Killing innocent people is the language that west speaks. / By Rawan R Mahmasa

“A major devastation in the residential houses in western Aleppo, after the bombing of Aleppo areas with missiles”. The previous headline sums up our daily life! Bombing the residential areas everyday is causing us so much terror and panic. However, we have faith in our Syrian Army and we know that those hard days will pass and everything will be OK soon!

Killing innocent people is the language that west speaks. I have only one question to ask, well, of course, I’m addressing the West: Haven’t you killed enough Syrians? Aren’t you happy?

My country has been struggling for more than 9 years because of your envy and bloodlust. Well, how do you expect us to live in peace while you keep protecting those terrorists?
Concering the last 4 days,
My student “Taj” who lives in the western Aleppo said: “we were having our Art lesson at school whem we suddenly heard a bombing sound. I was so much afraid that I even hid my head with my hands and started crying out loud. She continued,” the glass shattered on a friend of mine and he was hurt” . Taj, like any other student in Syria, wanted to have a normal day at school! She is one of many students who experienced fear because of the missiles.

I think Syrian children are trying to cope with reality. The more they feel fear, the more they become stronger and this is so much to ask for from a 7 year-old kid! Kids at that age should have their rights. The right to live in peace, the right to learn, the right to feel free! Wake up ,Human Rights, won’t wake up!

Thank you so much for giving me the chance to speak up.