is the exact same as the signature of disease that has been attributed to Covid-19.

Coronaviruses cannot create this signature of disease. It has to be something else that causes Covid-19.

The authorities are twisting the data. No virus is a single sequence. Nobody is going to believe the 11 sequences the US government allows you to see are the same sequences that have gone through all these countries.

Every time a virus infects an immune system it can change. It can make mutations. The immune system of the person it is inside is trying to silence it. There will be a little pathogen war. That is why pathogens rarely travel alone. They want to take on those same parts of the immune system and survive. Every virus wants to survive and replicate. And they must live in cells. We need to understand this.


INTERVIEWER: Say someone has the flu and is coughing. This spreads through the family.

People are familiar with the idea of people passing things around. That is what is making people fearful. Many people have a fear that the world is now full of this germ.

DR MIKOVITS: And that is what is wrong with germ theory. It is proven wrong. It is the immune response. It is the immune system that you need.

Healthy people do not wear a mask to develop their immunity.

We are prolonging things by preventing them from going outside.

What possible reason could you not have to not walk on the beach? Or go surfing?

How are you supposed to give your immune system a boost if you cannot go out and walk except for the specific hours they impose. They told people in Paris: ‘You can only go out from 7 to 10 in the morning.’ They cannot get any sunshine.

The measures they have imposed have nothing to do with public health. 

These measures have everything to do with making you sick and controlling you.

And making everyone say: ‘I want the vaccine.’ No. You do not want the vaccine.

If you get the vaccine, not only will you still get sick and maybe die, you will spread that further throughout the world.

It is my thesis that this is vaccine driven.

Dr Suzanne Humphries in her fabulous book ‘Dissolving Illusions’ shows that all of the worst outbreaks of smallpox were associated with the vaccine programs.

I just told you there was a vaccine program associated with the ebola outbreak in Liberia in 2014.

When you vaccinate, not only do you carry all that animal tissue, with all of their little virus packages, but your immune response just flames up.

There is too much garbage in those vaccines. They are crippling.

There is not one vaccine that has ever produced a lasting memory immunity in the way that my body has to measles and chickenpox.

That is the whole point. The vaccines do not work. They cause the epidemics. They cause the pandemics.

They cause the accelerated evolution of new viruses. We are creating these things in the manufacture and development of vaccines. 

Mouse viruses have gone into humans via vaccines and are now causing cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and auto-immune disease. All the things we learned in our mouse research.

The biggest thing we learned was that you cannot play about with mouse tissue or you will wake up a sleeping giant and cause them to go into humans when you mix mouse tissue and other animal tissue and so on.

As regards, fetal tissue from aborted foetuses in these vaccines, that is someone else’s DNA. That is someone else’s proteins.  You can make unhealthy responses to that.

This is where all the auto-immunity is coming from. All the peanut allergies and so on. [We think this is a reference to having someone else’s DNA inside another person. Peanut oil is also in some vaccines. In other words, it is not in the gut or on the skin as part of a cream where it would be recognised by the immune system. Going straight into the blood can confuse the immune system. At the bottom of this document is a link to a two-hour lecture by Dr RE Tent, which is a litany of admissions by the vaccine industry about vaccines triggering auto-immune disease and cancer.]


INTERVIEWER: We never hear about leprosy. Can you tell us about leprosy?

DR MIKOVITS: I do not know much about leprosy. What I do know is that we have an epidemic of cancer, and chronic disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease [motor neurone disease], and environmental disease toxins.

And it is coming from the change in our health practices and injecting all of this stuff since 1986.

The 30 year olds of today will be the first generation not to outlive their parents.

And maybe it is by design. Now they are targeting the elderly with vaccines because, of course, the elderly are not full of these vaccines.

And now they are going to force everybody in the country to be vaccinated.

What we have to do is get out there and say: ‘No. We fear God.’

We have an immune system. We will not wear a mask. You will make me sick with a mask. I am not wearing a mask.

If nobody in this country wore a mask, they could not arrest us all. 

With regard to the measures that have been taken worldwide, things such as masks, staying indoors, closing public toilets, closing public beaches, these are not public health measures that would end a viral outbreak. If anything, they could prolong it and make the most vulnerable even more vulnerable because they miss out on the healing ability of the sun and the sea, the sand, exercise and so on.

The most vulnerable are protected by the healthy who get exposed and develop an appropriate immune response. The thing we call natural herd immunity has occurred in places such as Sweden, South Korea, places where draconian measures were not taken.

So the freedom that was taken away to supposedly protect our health merely reveals this for what it is: a plague of corruption.

Every measure that has been touted by our federal officials here, especially the influenza vaccination recommendations, is wrong. Scientific publications clearly show people are more susceptible to infection from coronaviruses if they get the flu vaccines.

And yet in the United States and in Italy, two of the places that have been the hardest hit, the widespread use of those flu vaccines has been promoted to the most vulnerable, meaning people such as the elderly and those with co-morbidities. A vaccine is the worst thing you can do to prevent a coronavirus.

The measures they are taking are stress-inducing. They are immune suppressive. We see depression. We see anxiety. We see fear. These things suppress the immune system.

The masks do not protect anyone from getting infected. They can trap toxins. They can exacerbate upper respiratory infection by activating dormant viruses as you become immune suppressed.

If a virus were genuinely airborne, it would in fact get around a mask. Masks are extremely stressful and the body perceives that by suppressing the immune response rather than enhancing it.

Unless a person is extremely ill and has many co-morbidities, they will not get sick at all.
Those with co-morbidities are damaged by the oxidative stress they feel from the measures the public health officials are taking.

Fear is powerfully immune suppressive. Making people fearful to go out of their house is very bad. I do not have that fear.

Most people who have this virus inside them are asymptomatic. But they are not asymptomatic carriers. They have cleared the virus. Coronaviruses do not stay with you once you have cleared them. They are not infecting other people once they are immune.

Yes, they can be exposed again in a year’s time, but they already have an antibody. They are primed to respond quickly.

The death rate shows this is on a par with a normal flu season.

US public health official Dr Deborah Birx has said from the White House podium that the authorities are going to diagnose Covid-19 ‘liberally’. What this means is that anyone who has a cough, anyone who has a fever, anyone who has flu like symptoms, practically anyone who walks into a hospital is going to be diagnosed with Covid-19. People are being diagnosed with no evidence of infection at all. 

A true death would not come from death with an infection. You have to die from an infection to say the infection killed the person. You do not write a death certificate to say that someone who is HIV infected who walks in and has a heart attack died of AIDS.

We have many viruses. We have a human virome that is eight per cent of our DNA and so on. Those are the very viruses you are going to wake up when you receive flu injections, when your immune system is suppressed. Are all of those viruses classed as Covid-19?

Or is it only SARS-Cov-2? Nothing about the normal causation of illness or death has been satisfied to suggest that SARS-Cov-2 causes Covid-19. There is a huge deception going on about the state of public health.

People with co-infections and co-morbidities may die and then the truth will be buried with them because there will be no proper autopsy.

This liberal diagnosis of Covid-19 is really a lie by public health officials with serious conflicts of interest.

This all very neatly covers up the mixing and use of animal tissues with human tissues and injecting them in the immune compromised. Our vaccines have no safety testing. We have a contaminated blood supply with many adventitious agents that are coming out of the laboratories.

These comprise many strains of cancer-causing viruses from monkeys, pigs, cow blood and so on. All of these things are in our vaccines. Half of American children now have asthma, almost certainly from the vaccines they have been receiving. Those are the people who are susceptible to coronaviruses.

A vaccine for Covid-19 will kill the vulnerable and cover up 40 years of vaccine injury. We have not had safety testing done in 36 years in the United States. It is no different in places such as the UK.

The vulnerable might be killed by SARS-Cov-2 should they be infected, but they face a much stronger likelihood of being killed should they receive any kind of vaccine ever again.

If the authorities are allowed to vaccinate people for Covid-19, they will say the deaths that follow are attributable to Covid-19 and not the vaccine injuries accrued by people.

These vaccines cause profound immune dysfunction and deficiency and those are characteristic of the things seen in genuine Covid-19 patients. The immune compromised would be the first to die if they receive a Covid-19 vaccine. Especially if the vaccine is given after the infection. The data are clear about this. In every other case of SARS or MERS development, the vaccines drive the disease and the death.

Look at what we are hearing about in genuine Covid-19 patients. A lack of antioxidant protection. A depletion of glutathione. Oxidative stress. Mitochondrial dysfunction. The same cytokine storm seen in people with XMRVs. Iron floating about in the blood in the form of ferritin. These are symptoms associated with vaccine injury. Yet we are supposed to believe SARS-Cov-2 has caused these things.

It is very easy to say someone died of Covid-19 and SARS-Cov-2 without addressing any of those things.

Real Covid-19 has a lot more to do with environmental toxins and vaccine injury than it does to with SARS-Cov-2. 

I think genuine Covid-19 is SARS-Cov-2 plus XMRV. And you can also factor in other things coming from the vaccines: HIVs, plus the many other adventitious agents in the vaccines, depending on the vaccine used. I am talking about the cow blood, the pig blood and so on. Pigs have coronaviruses. Pig tissue is used in the RotaTeq vaccine.

And then the 5iveG, which can operate frequencies that could separate haemoglobin from the iron it is supposed to carry.

The iron is released into the blood as ferritin. Ferritin levels above 3000 will give the exact same cytokine storm that is being reported in genuine cases of Covid-19. Of course, this is not being routinely tested for.

That liberal diagnosis of Covid-19 neatly covers all this up. That is my hypothesis. I have a lot of data to back it up. Every measure that the government is using proves my point.

As well as 5iveG, there can be other environmental factors. Things like uranium and plutonium. I have clinician friends who are reporting things that look akin to radiation damage.

Let me explain the point about oxidative stress. When you are on an aeroplane and you go above 10,000 feet, you are exposed to a lot of radiation because you are above the ozone layer. Airplane travel risks infection not from other travellers, but more from the electromagnetic fields acting in combination with the radiation. This can drive oxidative stress and deplete your glutathione. Your glutathione is a natural protective mechanism. This can drive all sorts of disease, not just coronaviruses.


INTERVIEWER: What do you think about the school of thought that says viruses do not exist?

DR MIKOVITS: Viruses exist. We have spoken about this earlier. They are obligate parasites. They need a cell to grow in.

I think it is more important for the audience to know that what I hope will come out of all this current Covid-19 situation.

It is going to take the faithful to say: No, no. You will not close our churches. You will not close our beaches.  You will not keep us from God’s nature. You will not keep us from God.

God is love. How can you show love if you cannot touch each other? And everybody is wearing a mask? And everybody is afraid of each other?

And people are angry because they are thinking: ‘Oh, you’re not wearing a mask, Dr Mikovits. You are making me sick. You are putting me at risk.’

Healthy people do not spread disease.

I want this lockdown to end tomorrow. This has nothing to do with public health. This is about control and the removal of our Constitutional freedoms. And the destruction of our Republic. The destruction of our nation under God.

Let’s go out there and say: ‘No, thank you. We will not bow down to Big Pharma. You will not test me. You will not inject me.’

I’m out there today. I’m out walking. Get out on the street. Get out to church. Get out to the beach. And we will all be fine.

[Explanatory note: Her books are produced at a loss because she has to spend a fortune on libel lawyers scrutinising every word before she publishes them. They do not sell in large quantities. The first, ‘Plague’, is not for a mass audience. It is a tough academic read. The second, ‘Plague of Corruption’, is designed to be easier to read and picks up the story of people contacting her after her first book came out with what they had uncovered in relation to the MMR vaccine. There is no need to test people for SARS-Cov-2. Testing people seems to be more of an exercise in surveillance.]


Dr Mikovits regularly defends her work and invites other medical professionals to debate her in public. She has offered to be cross-examined by the US Congress.

Her defence of her work on XMRV is set out in her books and many online presentations.

This is an extract from a two-hour interview with broadcaster Brian Rose of London Real TV, called Rose/Mikovits II (it was her second two-hour interview with Brian Rose). Extracted below is the section from this interview relating to SARS-Cov-2. The criticisms being put to Dr Mikovits by Brian Rose are being taken from ‘Science’ magazine (one of her oldest and most high-profile adversaries – there is a long history between both).

Other parts of the interview related to her defence of her work on XMRV, which is covered in her books and in many other online presentations. We used these parts of the interview for this extract because it was essentially new in that it related to current events and SARS-Cov-2. If you want to watch along and read, here is a link to the interview:

This is from her opening remarks:

Dr Mikovits: Covid-19 is a plague of corruption to cover up these infectious, adventitious agents [in the long-term vaccine-injured population]. The clinical data that we talked about in-depth last time supports the idea that the ventilators and the masks are driving the disease.

People are being buried and described as coronavirus/Covid-19 as a single agent cause of this ‘plandemic’ if you will. And it is not at all.

As we talked about last time, it must meet Koch’s postulates or Hill’s criteria. For a microbial agent to cause a disease, everyone that is infected has to get the disease. And, of course, we know that is not true.

Throughout my studies with SARS-Cov-2, most people that get exposed are healthy.

Only the sick with co-morbidities are at risk of dying from the infection. The example I use is you can have HIV and never get AIDS. That is what my PhD changed: the immune system and how that causes disease.

We know the same thing is being said in the case of Covid-19, but it is all turned backwards to: This coronavirus, alone, is the causative agent of Covid-19.

All of the data say otherwise.

In fact, a lot of the clinical data say the XMRVs are involved, as are other adventitious agents from vaccines. Other people who are susceptible are the vaccine injured.

Those 25-50 million Americans will be the ones who die if they are inoculated with anything.

[For example, if they are inoculated] with the flu vaccines which are driving this Covid-19. That is published data.

Nothing that I say is my opinion. What I say is clinical data. Biological data. Molecular data.

I really can – and have – supported every word of it in two books and for decades of work with other viruses and how they cause disease.

[These are some key questions relating to SARS-Cov-2 that appear half-way through the interview.]

Brian Rose: The origin of the SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus. Dr Mikovits says the virus is not naturally occurring. It occurred in labs in Fort Detrick, North Carolina university and the Wuhan lab.

‘Science’ magazine says that the evidence indicates the SARS-Cov-2 virus originated in bats. There is no evidence this bat virus was manipulated.

Comment on this please.

Dr Mikovits: It is simple. The paper in 2015 [in ‘Nature’] which discussed the emergence said that it was funded by the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It was a collaboration between the North Carolina lab, the Wuhan lab, a lab in Switzerland and a lab in Harvard.

That paper said in the material and methods: We grew the virus in the cell line Vero E6. That is a monkey kidney cell line that contains HIV relative simian immune deficiency virus.

It contains gamma retroviruses, including XMRVs. It contains other monkey viruses and closely related simian virus 40.

We know this because we grow our polio vaccines in that Vero monkey kidney cell line. The methods say that they – the Wuhan lab – grew the coronaviruses, mixed the bat tissues with the coronavirus, with the cell line – and grew up a 200 litre fermenter – or whatever the size was – of coronavirus in the monkey cell line.

By definition, that is not natural evolution. That did not jump into another small animal and then go into a human.

You mixed bat cells and bat tissues and took the viruses to a Vero E6 cell line, which does not have Type 1 interferon, so it is a little virus factory.

That is not natural evolution. Simple. The cell line Vero E6 came from Fort Detrick.

They sent the cells to study. You cannot study a virus unless you can grow it.

Every time you grow virus in a cell line, you change it. I did not say engineered. It changes it. It picks up other viruses.

They did not purify that virus away. We do not know what is in SARS-Cov-2.

We do not know how many passenger viruses, like the XMRVs, like simian virus 40, like Mason-Pfizer monkey virus, or mink cell focus-forming viruses, which are family members of the XMRVs [are in SARS-Cov-2].

We do not know, because nobody ever tested.

That is what I said in the Epoch Times documentary.

It is like looking for your keys in a lamp post. [A figure of speech for observational bias; if you only look where the light shines, you will miss things. What she means is that if clinicians are ordered to treat only coronavirus symptoms, they will miss out on understanding that the symptoms might come from something else. If they look away from a coronavirus as a sole cause, they might think of using more appropriate treatments.] 

Clearly, what we are seeing Covid-19 is not what a coronavirus does. SARS-Cov-2 is not the only agent.

That is what is clear from HIV studies. HIV does not cause AIDS because you can have HIV and never get the disease AIDS.

So you cannot say that SARS-Cov-2 is the causative agent of Covid-19 because most of the people who are infected with that virus do not die or even get any kind of serious disease.

What is causing all these clinical things? Coronaviruses do not cause microvascular leakage. Or bleeding disorders. That is why I mention the other disease associations. What does? Oh, XMRVs.

Let’s go test and see what else is in there.

But, clearly, not a natural evolution if you grew it in a cell line.

That is not natural.

Brian Rose: And do they just not understand the science by saying that?

Dr Mikovits: They are twisting the words to make it sound like I do not know what I am talking about. I do, because I did that work! 

Brian Rose: OK. Vaccines. Let us jump into this. On the Covid-19 vaccination in the movie Plandemic, you said: ‘They will kill millions, as they already have with their vaccines. There is no vaccine currently on the US vaccine schedule for any RNA virus that works.’ And you said the same thing with me in our last conversation.

This is what ‘Science’ magazine says. First, they say: Vaccines have not killed millions. They have saved millions of lives.

Dr Mikovits: There is no data to show that vaccines save millions of lives. In fact, there is a tremendous amount of data to associate the 21st century US vaccine schedule with diseases and deaths. $4 billion was paid out in the US vaccine court for sudden infant death syndrome deaths, for flu vaccine deaths in the elderly from cardiac arrest, and for many other things.

The vaccine court is, of course, corrupt. That is an entire chapter in my book [Plague of Corruption]. The evidence and the side-effects of these vaccines. ITP [idiopathic thrombocytopenia – a platelet disorder] kills millions of people every year. We firmly associated ITP with MMR vaccination and with XMRV infection in 30 per cent.

[In other words, it was found that 30 per cent of people who had ITP had evidence of XMRV infection. ITP is associated with fatiguing and some of the things we see in chronic fatigue patients. ITP is listed on the packaged insert for MMR as a possible side-effect. ITP is associated with cognitive and learning disorders.]  

Clearly, this is a big cover-up to the society. And it is clear, as we were talking about the influenza vaccines driving Covid-19. Those papers are published. Many different vaccines drive different pandemics.

Brian Rose: The second thing ‘Science’ magazine says in that section of criticism is that there are many vaccines that work against RNA viruses are on the market, including for influenza, measles, mumps, rubella, rabies, yellow fever and ebola.

Dr Mikovits: Right. RNA viral vaccines. MMR does not work. What do I mean when I say the measles vaccine does not work? It does not provide memory immune responses. In fact, worse than that, [is] the difference from natural infection.

I had a natural infection well before the measles vaccine came out because I am older than that. It came out in 1963.

Well before the measles vaccine came out, I had a natural infection. And we know I have lifelong immunity. What we see from the MMR vaccine right now is that in fact the people who have been vaccinated are anergic, meaning that not only do they not make memory immune responses, they do not produce an antibody at all when re-challenged with measles.

You can see that in the recent outbreaks [of measles]. It is the vaccine strains that are circulating and causing disease.

The same thing is true of influenza. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention itself admits that the influenza vaccine does not work. So why do we inject people every single year and the [authorities] say: ‘We missed the strain [meaning people got infected with flu because the vaccine is the wrong strain].’ 

Well, if you have ever had influenza or you have ever had the vaccine, it targets the conserved epitope regions of the various strains [an epitope is the part of an antigen that is recognized by the immune system]. 

And so those vaccines, from strain A, strain B, why do we continue to give those very year along with a dose of mercury, which does cause death, cardiac arrest, and these neurological disease like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease?

So, no. They do not work. They do not provide memory. They do not provide lasting immunity like a natural measles infection.

I have never had an influenza vaccine. I have had the flu. And I never get sick.

That is what the statements are made about. Not a single study has been done since 1986 on the safety or the efficacy of the vaccines for MMR.

The only vaccine that I would ever take is the rabies vaccine. They mention that. And why do you take the rabies vaccine in spite of the horrors? It causes a lot of problems. A lot of damage. Because the disease is worse than the vaccine. And you have already been exposed.

Why are we giving tetanus vaccines to two-month-olds? Are we dropping them on rusty nails that have cow manure on them, which is how tetanus spreads? No.

You do not need a tetanus vaccine. The tetanus vaccine is not an RNA virus.

There is no memory. That is what I said. It is clear from the outbreaks there is no memory [in the immune system]. And because they have never done a single test or a single experiment that shows they do work, they cannot say they don’t work. Or that what I am saying is not true.

We do not have a test of these vaccines. Not in 30 years of anything on the US vaccine schedule. Or [a test history of] the combination [of vaccines inside human beings]. What we do have is independent investigators that showed you how much garbage was in that MMR vaccine.

Brian Rose: While I have you on this topic, has there ever been a vaccine that worked in human history?

Dr Mikovits: I think the data support that they do not. The flu vaccine, for instance, is not intended to prevent infection. It does not develop neutralising antibodies.

It ameliorates disease. 

The polio vaccine is another RNA virus, enterovirus vaccine. Natural polio was eradicated because of clean sanitation and other things.

Not necessarily the vaccine. Just like with MMR, the disease incidence, the natural herd immunity, was happening anyway.

And yet we give the polio vaccine today and it causes polio.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention renamed polio.

This is the contents of the MMR vaccine that an independent study showed.

[She is showing a slide. This is what is written on the slide: Independent analysis of the Priorix Tetra vaccine (MMR vaccine) confirmed the presence of the following contaminating retroviruses:

● Human endogenous retrovirus K – 32 sequences. [Endogenous: produced or syntheisezed within the organism or system]
● Equine infectious anemia virus – 2 sequences.
● Avian leukosis – 2 sequences.
● HERV-H/env62 – 4 sequences.

[Residual DNA/RNA deriving from cultured cells – Total amount of DNA: 1.7-3.7 µg/dose, the 80 per cent of which was human (Human fetal DNA/RNA from the MRC-5 cell line). Other amount of DNA: chicken.

[MRC-5 is the ‘name’ given to the aborted baby whose cell tissue was used.]

Independent analysis shows the content of the vaccine contains endogenous retroviruses. Horse anemia viruses. Bird leukosis viruses, many retroviruses. It says here these viruses are known to be adventitious vaccine contaminants and are known to be potentially dangerous.

And it says here human fetal DNA from aborted fetal tissues. So nobody can say that is safe. Or not driving disease. And you are going to make an immune response to these things.

It is crippling to our immune system. And the clinical data support that it is rendering people anergic. That means the immune system simply cannot respond and you have lost your ability to respond.

Brian Rose: Just to finish on what you said about has a vaccine ever worked, I know that is a very general question. And you were talking about polio. What is that final answer?

