Facebook Inc Goes Big Brother: Asserts ‘Legal Compliance’ When None Required ? By Miri Wood/Syria News, January 21, 2020

War is peace - slavery is freedom - ignorance is strength
Facebook Inc.,

Mainstream media began reporting on 10 January that Facebook Inc., and offspring, Instagram, had begun a censorship campaign. Targeting those who condemn Trump’s heinous assassination of Qasem Soleimani, those sharing reports that General Soleimani was a revered leader engaged in ridding Syria and Iraq of ISIS and other al Qaeda terrorists,  Facebook’s claim of [Kafkaesque] adherence to Treasury’s designated list has provided no evidence of this alleged requirement. Its assertion of ‘legal compliance’ seems ridiculous, given its massive funding of a think tank with ties to official terrorist gangs and…Nazis.

CNN was first to break the news; other MSM reported on the CNN report, which cited an unnamed Facebook spokesperson in a rare, complete sentence: We operate under US sanctions laws, including those related to the US government’s designation of the IRGC and its leadership.

One might imagine that an international medium might just bristle, a tad – on principle, perchance? – at the thought of censorship.

It appears not.

Apparently intent on maintaining the highest standards of neutrality, CNN let slip the opportunity to ask the Facebook spokesperson a few ordinary questions.

How can a country sanction any part of another country’s military? Is it possible to do this within the boundaries of the UN Charter, and the Geneva Agreements? Where, exactly, in the massive pages of the US Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Person (SDN) list, is it forbidden, under penalty of law, for anyone to share photographs, news reports, or even personal — not financial — support of any entity on that list?

The Facebook search and destroy mission against those who persist in using the medium as platform to share honest reporting on the martyr-general Soleimani, continues, with daily statuses about accounts being suspended, accounts being disabled, Soleimani profile photos being removed, and similar acts which meet the approval of Big Brother’s fascist state.

Facebook has expanded its inexplicable, weird claim of SDN ‘compliance’ to censor reports not related to Soleimani, as an extra punishment.

CNN also missed what would have been a significant opportunity to ask the spokesperson, how, exactly, Facebook chooses to obliterate some news obliquely related to Treasury’s ‘sanctions’ list, whilst permitting profiles of persons who use their social media platforms to encourage support for persons also designated by Treasury.

A thinking mind might honestly wonder over the apparent double standards in Facebook’s sudden onset of concern for the SDN list, forcing it into its strange interpretation of ‘compliance.’ American illegal in Syria, native New Yorker, and former stand up comic, Bilal Abdul Kareem, has consistently demonstrated his affection for actual terrorists on the SDN list.

American illegal in Syria embeds with SDN terrorists, provides evidence of his fondness and support of them, without censorship consequence.

Kareem has given his Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account audiences to promote terrorists on the SDN list. He has shared pleasantries with members of al Qaeda, he has broken bread with them, he has encouraged affection for their crimes, he has given his microphone to terrorists calling for other terrorists to criminally join them in Syria.

Where was the Facebook ‘legal compliance’ when Kareem enjoyed interviewing of SDN terrorists, calling on the world’s criminals to engage in terrorist activities in Syria?

From Facebook, July 2019. Muhaysini is on the SDN list.

There have been no consequences from the newly pious Facebook (Kareem has also normalized the kidnapping and beheading of a 12 year old boy, though the moderate FSA/al Zinki perpetrators are not sanctioned by SDN.).

In suspiciously coincidental timing, his videos with his friends, the designated terrorists of the US, have recently and surreptitiously been removed from his Facebook accounts.

Kareem with Saudi terrorist on ‘sanctions’ list, Muhaysini.

CNN, in its truncated communications with that Facebook spokesperson, managed to not inquire as to any possible conflicts of interest regarding the giant’s willingness to gargantuanly censor, based on its independent and erroneous interpretation of Treasury.

Would not the vast CNN audience might have been interested in knowing that Facebook, Inc., is a very elite member of the one million dollars plus Honor roll of contributors to the Atlantic Council think tank?

Might Facebook’s financial involvement with this think tank be the actual reason for its Big Brother censorship?

The Atlantic Council functions as an arm of NATO. Its marketing slogan is shaping the global future together. Bragging that it galvanizes US leadership and engagement in the world, its international advisory board overflows with US military, DoD, and SoS leaders, globalist financiers, CEOs of energy internationals, and politicians from NATO and NATO-friendly (satellites?) countries.

Despite — or perhaps, because of — this blatantly biased composition of its board, the Council is consistently cited in mainstream media propaganda-news.

Does Facebook, Inc., have such a need for a tax deduction, that it would donate one million or more dollars to a think tank that promotes military aggressions? Is Facebook, Inc., so naive and/or so deprived of a competent legal team that it does not grasp its involvement?

Or, is there something nefarious afoot, in its Big Brother censorship, and its involvement with the Atlantic Council?

