Vanessa Beeley:

11th October 2018 – the BBC published a written and video report by Middle East correspondent Jeremy Bowen. Bowen applied the BBC spin to the interview he was given by the commander of the volunteer National Defence Forces that are defending the Christian town of Al Skeilbiyyeh against attacks by terrorist groups such as Nusra Front and Jaish Al Islam encamped less than 700 meters away from the 20,000 inhabitants of the town that has been attacked many times.

I visited Al Skeilbiyyeh on the 10th September, the day after they had been targeted with cluster rockets launched from the Al Madiq citadel occupied by Nusra Front, Ahrar Al Sham and Jaish Al Islam and the White Helmets.

In the BBC report Bowen ignores the recent attacks, including upon the neighbouring Christian town of Muhardeh 3 days prior to the attack on Al Skeilbiyyeh, with the same cluster munitions that massacred 13 innocent civiliians in Muhardeh.

Read Eva Karene Bartlett account of the attacks on Mhardeh here:…

The title of Bowen’s propaganda report is entitled “Syria war: why I fight alongside Assad’s forces near Idlib” and this quote is attributed to the commander of the NDF, Nabel Alabdalla. The video below is the full unedited interview and this is not what the commander says. He clearly talks about the steadfastness of the Syrian Arab Army (and allies) in preventing the terrorist plague contained in Idlib invading the bordering areas.

There is no reference to “Assad’s forces” which is a typical ploy by the BBC and Bowen to portray the Syrian Arab Army, which is the Syrian people, as an elite Presidential force – that is then reinforced by Bowen’s comment that the “Regime” (forces) have been accused of being the “biggest killer” in this war – a claim that would be fiercely denied by the vast majority of Syrian people who owe their lives, freedom and protection to the SAA.

“The Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian people are one hand”

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