Dr Mikovits: Why do we continue to give polio vaccinations if they are doing more harm than good because polio has largely been eradicated in the United States.

Why do we continue to inject a live, attenuated polio virus? The only polio caused in this country is from the polio vaccine.

And you cannot say it works if you have never done a test. So how can you say it works if you have never done a test?

Diptheria. There is no diptheria circulating. There is one case in the country every 10 years. You cannot say that is because of the vaccine or natural herd immunity.

We cannot make a scientific statement if a study has never been done.

They cannot defend that vaccines do ‘work’ and provide lasting immunity when all of the epidemiological data say the viruses were gone before the vaccines were applied.

It is like this Covid-19. Everybody is immune. Natural infection and herd immunity has already occurred in Sweden in Korea, in places that did not lock down – if you have antibodies.

That is all that gets measured for a vaccine to get approved. Do you make antibodies?

And I will say they have not even been measured.

We know in measles, the anergia – the measles amnesia – a paper that was spread through the Washington Post and the mainstream media back last Fall – measles amnesia – measles amnesia gives you infection, so you have to get vaccinated again.

No. The vaccine never developed a memory. And I say quite clearly, you cannot remember. You do not get amnesia. You do not forget what the immune system never learned.

They do not work.

Brian Rose: You said Sweden and Korea had herd immunity. We do not know that. But you think they might.

Dr Mikovits: The data support that. That people have antibodies. Same with here in Northern California. The antibody testing done is showing IgG, which means a past infection.

And it does not mean those people will not be re-exposed. But they will have that immunity.

They will not get sick like last time. And most of them do not get sick anyway, which is why you cannot say it is a causative agent. Everybody with the virus has to get the disease. That is how causation is marked.

That is why we said in our paper at the beginning ‘associated’, we did not say causation [this is do with XMRVs, which the first part of the interview covered]. But ‘Science’ twisted it. 

We said implicates that virus in that pathogenesis. That is not causation. 

This is how the words get twisted.

Brian Rose: OK. Let me talk about them never testing vaccines. The reason they say they do not is because of ethics. We cannot go ahead and test this because if we give it to people who do not have the virus then that is not fair. It is not ethical. Is that correct? Is that why they do not test?

Dr Mikovits: It is one argument for the vaxxed versus unvaxxed study.

But – again – simple safety testing is not done. The garbage in that vaccine I just showed you: horse viruses, bird viruses, other people’s human fetal tissue – you have got cancer-causing fetal tissue from these cell lines, MRC-5, these aborted fetuses and things like that. You have got cancer-causing mouse, monkey, bird retroviruses. That is not tested. That is not safe.

It is not just the vaxxed versus unvaxxed study. There are not safety studies. They are not cleaned up of the garbage.

That is the problem. People think a vaccine [is tested] – and I did all the way until 2014. Our first book, Plague, our major emphasis was the contamination of the blood supply.

I am not the scientist who wrote the opinion paper that said the most likely way mouse viruses got into humans was vaccines, because they are adventitious agents.

The government has admitted that since 1995.

We are talking apples and oranges. [In other words, a weak purified oral vaccine is different from an injected vaccine grown in tissue with lots of other viruses.]

You do not have an attenuated enterovirus. You do not have a purified coronavirus in saline. Or a piece of purified coronavirus that is attenuated, weakened coronavirus in saline that you are exposing by a natural route of infection.

You are injecting a needle full of other viruses.

God only knows what is happening with the cytokine storm they drive.

And that is the point. They do not what to know, because they have never done the testing.

And, of course, the vaxxed versus unvaxxed study, there is nothing unethical at all [in doing such testing].

Measles is not a deadly infection to a healthy five year old child.

That is what I had. And I have lifelong immunity.

I will never get shingles – unless they stress me out – because I got a natural chickenpox infection.

These are harmless childhood diseases in healthy people. We used to have chickenpox parties. We used to have measles parties.

That is what the herd immunity would be in coronavirus.

We should be having healthy people out. Protect the sickest, the vulnerable with the natural product therapies. The Vitamin C, the healthy living.

And the history really does prove all of it.

And it is not me talking. It is Dr Suzanne Humphries, who goes into a great deal about the whole polio vaccine and the measles vaccine. You can see it in her book ‘Dissolving Illusions’.

You can see it in Dr James Lyons-Weiler’s book ‘Cures Vs. Profits’.

The clinical data support that these vaccines are in fact killing millions with cancers they would otherwise never get because of the immune dysregulation.

That was my last job at the National Cancer Institute 1999-2001. HIV-associated cancers. Other viruses that take hold and that are activated in the immune system when you have an HIV infection that goes unchecked.

So you keep it silent. We did not vaccinate HIV-infected people until 2011 with any vaccine. Influenza. Or anything else.

Why? Because you do not want immune activation. You do not want them to wake up the HIV infection and spread it through the white blood cells. That will cause AIDS.

That is what we learned. That is the point.

Why did we start vaccinating again in 2011? Why are we publishing papers like ‘Measles Infection’ when it is not a natural infection? 

They are not using – just like they did not do in the validation study – they are not using the same patients as we found in our original studies when we found the virus.

Just like they are not using me. Use me. I have got a natural measles infection. And then we will show if I am anergic. Let us look at the immune system.

There are large unvaccinated populations. And I believe it was the Mawson study that showed some natural population in a DTAP experiment, the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. [Anthony R Mawson led a very unusual study comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children in the US.]

And with DTAP vaccines, the cause of death was five times more in the vaccinated.

So these studies must be done. And you can do them. There are many people like me walking around with natural chickenpox infection.

In fact, in Ronald Goldman’s studies with chickenpox, with the data, in a community in Northern California, proved that the chickenpox vaccine does not work. That it does not provide a memory response.

[We think she means Gary Goldman, who did a study in this area: Misadventures with the Chickepox Vaccine; Gary Goldman PhD.]

I use simple terms like ‘does it work’ because the whole idea is to protect you from disease or from disease development or ameliorate the disease. Make it less.

Flu vaccines do not make disease less.

You are giving them to the immune-compromised elderly with other co-factors – with all that garbage in them. I just showed you the contents of the MMR vaccine but there is similar garbage in the flu vaccines.

They are never tested because they do not want you to know that.

But the data support clearly that the populations who are getting vaccinated had a greater susceptibility to Covid-19: to coronavirus infection and then disease development from that.

Because the point of a vaccine is to turn on the fire. Turn on the inflammation. Stimulate your T cells, your B cells, your macrophage and dendritic cells. To provide the immune response.

That is the flame, the same signature [of disease] that is the signature [of disease] of Covid-19.

Why would you turn on the flame in the susceptible?

My friends say: ‘I will never get a flu vaccine ever again, because the last time I got one I was so sick.’

[A person can receive a flu vaccine and be given a coronavirus from the dog tissue it was grown in. The person can be fine in the immediate period afterwards.

[It is when another round of another coronavirus comes along that there may be the problem. In the susceptible, for example, the elderly, what they get is something called antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. 

[The effect of this is that it actually does damage to the patient’s tissues and this damage could be to inflamed tissues, such as the heart. People can have a heart attack and die from these flu vaccines if they are elderly. Dr Mikovits has acted as an expert witness in the US vaccine court in cases like this.

[Dr Mikovits attributes the mechanism of pathogenesis to that cytokine storm and that oxidative stress. This is exactly what we are seeing in Covid-19.

[It is clear the vaccines are not only driving the disease but killing the elderly.

[They are not dying from the coronavirus infection.

[They are dying from the inflammatory storm brought about by the flu vaccine.

[The time gap between the flu vaccine and the next coronavirus could be two years. Or five years. This means the connection is not readily apparent.

[The flu vaccines in Italy given in early January 2019 had H1N1. The vaccines are grown in dog kidney cells. Dogs have coronaviruses.

[In the United States, the flu vaccine is grown in chicken eggs. Birds have coronaviruses.

[A person can undergo a natural infection and develop an antibody. After this, they do not need a vaccine. If someone already has an antibody to something and then has the vaccine on top of that they are at risk of death from antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity. It becomes like an eruption the next time the body sees that pathogen.]

Brian Rose: ‘Science’ magazine says in another recent video Mikovits is wearing the hat that says ‘Vaxxed II’, which is a sequel to the film that links the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism, a debunked theory, they say. She also repeats several claims by people who are leading the anti-vaccine movement. In the Power Point presentation she sent to ‘Science’ she calls for an immediate moratorium on all vaccines.

How do you reply to that?

Dr Mikovits: What does the movie ‘Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth’ show? That is why I wore the hat!

It is the people’s truth. It is when you interview the vaccine injured. And you see the next children as the parents learn.

I am not anti-vaccine. I spent my life making immune therapy on the single hypothesis that you can educate the immune system to prevent and treat infectious disease, AIDS and cancer-associated infection.

And that is what our work did from understanding the immune response in HIV. We changed it to an infection you can live with and never develop the disease. 

Why I wear that Vaxxed II is hat is because when you look at the people’s truth, when you watch the movie, you see dozens of doctors saying: ‘No, we were not educated about what is in a vaccine. No, we were not educated about anything on the untested vaccine schedule.’

The US vaccine schedule has never been tested.

When I made drugs for cancer, every time I add an ingredient to a protocol – let’s say I am making a chemotherapy with three things – if I use adriamycin, I have to test it in double blind placebo-controlled studies. That means saline. An inert placebo. Sugar water. Something safe. No drug.

Then I add another. Say, for example, cisplatin to that.

I have to test cisplatin alone. Adriamycin alone. And the two together.

These vaccines are not co-developed that way. They are just thrown with six things together. Like Pediarix.

Pediarix has IPV, the injected polio, grown in those monkey cells, along with DTAP, along with Hepatitis B. They are just mixed together. They are never tested.

I am not an anti-vaxxer. And these people [in Vaxxed II] are not either. They are ex-vaxxers.

Their families have been injured. Their children have been killed.

And that is what you will see in this movie. And everyone should see this movie. ‘Science’ magazine! That is not science, folks. You are just attacking us. You let our families be abandoned. That is why I put that hat on.

I lived through HIV. I remember the quilt on the Mall of the people that were killed when the safe drugs, like Peptide T, never made it to market. [In 1996 on the Mall in Washington, a quilt was laid out in tribute to the dead.]

We can see the same corollary with hydroxychloroquine.

Why can’t we use a safe drug? Why is it anecdotal with Peptide T? [Peptide T was withheld from HIV-AIDS patients.]

And you keep adding people to skew the clinical trials with Remdesivir, because you get the patents!

Why are people denied the cures? That would say the viruses cause the disease in autism.

Debunked is not disproven. It is just character assassination and cover-up.

And the movie ‘Vaxxed I’ clearly shows Dr William Thompson: ‘Oh, we just kind of threw away that data and made the association [between the MMR vaccine and autism] go away.’ 

What they did was whitewash and remove the appropriate patients. That is exactly what they did in XMRV studies. This is what Dr William Thompson describes in Vaxxed I.

Vaxxed II is the people’s truth. You can see the families that are injured. You can see the doctors saying: ‘No. We weren’t taught anything.’

And when the doctors wake up and they are educated and they realize these are not magic Pez dispensers [Pez is a fizzy sweet sold in a plastic dispenser]. There is no placebo study done.

That is not science. That is character assassination. I wear that Vaxxed II hat proudly because I am here to protect those victims.

If I can convince anybody to never get another vaccine until that five-year moratorium.

Why do I say five-year moratorium? It is going to take at least that to test the US vaccine schedule.

During that five years what are we going to find? Oh, wait a minute, people are healthy. People actually don’t develop food allergies. 50 per cent of our kids have asthma.

We are going to see this autism go away. And when it goes away, you will know what caused it.

[In Vaxxed II, the final part of the film looks at unvaccinated children and it is noticeable that there is no skin disease or eczema. Skin diseases including eczema have soared in the past 50 years. Unvaccinated children may also have better hearing in the sense that they are less sensitive to loud noises like alarms in fire drills.]

[A couple of small questions missed out.]

Brian Rose: ‘Science’ magazine says Dr Mikovits says wearing the mask literally reactivates your own virus. You are getting sick from your own coronavirus expressions. ‘Science’ says it is not clear what Mikovits means by ‘coronavirus expressions’.  There is no evidence that wearing a mask can activate viruses and make people sick. How do you reply?

Dr Mikovits: I said masks activate a lot of latent infections. Not just coronavirus infections. Again, they twist it. Yes, you activate those endogenous retroviruses, those eight per cent of your genome. By wearing a mask, if you got the flu vaccine, you are concentrating the influenza that is being shed right there. You are passing it to other people because the mask does not protect anything.

And the mask significantly depresses your CD4 T cells [CD4 is a technical term for a glycoprotein that on the surface of T cells, which are immune system cells], your memory immune responses. That is published literature. It is shown masks do not prevent transmission of influenza.

With coronaviruses, they are even smaller than influenza viruses, so they could go right through it. You are concentrating it. You are taking toxins in. You are stressing your immune system. Stress is powerfully immune suppressive. You wake up lots of viruses.

And coronaviruses are in every one of those vaccines, just as I showed you with that MMR slide: Birds, fish, horses, dogs.

I said the Italian flu vaccine was grown in dog kidney cells. That means it had coronaviruses of many strains. I did not say SARS-Cov-2 in that vaccine because there is no evidence. But, again, they will not do the proper testing and show anybody or you would see whether or not you woke up your own endogenous elements and it was not necessarily a coronavirus my statements [on masks] were directed to.

[That is the end of that extract, which deals with the substantial points raised about the current situation. There is more answer to criticism in the interview, but that covers events in 2011 and so is covered in her book. Nonetheless, for those inclined, here is the full two-hour interview:

3 June 2020 interview with Christina Aguayo

[This is a short excerpt from this interview that deals with the embarrassing withdrawal by ‘The Lancet’ of a study attacking hydroxychloroquine.]

Christina Aguayo: [People had been rioting without social distancing and case numbers were plummeting when this interview was conducted on 3 June.] People are questioning the validity of the mainstream reports. What is your take on all if this?

Dr Mikovits: The data are very clear right now. The infection rates are far lower than anyone thought. Certainly, the death rates are nothing like what was anticipated. Something like 0.04 per cent. This is nothing. This is not even close to a normal flu season in the US, where all causes is usually 80,000 deaths from all types of upper respiratory infection.

The US Supreme Court hearing [which prevented churches from opening] was incredibly disappointing. We were extremely disappointed that our religious and Constitutional freedoms are being denied to us.

We are being lied to at every level. The data are very clear. The data are coming from everywhere. This never was the infection the authorities predicted. Nothing should have been shut down.

Early April 17th, when the California, Santa Clara numbers for antibodies for immunity came out, clearly the infection came through this country a year earlier in than the authorities said it did. And people were recovered, not getting sick, clearing the virus and getting natural herd immunity, which is what is anticipated. Everything [to do with the lockdown] should have been ended then. Yet still we cannot go to church.

[The link to that study is provided higher up in this document. This is from a news report on that same study and says in simple terms what it found: “We found that there are many, many unidentified cases of people having Covid infection that were never identified with it with a virus test,” said Dr Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University and one of the paper’s authors. “It is consistent with findings from around the world that this disease, this epidemic is further along than we thought.”

[The study estimated that 2.49% to 4.16% of people in Santa Clara Country had been infected with SARS-Cov-2 by April 1. This represents between 48,000 and 81,000 people, which is 50 to 85 times what county officials recorded by that date: 956 confirmed cases.]

Christina Aguayo: I want to get into that a little bit later. But first I want to talk about Bill Gates, who recently came out and said that he is an expert on vaccines. He also said that he can cure Covid-19. Gates also partnered with Moderna, which is the company that is pushing this Covid-19 vaccine, which they want out by December. Dr Fauci himself developed and championed this vaccine. He had a major part in it.

But there is some major controversy brewing here. Because Robert F Kennedy Jnr just came out with this shocking alert that – contrary to the recent press release by Moderna saying that there was success with these clinical trials – Kennedy Jnr came out saying: No, there is not. There is 20 per cent of extremely healthy people that are in these trials that experience serious injury. We are talking hospitalisation. He also said that antibodies are being produced from this vaccine inside people that can trigger something else.

Explain to us exactly what is happening here. Why Gates and Fauci are pushing the vaccine so hard. And what could have happened if Kennedy Jnr had not brought this information to light?

Dr Mikovits: We are still struggling to bring this information to the light.

This is how they perpetrate fraud in other vaccine programs. They cover up the damage by calling it something else.

We are calling everything Covid-19 and in fact a lot of this is vaccine injury from last year and the year before’s flu vaccine. And these polio vaccines spreading these infections around.

A similar thing was done by Tony Fauci with the Remdesivir trials, which Del Bigtree exposed and showed people how – in the scientific literature – how you manipulate the numbers, how you cover up, how you add more people to the study and exclude the participants that are getting hurt by saying they had something else like another adverse event.

This is not the first time they have done it.

Yes, thank God for Robert Kennedy Jnr, Del Bigtree and the Informed Consent Action Network.

The published literature – all the way back to 2005, to the original SARS – the published literature in MERS vaccine development shows that a vaccine can be quite deadly, especially in a person who has already made an antibody.

All of those people – worldwide now – who have been exposed and who never got sick, whom they are calling ‘asymptomatic carriers’ – no, you do not carry a virus, you clear a coronavirus; retroviruses you carry – you clear a coronavirus with that antibody antigen complex so it binds.

You may test antibody negative, which is not necessarily a false negative at all – because when the antibody is complex to the antigen, it is cleared from the system.

That is why we make antibodies. 

What the data show is that if you already have an antibody to the coronavirus and you inject this RNA in a liposome that can get into every cell in the body – the blueprint, the RNA – and you have already got an antibody, you can turn on the fire. Something called antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity can actually kill you. It can actually cause you to have a heart attack because it is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

And there are other mechanisms [that can hurt people when they take a vaccine]. Not just that one.

These data have been clear in the coronaviruses associated. You know, the severe acute respiratory syndrome and MERS.

Clearly, we do not understand what is happening. But the last thing you would do is take any vaccine. The next wave of Covid-19 will happen if we get flu vaccines in this country or worldwide.

We have to not turn our eyes away.

In the meantime, the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Robert Redfield is standing there saying: ‘We cured influenza this year by our methods of lockdown and social distancing.’ 

No, you did not. You just did not test for influenza.

You called everybody Covid-19 when maybe they died of the flu vaccine that should not have been injected into the elderly, causing all the upper respiratory infection and the symptoms.

They are covering all of this up.

This is what we have to say: ‘No, no, no.’ 

Not just ‘no’ to the coronavirus vaccine. ‘No’ to a flu vaccine. The signs are still on our grocery store doors: ‘Free flu vaccines here.’ Well, they are not free. They are driving these pandemics.

The data are clear – and have been for decades – that these flu vaccines, not only are they not preventing transmission of different kinds of upper respiratory infections, they are carrying contaminants, they are carrying coronaviruses, they are carrying retroviruses and deadly viruses. They are driving these deaths and the disease.

Christina Aguayo: Robert Redfield, Tony Fauci, Deborah Birx. They are all pushing for this vaccine for the second round of predicted coronavirus that is supposed to hit in the Fall. But you are saying that the vaccines will lead to more sickness, more death. It will drive the pandemic itself. Do they know this? Why would they urge this?

Dr Mikovits: The flu vaccine – just as it drove the first wave of Covid-19 – just as the flu vaccine is driving this clearly in Italy, clearly here in the US, it will drive the second wave. The authorities will say people were let out too early and were not doing social distancing. They will say: ‘Now we have to shut everybody down.’

Yes, they absolutely know it. It has been the plan since the beginning.

Yes, the 2017-18 study done on the US military by Dr Greg Wolff [Journal: ‘Vaccine’ January 2020. Title: Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory Virus Interference Among Department of Defense Personnel During the 2017-2018 Influenza Season

Also 10 October 2019    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31607599/

That publication shows very clearly in a large group of military people inoculated with the influenza vaccines in 2017-18 were 36 per cent more likely to get coronaviruses. We are driving it through our military. We are driving it through our first responders. 

We are spreading it as the masks do not prevent either influenza viruses or coronaviruses from going through them and you amplify the factory. You suppress your immune system and you will spread the disease with that vaccine. Yes, they absolutely know it. That is why this is a plague of corruption.

Christina Aguayo: Why would they know that this is going to happen and do it anyway? Why would any medical professional do that?

Dr Mikovits: Number one, Bill Gates is not a medical professional. He has another agenda, which he has had for years, for depopulation. There are countries that will not let him in because he sterilised people knowingly with vaccine programs that he has funded and driven.

This is another power grab to take away our rights and force us all into this universal so-called healthcare, the basis of which is the vaccination program.

It has accelerated ageing. It has accelerated death.

We have the therapies, as we have mentioned in previous shows. Not only hydroxychloroquine, but Type 1 interferon. Products I have helped to develop out of natural products called anustat. The therapies are all there.

The only thing you can assume is that by holding people hostage – extortion – ‘you do not get your life back if you do not get that vaccine’. Well, we all have to stand up to that extortion and say ‘no thank you’ because otherwise we will have lost. We will lose all of humanity.

The first people to die will be the vaccine injured. Those 50 million Americans that we identified in 2011. Six per cent of our country are carriers of contagious cancer-causing viruses. They knew in 2012. Tony Fauci was at the heart of stopping it [stopping the uncovering of the problem]. I think Covid-19 is covering up that injury.

If those victims of previous vaccine injuries are forced to be vaccinated with any vaccines, they will be the first to die. They will be buried as Covid-19 and the authorities will have covered up forever what for 30 years Tony Fauci has been knowingly doing.

As our work proved in 2011-2012, clearly the blood supply had been contaminated for 30 years with mouse viruses that were transmitted to humans by way of that contaminated blood supply and vaccines.

Polio vaccines. MMR vaccines. Hepatitis vaccines. Influenza vaccines. Lots and lots of retroviruses. Cancer-causing contagious viruses in people. AIDS.

Christina Aguayo: Everything that you have discovered and you have learned, this can be used for coronavirus now. For Covid-19.

Dr Mikovits: Absolutely, because Covid-19, the XMRVs, these retroviruses and waking up those viruses – they are driving the disease. We need to keep the viruses silent. This is what I am saying. We absolutely need to keep them dormant. We need to strengthen the immune system. Go out in the sunshine. Take Vitamin C. Take prophylactic exposure mechanisms. Not vaccines. You do not turn on the fire. You do not throw gasoline on the fire.

Christina Aguayo: Hydroxychloroquine has been in the headlines since the start of coronavirus for one reason or another. Now studies are being published like the one in The Lancet that are saying hydroxychloroquine is actually harmful to Covid-19 patients.

Because of this publication in The Lancet, the World Health Organization has now stopped all clinical trials for hydroxychloroquine all over the world, even though people have credited the drug with saving their lives. Scientists are questioning the data set used in the publication. What is going on here? Who should people believe? What should people believe?

