Gabbard: US administration used al-Qaeda terrorists to fight Syrian Government/SANA/16 October, 2019

16 October، 2019

Washington, SANA-US Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi  Gabbard affirmed that the US administration has used al-Qaeda terrorist organization to fight the Syrian government.

American Fox News TV Channel quoted Gabbard as saying during a debate between the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates ” I guarantee that we will stop the support to terrorists such as al-Qaeda in Syria which is used by our government as land forces in the war for changing the government there.”

Gabbard described a report published by New York Times newspaper as “disgusting” for describing her as subordinate to Russia and a defender of the Syrian Government.

Gabbard promised to lift the sanctions which cause a huge humanitarian suffering for the Syrian people, and to put an end to the war waged by the Saudi regime on Yemen.

Ruaa al-JazaeriS