Hero Healthcare Assistant Shelley Tasker Tells The Truth

Transcript by Rawan R. Mhamsa:

Oh, working as a healthcare assistant for the NHS. I don’t think that the uniform to prove that I work for them, but today I’m publicly resigning.

OK, well.

I’m wearing this uniform sadly for the last time I loved my job, I absolutely loved to do that, have been following what’s going on. We’ve done talks with organized protest. I have a lot of flack.. I’m at the point now it’s all coming back to me. I got an e-mail from work last night asking me what’s going on, people who are reporting me. And unfortunately, I can’t lie anymore. The email is asking what’s going on and how can I lie? I did something really bad.

I took a screenshot on Friday that shows the figures of how many people in this hospital with COVID, and I shared it, because this should be public information.

OK, I can tell you that on Friday, Treliske, there were three people with Covid, no extra deaths, and that covers Treliske, West Cornwall and Hayle hospital. The total deaths from these three hospitals in seven months is seventy six people. That’s about 10 people a month over the last seven months. And we have locked down. Lots of people have to start speaking out. There’s lots of doctors and nurses have come forward. They’re all on restricted duties. They’re all seeing solicitors solicitors, etc.

 Well, I’ve decided there’s no point. I have gone against the rules within the NHS.

I have shared confidential information that people need to see, OK, I’m not the sort of person that finds lying easily.

I can deny it and say someone’s going to scream and shout  my name, but they’re going to get a letter and they’re going to get a letter saying why I shared it because as much as I’ve always loved our NHS, it’s no longer our NHS. It is run by the corrupt government and other people running this country.

We go back, we can’t see dentists like I can tell you now, when I was working at the height of the pandemic, I had no work for three weeks because there was no patients like we have a particular Covid because none of the wards were overflowing with patients. And I know now the mainstream media has filled you with fear.

Yes, it really is time to face some facts on March the 19th. If you go on the government website, it’s still there now the coronavirus was classed as a non contagious disease. It’s there now. It’s a quick Google search guys. If you think this lookdown is right and it’s going to do any difference, you are completely wrong. Our economy it’s going to crash small businesses. People are going to stop. You think it’s going to be a month?

We were flattening the curve back in April and this was when the disease was supposedly dying out. The lockdown’s came out then the army is coming in to Liverpool to help put the mass tested. And this is a road and they are here for a while,

Guys, we are facing dangerous times and people need to speak up watching our children and our grandchildren allowed to go to school. But we have to carry on because at the moment they want us to work. But it’s not going to happen because the schools will be closing so the cases in the hospital. That’s three people in Treliske hospital with covid. That was on Friday, like I did. Lots of you know that the flu and Covid cases are now combined as the same thing, ok, like if you die, with Covid  within 28 days that goes on your death certificate.

You might all realise as well that the flu numbers they’ve got right down. Where have they gone?

The tests were not designed to diagnose this disease, 94 percent of them are false positives. We say no to no more lockdown’s the army and the police. They need to stop with us now. People need to start standing up. The mainstream media that opened up, run by the World Health Organization, big countries by supplying this wonderful vaccine for. So, so there are alternatives to everything. Stop watching the MSM, start doing research. Social-distancing, there is nothing social about it

How many people have died because of the lockdowns? Because there’s no treatment. I’ve got a friend whose mother committed suicide. When is this going to end? It is doing more damage closing our country, closing our hospitals than keeping it open.

I want to say to everybody, keep hugging, screw the social distancing, we need to fight back….. to all those people with small businesses, stay open. Let them take you to court because they can’t do anything. So we’re going carry on now and march up to the court. But as I like to say, live in love and not fear. And if they are, we are in dangerous times. And if we don’t fight it well, we’re all in our comfortable places working at home, we have to make a stand.

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