[There was a study published in ‘The Lancet’, which is the UK version of ‘Science’ in the sense that it is the highest-profile publication. In fact, a few days after this interview, ‘The Lancet’ was forced to publish a retraction. However, by then, the damage had been done and clinical trials had been halted. This was a hatchet job on a drug that makes no money.]

Dr Mikovits: The discussion in both our books, Plague and Plague of Corruption, clearly shows that the scientific journals are perpetrating fraud.

They are telling people what to think. The data do not say what they are saying. Just as in our 2012 US journal ‘mBio’ publication, where Ian Lipkin said – and it was written in the abstract ‘there is no evidence of XMRVs’.

In fact, if you look at Table 3 in the study, it is clear XMRV is in 6 per cent of the population. That is a lot of people that are affected, whether they are healthy or in the disease group, it does not matter. That is still 40-50 million Americans at 6 per cent in 2011.

I have not reviewed The Lancet paper on hydroxychloroquine in detail, but I have seen others who have reviewed it in detail and, yes, data were taken out of the paper that support another conclusion. Or the conclusions of the authors of the data – what the data say – were covered up by what the editors say. The editors say hydroxychloroquine is dangerous. Who is using it and when? Just like I mention with the HIV. The highly active anti-retroviral therapy.

If you use hydroxychloroquine pre-exposure – or, more importantly, before symptoms develop.  And you use it low dose and you use it with the zinc and you use it appropriately in the person before they are symptomatic, before the viruses have spread and other things are going on [meaning co-infections], then they are useful.

It is in the authorities’ interest to stop this because then they can promote their vaccines. Then they can say: ‘Oh, this is killing people.’

That is exactly what they did with the AIDS drugs in the 1980s. 

‘Oh, those dangerous azidothymidine drugs. Don’t take those for AIDS.’ No. If you use these drugs properly, if you use them low dose. If you use them pre-exposure or prophylactically, that is what is key.

If you use drugs in the wrong patients or in the wrong doses, you can make the data say anything you want. That is exactly what it appears that the editors of The Lancet did in this study on hydroxychloroquine.

The editors of the ‘British Medical Journal’ and ‘The Lancet’ are part of those that perpetrated the fraud, along with the US journal ‘Science’. These are the ‘Nature’-style journals in the UK [by which she means top-profile journals in the UK that have the same prestige as ‘Nature’ in the US that mislead people all the time and spread fake science]. This is a worldwide plague of corruption and cover-up.

What is being published and funded is people that will take all kinds of money to say whatever you want.

They will use statistics, as Ian Lipkin did in that fraudulent 2012 study. Wipe away the association.

Exactly as was done in the MMR studies back in 2001 when MMR was clearly associated with autism in the most susceptible. They take away and exclude those patients from the study to get a totally different answer.

This is what the fraud is. When you clearly look at the data – and it is not covered up in statistics – and all the data are shown: all the ages, all the co-morbidities [we can see the true picture].

We have no idea of who was given this drug hydroxychloroquine. They stopped clinical trials worldwide based on this publication in The Lancet.

They needed to stop the use of hydroxychloroquine worldwide because it was going to stop the spread of the virus if they used hydroxychloroquine appropriately.  It would have proven we did not need to shut down the countries and that we do not need to wait for the vaccines and kill the populations.

[Covid-19 does not appear to be a lung disease. It appears to be more of a blood disease. Coupling that with increased electromagnetic fields from 5iveG could help to release iron from the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is what carries oxygen around the body.

[If the patient does not have iron, they cannot carry oxygen.

[This SARS-Cov-2 virus seems to somehow carve the iron away from the hemoglobin. This may have to do with some of the surface proteins on the SARS-Cov-2 virus that are similar to the surface proteins of malaria parasites.

[This would make sense as to why one of the several mechanisms of hydroxychloroquine seem to work. 

[Hydroxychloroquine works for malaria because there is a surface protein that helps the malaria parasite carve the iron away from the hemoglobin and carve iron out in other parts of the body.

[The malaria parasite eats iron for food. When there is iron, the parasite can survive.

[There is an enzyme that is part of that parasite that helps it carve out that iron for food. Hydroxychloroquine immobilises that enzyme so it stops it from being able to eat. That is part of how it dies off.

[There are some elements of that in the form of ORF proteins (open reading form proteins – just a technical term) on the surface of the SARS-Cov-2 virus that are similar.

[This appears to be one of several mechanisms of action on how hydroxychloroquine works.

[Covid-19 patients who received fresh blood from a blood transfusion recovered. The use of ventilators was ventilator mismanagement.

[The studies that were critical of hydroxychloroquine were rigged in the sense that they looked at only a 24 hour period in patients who were already extremely sick and on the point of dying. Hydroxychloroquine is not supposed to be administered at that late stage.

[It can be used as a preventive treatment or treatment early in illness in combination with zinc.

[Iron is very acidic and toxic. The ferritin leaves the cells to bind to the iron to neutralise it.

[Rather than testing for SARS-Cov-2, a better test would be to see if someone is weak. This would mean testing their Vitamin D and iron levels.

[A Vitamin D level at 80-100 is a good level.

[This would be what you would expect to find in a person vulnerable to developing Covid-19: Low vitamin D. High ferritin levels. High iron levels.

[Elsewhere, Dr Andreas Kalcker has produced a double-blind placebo controlled study and he has almost 1,000 people cured with chlorine dioxide. And he is bringing people back from death’s door.

[Dr Andreas Kalcker is so disliked by mainstream media, they forced the removal of his book from Amazon. He remains hugely popular with his patients. The dose of chlorine dioxide, which is in fact used in mineral water, is minimal. His works should be read before they can be understood. To be clear: it does not involve ‘drinking bleach’. That is the mainstream media narrative used when his work is smeared.]

Christina Aguayo: If I am hearing you correctly, we have three things at the root of this.
You talk about the masks, the flu vaccine, the demonization of these drugs that work in the right doses. This all boils down to money, cover-up and population control. Is that right?

Dr Mikovits: Yes, money, cover-up and either population control or to simply have patients who are clients for life of the pharmaceutical industry owing to the diseases that you created with the injections knowingly. 

You inject these pathogens that people would never have been exposed to otherwise.

The authorities implement these measures preventing people using these prophylactic preventive measures and spread the disease around the world.

Dr Corsi DEEP DIVE Interview 06-12-20 Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Karladine Graves Expose Fauci/VaccineGate


DR MIKOVITS: It is clear now that SARS-Cov-2 does not cause Covid-19.

We see data now from Dr Vladimir Zelenko’s work in New York. Use an antibiotic. Use Azithromycin along with hydroxychloroquine and zinc. Because it is the co-factors. It is the bacterial infections and other things going on that drive the flame, the inflammation. The immune system going out of control. Calm everything down.

Do not throw gasoline on a fire. We know that the influenza vaccines were driving the infection and the disease because they were turning the flame up. That is what a vaccine is intended to do.

You do not give somebody three other upper respiratory tract infections from another RNA virus if you want to prevent the disease development from an upper respiratory infection of another RNA virus family. You do not do that.

A comparison exists between HIV versus AIDS and SARS-Cov-2 versus Covid-19. HIV is the infection. AIDS is the disease.

The idea is not to wake the HIV virus up if the immune system has it under control.

Strengthen the immune system. Make sure no other infections are there.

Make sure you are not exposed to bacterial infections.

Vaccines do not necessarily prevent disease. They are giving you an infection so that your immune system remembers the infection. They do not prevent transmission. They are supposed to prevent you from getting disease.

However, you do not infect somebody with something else if you do not want to wake up another infection.

The two of them can synergise to cause a far more dangerous disease. It is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

In HIV AIDS and in SARS-Cov-2 Covid-19, the infection is not the disease. The disease is in fact the immune dysregulation.

Is it the infectious agent? Or the response to the infectious agent?

That is the key question.

30 mins
DR MIKOVITS: There is no such thing as an ‘asymptomatic’ carrier of SARS-Cov-2. Coronaviruses are not in your cells forever. You clear it with your immune response. That is what an antibody antigen complex is. Out of the body: in the urine, in the faeces. All the studies say that.

46 mins
DR MIKOVITS: To avoid Covid-20 or ‘the second wave’ two things have to happen. No mask. No vaccine of any kind. No vaccine. It will drive the inflammation. Flu vaccines are loaded with coronaviruses. The worst flu vaccine was the one they used in Italy in 2019 [in relation to driving Covid-19].

That is the vaccine that is being proposed is used in the US this year [2020]. The flu vaccine used in Italy had an H1N1 strain in it. This is one of the most dangerous, toxic strains of influenza we have seen. And this drove a lot of deaths in Italy [connected to Covid-19]. It was given to the most compromised: the elderly.

I argue that the deaths we have seen from Covid-19 were vaccine-driven deaths. Of course, nobody will let us look. I say this with confidence because I have acted as an expert witness in the US vaccine court. I was an expert witness on cases of at least four deaths of the elderly within weeks of receiving the flu vaccine. Those cases were about the 2015 vaccine.

No vaccines ever again until they have all been safety tested. Not one.

The data are clear. The flu vaccines are driving the fire of the infection into disease. The infection is not the disease. We have preventive strategies. We have treatment strategies. We can keep those people well.

But the first thing you do not do is drive the virus transmission and disease development with the mask and with the vaccine.

54 mins
DR MIKOVITS: Nobody has ever shown me any evidence anybody ever died from SARS-Cov-2. You do not die with an infection. You die from an infection.

There is no evidence that SARS-Cov-2, by itself, killed anybody.

If you get a vaccine and wear a mask, you will test positive. You will raise your temperature. You will activate those coronaviruses you have already been injected with from whatever vaccines you already have in you. Those vaccines are made in cow blood, pig blood, dog blood, monkey blood. All of those animals have coronaviruses. Flu. Bird flu. Remember bird flu?

All those animals have these things and they all cause upper respiratory infection. So you will test positive.

The testing is meaningless. And that is why they control the testing.

This is the first ‘disease’ where the authorities say: ‘You have a piece of RNA, which means you are diseased.’

No. You are a healthy person. A healthy person does not spread disease.

57 mins
DR MIKOVITS: 50 per cent of our kids have asthma in the US [most of it from the vaccines]. You cannot breathe if you have asthma. Are you going to inject those kids with an upper respiratory infection? With a flu vaccine? You are going to kill them.

The vaccinated people are making people sick. They shed the virus through the mask. The mask creates a virus factory.

If you get the flu vaccine and wear a mask, you will kill yourself. 

If you received the flu vaccine, you were injected with three or four live influenza viruses. Then you wore a mask and suppressed the memory immune response you needed, the CD4 T cells that you need to fight that infection. And you are shedding it. And coughing it right through the mask.

So you think you are protected by that mask. And those people that got that flu vaccine. In fact, those are the people spreading the flu and the coronavirus. That is what the data show.

The vaccine is not a prevention. The vaccinated people are spreading the disease. 

Brannon Howse interviewing Dr. Judy Mikovits
7 May 2020

37 minutes

The study that looked at flu vaccine effects on the US military was carried out in 2017-2018
The study was published by Greg Wolff 10 October 2019

It showed that influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses. 
The conclusion of that study was that vaccine-derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus.

Being given yet another vaccine in your life increases the risk, because your immune system is taken off in a different direction.  You increase the risk of getting a different kind of upper respiratory infection.

The conclusion of that study is that receiving an influenza vaccine significantly associated with a coronavirus infection increased the risk of infection, and increased the risk of infection from a virus known as human metapneumovirus, which is another kind of RNA virus.

Yet we are told to get these vaccinations. Those at the most risk of dying are still being told by the US authorities to get these influenza vaccines knowing it will cause the outbreaks.

This is infection by injection. The infection of SARS-Cov-2 has much less to do with human to human contact and people not wearing masks and much more to do with injection.

SARS-Cov-2 is certainly contagious. SARS-Cov-2 certainly can be transferred from human to human. The simple fact is most people have not been exposed in a person to person way.

43 mins 

INTERVIEWER: Is this like the normal flu? Is it more contagious or less contagious?

DR MIKOVITS: By itself, the virus SARS-Cov-2 causes little more than a mild flu, an upper respiratory infection.

There is clear evidence of this from all of the data.

Some people are immune. You will hear about asymptomatic carriers.

Only the elderly and those with significant co-morbidities like chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders are vulnerable.

Essentially, nobody has shown me evidence that this virus, by itself, has killed anyone.

And yet the disease called Covid-19 is said to be associated with all kinds of clinical symptoms that have nothing to do with a coronavirus infection. This suggests there are other environmental toxins and other viruses in play, which have been transmitted into people through vaccines, that are really associated with what Covid-19 is. 

By and large, the hospitals around the world seem to have been told to diagnose Covid-19 for anyone who walks into a hospital. We do not hear about influenza any more. Where did the flu go?

The people who are dying with the rare cases of genuine Covid-19 are the people who years earlier would have died of vaccine injuries. The flu vaccine kills many elderly every year. I know this from acting as an expert witness in the US vaccine court.

The elderly can die from these flu vaccines. Put simply, they cannot handle them. They do not have the detox ability and other drug interactions.


YouTube search title:
Dr. JUDY MIKOVITS (Part 1) ~ “Truth, Secrets And Lies & Plague Of Corruption” [Age Of Truth TV]

19.30 mins

Dr Mikovits: This coronavirus was grown in Vero monkey kidney cells and spread around the world. The flu vaccines are driving this.

The flu vaccines are contaminated with other viruses. Other coronaviruses and other retroviruses. Other bird retroviruses.

So some of the clinical disease we are seeing now, that is the big: ‘No, no, no. Coronavirus do not do that.’

Coronaviruses are not associated with profound fatigue and pain. Doesn’t that sound like the gamma retroviruses?

These are associated with heart disease and heart attacks.

22 mins

Interviewer: Journalist Jon Rappoport talks about fake pandemics going back in history. Dr Andrew Kaufman says and Dr Thomas Cowan have talked about the fact that it could be mistaken for exosomes.

Can you say SARS-Cov-2 has been isolated and seen properly through a sophisticated microscope? Do we have evidence that Covid-19 exists? 

Dr Mikovits: Covid-19 means the disease associated with the virus. I think it is pretty clear the virus SARS-Cov-2 satisfies none of Koch’s postulates, meaning everybody with the infection gets the disease. SARS-Cov-2 has not been isolated and shown to be infectious and transmissible the way we did in our 2009 study on XMRVs. You take it out of one sick person. Isolate it. Purify it.

And then inject it or expose it to another sick person. Or an animal. And get the same disease.

This kind of work has been done with HIV and XMRVs.

That work has not been done with SARS-Cov-2.

Interviewer: Would you say that it is fake? That it is not real?

Dr Mikovits: No. I think it is real. I think they grew that virus in the Vero monkey kidney cells. But I think there is more than one virus there. I am sure there are a few viruses there.

But the work to show the disease association has not been done. 

What is fake about the whole thing? I do not think 1,000 people around the world would test positive in terms of actually isolating the virus from their body.

Interviewer: Can they test for this virus with the PCR test?

Dr Mikovits: The real time polymerase chain reaction is not the appropriate test. This involves scraping a few cells from the throat. And those epithelial cells that might be infected in your throat contain RNA. But that is not the virus. That is just the blue print of a virus.

A real time polymerase chain reaction does not sequence the whole virus. It just finds what we call small pieces of what we call conserved region. Maybe not even 10 per cent of the actual viral blueprint.

We do not know that it is actually SARS-Cov-2 versus another coronavirus closely related in cross talk.

You amplify that RNA a million times in order to see it.

It is at the plateau region that the test has been qualified, where there is an awful lot of amplifying of what Dr Andy Kaufman calls, appropriately, ‘the noise’.

The electron micrographs that have been shown in pictures are not the SARS-Cov-2 virus, clearly.

Interviewer: So was it made in Photoshop? Is it not real?

Dr Mikovits: I am not going to say it is PhotoShop. We do not have to go there.

Interviewer: But we have not isolated the virus.

Dr Mikovits: I have not seen a good electron micrograph. 

I have not seen the isolation and then go and take and infect another susceptible being and then show that virus, with that characteristic, budding out of the cells.

Clearly those pictures from those two publications that I have seen and that Dr Andrew Kaufman discussed are not budding coronaviruses.

26 mins

Interviewer: When people are testing positive, what are they testing for?

Dr Mikovits: We do not know what they are testing for.

We are not allowed to see the tests. We are not allowed to see what they are testing.

We know they are testing 80 per cent false positive. All you have got is a piece of RNA from a coronavirus. That is all that you know is that it is a piece. 

That is not infectious and transmissible. That is not something that you are going to infect somebody with.

They will not use the appropriate serology testing. In Sweden and South Korea they did the appropriate serology testing that says: ‘Wait a minute, we already have antibodies [in the form of] IgG.’

Dr Mikovits: We already have a past infection of a coronavirus that looks like this so we are actually immune. 

Interviewer: So it could be activating exosomes in the body. We all have exosomes in the body. Caused by stress? Or what?

Dr Mikovits: Yes. AIDS patients and cancer patients. People who are sick make a lot of exosomes to communicate between cells everything that is going on.

46 mins

Interviewer: In Italy, doctors went against the orders of the World Health Organization and did autopsies on the dead coronavirus patients. They found no virus of any kind. They said it was a bacteria that caused thrombosis. What are your thoughts on that?

Dr Mikovits: Well, I don’t know if it’s true but we have had similar things where pharmacologists and toxicologists here say clearly it is not one thing.

It is not a bacteria. It is not a virus. It could be aluminum. It could be toxins.

But, yes, pathogens rarely travel alone. Clearly, people are not dying from a coronavirus.
There is no question. This is not what coronaviruses do.

Yes, bacteria will be involved. Borrelia. These cell cultures [used to make vaccines] have a whole lot more than just viruses in them. 

These are animals. These are monkeys. These have mycoplasma. They have mold. They have all kinds of bacteria.

We know that Ivermectin, which is an anti-parasitic drug, is also very effective in treating Covid-19.

That alone tells you it is not a virus [on its own]. Ivermectin is an anti-fungal and anti-parasitic drug.

And so the therapies that are working [to treat Covid-19] tell you it is not a coronavirus.

49 mins

Dr Mikovits: Many people die every year from co-morbidities. Everything [this year] is being called Covid-19.

Every year we have influenza deaths from the influenza vaccine.

The flu vaccine that was used in Northern Italy in January of 2019 was used on those that were most at risk was grown in dog cells, which have lots of coronaviruses. 

And they had four influenza viruses, including the deadly H1N1.

The vaccines are driving the pandemic. People are dying from the vaccines, the contaminants, the 5iveG and everything else. And they are calling everything

[in terms of illness]

a coronavirus. 

Interviewer: You mean January 2020? [In relation the flu vaccine in Italy.]

Dr Mikovits: No. I mean January 2020. Before Covid-19.

52 mins

Interviewer: Is there any connection between the virus, the vaccine and 5iveG or EMF radiation.

Dr Mikovits: The connection is where that frequency of 5iveG separates hemoglobin from iron.

When iron gets into the blood in the form of ferritin above a certain level, it causes the same cytokine storm, the same inflammatory immune response that the virus does. They would synergize if you were infected.

And certainly the influenza vaccines, even if they were not contaminated – which they are – those cause the same flame. It is like throwing gasoline on a fire.

Whereas you would not get sick at all. We know most people without co-morbidities do not even know. The virus is clear. A healthy immune response. You would not get sick at all.

You would get sick if you got the vaccine or were exposed to 5iveG and that ferritin level got high enough in your blood.

And that would be the people that were infected – those 50 million Americans and other people around the world – that are carriers of the XMRVs.

I am going to keep saying it. Covid-19 is a cover-up of the XMRVs and all the contaminants and all the vaccine injury.


The Case Against Masks And The Fake Science And Political Agenda Driving The Mandatory Orders

Brannon Howse interviews Dr Mikovtis 21 July 2020


24 mins

DR MIKOVITS: In Florida last week, the authorities reported 99 per cent positive in this new uptick from the US CDC. In fact, it actually turned out to be 9 per cent positive. They got the decimal point wrong. The numbers are actually going down.

[News report: “Orlando Health’s positivity rate is only 9.4 per cent, not 98 per cent as in the report.”


Number in Texas. H1N1, 7 per cent 7,000 cases. Less than 1,000 cases in the whole state of Texas of true SARS-Cov-2, by which I mean quantified and shown in a double test: a PCR test, swab test and a blood antibody test. Confirmation with a protein. This is never [usually] done in any of these tests.

And now the authorities say: ‘The antibodies are waning.’ 

The ‘antibodies are waning’? This is then used as a bogus argument to keep compromising your freedoms and propagandise that we have to have a vaccine.

25 mins

INTERVIEWER: When people get the coronavirus, it is said that many people are dying.

But people are dying with the coronavirus, not from the coronavirus.

There are some people who have developed coronavirus and it went into being a respiratory issue, and then it turned into pneumonia and they died.

Did they die from the coronavirus or did the coronavirus compromise their health and create something like pneumonia and then they die from pneumonia?

DR MIKVOVITS: That is correct. But we should not say coronavirus.

There are many coronaviruses. The tests are not specific. 

Every flu vaccine given in the recent round in the US has several coronaviruses from chicken eggs.

The flu vaccine that was given out in Italy in 2019 was grown in dog cells. Dogs have many coronaviruses.

The tests do not test specifically for SARS-Cov-2.

Those infections can cause reactive airway disease that can be severe enough to kill somebody.

But it will be tissue disease and injury from other co-infections. Or 5iveG, for instance. Or glyphosate toxicity. Or other infections – co-morbidities they are called. Metabolic syndrome. Existing lung disease. It does not take much.

We are wasting the summer by wearing masks, which drives the infections of viruses and makes people immune compromised. We are preventing herd immunity.

We are causing the next wave of any coronavirus or any upper respiratory infection.

We are opening the door for an H1N1 influenza in the winter.

This SARS-Cov-2 was not more deadly than your average influenza flu season. It was not more deadly.

But next season, something more deadly can hit us because of all the damage we have done by taking measures to compromise our immune systems and make ourselves more susceptible.

Over the long term, wearing masks and breathing in the wrong level of carbon dioxide is damaging.

32 mins

INTERVIEWER:  How does SARS-Cov-2 spread?

DR MIKVOVITS: It is my opinion, and the data supports this, SARS-Cov-2 spreads from within. You activate latent and quiescent infections. If you wear a mask, you immune suppress yourself. If you wear a mask, you deplete yourself of oxygen.

Flu vaccinations make you more susceptible to a coronavirus infection.

If you inject live, attenuated influenza along with several coronaviruses mixed in there somewhere, you are spreading that virus. You are shedding those viruses to other people. 

I say that coronaviruses are spreading via injection and compromised immunity because of the mask and much less so by person to person contact. The data show very clearly that this is not spreading by person to person contact as the primary mode of transmission.