The Military-Industrial-Complex on The Hill gives 501(c) charitable status to think tanks that objectively support the State Dept., after which the objective media cite the objective think tank ‘charities.’ American taxes pay the salaries of politicians, pay to bomb other countries, pay to illegally arm insurrectionists in other countries, pay for think tanks to propagandize on behalf of bombing other countries, and also pay for cable news.

Small wonder US cities are crumbling, homelessness is epidemic, schools and hospitals are being closed, and ordinary folk have to crowd fund for medical bills and funerals.

Think tank that functions as a wing of State Dept. and NATO, has charitable, tax-exemption status. Facebook is on its “honor roll.”

Founded in 1961, the Atlantic Council began to make its bones at the beginning of the foreign-imposed war of terror against Syria, in 2011.

By 2013, the Council — given one million or more dollars by the self-anointed bastion of “community standards” — was running full steam in anti-Syria, war criminal propaganda. Its audience was given to such gems of moral ideals as Elizabeth O’Bagy, later forced to resign from another 501(c) think tank arm of NATO, the Institute for the Study of War, for having lied about a doctoral degree that she did not have (possibly because of her stellar ethics, she was immediately hired by Sen. John McCain, another war hawk).

Facebook Inc., is on the honor role.
Elizabeth O’Bagy speaking before Atlantic Council. A major mouthpiece in anti-Syria propaganda, she was forced to leave ISW over her fake PhD. She was immediately hired by war hawk McCain.

Is it possible that Facebook Inc. did not know the Atlantic Council had given its dais to Raed Fares, a public supporter of Jabhat al Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, both designated as terrorist gangs?

That Fares was a convicted felon (real estate fraud, and drugs) was shameless enough, but how to whitewash his alliance with factions of al Qaeda?

How is it possible that not a single MSM NATO stenographer deviated from the script, to inquire into the [criminal?] double standards of the social media giant, which permits a US illegal in Syria to advertise on behalf of SDN terrorists, while censoring persons sharing reports on the millions of Iraqis and Iranians who poured into the streets to attend Soleimani’s — and Muhandis’ — funeral processions, to silence Jews who sat shiva, who recited Kaddish, who joined with our Iranian brethren in their mourning?

עוֹשֶׂה שָׁלוֹם

Facebook’s geopolitical machinations go beyond its ‘might makes right’ double standards on its recent ‘search and destroy mission, based uncorroborated ‘legal compliance.’

Where were the concerns, when the Atlantic Council hired an unemployed ladies underwear salesman turned full-time gamer, as a ‘visiting fellow’?

The unknown gamer seems to have been catapulted onto the geopolitical stage against Syria, by British intelligence services, and then disseminated throughout the western world, by those NATO stenographer journalists, none of whoever mentioned that this magical expert engaged in psyop propaganda, particularly regarding chemical weapons, had been told by American illegal in Syria, Matthew Vandyke, that ”rebels” had chemical weapons, were prepared to use them and blame on the government, which had no reason to deploy them, as Assad is winning.

American illegal in Syria warned Eliot Higgins that ‘rebels’ were prepared to use chemical weapons.

The armed VanDyke had been embedded with Jabhat al Nusra, giving credit to this SDN terrorist gang, and also to generic ”foreign fighters,” for the NATO Spring against the Syrian Arab Republic.

The word, “Nazi” is frequently tossed about in social media threads. Here, again, Facebook has appointed itself as the lone despot that chooses when the word is permitted, and when it is deemed ”hate speech.” Such policing seems more of the “don’t do as I do, do as I say,” dictation: In June 2019, it hired a staunch supporter of the Nazimaidans — Kateryna Kruk — as Facebook’s public policy manager for Ukraine.

As NATO saturated journalism and social media policing diligently work to maintain short-term memory regarding news, we remind our readers that the Nazimaidan coup cost American taxpayers five billion bipartisan dollars, that John McCain was proud to tweet photographs of himself with Nazis and anti-Semites, and that in February 2014, Chief Rabbi Moshe Reuver warned Jews in Kiev, to flee the impending program in Kiev, by the Nazimaidans.

Nazimaidan freedom fighters, 2014

In May 2018, when Facebook proudly announced its allegiance with the NATO Atlantic Council, MintPress was the first to sound the warning bells of Military-industrial-complex repercussions:

The new partnership will effectively ensure that Atlantic Council will serve as Facebook’s “eyes and ears,” according to a company press statement. With its leadership comprised of retired military officers, former policymakers, and top figures from the U.S. National Security State and Western business elites, the Atlantic Council’s role policing the social network should be viewed as a virtual takeover of Facebook by the imperialist state and the council’s extensive list of ultra-wealthy and corporate donors.

Note that the language that Facebook used, in its announcement sounded like Freudian projection, Orwellian Newspeak, and plans to interfere in US elections.

Who is the actual abuser?

In its double-standard un/enforcement of uncorroborated ‘legal compliance,’ does it not seem that Facebook has become the abuser it claimed it planned to fight, in censorship of untethered social discourse, in apparent support of extrajudicial assassination, in seemingly enforced obedience to Big Brother‘s perpetual war state?

— Miri Wood

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