NATO Allies Hold Emergency UNSC Meeting to Save al-Qaeda in Idlib/ By Miri Wood/Syria News

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The NATO allies of the UNSC held another emergency meeting to wail loud crocodile tears for the terrorists occupying Idlib who are actually on the UN’s terror list, and on the terror lists of the countries of the NATO tripartite aggressorsthe P3 who called the emergency session.

The impoverished UN may have gotten a big donation, able to post news of the meeting to its website, unlike after the Arria Formula process when OPCW investigator Henderson said there was no chemical attack in Douma, times were tough.

Special Envoy to Syria, Geir Pedersen wailed about witnessing “the humanitarian catastrophe that the Secretary-General has warned of.” He lamented the dissolution of the cessation of hostilities brokered by Russia and Turkey, lamented the losing sight of a “principle of proportionality,” and essentially suggested that Syria is wrong in trying to rid itself of terrorists. He called for another CoH and called for confidence-building between the government and the savages. Though Idlib has been under foreign terrorist occupation since the early days of the crisis, Pedersen shamelessly described “the biggest al Qaeda haven since 9/11” as “a refuge for hundreds of thousands of civilians from other parts of Syria who fled violence.

He called for Syria to stop defending its citizens, via an immediate [unilateral] CoH.

The beleaguered Mark Lowcock continues to hear voices. He shamelessly normalized Turkey’s criminal occupation of certain areas of Syria, which is not part of Turkey. He also called for Syria to stop defending its citizens, via an immediate [unilateral] CoH.

UN Lowcock Humanitarian Syria
Lowcock averts his gaze from documentation held by H.E. Jaafari. [Archive]

Karen Pierce (UK) was at her most vile. The terrorist pathogens who safely took the green buses to Idlib she magically transformed into “people who fled the fighting,” and was really pissed they are not allowed to continue their slaughter. She lied about International Law, and threw flowers of approval for Turkey’s breach of that International Law. The consummate colonialist, Dame Pierce sadistically asked the Syrian Representative why the conflict persists.

She called for Syria to stop defending its citizens, via an immediate [unilateral] CoH.

NATO allies in the UN did not call an emergency meeting when terrorists bombed this apartment building in Aleppo.

Kelly Craft (US) continued the fraud, describing armed terrorists as innocent people. She lied about the hospital, said that children were being driven from their homes. She demanded the imposition of 2254 (2014). She cheered Turkey’s criminality in Syria and claimed criminal invader Turkey has a right to Orwellian self-defense while illegally in Syria.

She called for Syria to stop defending its citizens, via an immediate [unilateral] CoH.

NATO allies did not call for an emergency meeting when terrorists bombed another Aleppo neighborhood.

Nicolas de Riviere (France) uttered the most venomous of lies, suggesting France never forgave Syria for Evacuation Day, and engaging in Freudian projection, dumping the crimes of France against its people, at Syria’s feet. He lied about hospitals, he lied about war crimes (and demanded punishment), and he insanely lied that fighting terrorists increases them.

He demanded Syria stop defending its citizens.

NATO allies did not call for an emergency meeting when terrorists bombed another neighborhood in Aleppo.

Assorted penholders, house servants, and other underlings regurgitated the warmongering of the P3 NATO allies.

Imagine a large gang of armed thugs break into your home, start stealing your work materials, slaughtering your family, and you manage to kill a few of them.

Then, imagine a group of suits halfway around the world, seated in fine surroundings, announcing that the murderous, thieving, thugs have a right to defend themselves against you.

Basking in the limelight of NATO P3 favored dog-of-the-day show, Turkey’s ambassador, Feridun Hadi Sinirlioǧlu sanctimoniously and smugly railed against a”clique in Damascus.” He bragged about his regime hosting Syrian refugees, while neglecting to mention that Turkey set up a refugee camp before the crisis began, that it was later used for sex tourism, especially regarding Syrian children, many of whose bodies were used for organ ‘harvesting.’ He deceptively moved the raiment of Erdogan’s tyranny into Syria.

He called for Syria to stop defending its citizens, via an immediate [unilateral] CoH.

Erdogan thief أردوغان اللص
Erdogan: Syrian factories and economy thief.