If you talk normally to someone, you are not producing droplets. If you are wearing a mask it can become moist. You can concentrate viral droplets and viral particles in your mask. Your mouth becomes an incubator.

They are going to go right through the mask. You concentrate a human environment. That mask becomes wet. They are becoming concentrated. 

35 mins

INTERVIEWER: Bill Gates is on record for saying we need to control world population and the way to do that is with vaccines. What is Tony Fauci’s association with Bill Gates? And what are the options for controlling world population with vaccines? Murder? Sterilization? Both? Are the contaminants you speak of a threat in this regard of killing or sterilizing those who are injected? Are they intentional? What are the biggest dangers with Covid vaccines?

DR MIKVOVITS: Before you even get to a Covid-19 vaccine, every single vaccine on the US schedule is loaded with toxins such as aborted fetal tissue and the endogenous viruses carried in that sort of material: animal viruses, which would include coronaviruses, influenza viruses and contagious cancer-causing retroviruses.

A SARS-Cov-2 vaccine would involve injecting mRNA. We have never had a successful vaccine that did anything other than increase the pathology in any of the vaccine development for SARS or MERS.

Having never accomplished this before now, we are miraculously told that there is going to be a vaccine against the common cold – or the family of viruses that cause the common cold.

It is going to cause death. This is what happens with the flu vaccines every year. The flu vaccines cause many deaths every year. I have acted as an expert witness in those fatal cases in the US vaccine court.

INTERVIEWER:  Tony Fauci seems to have a conflict of interest. What do you say?

DR MIKVOVITS: In Georgetown University in 2017, Fauci predicted a pandemic in this presidency.

He predicted zika, ebola of 2014, H1N1, bird flu, all the way back to swine flu in 1976, where there were one or two infections in the whole world and yet the vaccine for swine flu in 1976 injured hundreds of thousands and killed many.

The difference between then and now is that we had a more honest media that reported the facts as actual facts. And talked to the injured and the families of the dead.

Now they are covered up and called Covid-19. Nobody is allowed in the room to see the damage that is being covered up. It is portrayed on the media to create mass hysteria.

There is clearly an agenda. There is clearly a huge conflict of interest.

They stand to gain billions just as they have over the past three decades.



30 mins

DR MIKVOVITS: In the process of vaccine manufacture, mouse retroviruses (the XMRVs) were combining with all sorts of pathogens including borrelia and Lyme factors. They carry each other in the vats where the vaccines are made and are not purified. We have no idea what we are injecting. Or what the next strain will be. Nobody has any idea what is in these witches’ brews.

42 mins

The US should never have been closed. Opening up the country is critical because 99.97 per cent of the people infected clear the virus. They are healthy and have developed an immune response. That is to say, they are immune.

A natural herd immunity has occurred in many parts of our country.

Those that were sick we could give a natural immune boosting exposure by outing the 99.97 per cent of healthy people back to work who are immune and who are not sick.

45 mins

PETER BREGGIN: In mid-January, my wife and I, Ginger, got very ill with an upper respiratory infection. We both have some degree of asthma. Under the guidance of our asthma doctor, we had to take double our recommended doses to try to keep ourselves breathing.

We were the sickest we have ever been in or lives. Classically, for the current coronavirus, Ginger lost her sense of smell and taste. The coughs were dry. This just kept going on and on. I think it took us until very recently to recover.

As we began to recover, despite our usual skepticism about the flu vaccine, we decided to get the flu vaccine. We have never done this before.

Fortunately, Ginger was skeptical and did not want the flu vaccine for the old folks [these are the strongest versions]. Even the pharmacist was sceptical about such a potent flu vaccine.

Having been injected with the flu vaccine, we both got very sick within days again. Ginger was so sick that I had to use a wheelchair to bring her into the ER.

We were both diagnosed with Type A of the flu virus. We tested negative in the blood antibody test for coronavirus. This surprised us.

Can you comment on this?

DR MIKVOVITS: This is the most important comment I have for today. The US government is telling people to get flu vaccines in the summer to prevent a second wave of SARS-Cov-2.

If people get these flu vaccines, we will see a second wave in the US. The flu vaccines are a live, attenuated virus that is grown in animal cells that have coronaviruses in them.

The Type A flu virus that you got is the vaccine strain. 

You had already had an infection that probably had a coronavirus component.

By taking a vaccine, you severely inflamed yourself with the same inflammatory signature of disease. 

The Type A strain took hold and you would be shedding that Type A flu virus, which can be spread and make other people sick. You can shed coronaviruses as well that could pass to other people in water droplets. 

If you were to have worn a mask for more than 5-10 minutes, you would have suppressed your adaptive immune response. These are your CD 4 T-cells. It is the immune response [that is important]. It is not the pathogen.

It does such damage to your lungs that if you had worn a mask, you would create a virus factory in your mouth. You would re-inhale and put yourself under oxidative stress.

Wearing a mask gives people a false sense that they are helping people. They are hurting themselves. They are hurting other people because they now have a virus factory in their mouths.

49 mins

DR MIKVOVITS: Healthy people are not coughing this. You have to cough up big droplets in order that the cells carrying the coronavirus can travel out. It cannot go through the air six feet.

When a coronavirus dries out, it breaks up and it is dead.

If somebody expressing a coronavirus coughed in somebody else’s face and three virus particles were breathed in by the recipient, if that person was not immune suppressed, and was healthy and had been exposed previously, they would instantly make an immune response and clear the virus. It would never take hold. Their own Type 1 interferon would be activated.

I think we already have herd immunity.

In terms of natural treatments and preventions for SARS-Cov-2, think about Type 1 interferon, Reishi mushrooms, Lion’s mane mushrooms, vitamin C, hot lemon water. The steam from hot lemon will kill the virus in your nasal passages.

You never want to inject anything into your blood. It is too much. The cytokine storm it creates is too high.

54 mins

The authorities tell people that the measles vaccine has saved millions of lives. The data does not support this. The measles situation improved with clean sanitation. It is not a measles vaccine. It is an MMR vaccine.

The measles naturally goes away when natural herd immunity is developed. Measles still circulates every year. I will never get it again because I have lifelong immunity owing to a natural infection. The fact that we have to keep giving these vaccines proves they do not work. It proves the vaccines do not provide lifelong immunity.

Something like SARS-Cov-2 is relatively innocuous. Let healthy people get infected with it. Protect the elderly.

Protecting the elderly is what natural infections years before used to do. Get that natural infection, of whatever virus, when you are not in the most ‘at risk’ group.

The failure of the measles vaccine has caused the very young and the very old to be very susceptible because they do not have immunity. Worse yet, they do not make antibodies.



26 mins

INTERVIEWER: Let us consider the 2015 article in ‘Nature’ journal entitled ‘Engineered Bat Virus Stirs Debate Over Risky Research’. The virus in this ‘Nature’ 2015 study is an unnatural progenitor to SARS-Cov-2. SARS-Cov-2 is itself unnatural.

In the version of the coronavirus developed in this gain of function study, the old mice died and the young mice lived (the link to this is provided at the bottom of this document).

DR MIKVOITS: The gain of function is not only does SARS-Cov-2 infect lung epithelial cells but you infect white blood cells. CD4 T-cells, monocytes, macrophages and dendritic cells.

You gain the function that you can expand the disease range in an infected person.

And that is clearly what we are seeing in Covid-19. This is not a simple upper respiratory infection. This is something much more serious because of the ability of these novel strains to infect human cells [white blood cells] that coronaviruses do not normally infect.

It is not a single agent causing the disease. There are opportunistic infections that occur in the vulnerable.

48 mins

DR MIKOVITS: If someone tests positive for SARS-Cov-2 with an antibody test, they are immune. They are not cases of infection [which is what the authorities and media are describing them as]. 

Healthy people walking around who have had an exposure to a virus are not a disease spreader.

There is no such thing as an asymptomatic carrier of SARS-Cov-2 or of Covid-19.

You are not an asymptomatic carrier. You are immune. Or you are recovered and can make neutralising and other antibodies that can help to protect the vulnerable.

[The World Health Organization in June 2020 via Dr Maria Van Kerkhove, Technical Lead Covid-19 said: “It still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits onwards.” The WHO retracted this the next day.]

It is not a single agent causing the disease. There are opportunistic infections that occur in the vulnerable.

Measles goes through dry air. But SARS-Cov-2 does not.

I do not believe in social distancing. If you are sick with a coronavirus and coughing and spluttering, 3 feet is enough to keep your distance.

If you are not coughing and spluttering, you cannot be spreading anything to do with coronavirus. You could spread measles that way because measles travels through air.

In my hard-to-read book ‘Plague’ we described how, with droplets, large numbers of people can get sick. For example, at a wedding, where people are sharing food and drink. And orchestras, where people playing brass instruments are producing lots of water droplets. Some viruses live in fluid. If you are sharing drink, liquid or kissing and things like that, yes, you can spread a virus.

[Again, susceptibility would be important if you picked up someone else’s saliva.]

Dr Mikovits on cancer as infectious disease

INTERVIEWER: We will just cover a tiny part of your background before we begin.

Early in her career, at the National Cancer Institute, Dr Mikovits developed purification methods for interferon alpha used in the first immune therapy treatment for hairy cell leukemia in 1986.

In 1986-87, she developed production methods to ensure biological materials made using human blood products were free of contamination from HIV1.

Her PhD thesis changed the paradigm for the therapeutic treatment of HIV.

Her pioneering work during a 20-year career at the National Cancer Institute includes the discovery of the modulation of DNA methylation machinery by human retroviral infection and the development of the concept of inflammatory cytokines and chemokine signatures of infection and disease. These things are still a standard of care 25 years later.

In 2009, Dr Mikovits and Dr Frank Ruscetti’s laboratories isolated, for the first time, a new family of human retroviruses, then identified as XMRVs.

In 2012, it was found that XMRV was a contaminant of the Silverman laboratory and the XMRVs isolated were a new human exogenous and transmissible retrovirus family, which are strongly associated with neuro-immune diseases and cancer.


INTERVIEWER: Can you start by telling us what a retrovirus is?

DR MIKOVITS: A retrovirus is an RNA virus. Their genome is RNA. The ‘retro’ means they write their genome backwards, making the RNA into DNA.

They have an enzyme called integrase, which acts like a pair of scissors. It cuts open your DNA and inserts the retroviral DNA in a form called a provirus into your genomic DNA. 

This retrovirus, in the form of this provirus, is expressed and transcribed whenever your DNA is replicated. Depending on where the provirus goes, it is replicated and transcribed.

Retroviruses make up 8 per cent of our DNA. Eight per cent of our DNA is ancestral retroviral DNA that is passed down from parents, grandparents and beyond.

Think of retroviruses almost like scars from hostile encounters with hostile viruses in the past.

The retroviruses are crippled such that they are not expressed and they are part of our genome.

We name retroviruses alpha, beta, delta, gamma based on electron micrograph pictures of those viruses and what their DNA and their capsule looks like. The names do not indicate that one is more dangerous than another. 

It is just a way of describing them to fit families of retroviruses depending on how they look under the micrograph.

The human retroviruses we isolated in 2009, identified as XMRVs, are gamma retroviruses.

As late as 1975 my mentor Dr Frank Ruscetti was told not to study disease causing human retroviruses because they did not exist. [He ignored this.]

In 1980, he and Dr Bernie Poiesz isolated the first human disease causing retrovirus, which caused a very aggressive T cell leukemia [T cells are a type of white blood cell]. The virus HTLV1 is classed as a delta retrovirus. 

This virus HTLV1 is now associated with many auto-immune and neurological diseases such as uveitis, is eye disease, inflammatory disease and muscular pain syndrome. 

HIV1 is a lentivirus. It is less simple. It interacts with the immune system in much more complex ways. HIV was the most pathogenic retrovirus of our time.

Retroviruses are associated with immune system damage.


INTERVIEWER: Your research was instrumental in halting the spread of AIDS.

DR MIKOVITS: My colleague Dr Candace Pert was looking for our own biological response modifiers that could change the infection and prevent the cells from becoming infected. She discovered and promoted Peptide T, an immune modulator, a small peptide that modulated the entry of the virus into certain cells and the innate immune response.

Dr Pert’s work is covered in the Hollywood movie ‘The Dallas Buyers Club’.

We could not understand why only one in 10,000 T cells were infected with HIV and yet many more T cells than that were dying.

Using Dr Pert’s work, my PhD argued that orchestrator of HIV AIDS, and the cell that we needed to protect, was the macrophage [white blood cell], not the T cell. In treating not the T cell, but the macrophage, and preventing the expression and the activation of HIV – keeping it quiet and silent as DNA – and not letting that provirus be expressed and infect other cells.

Basketball player Magic Johnson was diagnosed with HIV at the time. He became the first patient to be treated differently. We acted very early once we identified the infection such that he would never develop AIDS. And, of course, he has not. We had to act early before the T cells fell below a certain level.

Shortly after my thesis was published, Mary Carrington discovered what was called CCR5 delta 5 mutation. There was a mutation in the infectious receptor for the macrophage called CCR5. If someone had that, they could get all the HIV they wanted and they were never going to get any disease. That means the virus does not cause the disease.

Why were all the athletes getting HIV?  Because they force vaccinations on athletes. They force vaccinations teachers. They force vaccinations hospital workers.

[Tony Fauci holds patents on Interleukin 2. For almost a decade, because Fauci holds these patents, the drugs that were made and the studies that received government funding were focused to target the T cells. This changed in 1991. How many people died because Tony Fauci steered people in the direction to where he had a monetary gain in that situation?]


INTERVIEWER: Today, there is a plague of neurological diseases, autism, cancer. Are they contagious?  Are they connected to these retroviruses?

DR MIKOVITS: Our work shows the answer is absolutely yes. Not to the HIV retrovirus. Yes, they are contagious in relation to animal retroviruses such as those gamma retroviruses that come from mice. They are contagious in relation to pig retroviruses that are parts of our vaccines and biological therapies. They are contagious in relation to monkey kidney retroviruses similar to HIV. 

We are being exposed to, and injected with, the components, the pieces and parts of retroviral DNA from many species of animal.

Some of the technologies we are using as therapies are promoting the evolution of pathogenic retroviruses in our world.


INTERVIEWER: Retroviruses go in and change a person’s genetic code. They change how a person’s immune system functions. They alter how the immune system deals with toxins.

You are driving into the system an intelligent piece of information that changes your body’s computer coding and how you function. This is risky. We do not know where it leads.

DR MIKOVITS: Yes. We are literally changing our blueprint of life at the blueprint level.

The expression of retroviruses can be modulated by environmental toxins, such as aluminum, mercury, the heavy metals, the pesticides and so on. These things are crippling the immune system from being able to regulate the expression of retroviruses.

We all know about the response genes such as MTHFR [Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase is a key enzyme of folate metabolism in the process of one-carbon metabolism], and DNA methylation, M1 and M3, which are critical to silencing retroviruses and regulating the expression of our metabolic pathways.

What happens with retroviruses is we are crippling the very machinery of the body. Consider GMO food, genetically modified organisms. These can be regarded as retroviruses.

GMOs can be considered as retroviruses because they are lab made retroviruses and use retroviral backbone. [One of the biggest GMO companies in the world is Monsanto. Bill Gates is one of the biggest shareholders in Monsanto. GMO foods are made in such a way that the formaldehyde levels rise and the glutathione content goes down. Glutathione deficiency, on its own, or acting in combination with other things is very unhealthy.]

Plants have retroviruses that are critical for gene expression and those are dysregulated by genetically modified foods and organisms.


INTERVIEWER: They use retroviruses in order to modify the food in order to create a GMO food. When we ingest these foods, we ingest these retroviruses.

DR MIKOVITS: This means these retroviruses could then be passed on to future generations if that integration occurs in a critical gene or immune function, or endocannabinoid function, which we are seeing a lot of. I am referring to our endogenous cannabinoid system, which is the dimmer switch on our immune system [it is not the on and on switch; it is a dimmer switch]. It is extremely important for the development of things like pain disorders and many of the psychoses we see nowadays.

INTERVIEWER: The different ways in which we are exposed to retroviruses, and I assume that less is better than more, and that the more retroviruses a person is exposed to, the more chances there are to re-write the body’s genetic coding, which can make it so that instead of the body functioning in a harmonious way, it then starts to function in a way that is dysfunctional, which drives it towards disease.



INTERVIEWER: Aside from GMO, how else are we being exposed to these retroviruses? 

DR MIKOVITS: We are being injected with retrovirus-containing vaccines.

Vaccines are considered by the patient population to be something that helps to develop immunity.

Vaccine of the 21st century, certainly since 1992, have used what we call virus-like particles. They have contaminants that include retroviruses known and unknown, or retroviral DNA, or components, just the proteins. Those are part of the make-up of the vaccine. Our vaccines are GMO. They are virus-like particles. They are not attenuated [weakened], or killed, or even lessened live viruses or lessened live bacteria.

They are manufactured in cell lines in animal cell lines, in insect cell lines, in human cell lines in the laboratory.

Those cell lines, those cell parts and components are residual parts of the manufacturing process.

Anyone who receives a vaccine, especially RNA vaccines, is being injected with millions of retroviral and proviral DNA with the potential to make particles and can recombine with the expressed endogenous elements, by which I mean those viruses that we are born with, that make up six to eight per cent of our DNA, our ancestral retrovirus. As they are expressed, they recombine.

This is the horror of all this. To produce Frankenstein retroviruses that can actually be contagious and which contain both animal and human viruses as a new virus. 

This was the unfortunate discovery we made in 2011.

XMRV was actually cloned in the laboratory. What we found was that it recombined with viruses in mice and in humans.

What we isolated [proof during the discovery] in the laboratory had come from people with very real diseases: autism, cancers, ME/CFS.

[Plague of Corruption page 33: “Early in our research we had noted several children with autism born to the affected mothers and tested seventeen of these children for XMRV. Was autism nothing more than ME/CFS in the young, when their development requires massive amounts of energy to develop the neurological connections necessary for speech, social interaction, and organized thinking? (There is concern about women with dormant XMRVs or full-blown chronic fatigue syndrome giving birth to children with autism. Retroviruses stay in the body and can be passed on.)

[“Fourteen of the 17 children with autism tested positive for evidence of XMRV. The findings dovetailed with parental reports of autistic regression after a vaccination.”

[Plague of Corruption Page 91: “It is likely that XMRV is like Spleen Focus Forming Virus, which needs another helper virus in order to cause damage. Viruses will combine and recombine with other viruses in the vicinity, making it a challenge to identify which virus is causing the problem. Even in HIV, most of the viruses are defective. They are not infectious and transmissible.

[“They are doing their damage to the immune system through other mechanisms.”]

[Plague of Corruption Page 91: “XMRVs might need as little as ten days to recombine with another virus and create a new replication-competent retrovirus. These viruses might be bits and pieces of other viruses, which is why if you looked at the virus too narrowly, you would miss it.

[“Those who really understand viruses know the best comparison of a virus is probably to a piece of computer code. Yes, if you have an entire computer program, like a complete virus, that is probably a more robust system.

[“But you can also have strings of computer code that can mess up your machine. I think in a similar way, you often do not need an entire virus, maybe just a few hundred base pairs of a viral envelope, perhaps, to affect immune function.

[“We call these viral particles and act as if they are not harmful, but I think that view is likely to be mistaken.”]

These people had acquired these retroviruses decades earlier through their vaccine injections and the contaminated blood supply.

When we reconsidered the past, we found it was no different when we reviewed the transmission of HIV in the 1980s.

It was through the contaminated blood supply. It was through intravenous drug users. 

In the 1980s, we as a culture and as a government, mandated that susceptible populations be injected with the Hepatitis B vaccine. 

We learned in 2011, much to my dismay, that in fact we had probably spread HIV via the vaccinations, which were contaminated with other retroviruses.

Hepatitis B was thought to be a co-factor in HIV AIDS so they mandated the original susceptible population to get the Hepatitis B vaccine. This just drove HIV/AIDS.

Nowadays, we are seeing the evolution of these viruses. For example, there is a new HIV virus in Canada that is drug resistant.

This is all part of the sweeping change we have unleashed. American children used to receive one or two vaccines. Instead of one or two vaccines, there are as many as 80 injections of 20 or 30 different viruses and microbial parts. Essentially, every one of those vaccine injections contains at least one known family of retroviruses. 


INTERVIEWER: So we are playing Russian roulette with all these Frankenstein viruses. We have no idea of what is happening with these vaccines. It is difficult for the general public to see the correlation between vaccines and something that happens 20 years later as we saw with the Hepatitis B vaccine.

Unless people have the insights you do, they will not see the connection between vaccines taken 20 years ago with conditions that appear today.

I assume this is just like an organ transplant. If you can have the immune system start to react against human tissue, if you get something that is not even human put inside, you cannot be surprised if you see an immune system go completely berserk.

DR MIKOVITS: Exactly. That is exactly what is happening.


INTERVIEWER: No wonder we are dealing with all these auto immune conditions that are flourishing everywhere. The immune system is attacking the host. We are seeing Crohn’s, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, the list goes on and on.

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. The good news is that some clinicians can help. In the US, there is Dr Dietrich Klinghardt in Seattle and Dr Michael Karlfeldt. In the UK, there is the Academy of Nutritional Medicine in London.

Physicians are starting to see the related chronic diseases. Things like intractable Lyme disease, the mold illness, the brain fog, all the stages of deteriorating brain in most childhood illnesses.

Some doctors are starting to see the connection with retroviruses.

Owing to the work done with HIV and so on, we have therapies. Plant-based therapies. Natural product therapies.  Or the actual anti-retroviral drugs we already have. There are things such as Truvada, or AZT or even Peptide T.

All of those drugs have been successfully used to treat disease. Clinicians are now starting to understand the contribution of and over-activated immune system and the role of these retroviruses in dysregulating the immune system.


INTERVIEWER: So we have established that the vaccines are full of retroviruses that change our DNA and foreign animal cell lines that can trigger our immune systems to make them over-active. Can we make vaccines safer?

DR MIKOVITS: If vaccines are to be used then one way of doing this properly would be to clean up the blood supply.  This is practical, but is not done. We learned how to do this with HIV.

And the vaccines are full of heavy metals, such as mercury and aluminium. They are also full of known carcinogens such as formaldehyde. 

Vaccine manufacturers should be made liable. The 1986 law that enables them to avoid liability should be scrapped.

Another way would be to change the age at which vaccines are taken. Let the patients be older when they are taken, when the immune system is stronger.

Until recently, the immune compromised would never be vaccinated. For example, people with HIV and cancer. This is no longer the case. This flies in the face of all common sense. It is utterly obvious why a person who is immune compromised should not be receiving vaccines. We screamed at the top of our lungs that this should not happen.

We are now vaccinating cancer patients in the US. They are receiving flu vaccines. This is unbelievably dangerous.


