Fake News Engineers Consent For Terrorism

Mainstream media coverage of a recent pro-terrorism rally in Hamilton Ontario demonstrates the media’s continuing efforts to hide fundamental truths behind fake veneers of “objectivity” or “neutrality”.

It is known and documented, and has been for years, that Canada supports all of the terrorists in Syria, and has from the beginning of this regime change/dirty war on Syria, and yet the media messaging would have us believe that Canada and Canadians want peace.  No.  The Canadian government wants illegal regime change operations and terrorism in Syria.  It does not seek peace in Syria.  This is the fundamental lie of omission that the MSM tries to conceal beneath its fake veneer.

In fact, the MSM seeks to normalize terrorism in Syria by concealing and suppressing this well-documented truth.

The timing of the aforementioned rally was priceless.  It coincided with the joyous liberation of Aleppo, and narratives from formerly captive citizens who recounted the horrors of living under terrorist-occupied areas.  But this was omitted from MSM coverage that prefers to relay on fraudulent sources for its stories, far removed from the on-the-ground realities of life in Aleppo as covered by independent writers such as Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley.

The well-orchestrated rally featured kids dressed as victims – reminiscent of White Helmets stage-craft – professionally –made signs, and of course pleas to stop the killing, all consistent with imperial propaganda strategies that project the crimes of the invaders/terrorists on the victims.

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Alshawaf, a speaker at the rally demanded “First, to stop the killing in Syria; second, for the murderers responsible to be tried and held accountable for their crimes; and lastly, for the restoration and unification of my beloved homeland.”  But he also exclaimed, Down with Bashar and Down with Putin.

Absent from the speech were the well-documented facts that both Putin and Bashar seek an end to the killing, accountability for the murderers, and restoration of the Syrian homeland.  But Bashar and Putin are seeking these goals within the framework of international law; whereas the NATO terrorists are violating international law as they seek the opposite: to destroy and balkanize Syria.

Again, the media made no note of these fundamental inconsistencies.  And it was easy for the media to ignore the well-documented facts because it refused to even acknowledge the presence of members of the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War — the real messengers of peace – at the rally.

In a December 23 Facebook commentary, professor Tim Anderson explained:

“It was never too difficult to understand. The Syrian people, through their government and army, and with the support of Syria’s allies, just took back their second major city, from foreign funded and armed terrorist groups. This proxy war was another step in Washington’s 15 year series of wars designed to dominate the entire ME region. The aggression and terrorism was always in clear violation of international law, sovereignty and the foundational human right of self-determination. But the big powers tried to create an ‘exception’, with the imperial doctrine of a ‘responsibility to protect’, by constant lies about a ‘brutal dictator killing civilians’, etc. The western media and embedded NGOs like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, using Washington’s preferred jihadist sources, backed them up. The UN remained paralysed and most western peoples, in their vanity and arrogance, went along for the ride. However most formerly colonised peoples saw exactly what was going on.”

The truth is straightforward, and not that hard to understand, but North American MSM is an appendage of the war-mongering apparatus of deception – it furthers an agenda of war, terrorism, and hatred, not peace and goodwill.

North Americans should understand that in this festive season where we proclaim a desire for peace and goodwill, our governments, and the establishment in the shadows making the decisions, are determined to deliver the opposite, beneath the lies and distortions of their accomplices in the mainstream media.

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