Homs Syria, Civilization Reborn/ By Janice Kortkamp

Homs, Syria, November 10, 2019

After the Syrian Army and allies defeated the terrorist groups in 2014 that had held the Old City center for three years, the people moved back into the hulk that was their former neighborhood. They began cleaning the rubble, repairing the buildings, restoring electricity and water services, and reopening businesses – that work continues. But from the very start, in the midst of it all, artists cleansed and sanctified the area for civilization with this street art.

And on the wall of the little coffee shop in the heart of this place it is written:

“In this neighborhood, we suffered, we went through difficult times and we fled our homes. Today we may still suffer. Difficult times remain BUT WE ARE HOLDING ON TO OUR LAND … believing the sun will rise again … promising ourselves to always go forward.”


Photos by Janice Kortkamp