INTERVIEWER: Let us look at cancer. How can you tie a retrovirus to a disease such as cancer? 

DR MIKOVITS: The very first human disease-causing retrovirus isolated by Dr Frank Ruscetti and Dr Bernie Poiesz in 1980 caused an adult T cell leukemia.

Retroviruses can be implicated in many cancers. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, mantle cell lymphoma, ovarian cancer, kidney cancer, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer, hairy cell leukemia. On and on.

In fact, the XMRV that was cloned was from cloned prostate cancer. The ones we isolated were family members. They were cousins of that cloned virus.

These viruses are associated with the kind of hormone-related cancers and body organs that are exposed to the environment and to toxins, such as the gut, the kidneys, the bladder, the prostate, the breast, and the ovaries. These cancers are hormone-driven cancers.

The viruses are hormone driven. That is what drives them to be expressed.

This plague of all these things appearing is clearly coinciding with the evolution of these animal viruses. These viruses belong in the animals.

And yet we have been using them in our biological therapies, in our vaccines. We have been growing these viruses in beer brewing sized fermenters. We can make 200 litres at a time.

Before 2011, we appreciated the potential for this type of thing to happen. We thought it could happen. But in 2011 the big ‘Oh-my-God’ was: How many new viruses have we created? And how many new diseases?

It had to be shut up and hush-hushed because essentially everybody is at risk.


INTERVIEWER: We have discussed cancer and its relation to retroviruses. What about autism and neurological diseases. Things such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia. All of these things are soaring. Are these tied to retroviruses as well?

DR MIKOVITS: Yes, all of the diseases you just mentioned. Autoimmune immune diseases, connective tissue disorders, lupus, Crohn’s disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, sjogren’s syndrome, Behcet’s disease, primary biliary sclerosis, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

All of these have been associated with retroviruses in one way or another over the past three decades.


INTERVIEWER: So we have unleashed all these diseases under the guise of protecting people from diseases measles. Instead of a dozen people having measles, we have traded this for Parkinson’s and cancer.

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. In fact, we now know that having these childhood infections, such as measles, can protect us from retroviral-associated cancers, such as breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer.

When you stimulate the immune system while you are a child against another family of RNA viruses, not retroviruses, you develop a protective and very real immunity that will last a lifetime.

[From ‘Plague of Corruption’, page 310: The effort to eradicate measles is simply driving the creation of new strains and leaving death in its wake.]

[There is also an area to be considered where a mother who has had a natural measles infection may be passing on better levels of immunity to her child. A mother who received a vaccination would have no immune memory.]


INTERVIEWER: In relation to treating these diseases that are linked to retroviruses, can clinicians use retrovirus medication and anti-viral treatments for cancer for example?

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. And those things are being done. This is being done in multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and several other things.

We are using anti-retroviral therapies as effective therapies.

When we address the retroviruses early in the treatment, before the immune system is crippled, and recognise the retroviral role, we can help. You do not even need to test for the retrovirus. You just need to know the exposure or the potential exposure.

Remember, the key with basketball player Magic Johnson was to act early [he made history by being the first person to get HIV but not get AIDS owing to his use of therapies provided by people Dr Mikovits was working with].

We need to act early in the treatment of chronic illness, or of other bacterial infections. Check out the movie or the book ‘And The Band Played On’.

In the early days of HIV, we called it AIDS-related complex. We called it all sorts of things.

It turned out to be these acquired immune deficiencies: with borrelia, with mycoplasma, with bartonella, with EBV, with CMV, with human herpesvirus 6, with parasites, with heavy metal toxicities. All of these things go undetectable.

If you do not consider the retrovirus dysregulation of the immune system, or that component of it, then you will not be able to have your patients respond to treatment.

But if clinicians always think of a natural or plant-based therapy and consider the retroviral component, we can quickly reverse these things into manageable things that people can live with, just as we did with HIV/AIDS.

By the way, many cancers are driven by infection that drives inflammation. Inflammation is at the heart of cancer, chronic disease and even cardiovascular disease.


INTERVIEWER: Is there a test that people can take to see whether they have been affected by retroviruses?

DR MIKOVITS: I do not favour testing for retroviruses. I favour looking at the immune system. I do not test for any given retrovirus.

Look for the immune markers. Look for a dysregulated cytokine level. Look for the chemokines.

Look for the inability of the natural killer cells to function: CD56 or CD57.

There are lots of immune responses and immune mechanisms that can be tested for every day in the cancer world.

We can use these indirect measures of the immune system to tell us when to act.

A simple blood test can tell us things. A simple blood test and examination of the liver enzymes can tell us the ability of the red blood cells, the sizes and so on. Use the MCV blood test and the MCHC test [an MCHC test measures the amount of haemoglobin in each red blood cell].

We can look at oxygen carrying capacity and get indications of a retroviral involvement. 

Using the testing we do now, we can look at white blood cells. We can look at your natural killer cells. We can look at macrophages. We can look at B cells

[also known as B-lymphocytes, these cells produce antibodies to help the immune
system mount a response to infection]

and see how all these things are functioning.

In relation to cancer biotherapy, we have seen over the past 30 years that there are in fact treatments that exist right now to re-establish the homeostasis and balance that is dysregulated by the retroviruses. 

The single best thing anyone can do is to never have another vaccine. 

XMRVs spread through the lab workers and their families. I am infected with XMRVs.

I know the interferons to treat. I know how to treat my immune system so that I will not get one of the diseases associated with XMRV.

I have no fear of being infected with XMRVs. Infection does not equal disease.

In terms of the general public, people can go off and research things for themselves, including things like cannabis therapies, Rife machines, energy therapies, Fullerenes, C 60, bucky balls, HBOT, glutathione. These things can help.

There are people out there who market mixing C 60 fullerenes with cannabis and it can calm the inflammation. You can nebulise it. Put it on the chest with a little menthol. Or use an atomiser twice a day. It’s not what I do, but these are things people do at home. 



INTERVIEWER: Tell people a little bit about coronaviruses.

DR MIKOVITS: Coronaviruses are double stranded RNA viruses. Everyone will remember SARS, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and MERS, Middle East respiratory syndrome.

These viruses tend to cause respiratory dysregulation. If a coronavirus runs a course to extreme lengths (including SARS1 or MERS), it can produce acute respiratory syndrome.  In other words, death due to respiratory tract infections.

Interestingly enough, Type 1 interferons (interferon alpha) are anti-viral in that they are healing in these coronavirus infections.

When people have competent immune systems and they are not immune compromised, they are just fine.

If you can increase the anti-viral response, which is the Type 1 interferon, and this can be done with interferon modulators [these are sold in many forms, for example Paximune] this can help. Cannabinoids can increase Type 1 interferons and decrease the excessive inflammation.

Death in the severe form of a coronavirus disease is caused by an over-response of inflammatory cytokines and an inhibition by the viruses themselves of the Type 1 interferon pathway.

The sentinels in every tissue with resident stem cells is the monocyte macrophage. At the heart of these kinds of diseases such as HIV AIDS the idea that we keep the monocyte macrophage in homestasis and in balance and you can cure any infection and never develop HIV AIDS.

In my work in epigenetics, I went on to appreciate that DNA methylation machinery is modified by these viruses so that they can stay expressed. It is not the presence of the virus, it is the expression of the virus that results in disease.

If you can keep these viruses silent you never develop AIDS. This is key in understanding SARS-Cov-2 and Covid-19.


INTERVIEWER: If you support your immune system and look after the respiratory passages and nasal passages this can help. And the other thing to think about is controlling the inflammatory response (the coronavirus triggers an inflammatory cytokine response). 

DR MIKOVITS: Yes. RNA viruses such as coronaviruses, influenza viruses, measles, mumps, rubella are controlled by the body’s innate pathways, the Type 1 interferon pathways. These are the front line of the immune system.

People need to think about keeping healthy nasal passages. They need to be getting enough Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

There are lots of things people can buy. For example, Paximune Natural Immune System Booster is a protein that acts an immune booster. It comes as a spray. Its job is to promote a Type 1 interferon response. It is a natural immune booster. There are lots of such products on the market. These are good against all these conditions.


Type 1 interferons are part of the innate immune response to viral infections.

Different mucosal surfaces make Type 1 interferon alpha to shut down the replication of RNA viruses, including retroviruses and coronaviruses.

SARS is an RNA virus, so it would activate the Type 1 interferon pathway.

You would produce interferon in your body at your mucosal surfaces and it would stop the replication of the virus. It simply stops the replication of the virus.

The drug known as ampligen is poly IC. So that is the danger signal from the virus that turns on the Type 1 interferon pathway. 97 per cent of your type 1 interferon is made from plasmacytoid dendritic cells [these are a rare type of immune cell that are known to secrete large quantities of type 1 interferon in response to a viral infection] a very specialised antigen presenting cell, made primarily in your gut and the bone marrow.

Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and that interferon actually regulates or signals the B regulatory cells to make different sub-classes of antibodies.

So the interferons are not only important in shutting down transcription of the virus, but in driving and directing your innate immune response.

Keep the virus dormant by hypermethylation and silence of the promoter. And you don’t develop disease.

Vitamin C will block excessive inflammation, excessive pro-inflammatory cytokines through IL-1, IL-6, IL-8.

These excessive immune responses (over-reactions) are driven by vaccines.

One of the worst things people can do if they want to protect themselves from a coronavirus is get a vaccine of any kind, especially a flu vaccine.

Getting a flu vaccine would not be a good idea. It is a very bad idea if you want to protect against coronavirus. A flu virus is a different kind of RNA virus. You will drive that excessive inflammation. A coronavirus infection would then suppress the Type 1 interferon anti-viral immune response that is critical to prevent the over-replication of the virus.

Dr Tony Fauci keeps saying hydroxychloroquine is ‘anecdotal’. He is steering people away from hydroxychloroquine.

However, this is what we see 15 years ago in an article published by Fauci’s NIH:

The Virology – National Institutes of Health, August 22, 2005

“Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread.”

The US Food and Drug Administration and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are gatekeepers on what drugs get used in medicine and they try to put people off using cheap effective drugs. They try to put people off using Type 1 interferon alpha.

It is very clear with the Remdesivir drug from Gilead that is being promoted, that Tony Fauci is funding the studies and pushing this drug to get quick approval is a dangerous drug. They are adjusting the clinical trials Remdesivir to cover up the danger. [It damages the liver.]

It would not help anyone as much as hydroxychloroquine, which is being prevented. In two US states, doctors will lose their licence if they use hydroxychloroquine.


INTERVIEWER: You are saying that getting a vaccine that is not specific for a coronavirus will drive an inflammatory response. If you are then exposed to a coronavirus, this will add to the inflammatory response. So now you are double hit.

In addition to this, the vaccine creates circumstances whereby the energy of body is focused on something else and cannot focus on the coronavirus.

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. And the coronavirus will encode its major proteins. It will stop the Type 1 interferon response. Further replication of the coronavirus itself drives further pro-inflammatory cytokines.  

This applies to all vaccines. The vaccines and blood supply have been contaminated for the past 30 years.

The vaccines theoretically not only have antigens from an RNA virus, but they also carry other animal RNA viruses, including retroviruses, which severely cripple the Type 1 interferon response and the overall immune response.

Given the toxic nature of 21st century vaccines, you do not want any vaccine. The vaccines are also contain mercury and aluminium and these help to cripple the immune system too.


INTERVIEWER: The vaccines trigger inflammatory conditions, which will make things even worse if we are dealing with the coronavirus on top of the vaccine. It confuses the immune system because it is hunting for something else, rather than the coronavirus.

Added to this are the adjuvants and preservatives in the vaccines, such as aluminum and mercury and so on.

Worse still, the vaccines are tainted with other RNA material and retroviruses. They contain XMRV material that has tainted the vaccines.  The body is dealing with all these different factors. People think these vaccines benefit them. The opposite is true.

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. A coronavirus is not a retrovirus. It is just a double-stranded RNA virus, which means it should be easy for the immune system, in those people with healthy immune systems, to clear it. In theory, it should not be able to integrate in your genome and stay there for a lifetime or be passed through to the next generation.

If you have a competent immune system, and you have your Type 1 interferon responses and Ribonuclease L or RNASEL genes [Ribonuclease L or RNase L is an interferon-induced ribonuclease which, upon activation, destroys all RNA within the cell; RNase L is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the RNASEL gene] and so on, you should be fine.

There are a number of pattern recognition receptors that recognise families of viruses. This is true whether it be a simple RNA single strand virus, a double strand virus or a retrovirus. Our immune system has multiple ways of recognising things, which we call pattern recognition receptors. 

Natural products, including cannabinoids, will block excessive pro-inflammatory cytokines like the NF-kappa B Pathway and drive towards a Type 1 interferon response, which would be critical for clearing a coronavirus.

The idea is to keep a healthy immune system. Vitamin C will help. You can combine healthy foods with things such as natural sprays to keep your immune system healthy.

The management of RNA virus infections is simple. It involves keeping nasal passages intact and the respiratory system healthy and not having co-infections such as respiratory syncytial viruses, pneumonias, influenzas and so on. It is the immune compromised who are most vulnerable. 

One of the reasons why there has never been a coronavirus vaccine is because RNA vaccines cause a high antibody response after injection. However, upon re-exposure to a virus they have been vaccinated against, a patient can find they develop inflammatory auto-immune disease. So RNA vaccines are not recommended for humans.

What are we hearing in Covid-19? People are dropping dead after they receive the flu vaccine. Why? Inflammation and all the garbage in the vaccines.

[This can happen soon after receiving a flu vaccine. There can also be a delay. If an infection comes later when a wave of virus is circulating that a person has already been vaccinated for is circulating, this can drive inflammation because the immune system is confused.]


INTERVIEWER: People think vaccines help. You are saying real protection comes in natural agents like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. If the body is able to control the inflammation, this means that components that are protecting us become more available.


INTERVIEWER: Tell me more about cannabinoids and where we find such things.

DR MIKOVITS: We have an endogenous cannabinoid system and it is a key regulator of immune balance, neuroimmune health and immune homeostasis.

Every aspect of your physiological signalling comes through this receptor family. There are dozens if not hundreds of these. 

We are not just talking about hemp or other strains of cannabis. There is beta carophyllene, which is found in many plants. There are terpenes.

All cannabinoids are terpenes. But not all terpenoids are cannabinoids.

You can use synergies. Lemons have terpenes. There are things like limonene and linalool.

Alpha-Pinene is a natural is a natural product in many foods that is very stimulating for healing properties. They are good at calming the inflammation.

I consider cannabinoids as a dimmer switch on the fire.

They are not the on and off switch, which is what the immune system’s cytokines and chemokines are. Cannabinoids are a dimmer switch.

There are many of these cannabinoids and terpenes in nature. You can take advantage of synergies in these foods to keep a strong immune system.

Many companies now sell adaptogenic herbs. Cannabis full-spectrum products can be used to calm that fire.

The way a coronavirus is going to produce the most severe disease is as follows. First, it will inhibit the type 1 interferon pathway so that its replication goes unchecked. 

The replication of the virus sends the flames up as high as possible. If you can dim the flames and keep them from causing too much tissue damage to the patient’s response to the unchecked pathogen, you win the game.


INTERVIEWER: So the vaccines are not the solution. It is the natural products.

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. My earliest work was as a natural products chemist. I was a bucket chemist in the early 1980s.

I isolated the first interferon alphas, which we put into humans as anti-viral agents for cancer.

Then we developed similar products for AIDS. I developed natural products for cancer, including breast cancer. This was called Adriamycin. We call it the red devil because it is from a red plant.


INTERVIEWER: You do not support the idea of a vaccine for SARS-Cov-2.

DR MIKOVITS: You cannot make a vaccine without using an antigen. Where does the antigen come from? What animal tissues are they coming from? Why would you inject something like that into you?

Remember the H1N1 flu scare? That led to the H1N1 vaccine. The vaccine from H1N1 vaccine was one of the most pathogenic vaccines. I acted as an expert witness in a lot of cases in the vaccine court for the damage done and the people killed by the H1N1 vaccine.

Cancers are associated with RNA viruses and retroviruses.

The labs themselves spread contamination through the manufacturing process.

In laboratories like the one at Fort Detrick, nobody knows what they are releasing in to the air and the water.

We are producing things in those laboratories and we are adapting them to grow in mouse cells lines and cow cell lines and so on.

We cannot filter all of the cell material out or all of the viruses out because they are all RNA viruses or retroviruses.

We do not filter them. We do not check them.

These products are made in fluids so that poses a danger.

We know things can escape from the labs. Mouse labs tend to be bio-safety level 2, and things can escape in air, trash and so on.

We know that around Fort Detrick many people were infected with the XMRVs. They developed multiple sclerosis and many other things.

These are aerosolising viruses. They are grown in 200-300 litres at a time in big fermenters. It does not take much to release them. These things can spread through the airways and the nasal passages. [The mask and gloves did not protect Dr Mikovits or her colleagues from getting infected with XMRV through the air inside the lab.]

Many of my co-workers at the lab were infected with XMRV.

I was infected with XMRV. I was working in a mask and gloves with this mouse material, but it did not protect me. The mouse labs are low level safety rating, they are bio-safety level 2. In a level 4, you are gowned up in what looks like a space suit. Even though the people inside are gowned up, the air and water around a level 4 are probably not safe.

I was infected with XMRV. I sero-converted in 2010, which means I developed anti-bodies. I had very high levels of viral proteins.

My colleagues developed things like multiple sclerosis and liver cancer. And some had co-infections such as Hepatitis B.

When I worked with HIV, we were all encouraged – if not required – to get the Hepatitis B vaccine. The early Hepatitis B vaccines were made from human plasma, so now we know we acquired infections from those as well.

I am at increased risk of cancer. Many of my colleagues died from cancer from their tumours from working with these retroviruses.

Murine leukemia-related viruses clearly cause cancer.

There is a big fraud on lab workers. The first fraud – and this is played on lab workers, doctors, first responders, healthcare workers – is forcing them to get vaccinated. This spreads the infections even further as all these people weaken their immune responses.

The second fraud is labelling this what happened as ‘unintended spread of a bio-safety level 2 reagents or infection’. The government refused to refit all the mouse labs to make them more safe. 

This was clearly the first human retrovirus family that was aerosolised and contagious. 

Mouse cancer causing viruses are essentially released in every biological drug we have made since the 1990s. Contagious cancer causing mouse viruses are worse than HIV in terms of infectiousness.


INTERVIEWER: How would the SARS-Cov-2 virus spread person to person?

DR MIKOVITS: It would be spread through things such as sneezing and coughing. It would be spread in just the way influenza would be spread. The same way measles is spread. Sneezing and coughing is the way it would be airborne.

It is really just a cough. It is an upper respiratory infection. The airway, nasal passages and eyes are the easiest way for it to spread. It is aerosolised very easily. It is contagious.

It is spread through coughing and sneezing.

You will not know you are exposed at the time of exposure.

I believe it is about five days of incubation period before the developing any symptoms, if the person infected has any symptoms at all.

The symptoms would be things like fever, malaise, fatigue, body aches, cough, sneezing. Things just like any upper respiratory infection.

If you have a bacterial upper respiratory infection, you will produce green or yellowish sputum. If the sputum is clear it is viral. 97-101 is a viral temperature. 105 is bacterial.

The response to SARS-Cov-2 could be masked as allergies. Mast cells are the other innate immune response, a primary response. Mast cells relate to our allergic response. It could masquerade as an allergy. You might have SARS-Cov-2 and think you were suffering from an allergy.

Protecting against inflammation could involve using things such as Vitamin C, natural products, cannabinoids, beta-caryophyllene. Things that modulate that cannabinoid receptor 2, which is primarily modulating inflammatory responses.


INTERVIEWER: It is the scale that is making things worse. We have been exposed to pathogens for aeons and our immune systems have got used to this. Nowadays we are mixing genetic material and things such as HIV. We are dealing with pathogens we are not equipped to deal with.

DR MIKOVITS: It is the sheer amount of pathogens to which we are being unwittingly exposed. We are being lied to about being injected with them.

In 2019, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed the excipient list to simply remove all the information on animal cell lines because this information had attracted so much public attention.

It is not that they have stopped using all those things. They have simply stopped telling the public.

Take something like aborted fetal cell lines. When we get tissue from another human being they have their own component of endogenous retroviruses, which have been previously crippled by the immune system or suppressed by that person’s immune system so they cannot be expressed.

[Foreign human tissue, when you put it into another human tissue, is going to develop auto-immunities.]

When they are injected as a provirus, or pieces of a provirus, you do not know what is going to happen. 

And just look at the quantities. Look at the incomprehensible quantities of these vaccines that have been injected into people.

And this is happening primarily in the immune compromised.

Infants do not have the methylation machinery for a healthy microbiome. All these pathways need to be kept intact for their anti-viral properties.

And the very old, whose immune systems are weakened.

We are being lied to.

In relation to the flu vaccine, they are injecting four times as strong a dose much into old people. They know full well their immune system is weak. We are being lied to.

Have a look at what the Corvelva group uncovered recently about what is in vaccines. Look at how many contaminants they found. They found 11 different kinds of human endogenous retrovirus. They found equine viruses, mouse viruses, pig viruses, bovine viruses, dog viruses.

You only have to look at the vaccine excipient list to see where all this is coming from.

When the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention got caught, they just censored the excipient list. Now you have to look at the uncensored list running from 2010-2017. This is designed to confuse patients and doctors.


INTERVIEWER: How do you stay healthy?

DR MIKOVITS: I am not concerned with my own XMRV infections. I do use some products outside a healthy diet. I use the cannabinoids. I use Paximune, a product that stimulates Type 1 interferon.

INTERVIEWER: What do you use as a good protection against everything we are being exposed to?

DR MIKOVITS: A healthy diet is the most important. No GMO food. As many natural products as I can. I avoid inflammatory foods. I try to avoid gluten. I eat clean meat. I make sure I get enough vitamin A, D, K and E. Cod liver oil.

Some people go vegan but remember the amount of glyphosate and RoundUp in our food makes that avenue difficult.

I eat berries. Vitamin C from lemons.

Outside of nutrition, I have worked with Christopher Shade who runs Quicksilverscientific.com

He makes something called ‘Micromanager’. He is trying to bring out a detox product called ‘Push catch’, which can clear mercury [mercury is in vaccines; most Americans take multi-dose flu vaccines that are filled with mercury]. I do not take any vaccines. 

People can take advantage of adaptogens. THC is the easiest way to modulate CB2 from the cannabis plant.

THC is not easy to get in most US states. This means you need to think about other modulators of that cannabinoid 2 receptor, the CB2 receptor.

These other modulators would be things such as beta-caryophyllene, some of the hops, lemons, limonene, linalool, alpha and beta pinene. These are things that can be used to take advantage of synergies.

I take very little of these things. I get really good sources of Vitamin C. I take very few supplements.

