Letter To The Editor by Sheila Ann Young

Photo Credit: Reverend Andrew Ashdown

Congress passed and President Trump signed the monstrous “Caesar Syrian Civilian Protection Act” which went into effect June 17. Purportedly to “help” the Syrian people, its actual purpose is to destroy Syria’s economy and topple President Bashar Assad. It punishes any and all who do business with Syria. Western media ignored massive rallies in Syria protesting the Caesar Act.

Living in Syria, Tom Duggan witnesses the cruel effects of the Caesar Act. With soaring prices, people are under a siege of slow starvation and withholding of medicines. Ordinary ( not wealthy) citizens are frantic for themselves and tearful because they can no
longer feed their pet cats. Immeasurable suffering!!

U.S. warhawks ( who richly benefit from unnecessary wars) easily duped President Trump and Congress into the cruel push to bring Syria to its knees. The excuse for the Caesar Act was “testimony ” from a “Syrian defector ” code-named Caesar whom they paid rapt attention to. Elites mocked Virginia Senator Richard Black, Senator Rand Paul and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard for speaking truth about Syria. When a delegation of Syrian Christian leaders arrived in Washington with pleas to stop U.S. funding of al Qaeda in Syria, they received nothing more than a severe tongue-lashing from Senator John McCain.

When U.S. -supported ” moderate rebels ” ( al Qaeda) were massacring and torturing residents in the Christian villages of Sadad and Ma’loula and destroying their churches, Syria’s Christian leaders openly complained to the West–to no avail. Western elites aren’t just indifferent to the demise of Christianity in the land of its birth but openly contribute to it.

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