#ISIS massacre in #Sweida – this day, 25th July 2018. Never forget, never forgive./ By Vanessa Beeley

On this day in 2018, the horror began in Sweida City and the surrounding villages to the east of the City – a massacre that will haunt these steadfast communities for decades to come.

On this morning, in 2020, these resilient but traumatised people will wake up and remember the slaughter that took place under cover of darkness – 4 am on the 25th July 2018, ISIS terrorists entered homes and murdered children as they slept, passing from house to house on a savage killing spree, overseen by the US Coalition and their client media that barely mentioned one of the most heinous crimes committed by terrorists they sponsor and promote, during this ten year war.

My two articles detailing the events are here:



This morning Fadia will wake up and shed tears for the loss of her courageous little boy, Qussay, martyred just as the Syrian Arab Army liberated the ISIS kidnap victims, three months after the attack. This morning children will wake up and remember the bloodshed, the streets running with their family’s blood. This morning these people will remember and then they will try to rebuild, restore and repair the psychological and physical damage.

Please send your thoughts to the villages of Shrehi and Shbeki today and to the City of Sweida.

Images and video below are of the newly erected gravestones and memorial statues in Shrehi and Shbeki. The flowers are by the grave of little Qussay.

God bless you all, my thoughts, love, solidarity and light are with you all today.+6