I have used the thing put out by endocrinologist Zach Bush called IONBiome. It restores the nasal passages. I spray that so that so I do not have cracked, open membranes and inflamed membranes. It protects nose bacteria. Keep the fire down, keep the inflammation down and you can keep yourself well.

I absolutely do not suggest that anyone smokes cannabis. It is applied as oils, tinctures, sublinguals and sprays. There are lots of products out there.

Before we finish, I must say that most of the general public are blissfully unaware that World Health Organization held a Global Vaccine Safety Summit in December and there they all were admitting they know vaccines are unsafe. And now here they all are mandating themselves to give vaccines for SARS-Cov-2.

INTERVIEWER: Is it right to say that you discovered that one of the causes for breast cancer is the hormone used in cows to make them produce more milk?

DR MIKOVITS: In about 1987, I was working for a pharmaceutical company and my job was to study bovine growth hormone, they used to call it somatotropin, it was the GMO to make cows produce a lot of milk. My job was to prove it was safe. My work showed it was anything but safe.

It changed the fat cells and promoted and drove fat production and you did not produce the appropriate things for bone growth and everything else. It can cause Type 1 diabetes through an inflammatory pathway, it is called the inflammasome. Think about people who are extremely obese. It drove the extreme accelerated logarithmic rise in Type 1 diabetes and pancreatic cancer, in these things where literally we cannot metabolise our food. My work showed it was in part due to GMOs and that bovine growth hormone. I left that job.

SARS-Cov-2. Keeping a healthy immune system and endocannabinoid system

(There is a YouTube link to this talk at the end of this section, so this transcript can be read while watching the video, with a lot of the key points written down here for ease of following.)

INTERVIEWER: Can you please tell us a bit about the SARS-Cov-2 virus?

DR MIKOVITS: Coronaviruses are RNA viruses. As they enter the human body, they are wrapped up in an envelope that packages their RNA (the RNA is the blueprint; the way in which they will reproduce).

The envelope protects that RNA. Upon the infection of a human cell, the RNA will enter from the outside of the human cell and into the inside of the human cell.   

Once inside the human cell, it uncoats itself and releases the RNA in to the cytosol, into the cytoplasm of the cell.

We have many immune responses to prevent the infection causing disease. The infection does not equal disease. It is when a virus evades the immune response system that there is a problem.

Covid-19 means Coronavirus Infectious Disease 2019.

Covid-19 is a misnomer.

An infection of SARS-Cov-2 does not equal Covid-19. This is a deliberately misleading link that is promoted by the media every day.

It is the over-reaction of a weakened and dysfunction immune system and the interaction with other things such as other dormant viruses inside the body, and interaction with toxicity that will cause problems.

It is the very old, who might already have inflammatory conditions, or the very young, who have weak or dysfunctional immune systems, and people who are immune compromised who might be at risk. But other things in their background would count too. Their general health, their environment and so on.

I’m going to try to talk a bit in this session about the NF kappa B inflammatory response and the Type 1 interferon anti-viral response.

It is the over-reaction of the immune system that kills the cells and blocks the Type 1 interferon response

And so the flame gets too high. That is why we call it inflammation.

The term Covid-19 is constantly being misused.

Whether we are dealing with the SARS-Cov-2 virus or any other SARS virus or MERS virus, in a healthy individual the immune system processes the pathogen – the infection – with a response that is mild and non-lethal.

It develops antibodies. It develops lifelong immunity. It develops an immune memory response.

In the immune compromised and those with pre-existing conditions like ME/CFS, Lyme disease, those with multiple chemical sensitivities, those things give you a heightened and over-reactive response to a viral infection

Things like air pollution, cigarette smoking can drive disease pathogenesis. Cigarette smoking particularly with this infection.

SARS-Cov-2, SARS, MERS are all upper respiratory infections. These can be lethal in the very young, the very old and the immune compromised if they run their full course as an upper respiratory infection. [Note, Covid-19 is not so much producing severe cases of upper respiratory infection, for this to happen, the lungs of the dead person should be riddled with virus particles, but this is not what is being seen over and over again; genuine cases of Covid-19 (not spurious mislabelling of anything as Covid-19) are widely reported to be producing blood disorders and other things associated with retroviruses. Coronaviruses are not retroviruses. Mouse cancer causing retroviruses in humans, placed there via vaccines, and lying dormant would be consistent with blood disorders and other retro-virus associated conditions.]


INTERVIEWER: How does a coronavirus affect a bat?

DR MIKOVITS: A bat is essentially a flying mouse or a flying rat. It is not a coincidence that coronaviruses like to live in bats. It takes a lot of energy to lift the weight of a bat. They have very high metabolic rates. This very high metabolic rate is associated with reactive oxygen, reactive nitrogen, free radicals and so on. Any accumulation of those molecules can lead to a lot of tissue damage. Bats need to clear those out of their system very quickly. Humans need to do the same.

Bats, unlike humans, have a hair-trigger release on their interferon alpha.

You need interferon alpha to stop the production of the virus, whether it be RNA viruses, retroviruses, zika, ebola and many other things. You need interferon alpha to stop the production of the virus.

Stopping the production and the replication of the virus stops the over over-inflammatory response.

It tells the other cells: ‘Man the battle stations before this virus gets into your cells.’

We have interferon alpha in our nasal passages, in our mouth and many enzymes in our gut.
Interferon alpha turns on the rest of the immune system and makes everything else aware of the attack before the virus gets into our blood and stimulates that inflammatory reaction and sets the flame of fire too high in the immune compromised.

Humans do not need the speed of bats in producing alpha interferon but it is vital in fighting infection.


Working out the signature of disease can be useful in telling us who is at risk and who to treat.

For example, when I studied ebola, I infected the highly pathogenic zaire strain into human white blood cells, the monocyte, the macrophage, which is the driver of the human immune response.

What I was able to draw up was a signature of disease [the full signature goes something like IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, IL-15, MIF 1 alpha, MCP 1 and TNF alpha]. Remember, this is a signature of disease, not a signature of infection. There is a non-pathogenic version of ebola called Reston ebola. The Reston version is equally infectious but non-pathogenic.

The signature of disease shows us what is happening in the inflammation, where the fire set too high in the immune compromised.

I also produced a signature of disease for mouse cancer causing viruses in humans in 2011, known as XMRVs. The signature of disease there was the same but without IL-15.

The signature of disease with these different RNA viruses, including the retroviruses, is often similar or the same.

This is why working out the signature of disease can be useful in telling us who is at risk and who to treat.

Transforming growth factor beta is a key regulator of the hematopoietic stem cells [the stem cells that give rise to other blood cells], which is the entire immune blood response, whether it goes to the innate (the front line response) or the adaptive memory responses which you need to protect yourself against the pathogen is key to fibrosis.

It shows epigenetic de-regulation of a gene called suppressor of cytokine signalling number 3.

That cytokine cannot turn off because it gets hyper-methylated and silencing.

STAT3 [Signal transducer and activator of transcription 3] stops the DNA methyltransferase.

This is one of those fields of epigenetics where we showed first that HIV infection leads to AIDS disease by de-regulating your DNA methylation machinery, which is where genes get turned off and on.

Fibrosis of the lung can happen very quickly because the people with a compromised immune system cannot regulate this. They have a hair-trigger response but in a bad way.


INTERVIEWER: Why might people be so vulnerable to this virus?

DR MIKOVITS: Since 2001, the toxicity of things like glyphosate, GMO and RoundUp has spread around the world, making our food and our plants dangerous. These things have been damaging and depleting our key intracellular antioxidant, which is glutathione.

Glyphosate is placing a phosphate molecule on glycine in our foods. 

Glutathione is made up of three amino acids, which are produced by the liver.

Glyphosate and other toxins damage the liver.

The liver is an important producer of glutathione. 

That is the human body’s front line for dealing with all the oxidative stress. Remember the bats flying and all the things they produce to deal with oxidative stress.  We have a version of that.

Free radicals are trying to take electrons from your DNA and mutate your DNA. This is very bad. Glutathione is supposed to be in your intracellular structures. Glutathione allows you to metabolise nutrients and break them into amino acids, which we do not do very well any more. Glutathione regulates the immune response, the production of antibodies, the adaptive T cell response through TGF Beta.

It protects against front line oxidative stress, doing damage and allowing a virus that gets in there to amplify. You just want the virus quiet and to stop its production.

If you take something like natural Vitamin C in lemons, it is protective against coronaviruses and other RNA viruses.

If you are doing something like drinking hot lemon water every day, if there were sequences in your nasopharyngeal cavity and your nose and your mouth, the hot lemon water would kill it along with the Type 1 interferon that is in your mouth, as long as you don’t deplete the effect of the Type 1 interferon with a mask.

Wearing a mask is going to cause more secretions and give more cells a home. Wearing a mask is going to amplify any viruses that someone has inside them. A mask is immune suppressive. It is going to take away a person’s Type 1 interferons.

A mask is simply driving the infection in yourself.

Instead of preventing the spread of infection, you are opening the door to it.

It would drive infections you have in yourself, including serious dormant infections such as XMRVs, influenzas and the Epstein-Barr virus [herpes].

It does not have to be SARS-Cov-2 that makes you sick if you wear a mask. You will just make yourself sick anyway. Wearing a mask is insanity. You are not going to prevent anyone from getting sick.

Wearing a mask for the most vulnerable can be very dangerous as they can start breathing carbon dioxide out and in. At some point, it becomes something called acidosis.

This is detrimental if you are one of the people who is most susceptible. Someone with COPD could pass out while driving a car if they are sat inside it with a mask on.

A perfectly healthy construction worker can faint in 90 degree heat wearing a mask. They could fall off a ladder.


INTERVIEWER: Can there be internal genetic weakness. I am talking about a genetic inability to degrade RNA viruses. Can this make people more susceptible?

DR MIKOVITS: Correct. In the case of the XMRVs, an RNA virus, a retrovirus, it was that RNase L. RNase L is just an enzyme that degrades any RNA extra-cellular material floating outside of the cell.

That led to the isolation and identification of an RNA virus that could evade that pathway.
It is a different part of the Type 1 pathway.

Poly IC is ampligen. Ampligen works in in some patients with XMRVs in the ME/CFS community because it stimulates their Type 1 interferon pathway to make Type 1 interferon.

This is really important because other aspects of their plasmacytoid dendritic cells [a rare type of immune cell that are known to secrete large quantities of type 1 interferon in response to a viral infection]

In ME / CFS the TGF beta and the plasmacytoid dendritic cells are crippled.

In people with an ME/CFS and XMRV infection, the XMRV blocks the plasmacytoid dendritic cells from producing type 1 alpha interferon.

What the ampligen did was bypass that, come around and stimulate the production of type 1 interferons.

This does not work forever. You have to keep giving Type 1 interferon every single day.

There are many different parts of those interferon pathways such as interferon response factor 3, interferon response factor 7, things called 3b, the proteins; these are all of the things that stimulate Type 1 interferons. It is not the gamma interferons. It is the Type 1 interferons.

This was one the ways we set about identifying the patients to treat.

We know that everyone who had XMRVs did not go on to have disease.

So there could be genetic and epigenetic reasons why people might be susceptible. Or people can be immune-compromised.


What is important when considering therapies for the endocannabinoid system is the signalling.

While we know that there are molecules in our body, anandamide [a neurotransmitter] is the natural THC. It is a compound called anandamide. There is a natural from of this called Cannabidiol. And there is a natural cannabinol. I won’t go into detail on this today.

What is important about what I am saying and what we want to look at is the signalling.

Where are these signalling receptors? These are throughout your body. Every cell has different combinations of these endocannabinoid receptors.

They are either multi-chain. These are called GPI, G protein linked coupled receptors. They cross the cell membrane several times (think of several hairpin bends on a road; one side of the hairpin bend sits outside the cell membrane, the other sits inside).

They can also be intracellular. Or just a straight in/out channel.

What we look at is how these signalling molecules have become dysregulated to drive infection, to cripple the immune system. I call the endocannabinoid system a dimmer switch on the immune response.

We talked about that inflammatory signature in the immune compromised. Out of control.
What gets it back under control? The dimmer switch. The endocannabinoid system. It talks to the immune system all the time. It communicates through the cellular signalling.

Not necessarily through what the cell sees on its outside.

We do not need THC. THC is just a molecule in some of the cannabinoid plant species that can tend to be psychoactive. This fits with the highest strength, like of a magnet, it is called affinity; it reacts 10 nanomolar to cannabinoid receptor 1 (this is all the stuff in the brain and then dotted about elsewhere in the body).

To cannabinoid receptor 2 (this is mainly around the gut, where 70 per cent of the immune system is) THC only reacts 25 nanomolar so it is two and a half times less strong.

Some people put that in their body, for example, through smoking, which we never do medically. There are some inhalers used to treat COPD but we certainly do not smoke it and heat it up.

In the brain, you will see all the CB1 receptors. Whereas in the gut, where 70 per cent of the immune system is, we are getting a concentration of CB2 receptors. CB2 is the dimmer switch on those inflammatory cytokines.

These are all important for preventing and treating cancer, AIDS, auto-immune disease and infectious diseases like Covid-19.

We are restoring the balance, the homeostasis to the immune system so that it can function optimally.

Cannabinoids are anti-viral and reduce inflammation. 

Cannabinoids acting through the CB2 receptor (it does not have to be THC, which we will discuss later) blocks the flame.

We are going to drive towards the production of interferons that will stop the further replication of the virus. This way, the virus cannot establish a stronghold in the reservoir.


We have 40 years of experience of using interferon in therapy form (ie, not the form already in the body).

I studied alpha interferon in the production of such a therapy to cure hairy cell leukemia.

We know from research that used in a very, very, very low dose of Type 1 interferon can prevent the spread of coronaviruses from animals to humans. It can also help humans stop themselves from getting any type of disease.

There is a product made by drug company Merck, which is made today, it is called something like Human Alpheron. 50 million units at 50 units per dose would keep 1,000 of the most vulnerable people from getting any kind of disease from SARS-Cov-2 and stop the spread of SARS-Cov-2 human to human. 

It works out at 50 cents per dose from one $600 vial. The governments will not use it.

This is a spray, which you put into your mouth. Or you can put it on your food.

It is used in a very, very, very low dose. If you use it in a high dose, you drive the infection. So I warn people thinking about interferons, use a low, low, low dose. [It would be a maximum of two sprays per day. One spray in the morning. One in the evening.]

The US Food and Drug Administration stopped the production of alpha interferon to stop the prevention of the spread of disease from animals to humans.

In relation to SARS-Cov-2, the US Food and Drug Administration has this alpha interferon treatment on the shelf. It is proven to be safe and effective to use and the US Food and Drug Administration will not use it.

This is a plague of corruption and not of disease.


Tissue macrophages are the orchestrators of interferon production, the inflammatory responses. It is the tissue macrophage that talks to the T cell back and forth to that critical hematopoietic stem cell.

We know that in the lung, if you take the alveolar macrophages away in mice, in effect if you calm it down and say the fire is high enough, a mouse with coronavirus will not develop disease. Similarly in a human.

You cannot deplete the alveolar macrophages or you cannot breathe.

In fact, that is what fibrosis is.

If you have COPD, it drives towards fibrosis and not towards breathing. It crowds out the alveolar macrophage that has to breathe.

What does this is TGF beta. TGF beta is at the heart of the Hematopoietic stem cell. It signals the stem cell to make either the induction of suppressor cells or effector cells. And when this balance goes off, there are problems.

An M2 is a bad macrophage. An M1 is a healing macrophage.

All tissues have macrophages that are resident stem cells. They do not come from the blood. They are there are there lifelong.

If you disrupt them and turn the fire on, then they will go in a bad direction if TGF beta does not restore the balance.

High levels of TGF beta can act like a bad general in an army. It drives the promotion of cancer.  Promoting infectious disease. Remember, most of my work has been about how viruses cause cancer or ME/CFS, or neuro-immune disease. My work is about how viruses do that. In this instance, I am talking about lung disease.

If you have TGF beta in balance, and every cell in the body has it, these can act like a good soldier, promoting the survival of those key effector cells.

You do not want TGF beta to be the bad general in the army and driving the inflammatory macrophages and neutrophils and the very inflammatory TH17.

You want it to be promoting interferon alpha. It is a key.

The regulation of TGF beta on the Hematopoietic stem cell is cannabinoid receptor 2. So you can start a process by which, with another modulator of cannabinoid receptor 2, you can start a process whereby the production of energy will turn on TGF beta and turn off cannabinoid receptor 2 when the fire is too high.

When you consider the cross talk on the Hematopoietic stem cell which controls which cell the body is going to make, if you modulate this correctly and in a low, low dose then you can turn off the flame and restore the balance of the good soldier TGF beta.

How do you do that?

This is all set out in a fabulous paper in the British Journal of Pharmacology in 2011 by Ethan B Russo. The title of the article is ‘Taming THC: potential cannabis synergy and phytocannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effects’.

This article shows that the way to tame the THC is to just take it out of there. Hemp does not make more than 3 per cent THC. Our broad spectrum hemps something like 0.3 per cent and you can take it all out.

Make it broad spectrum and take it all out.

Then replace it from other turpenes or triterpene compounds.

All cannabinoids are terpenes. But not all terpenes are cannabinoids.

Here, you can see lemonene, hops, lavender. 

Journal name: MDPI. Article title: Terpenoids and Phytocannabinoids Co-Produced in Cannabis Sativa Strains Show Specific Interaction for Cell Cytoxic Activity

Here, you can see other strains such as Cannabis Sativa Strains coproduce beta caryophyllene of which a large part comes from black pepper.

Black pepper, those hot chilli peppers, lemon balm, oranges. We can extract the terpenes that modulate those receptors in a healing way. And they are just natural products.

There you have a fabulous healing of the cell site of toxicity was for cancer cells.

I would use beta caryophyllene and other things right now and certainly the limonene and linalool for the SARS-Cov-2 infection if I felt I had to prevent it from turning into disease.
Cistus incanus tea contains terpenes which can actually help against the retroviruses. There are families of these things. There is not just one plant in the cannabis family. There are hundreds of molecules. 

PICTURE SLIDE: Journal: European Neuropsychopharmacology 2014 24 608-620
Article title: The cannabinoid CB2 receptor selective phytocannabinoid beta-carophyllene exerts analgesic effects in mouse models and neuropathic pain

Here we see in a paper in 2014 that beta-carophyllene from black pepper has analgesic effects in inflammatory and neuropathic pain. So we are talking about things like arthritis.

Some of the co-factors for people having the most severe disease from a SARS-Cov-2 are those that already have inflammatory diseases and neuropathic pain.

PICTURE SLIDE: Journal: MDPI. Article title: Therapeutic Potential of alpha and beta pinene: A Miracle Gift of Nature

Here is alpha and beta pinene. This review of things in this article covered Alzheimer’s and autism and other things.

PICTURE SLIDE: International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Article title: Celastrol Attenuates Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain Mediated by Cannabinoid Receptor Type 2

PICTURE SLIDE: Journal: Article title: Control of autoimmune inflammation by celastrol, a natural Triterpenoid

These articles talk about celastrol, a naturally occurring inhibitor of a central inflammatory cytokine IL-6. Cytokine IL-6 is an inflammatory driver of Covid disease. IL-6 is downstream of the NF Kappa B pathway.

Covid disease development from the infection is primarily IL-6 talking to TGF beta.

Celastrol is a natural product from the Chinese herb of the celastrus family. You can extract it from the plant. It is a bioactive.

There are plants it can be extracted from. It regulates the bone pathogenesis, the checkpoints in controlling arthritic inflammation and the tissue damage from arthritic inflammation. And, in this instance, SARS-Cov-2 too. It can stop all of that.

PICTURE SLIDE: Journal: Scientific Reports. Published 17 February 2017. Article title: Transient Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Blockade during Immunization Heightens Intensity and Breadth of Antigen-specific Antibody Responses in Young and Aged Mice

In conclusion, we know that if you take plant cannabinoids, it is possible simply block things happening. You do not want that inflammation to go too high. You want to drive towards Type 1 interferon and Plasmacytoid B regulatory cells to create antibodies for the SARS-Cov-2 virus or any other coronavirus or retrovirus.

If you transiently block the cannabinoid receptor 2 this heightens the intensity and breadth of antigen-specific antibody responses in the very young and the very old, the most vulnerable.

This interview above can be viewed online on YouTube using the Search term: ‘Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about Covid-19’, where you can see the slides. These extracts were transcribed for ease of use. As before, this is not a word for word transcription. It was designed to make the English simple for students who do not have English as a first language so they can slow down and take in what is being said. ‘Buena suerte!’


Useful resources

This is a superb 90-minute interview by Dr Joseph Mercola with Dr Judy Mikovits conducted in May 2020. As well as the video recording, there is also a PDF of the interview:


This is a two-hour and 50-minutes interview with another Dr Paul Cottrell. This is detailed and technical discussion about her work on XMRV. She explains in technical detail why her work on XMRV relates to what is seen in Covid-19. Will not appeal to a layman audience:


Dr. Judy Mikovits – London Real – Responding to Criticism
This two-hour interview is a response to the media attacks on Dr Mikovits. Essentially, her two books and all her interviews these days are a defence of her work. They are her side of the story, both about her exclusion from science and what she makes of events now. This interview responds to a set of allegations put by Science magazine. 


Two-hour interview with Judy Mikovits, largely focusing on corruption in HIV-AIDS and how this feeds into Covid-19 corruption:


Judy Mikovits interview

Judy Mikovits interview on Thomas Paine Podcast with Mike Moore
Ep. 19 — EXCLUSIVE: TOP Scientist & HIV/AIDS Research Pioneer Dr. Judy Mikovits Blows Whistle on Dr. Fauci & Corrupt DC Medical Cartel; DISTURBING Details of Threats; Intimidation; Research Theft; Tainted Vaccines; Fraud; Pay to Play; GREED & the FBI C


Judy Mikovits interview on Thomas Paine Podcast with Mike Moore
Episode 34

52 mins

Dr Mikovits: In Covid-19, they call it air hunger. The Lyme factor. The borrelia factor. It’s not just retroviruses contaminating vaccines. Borrelia, babesia. A little mold. A little mycoplasma. Look, it’s a chronic disease in our country.


The Vitamins used in the case reported below in Los Angeles were as follows:
50,000 IU of Vitamin D for 2 days
Intravenous Vitamin C 100g drip per day until patient was back to normal

Another case study on Vitamin C used intravenously on a Covid-19 patient:


In relation to Covid-19, in the US, Dr Richard Ng, MD cites the work of Linus Pauling in the 1960s. Pauling’s work emphasized the importance of vitamin C. 

Dr Ng says the work of Doris Loh on Vitamin C is ‘quite astounding’.



In relation to Covid-19, in the US, Dr Richard Ng, MD (works with Dr David Brownstein) says his first patient who presented with Covid-19 symptoms had been ill for three weeks, had a temperature of 103 and had difficulty breathing.

