Let Us Make Our Voices Heard/ By Reema Hakim

Please share and copy and paste everywhere you can….. let us make our voices heard
يرجى المشاركة في كل فرصة لنطالبهم يوقف الحروب والعقوبات على شعوب العالم
Dear European and American friends .

You are good people showing empathy today.. when we see you kneeling down to kiss black people ‘s feet in the streets and ask forgiveness for what you did not do we realize how good you are, even though you don’t need to kneel, this is too much, it is not your fault… … But his shows you have empathy… you are good people but you simply don’t know…

If they let you know what your governments did to the peoples of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen etc. you will ask for their forgiveness…

We do not want you to kneel down…. it is not your fault…. but we want you to ask your governments to remove their knees off our necks… stop wars stop destruction, stop occupation, stop sanctions, stop stealing our wheat and oil…..stop starving our people…. stop depriving people from their natural resources……. America is burning our wheat fields to bring Syrians to their knees….

. Have empathy….ask your governments to take their troops out of Syria and Iraq … to let us breath… give us back our territories we don’t want wars…We want your troops out . We don’t want to be refugees in other countries… We want to stay in our country…..

Please stop all these wars based on lies.. ..

You are good people….. We wish you peace and love..
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