Liberation of Kassab Syria, By Lilly Martin Sahiounie/ June 20, 2014

Photo Credit: Eva Bartlett

NEWS FLASH! Kassab, Syria has been FREED! The Syrian Arab Army was successful in liberating the Armenian village of Kassab, Syria.

This village was attacked and occupied on March 21, 2014 at 6 am. The Radical Islamic terrorists came into the village from Turkey. The Turkish government fully supported the attack and in fact used their own canons and long range missiles to hit the area, allowing the terrorists to burst into the village.

The terrorists killed 88 unarmed civilians and among those they beheaded 13. They shot and killed an unarmed 21 yr old boy in from of his father, for no reason. The father begged to be able to bury the boy quickly, and the terrorists would not allow it, and took his body away, thus preventing the father of every burying his own son.

Most of the resident of 2,000 person fled the village in cars, and are sheltered at the Armenian church in Latakia. However, there were 22 very elderly people who could not move. The terrorists herded them into a room and held them under arrest for 14 days, sitting on a concrete cold floor.

During this time the survivors saw Turkish businessmen, merchants, in civilian clothes, and with large trucks and work crews, come every day to Kassab were the crew went house to house and stole everything: refrigerators, stoves, TVs, DVD , even posts and pans and glassware.

The Turkish newspaper are all reporting that there was no damage in Kassab to any CHURCHES. This is a lie. I went and saw and took my own photos. They terrorists burnt the insides of the church for no reason, just for fun. They wrote on the doors of the church: “Become Muslim and we won’t kill you” They wrote Islamic sayings in spray paint, graffiti style, all over Kassab, on every wall.

These terrorists were from Europe, Turkey, Chechnya, Afghanistan and even Morocco. There were some Syrians with them from the Free Syrian Army and various Al Qaeda terrorists.

These are the same terrorists that John McCain, Republican Senator of Arizona, insisted on sending US weapons to in August 2013. These are the same terrorists who’s leader Ahmed Jarba sat in the White House , the Pentagon and Congress just a few months ago, and was given more cash, more weapons and even 2 free government offices, in NYC and DC.

This photo shows an Armenian Culture Center in Kassab, 175 yrs old and newly refurbished several years ago. The terrorists destroyed it from inside. They probably thought it was a church! They are such filthy animals.