He gave this patient oral vitamin C every 30 to 60 minutes to bowel tolerance. In other words, vitamin C is taken in doses of 1,000 to 5,000 miligrams every 30 to 60 minutes until the patient gets diarrhea.

Dr Richard Ng has been doing this for 24 years. Dr Richard Ng is also an established user of intravenous vitamin C and says he has never seen side effects in any of his patients.   

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell, a doctor treating Covid-19 patients in New York City’s Maimonides Medical Center, warns that the medical community may be wrong about the nature of the coronavirus and how it is said to cause acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). [He says he was told to ready himself to treat a coronavirus, an upper respiratory infection, but that the patients have something more akin to altitude sickness or radiation poisoning; in other words, nothing to do with coronaviruses and upper respiratory infection.]


Bill Gates owns a patent on a strain of coronavirus. To be clear, it is not the SARS-Cov-2 strain. He uses organisations such as the PirBright institute to own these things.

British company Qinetiq is one of the big companies connected to ambitions to track and trace. It has the Queen of England as its golden shareholder. This means that its internal workings can be kept private under Royal privilege. Qinetiq seems to be more involved in the digital tracking plans.

Tony Fauci appears to own patents relating to the HIV spike proteins on the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

The 2015 ‘Nature’ journal study involving SARS and bats involving Fauci, several top-ranking US organisations, China and others. There are two versions of this that we have found written up. An easy to read mass media version called ‘Engineered Bat Virus Stirs Debate Over Risky Research’ in Nature journal:


This is the academic version of that study. It is a lot longer and much more difficult to read. It keeps a lot more things in it. When you see the word Vero E6 in this version [a lot of interesting things are edited out of the mass media version] that is the reference to Vero monkey kidney cells:


Every time you take, for example, mouse tissue and grow a cell line of, say, Vero E6 monkey cells in a vat, in just two weeks you can get new recombinants of viruses.

The recombinant viruses are probably even more dangerous because when they inject them in the form of a vaccine, they do so in liposome form, which means they infect every cell in the body.

Dr Vernon Coleman

Probably the best general layman writer on vaccines is Dr Vernon Coleman, who writes accessible articles on his website. He has also written a book on the dangers of vaccines entitled: ‘Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines Are Safe And Effective Is Lying. Here’s The Proof’


Twitter commentators who are covering Dr Mikovits’ work:









Caught on camera: W.H.O Scientists Question Safety Of Vaccines


Vitamin C seems to have been used in this case:


5iveG raises the risk of any infection by weakening the immune system

Senator Richard Blumenthal in the US senate asks for all the safety studies done on 5iveG:

It turns out that ‘no safety studies have been done’. What this means is that research was done, probably by universities signing non-disclosure agreements. This is then bought by the companies. So, officially, they have done no research. In other words, if people wanted to sue the companies, they would not be able to get hold of the research as has often happened in the past in the US. Officially, there is no research. At least not that the companies did themselves.  There might be, and almost certainly is, research done by third parties that they paid for. And will not release. If the research were uncovered, the companies would argue in court: it was not our research. It was bought and paid for externally and cannot be relied on.

5iveG leads us to 60GhZ. Anything operating at 60GhZ is important.

There have been more than 2,000 studies that show the detrimental effects of 5mm technology (which is what people walk through at airports). There is research dating back to 1971 to show this.

Cardiac cancers, adrenal cancers, neurological cancers and also neurological implications are associated with high levels of this 5mm technology.

In this activity, something has changed the cellular matrix of the body’s cells. Something has changed the morphological structure of the cell membrane.

The specific thing it is changing on the cell membrane is the voltage-gated calcium channel. This mediates the entry of calcium ions into excitable cells. The voltage-gated calcium channel is involved in a variety of calcium-dependent processes, including muscle contraction and hormone release. 

What is going wrong is that the voltage-gated calcium channel is allowing an influx of calcium into the cells. An influx of calcium into the cells is something that is often associated with cancer.

This influx of calcium causes suppression of apoptosis and uncontrolled cellular proliferation.

Increased calcium inside the cell – intracellular calcium – disrupts the process of apoptosis by disrupting what is known as the caspase cascade.

In cancer, the process of apoptosis is stopped and the cells proliferate instead of self-destructing.

In the studies that have been done at 1.8 gHz (which is equal to 1.8bn Hz), you can start seeing these cancers occur.

5iveG will be between 30Ghz and 300Ghz, which is equal to 30bn to 300bn Hz.

It is at 1.8bn that the cancers have been observed.

These radio frequency electromagnetic fields are not cell resident. They are not consistent with being beneficial to the human body.

There is technology available to change this, whereby the output of the energy is the same but it becomes cell resident. In other words, beneficial to the human body. These are not being talked about.

The disruption caused to cell membranes is thought to make it easier for enveloped viruses to enter cells. Anything that weakens the immune system will be helpful to viruses.

These are all important things in understanding what might be going on inside the body. If Covid-19, the disease, may be said to be SARS-Cov-2 plus XMRV, plus a switch. Adding one or more co-factors might provide the switch.

The switch may be disruption to cells in the body caused by 5iveG, thereby making it easier for enveloped viruses (such as SARS-Cov-2) to attach themselves.

The switch might be something that acts to dissociate the hemoglobin from the blood. Another possible switch might be a glutathione deficiency.

If 5iveG is allowed to disrupt the cell membrane, this means an enveloped virus (such as SARS-Cov-2) will find it easier to cross that cell membrane. A disrupted cell membrane allows viruses more assimilability. 5iveG will not cause Covid-19, but it can allow any virus or bacterial infection to assimilate itself more easily.

There are other things that can combination of cripple the immune response to fight disease. Things such as pollution. New York, Wuhan, the Italy location and Iran all have certain elements that could irritate weak immune systems. Iran is a leader in 5iveG, Wuhan is heavy with air pollution and is a 5iveG testbed, New York has been a heavily air polluted city ever since 2001; Italy also has problems with air pollution and wants to be a leader in 5iveG. There were certainly a lot of co-morbidities in Italy.

5iveG does not cause Covid-19. Or any infectious process. 5ive renders the immune system more susceptible to any opportunistic pathogen.

There is a histotoxic, hypoxic injury being seen that seems to have nothing to do with the virus. This is said to be caused by pollution and the fossil fuels (histo means cell, toxic means toxic, hypoxic mean lack of oxygen). Wuhan, for example, has appalling air pollution as do other hotspots such as Italy, Iran and New York.

Patients are turning blue. It looks like an altitude-type sickness. That is what a histotoxic, hypoxic illness would look like.

There do not seem to be any examples anywhere in the world of anyone who has died of SARS-Cov-2. To do this, we would need to see the lungs and the virus popping out of the blood. There do not seem to be any reports of this.

A dead patient can be opened up and the microvasculature examined. There can be an electron micrograph to confirm the virus that caused the death. We are not seeing this.

5iveG is 30ghZ-300ghZ
1 ghZ is 1 billion ghZ
A mobile phone is 900 hertz


Book: Dr David Lewis Science for Sale

Masks suppress CD4, the helper T cells that have an adaptive memory immune response. CD4 T-cells are considered ‘helper’ cells because they do not neutralize infections but rather trigger the body’s response to infections.

Wearing masks raises the risk of elevating the cytokine IL-6. IL-6 is powerful cytokine for driving the cytokine storm associated with Covid-19. 

To avoid this, get out and walk. Exercise. Get the Vitamin D3 immune response from sunlight.

Dr Russell Blaylock’s work on why masks are a danger:


Masks cause immune suppression. We know that they cause more activation of your latent viruses – that eight per cent of the human genome that is a virome. Those endogenous viruses, when they are activated, can contribute to disease. Serious disease. Cancer, AIDS, other things. It is the expression of the virus.

Chickenpox and shingles is one such example people will know about. Another example is cold sores in the mouth from HS2 and other things. What do you do with those cold sores is use natural sun to heal them or zinc. Remember, when you put zinc on your lip. When people get sick or stressed they can activate old infections.

Epstein Barr virus. If it is not expressed you do not have mononucleosis. Even Birkett’s lymphoma can come from expression and loss of virus latency.

Why Face Masks Don’t Work: A Revealing Review

Cloth masks: Dangerous to your health?

Long interview on a show called Tru News with Dr Mikovits, including her section in the ‘Plandemic’ documentary


Two-hour interview. Professor Dolores Cahill interviews Dr Judy Mikovits in the first hour. Second hour is Professor Cahill interviewing Dr Sherri Tenpenny


Lillian McDermott interviews Dr Judy Mikovits:


A very good interview with Dr Judy Mikovits:


This is a video of a mother of an autistic child interviewing Dr Judy Mikovits


Two hour interview with Dr Mikovits:


30-minute interview with Dr Mikovits:


Truth About Vaccines 2020

Charlene Bollinger interviews Dr Judy Mikovits Part i


Truth About Vaccines 2020

Charlene Bollinger interviews Dr Judy Mikovits Part ii


Dr Judy Mikovits at a street rally:


Vaxxed The Movie:


Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth


The Zelenko protocol

Dr Vladimir Zelenko of New York posted this treatment through the letterbox of vulnerable patients for $28. He identified patients who were at risk and treated them within five days of the onset of symptoms.

He had a 99.7% survival rate in his patients and an 84% reduction in hospitalizations.

1)      Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
2)      Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
3)      Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

That equates to 400mg hydroxychloroquine per day. It has to be that low for the zinc to take effect. Dr Didier Raoult used 600mg hydroxychloroquine per day. At 600mg per day, zinc would not take effect so it would not be used in combination at that dose.

Alternative Zeleko protocol for prophylaxis (prevention):

Quercetin 500mg one or two a day

Zinc 25mg (elemental) once a day

The studies that were rigged to damage the reputation of hydroxychloroquine used 2,400mg in the first day of use. This is far too high. Hydroxychloroquine will not be effective at such as high dose. 200mg of hydroxychloroquine twice a week would act as a prophylaxis [prevention]. It is a very safe drug. It concentrates itself in the lungs. It concentrates 200 to 700 more times in the lungs than in the blood stream. 

Hydroxychloroquine can act as a preventive measure, preventing the virus from getting in. If the virus does enter the body, the zinc used in combination with hydroxychloroquine will disrupt the replication mechanism of the virus: RNA-dependent RNA polymerase or RNA replicase, which is an enzyme that catalyzes the replication of RNA from an RNA template.

The way the study to smear hydroxychloroquine was conducted used: “The HCQ dosing regimen used in the Recovery trial was 12 tablets during the first 24 hours (800mg initial dose, 800 mg six hours later, 400 mg 6 hrs later, 400 mg 6 hours later), then 400 mg every 12 hours for 9 more days. This is 2.4 grams during the first 24 hours, and a cumulative dose of 9.2 grams over 10 days.” [This is far too high. It is overdosing.]


Hydroxychloroquine is approved for use in pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Hydroxychloroquine may not be helpful, but it is unlikely to be harmful when used in the right dose.

Analysis by Kelly Brogan MD:



Everyone used to be immune to polio.
Polio did not cause paralysis until the late 1800s.
There was no way to determine if you had polio.
Even spinal taps were often wrong.
As a result, the ‘polio’ was often: Viral meningitis, transverse myelitis, chronic fatigue, spinal meningitis, Guillain-Barre acute flaccid paralysis, and more.
Polio poster boy Franklin Roosevelt did not have ‘polio’. 
Even the US president was misdiagnosed with ‘polio’.
Most ‘polio’sickness was due to arsenic and DDT poisoning.
DDT was thought to be harmless and was sprayed on food.
DDT was sprayed in swimming pools and on children.
Those that showed any paralysis could be immobilized for years.
This treatment often guaranteed permanent paralysis.
The March of Dimes paid for treatment of paralytic polio.
So parents would ask the hospital for a ‘polio’ diagnosis.
In 1952, the worst year of the epidemic, polio killed 3,145.
Also that same year in terms of deaths:
5,719 from syphilis
6,943 from asthma
21,060- tuberculosis
+200,000- cancer
Guess which disease had a marketing guru running its charity?
After 1951, DDT use began to decline. So did polio outbreaks.
By 1955, when the Dr Salk polio vaccine was introduced, polio cases had already fallen dramatically.
After the vaccine, health officials made paralytic polio diagnosis more strict.
So paralytic polio cases went down, but other disease levels began to go up.
The first Dr Salk vaccine was recalled because it was paralyzing too many children.
The second vaccine did not give lifetime immunity as they hoped.
Since 1980, all cases of polio in the US are believed to have come from the vaccine.

In the United States, section 13.1 on every vaccine insert states: “Has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential or impairment of fertility.”

Anthony Mawson – Pilot Comparative Study on the Health of Vaccinated and Unvaccinated U.S. Children

Misadventures with the Chickenpox Vaccine, Gary Goldman, Ph.D.

Dr. Gary Goldman, Chicken pox

Dr Sherri Tenpenny one-hour interview on SARS-Cov-2:


The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic – Dr. Tent – It’s Not Autoimmune, you have Viruses

The excellent Dr Randall Tent operates from this clinic:


Book: Dr Mary’s Monkey by Edward T Haslam


Book: ‘The Virus and the Vaccine’ by Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher
Dr. Maurice Hilleman, explains why Merck’s vaccines have spread AIDS & other plagues worldwide

In Lies We Trust 14/16    [part 14 of a 16 part documentary on vaccines]



This interview was removed by YouTube but is transcribed above:

YouTube has taken to banning videos about Liposomal Vitamin C and turmeric
Liposomal Vitamin C is hard to buy but particularly effective

YouTube removes videos that talk about liposomal Vitamin C and, separately, turmeric, which is used to suppress cancer before it takes hold, although the doctors that recommend this have not been able to work out the exact mechanism that turmeric uses.

Dr. Rashid Buttar’s roundtable with 160 other doctors on Covid-19


10 mins Dr Buttar talks on masks

18 mins Dr Buttar explains the dangers of the RNA type vaccine

47 mins Dr Buttar talks about 5iveG

1.26 mins Dr Buttar talks about cheap old drugs being better than new ones

30 Useful Facts on COVID-19 Debunking the Media Narrative


Brandon Howse interviews Dr Judy Mikovits July 13 2020


Unanswered questions

1. Is there an electron micrograph of the pure and fully characterized virus?

2. What is the name of the primary specialist peer-reviewed paper in which the virus is illustrated and its full genetic information described?

3. What is the name of the primary specialist peer-reviewed paper that provides unequivocal proof of the SARS-Cov-2 virus is the sole cause of a particular disease?


The temperature checks for Covid-19 are often carried out by placing a device on the forehead. This is a route toward a false diagnosis using symptoms only. The forehead is an inaccurate temperature. The wrist or underneath the armpit would provide a more accurate reading for these devices.

Some clinicians are arguing it can be said there has been no genuine death from Covid-19 because nobody has established the genomic sequencing of Covid-19 as cause of death. The way they are trying to attribute deaths as Covid-19 defies Koch’s postulates and Hill’s criteria. Away from breaking rules on definitions, the authorities also stipulate that even a suspicion of Covid-19 means it can go on the death certificate.

The authorities are using signs of herd immunity to promote the ‘second wave’ project. People with coronavirus antibodies and no symptoms are now the problem.

Book: ‘What Really Makes You Ill?’ by Dawn Lester and David Parker
Chapter 2 exposes vaccinations

Hierarchy of evidence

If you see the phrase ‘the evidence says that masks are effective’ – this is how to understand how to decode this:

“In medical science there is a well-known classification of data quality known as ‘the hierarchy of evidence’. This seven-level system gives an idea of how much weight can be placed on any given study or recommendation.

“Near the top, at Level 2, we find randomised controlled trials (RCTs) where a new approach is tried on a group of patients and compared with (for example) a placebo. The results of such studies are pretty reliable, with little room for bias to creep in. A systematic review of several RCTs is the highest, most reliable form of medical evidence: Level 1.

“Further down (Levels 5 and 6) comes evidence from much less compelling, descriptive-only studies looking for a pattern, without using controls.

“This is where we find virtually all evidence pertaining to Covid-19 policy: lockdown, social distancing, face masks, quarantine, R-numbers, second waves, you name it. And — to speed things up — most Covid research was not peer- reviewed.

“Right at the bottom of the hierarchy — Level 7 — is the opinion of authorities or reports of expert committees. This is because, among other things, ‘authorities’ often fail to change their minds in the face of new evidence.

“Committees, containing diversity of opinion and inevitably being cautious, often issue compromise recommendations that are scientifically non-valid. Ministers talk about ‘following the science’. But the advice of Sage (or any committee of scientists) is the least reliable form of evidence there is.

“Such is the quality of decision-making in the process generating our lockdown narrative. An early maintained but exaggerated belief in the lethality of the virus reinforced by modelling that was almost data-free, then amplified by further modelling with no proven predictive value.

“All summed up by recommendations from a committee based on qualitative data that hasn’t even been peer-reviewed.”

11 July 2020 Dr John Lee

Extract taken from: How strong was the scientific advice behind lockdown?


Masks Are Neither Effective Nor Safe: A Summary Of The Science


In other words, the comparator has to be RCT trials with face masks.

Famous scene of American doctors protesting in favor of hydroxychloroquine


Famous scene of American doctors protesting in favor of hydroxychloroquine



Perspectives on the Plandemic. Interview with Judy Mikovits. Part one of three


Perspectives on the Plandemic. Interview with Judy Mikovits. Part two of three


Judy Mikovits on the Vaxxed bus tour


Judy Mikovits interview


Dr Suzanne Humphries

You’ll Be Shocked at What the Flu Shot is Really Doing to You!


Dr Suzanne Humphries

Is the flu going to kill you this year?



The Silencing of Dr. Judy Mikovits with Guests Dr. Judy Mikovits, Kent Heckenlively & Larry Klayman


if the YouTube link in that is broken, here it is in Brighteon:

Jason Goodman: Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – Silence of the Medical Scams with special Guest Dr. Judy Mikovits


Judy Mikovits on the Vaxxed II tour bus 90-minute interview

Exclusive interview w/ Virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits

YouTube search title:
Is America Done? Speaker Series 3/9 – Dr. Ten;penny! and Dr. Mi!kovit$


This is a joint presentation featuring Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Judy Mikovits.

We did not transcribe everything in this presentation, just some of the key parts.

The talk is designed to go into some detail in some of the danger areas that Dr Mikovits flags up but that can be enlightened with more detail.

Partial list of vaccine ingredients in commonly given vaccines

Aluminum (4 forms)
Polysorbate 80
Neomycin, polymyxin B
Lactose, casein
Sodium borate
Yeast proteins and Yeast DNA
Triton X-100 (breaks down inside the body into ethylene oxide)
Thimerosal (mercury)

Animal cells
Bovine serum (several forms)
Avian serum – chicken
Egg protein – ovalbumin
Vero cells – monkey
Dog kidney cells (MDCK)
Insect cells

Human cells

No testing for antibodies
No testing for synergistic toxicity

Dr Tenpenny: These are the generally recognized ingredients for vaccines. That does not mean that one vaccine has all of these ingredients. If you have multiple doses of different vaccines, you will have multiple doses of each of these ingredients.

Neomycin and polymyxin B are antibiotics that can cause a lot of problems relating to eczema and kidney problems.

Sodium borate is very different when it is injected, as opposed to boron when it is ingested.
Sodium borate is known to cause problems with testicular atrophy.

Beta-propiolactone is a known carcinogen.

Triton X-100 is a detergent. It is used in the flu vaccines. The reason that it is used is that on the cell surface proteins of the influenza viruses, the Triton X-100 breaks the virus apart a bit so that the B cells can see it and try to form antibodies to it.

The problem with Triton X-100 is that when it is injected into the body, at body temperature, one of the breakdown products is ethylene oxide.

Ethylene oxide is known to cause infertility and problems with birth defects.

Thimerosal is mercury and is used in flu vaccines.

All of these substances listed have what is known as a Material Safety Data Sheet. This lists some of the problems known to be associated with coming into contact with that ingredient, usually by inhaling it, swallowing it, getting it on your skin or splashing it in your eyes.

Most of those ingredients have not been tested for toxicity when they have been injected.

They have never been tested for toxicity via injection.

They have never been tested for synergistic toxicity, which is what happens when you mix them all together in one vial of vaccine and then inject it into the human body.

On any given vaccination day, there may be seven different vials of vaccines with different chemicals in them.

Collectively, the seven vaccines in that scenario would never have been tested for synergistic toxicity.

In effect, every single vaccine injected into any human is an experiment.

Every single vaccination day is a violation of the Nuremberg code in terms of human experimentation of untested chemicals.

Dr Mikovits: In relation to Covid-19, a lot of the data coming straight from the front-line is that the people with the most severe injury are the people who received the flu vaccines.

The flu vaccines contain material from chicken eggs and dog cells. Those contain coronaviruses.

In most people over 65, you give a quadruple dose of the flu vaccine on the basis that older people have compromised immune systems.

On the vaccination day that people receive those flu vaccines, at least for the past five years, people have been given the Prevnar vaccine, which comprises microbial antigens combined with aluminum for pneumonia.

It is either Prevnar 13 or Prevnar 23.

Prevnar 23 means 23 different upper respiratory-infection causing bacterial antigens.

That is a really large dose. The doctors tell the patients we will give you one injection in one arm and one injection in the other arm, as if all these things the patient is being injected with on that day will not meet in the middle.

We are asking the nurses and doctors: Go back and check and see if those hospitalized had recent flu or Prevnar vaccinations.

Find out if those are the people that are dying or are the most severely affected by Covid-19?

Dr Tenpenny: Have they done that?

Dr Mikovits: The nurses have looked and they absolutely correlate.

This is one thing we are not being told.

Dr Tenpenny: To the best of my knowledge, the adult pneumonia vaccine, the primary one that they use is called Pneumovax. That is the one that is the 23 antigen version.

There is one version with 13 antigens. And one with 23 antigens. There is at least one study that I saw that said when you inject 23 antigens and you just give that Pneumovax all by itself only about half of that vaccine content seroconverts.

Once again, it is all risk and no benefit from one more of many of these vaccines.

Problematic ingredients
Cow proteins

● Bovine casein (milk protein)
● Bovine extract
● Bovine cassation acids
● Bovine serum albumen
● Bovine calf serum
● Bovine formula fed calf serum
● Bovine calf serum protein
● Fetal bovine serum (FBS)

Dr Tenpenny: The use of fetal bovine serum is pretty nefarious.

Why do we use these cow proteins in vaccines?

The official answer, according to the US FDA website: “Cow components are often used simply because cows are very large animals… and thus much material is available.”

Fetal bovine serum

● Serum is a complex mixture and even after 50 years of use, the majority of subunits have not been fully identified.

● Fetal bovine serum is the most widely used, the most difficult to obtain and the most expensive of all cell culture promoter substances used in drug manufacturing

● 2014: FBS was found to contain approximately 1800 different proteins and more than 4,000 active metabolites. 

The proportions of each vary between different batches and vary by health of the animal from which it was harvested.

When a bag of blood is retrieved, they remove the albumin, protein, red blood cells and white blood cells.

What is left is the serum.

Blood is extracted from the baby cow while it is still effectively in the womb.

The cow fetus has to be at least six weeks of age. The larger the fetus, the more blood they can extract from it.

They take out the uterus, with the fetal cow inside it. They put it in a specialized laboratory.

The take big, skewered needle. They stick this inside the fetal cow while it is still alive. They exsanguinate the blood out of the fetus.

Then they put it into a special place to centrifuge off the serum.

They use the serum in order to grow viruses and bacteria in petri dishes. 

It is the most widely used, difficult to obtain and most expensive of all cell culture promoter substances used in the manufacture of drugs and vaccines.

As of 2014, fetal bovine serum has been found to contain 1800 different proteins and more than 4,000 active metabolites. 

These proportions will vary from lot to lot. It is not standardized. It would depend on the health of the cow fetus and mother cow. What health they were in. What the nutrition had been.

This is put into the vaccines.

Dr Mikovits: We used fetal bovine serum extensively.

We would grow it in 500ml bottles. We would buy up huge lots, meaning maybe 1,000 bottles to create consistency across our experiments.

Monkey kidney cells do not grow unless they are in 5 or 10 per cent serum, which would be something like fetal bovine serum.

Fetal bovine serum has more stem cell properties [than other types of cell] because it is fetal. It has growth factors that the cow fetus needs.

It has qualities for unlimited proliferation and dividing potential.

You can make as many cells as you want. We would grow up let’s say a 200-litre fermenter for each lot of vaccines. To get 1ml in a vial, you need a lot of fetal bovine serum because it is 10 per cent of your culture media.

If you take it out, the virus will not grow.

[By using fetal bovine serum] you are adding stem cells and carcinogens from the fetal bovine serum.

You cannot grow the antigen and manufacture [the material] – the cell lines are the manufacturing facilities – so everything you showed on the first slide is what you need.

The antibiotics and the antimycotics [anti-fungal] used in the process are because you do not want to grow mold. And you do not want to grow bacteria.

You just want to grow viruses in the animal cells.

You use different things to grow dog cells than you would for monkey cells or chicken cells.

We often find horse serum and bovine serum in the same vaccine, depending on how many antigens are in that vaccine and how it is manufactured.

It is not trivial amounts, which is what [some people] say.

You must have between 5 to 10 per cent of fetal bovine serum in those fermenters.

The fetal bovine serum is not cleaned out. It can contain carcinogenic proteins viruses in that fetal bovine serum.

Bovine fetal serums can contain things that are carcinogenic to humans, not necessarily to the cow fetus or the cow.

Dr Tenpenny: As a side story, I was doing a talk about the connection between vaccines and cancer.

When we got to this section about fetal bovine serum, one audience member said he was doing experiments on telomeres; on how the length and period of time that a snippet of DNA lives and chops up and gets shorter and shortens your life expectancy. 

He was using fetal bovine serum.

In his last set of animals, all 10 animals had died. He could not figure out why.

Having heard what I had to say, he said he realized that perhaps he had not tested the fetal bovine serum adequately or there was something else in the fetal bovine serum he was not aware of.

He said that scientists really do not understand this about these active metabolites.

Dr Mikovits: This is how you can get these hot lots of vaccines. [A hot lot of vaccines is a toxic batch. All vaccines are split up nowadays to hide this from the general public. A cluster of illnesses in the same town or local would flag up to people what had happened. By splitting up the vaccines, people will be less likely to make this connection.]

The worst of these is going to be the flu vaccines, which change every year.

You need a lot of money. Each 500ml bottle of fetal bovine serum can cost about $150.

We would buy 50,000 or 100,000 in one go. We were doing this for cells that grow the best outside the body.

We needed immortalized cell lines. To cause cancer. Immortalized is a cell that lives forever outside of the body. That is, by definition, cancer.

We would test these lots of fetal bovine serum and look for the best ability to grow the cells.

You could get a hot lot of vaccines because this fetal bovine serum is causing cancer. And that could be because of the differences in the lots of fetal bovine serum, among many other things.

That is just one thing that could produce a hot lot of vaccines.

Bovine leukemia virus causes cancer in cows. It is like human T cell leukemia virus and feline leukemia virus. Cancer causing viruses [are in this fetal bovine serum]. 

We know that human beta retro-viruses come from this cow blood.

We think that is why we are seeing such huge increases in breast cancer in very young women.

47.30 mins

Problematic ingredients
Eggs and chicken

Eggs as incubators
● Eggs have been used to manufacture vaccines for more than 70 years.
● 11-day old chick embryos are injected with viral solutions. Tweezers are used to chip the top off the egg. The virus is injected into the egg white.
● 3-5 days later after incubating, the gooey viral suspension is removed and centrifuged several times.
● Despite all efforts, chicken blood and chicken proteins remain in the final product.

In other words, you get parts of egg and parts of chicken that are in the flu vaccines primarily and this is injected into the human body. We are crossing mammalian genomes to put this inside human bodies.

Avian viral contaminants
● “Considering that ALV can easily capture the human oncogenes – a gene that has the potential to cause cancer – [called] “erb-B” and “myc” and these two oncogenes have been strongly associated with common forms of human breast cancer, it seems that the issue of ALV vaccine contamination should deserve a high level of attention.”

Reference: McRearden, Benjamin. ‘What is coming through that needle? The problem of pathogenic vaccine contamination.’ Townsend Letter, October (2003).

Dr Mikovits: In relation to human breast cancer, there is more than just those viruses mentioned there on the slide, and more than the oncogenes themselves


“erb-B” and “myc”.

There are also retroviruses and leukosis, which means they kill white blood cells.

Those sorts of viruses are also present, but they are not detected because nobody looks for them. 

Those actually synergize with the oncogenic behavior. When the oncogene kind of turns the pathway on that allows the retroviruses to integrate and more cells to grow and divide and proliferate in the human breast.

So it is almost like a little targeting g#n that targets the retroviruses to the human breast from the blood stream.

This is a really bad thing. The cells that are responding to the oncogenes are then infected and this makes more reservoirs of cells containing the entire provirus or even the oncogenic parts of the provirus. 

Once you have injected it, you do not need an infectious, transmissible virus. It is very dangerous because you are going to get many more cells containing the retroviruses than had these oncogenes not been there at all.

Dr Tenpenny: Wow. That is huge. Given that flu vaccines are mandatory for medical staff, it would be interesting to see if this could be studied on a nurse population. What the incidence of breast cancer was before and after they made these flu vaccines compulsory for health workers.

Dr Mikovits: Those are studies that they will not let us do. But where those studies have been done is the women in the military, who get far more breast cancer. They are faced with far more [compulsory] vaccines. And certainly every year, a flu vaccine.

You can see it. And you can see the incidence of breast cancer. In fact, we were working a year or two ago with a client, a young woman in the military. 28 years old with a triple negative breast cancer. That is one of the most aggressive breast cancers there is.

We see people as young as 13 with breast cancer. They are too young to even have breasts. This is why when you think at the level of the stem cell and that synergy, you can see the incidence of breast cancer in people of those ages. 

It is a horrific problem.

Dr Tenpenny: I am hearing from reconstructive surgeons that many of the people going to the surgery seem to be between the ages of 25 and 35. They go there after the cancer treatment.

All those ingredients such as Triton X-100 in the flu vaccines received year after year are associated with this.

Pathogens in eggs

● (SPF) flocks: Eggs produced by specific pathogen-free birds that have been certified to be free from contamination from certain micro-organisms.
● The eggs are tested for a list of viruses and bacteria – usually between 25 and 37 – to confirm the absence of specific pathogens on the list.
If none of the listed pathogens are detected in the egg, it is reported as ‘pathogen free’.
● However, there is a wide range of difference between ‘specific pathogen-free’ and ‘pathogen free’.

Dr Tenpenny: Think about that for a minute. There are many more viruses that could be tested for but are not in these eggs.

● Avian coronavirus (IBV) is a coronavirus that infects birds, causing the associated disease avian infectious bronchitis (AIB). It is a highly infectious avian pathogen that affects the respiratory tract, gut, kidney and reproductive systems of chickens.
● Avian coronavirus is responsible for substantial economic loss within the poultry industry.
● Notably absent from this quality control list at the Charles River laboratory, which is one of the largest labs providing eggs to the vaccine industry, is checking for Avian coronavirus.

Dr Tenpenny: There is your justification right there [in other words, coronaviruses from animals are in the US flu vaccine used recently]. What do you say about this?

Dr Mikovits: You and I are being character assassinated, with people saying: “You cannot say that.”

I did not say there was SARS-Cov-2 in [any of] the vaccines [I mentioned].

[She is referring to the specific vaccines that are known to carry coronaviruses. She does not say that every flu vaccine contains SARS-Cov-2. She cites injection as the likely starting point for the SARS-Cov-2 virus because it is clearly not a natural virus. This is supported by the fact of how prevalent it is. Where that actually happened it is not possible to say. But things like the HIV spikes on it, tell us it is not natural. The logical conclusion points to injection. It has come from somewhere, even if it was just contamination by floating from one fermenter in a laboratory over to another fermenter in a lab setting. It is not being suggested that SARS-Cov-2 is in the chicken-egg-made flu vaccine, but people may test positive for coronavirus, for example on a PCR test, if they have had a flu vaccine. These flu vaccines can drive the promotion of coronaviruses.]

Every animal has coronaviruses. They have been infected throughout millennia. Just like the dog Madin-Darby kidney cells contain coronaviruses. Dogs have the most coronaviruses.

These animal cell lines are grown in huge 100-litre fermenters to make these vaccines. Growing influenza viruses have lots of coronaviruses in there.

In the same mixture in those fermenters are things like retroviruses that allow you to have recombination events.

And even things such as yeast, so that means you can have a recombination event. You can have a multi-component virus.

That virus could have aspects of coronaviruses, aspects of immune deficiency retroviruses
Aspects of chicken gamma retroviruses, which are the same family as the mouse gamma retroviruses we isolated from people who have chronic fatigue syndrome and autism.

Now we Tony Fauci is saying there is a post-viral syndrome to the coronavirus.

Well, nobody has shown us an isolation from a person with the virus or the strains of different viruses that are supposedly making people sick in Covid-19.

What if this is a recombinant? The XMRVs? The monkey as well as the chicken?

With the flu vaccines, we grow the coronaviruses in monkey kidney cells.

In other words, year after year, you can inject into a person a lot of different coronaviruses and retroviruses. The retroviruses have the ability to remain latent. The coronaviruses are not latent.

But for those vaccines, maybe that person never develops the post-viral syndrome to the coronavirus.

The contaminant has nothing to do with a coronavirus. And everything to do with the exact same association we made. And we isolated this. We isolated this from many people. 

We showed these transmissible and disease causing.

None of that has been done in Covid-19. Yet now Tony Fauci is saying there is a post-viral syndrome.

Well, it does not come from the coronavirus. It comes from somewhere else.

It is not a huge leap of faith to say: Show me the data. Show me it is not a gamma retrovirus. Show me that the vaccines were not contaminated with dog coronaviruses or dog retroviruses.

Monkey kidney cells certainly have simian immune deficiency virus. That is sequenced into the strains as a recombinant event.

This is why I have been saying: You do not have to engineer it.

I did not ever say anyone ever manufactured this.

If you grow it in the manufacturing facility – the monkey kidney cells – you have already manufactured it. And they did not clean it up.

They would not filter it. If it was filtered, it would filter out the antigens of the influenza viruses.

Therefore you would not have a vaccine. We cannot filter out these viruses.

I am viciously attacked for the movie Plandemic. ‘Oh, you said this, Dr Mikovits.’ Well, it’s true.

Show me it is not true. They have never done a piece of data with, as you say, with the ‘pathogen-free eggs’.

Add the coronaviruses and the retroviruses to the testing. But they cannot do this because then they would have no vaccine. They would have to find another way to manufacture the vaccines.

Of course, if they did do the testing they would find it is a manufacturing defect.

Prior to 2011, that would have been something that could have been sued in vaccine court for the injury.

We showed this to be true in 2011. This is why in the Bruesewitz case in the vaccine court they took away manufacturing defects.

[In 2011, the vaccine court ruled against the parents of Hannah Bruesewitz, 18, who suffered seizures and permanent brain damage after receiving a diptheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccine in 1993.]

Even if they knew this manufacturing process was leading to severe injury, cancer and the soaring cases chronic fatigue syndrome and autism.

What did they do? They just closed that loophole in the law instead of looking at the science and allowing honest scientists to see the data and stop these pandemics.

Dr Tenpenny: And stop all the additional disease. I have worked really hard to try to get people to stop calling measles and influenza a disease. It is an infection. It comes and goes. In the vast majority of people it lasts 7 to 10 days.

A disease is something that stays like chronic fatigue syndrome or like cancer.

It is interesting that they cannot filter out the contaminant viruses because they would filter out the real viruses. This would leave nothing apart from all the rest of the chemicals.

This is an important take-home for people. Some people would say: ‘Why can’t they clean it up?’

People may wonder: If there are contaminant retroviruses, that AVL, leukemia viruses, why can’t they clean that up. Well, they cannot clean that out.

You would not be able to develop the antibody for the pathogen they are trying to vaccinate against.

If you have seen Plandemic or read Plague of Corruption, what we are trying to do is corroborate the data that backs up what she says.

For example, we do not have pathogen free eggs. We have specific pathogen free eggs. There are certain things they test for. But a whole bunch of things that they do not test for that ends up in the vaccines, in your arm and causing all kinds of problems.

I think that is really important. We are limited with time tonight so we have only picked out some of the vaccine ingredients.

Problematic ingredients
Human cells

MRC-5 cells

● 1966: The immortalized cell line, MRC-5, was developed by British researchers at the Medical Research Council in England.

● The cells were derived from the lung tissue of an aborted male at about 14-week gestation removed from a 27-year-old woman for “psychiatric reasons”.

● Vaccines: Chickenpox, Hepatitis A, Varivax, Havrix, Vaqta, Twinrix, Rabies, Shingles, Smallpox, [Pentacel]

WI-38 cells
● 1962: WI-38 cells were extracted from the lungs of an aborted female baby at approximately the end the third month of pregnancy.
● Many aborted fetus cell lines and various organs were tested.
● The 38th cell line was found to be the most adequate for immortalization
● The line has always been free of adventitious agents. However, it contains human DNA 
● Developed by Dr Leonard Hayflick at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, PA – hence the name WI-38
● 1965 WI-38 became commercialized

Reference: Medical research: Cell division. Nature. Vol. 498, Issue 7455. June 26, 2013
Vaccines: Rubella, Hepatitis A, Chickenpox, Rabies

Dr Tenpenny: When they talk about safe and effective, safe has never been proven. Effective is not a synonym for protection. This is why I call all vaccines foreign matter injected into the human body to get an antibody that does not even prevent you from getting sick.

Dr Mikovits: Look at the baculovirus cell line. [They are looking at a slide that mentions FluBlok, a flu vaccine that is grown in bugs. The cell line is called baculovirus. The components are Spodoptera, frugiperda, Armyworm.]

Think about the soaring rise in chronic Lyme disease.

Think about the ticks in the borrelia and the babesia. And these viruses.

All of these animal cell lines also have mycoplasma. Mold. Mycotoxin.

That is why when we culture those in the laboratory we add antibiotics and antimycotics. You get a dose of that, which would disrupt your gut microbiome.

All of these things can recombine.

A paper was published in 2016 showing a multi-component animal virus. A new virus that had part of an animal virus – let’s just say SARS-Cov-2 – then it had some baculovirus.

Again, we do not sequence the entire virus [when looking for SARS-Cov-2].

You only look by PCR test for the envelope, the variable region and the conserved region of coronaviruses. And the one that makes it SARS-Cov-2 instead of SARS. But you are always looking for coronaviruses.

That PCR that you test is only 10 per cent, or less, of the actual length of the virus, which can be between 8,000 and 10,000 base pairs.

They have no idea what is in this [the samples taken to try look for SARS-Cov-2 in PCR tests] that they are testing. And all of those components [the things outlined above] can go into it.

Dr Tenpenny: Can you go back and just repeat that.

Dr Mikovits: On these PCR tests, which has never been used for diagnosis of any disease – a healthy person does not have disease – in the same way that the infection is not the disease. There are things that go into susceptibility for the person.

The PCR test is for conserved regions. So you make primer pairs. That is just 10 or 12 pairs, priming the pump.

Let the polymerase write across just 300 base pairs. It only has 30 seconds. You heat it to very high temperatures.

And then you let it write, then you break apart the double strand. 

You are mimicking how transcription happens in humans, but you are doing it with heat-stable enzymes. This was the discovery of Kary Mullis to do this polymerase chain reaction. 

And he said this should never be used for diagnostics, because all you are looking at is 10 per cent of the infectious agent.

You do not really know that SARS-Cov-2 is a coronavirus without pieces of baculovirus, without borrelia, without even XMRVs.

The primer pairs are actually detecting the consensus gamma retroviruses.

When you are only looking at the variable region, they usually do two sets of genes. They amplify about 150 base pairs in two different regions of the virus.

In SARS-Cov-2, that would be the spike protein, which is novel. The other would be conserved to call it a coronavirus.

Then you amplify it millions of times.

You put a swab in your nose. You did not get a viral particle. You are looking at the blueprint. You are looking at the RNA or DNA.

And you are going with a non-sterile thing into your brain and literally driving infection and inflammation by the very process of scraping a few cells.

This sample is then amplified millions of times. 

The test has not been validated. The people [they are doing the tests on] are not sick.

They are calling them positive cases. But we do not even know what virus is there.

This is what was so important in our studies with the XMRVs.

In our original paper, there was only one XMRV described in humans
But it had only been looked at with PCR for 10 per cent of the genome.

When we actually isolated it some of the people chronic fatigue syndrome, autisms, cancer all kinds of things
When we isolated it, there were dozens of strains

That envelope and gag was only in a little fraction.

The ones that they synthesized in the laboratory were never found in nature.

We have got a virus [SARS-Cov-2] that nobody knows the sequence of.

The only sequence they have ever done was out of the Vero monkey kidney cells. And not of the humans that are sick.

Nothing about this diagnostic PCR test says anybody has a virus. You have a piece of RNA. This is the problem.

You have no idea what that virus looks like, so what are you making a vaccine for?

It is an RNA vaccine. It is a nightmare. You will kill the 6.2 per cent of Americans that are asymptomatic carriers of the XMRVs.

Every study [on XMRVs] was replicated with respect to the identification of the virus in between 4 and 6.8 per cent of Americans [have XMRVs].

Where the work was not necessarily replicated – because of fraud – was the association with
chronic fatigue syndrome

[If you receive the Covid-19 vaccine]You are activating the dormant or latent viruses that you have injected with the blueprint.

You have activated the immune response with mercury and aluminum and all the other toxins in vaccines.

It is like throwing gasoline on a fire. The people that will die in Covid-19 are the people who are vaccine-injured.

I say that Covid-19 is a b#ow#rfare against us.

Anybody who has received any of the vaccines we are talking about today is at risk.

Dr Tenpenny: That was a mouthful! Let me try to summarize that.

All of these contaminant viruses that we have received from any of these vaccines over the years can make us an asymptomatic carrier of certain things. An asymptomatic carrier is, by definition, someone who is healthy.

We carry around trillions of viruses and bacteria on our body and our own microbiomes all day long. We are asymptomatic, but we are carrying. 

Does that make us infectious? No. It really does not.

I want to go back to the PCR test [for SARS-Cov-2].

We are testing? So what? What are we testing? What are we finding?

We are using contaminated, non-sterile Q tips.

This virus is so ‘deadly’ that we have to wear a mask because we might spread it to somebody, but we have to skewer the back of somebody’s throat to find it?

Really? Can’t we just blow on a Q-tip. Shouldn’t that be good enough?

The PCR test was originally designed for DNA viruses.

So now they have to create a new type of test for RNA viruses. They have to amplify it over and over and over again.

I read that they first started using this for HIV testing. However, different laboratories have different levels.

For example, anything above 20 is classified as positive in laboratory A. But you have to be above 30 to be classified as positive in laboratory B.

You can go from being HIV positive to HIV negative just by being tested in different countries because they have different standards.

Not only do we have faulty data collection. We have amplification of a portion of a virus, not a whole virus.

We keep talking about ‘testing positive’. What the hell does that mean? Nobody knows what it really means. We do not know what we are really testing. And we do not know the number of people we are testing.

If we say that we have 100 people were found to be positive [for SARS-Cov-2], did we test 101? Did we test 1,000? Did we test one million people and have 100 positives?

We do not hear about how many people tested negative.

Of the people that we tested that are positive, are they sick?

Are they going into the hospital?

And then we do not talk about the fact that Covid-19 has been artificially added to death certificates.

I know at least six people who signed up to be tested in the past two weeks. They stood in line and, for one reason and another, had to drop out and go home.

But they have never, ever been tested.

A week later, they got a letter in the mail that said: ‘You tested positive for SARS-Cov-2.’

This is happening all over the country and all over the world.

The testing is flawed. The data collection is flawed.

[In the test figures released] They are mixing real time PCR testing and reverse transcriptase PCR testing. And antibody blood tests. Nasal swabs, throat swabs and saliva testing all in the same data to artificially increase the numbers.

All to scare people about the ‘number that are infected’. 

Infected with what?

We do not know. The testing is flawed. The testing method is flawed. The data collection is flawed.

The only thing that we know they are doing well is harvesting our DNA. It is the largest global DNA harvesting scheme ever undertaken.

They are scaring people to death. Fraudulent tests. Fraudulent data.

They are never going to be able to sort out those numbers. We are never going to know.

Yet we have people cowering in the corner and horrified that they might get this infection that has a survival rate of 99.2 per cent.

1hr. 24 mins

Dr Mikovits: As we continue using these cell lines over and over again, they become more contaminated.

1 hr.28 mins

Dr Tenpenny: Under the emergence powers, the manufacturers are bypassing animal test because they have no liability whatsoever.

1hr. 47 mins

Dr Mikovits: What is coming through the needle on that vaccine is probably worse than anything we have seen to date. It is literally a nanoparticle, meaning it can go into every cell of the body. It has the ability to enter mitochondrial DNA [inaudible some form of DNA]. It can integrate into DNA viruses like the EBV and the herpes virus that are tethered to the cells when they are latent and silenced by DNA methylation.

It is going to change literally our gene expression and allow it to go through the generations because it can go in the stem cells in the same way that XMRVs can infect every cell in the body.

It is the blueprint for this virus and can be carried through the generations. It will shorten out lifespans as we have been talking about. All of those contaminants [from vaccines] and all of the microbes we carry will be dysregulated.

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