The P3 NATO script demonized the Syrian Arabi Republic, and bestowed victim status upon the criminally insane pathogens armed by NATO, whose unimaginable horrors would never be tolerated in the UK, US, and France.

al-Qaeda necrophiliacs in Idlib, supported by the US.
al-Qaeda necrophiliacs in Idlib, supported by the US.

His Excellency, Dr. Bashar al Jaafari received permission from Marc Pecsteen De Buytswere, Belgium’s pro tempore president, to address the Council. Pecsteen’s P3 bias was already on record as part of the NATO whitewash of terrorism in Syria, while attempting to throw the sewage onto Syria. Ignoring the fact that President Assad has stated no country which tried to destroy Syria would have part in its reconstruction, Pecsteen held up his little coin purse for all to see, shook it, and threatened that the European Union would not assist in reconstruction until the SAR ceased to fight the terrorists and submitted to the colonial imposition of UNSCR 2254 (2014).

Pecsteen pretended that nobody knew that once upon a time, Belgium was a leader in dumping its human garbage into Syria, who were subsequently, magically, and moderately armed, and who enjoyed the energizing benefits of Captagon, which magically fell from the heavens, like manna (Belgian garbage is prominently featured in the colonial, alliterative, ICCT Foreign Fighters Phenomenon which fretted about what to do when their criminally insane returned home.).

He also pretended that nobody knew that Belgian special operatives continue to illegally be on the ground, in Syria.

French - Belgian Wahhabi terrorist Abdul Rahman Ayachi
French – Belgian Wahhabi terrorist Abdul Rahman Ayachi

His Excellency Jaafari addressed the Council as the meticulous voice of reason against the rabid NATO hyenas who transformed the UN from the place to maintain peace and security to a place to demolish peace and security, to destabilize societies.

Dr. Jaafari again brought attention to the elephant in the Council meeting, which continues to be ignored in all [anti] Syria meetings. This elephant distorts the landscape of his country, for the purpose of discrediting and smearing. He noted that those [self-afflicted] members engage in “a kind of addiction as to the unilateral scene” in the SAR, and that “the general [accurate] scene is not advisable in this Council.”

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations brought to the attention of the Council, that transfers of funds from two authorized NGOs, Denmark Refugee Council (DRC) and Adventist Development & Relief Agency (ADRA) have been prevented from the transfer of allocated funds for humanitarian needs in Syria. These transfers have been “being blocked by mediation banks in Europe and New York,” since July 2019.

This illegitimate interference has thwarted the planning of other projects by these legitimate humanitarian groups, the good diplomat noted. H.E. Jaafari abstained from mentioning the illicit liberty that NATO countries have, in their own distribution of humanitarian essentials into his country.

CIA USAID funds to terrorists.

Syria’s ambassador reminded the Council that Turkey’s aggression against Syria, and the occupation of part of its territory is a breach against both International Law and the UN Charter. Dr. Jaafari reminded the audience that Jabhat al Nusra is listed as a terrorist gang, and as such, Turkey’s alliance with these savages is criminal. He emphatically noted that the Turkish pillaging of his country must be halted; that it is the responsibility of the state to defend its citizenry by combating terrorism throughout the country; he again invited member states to take their garbage home, from Syria.

The Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic advised the audience that the Security Council is not supposed to be a NATO meetinghouse, and, as such, the US ambassador had no legitimacy in stating that Turkey is a NATO ally.

He reminded all that Erdogan’s criminal threat to pray in Omayyad Mosque of Damascus was barked at the beginning of the creative chaos inflicted upon the SAR, therefore showing the criminal intention of the Ottoman imperialist to occupy Syria.

foreign-terror-sponsor-erdogan of NATO
Rabid Erdogan.
‘Erdoğan thinks he’s a Muslim Caliph’ President Assad

Dr. Jaafari instructed the guardians of al-Qaeda savages in Idlib, that since the beginning of the crisis, Syria has engaged in 17 CoH’s, and that every one of them had been breached by the beasts on two legs.

These were children just like yours or your brothers or neighbors.

He rhetorically asked why the Council never called an emergency meeting to discuss the bombardment of Aleppo, by terrorists breaching the CoH’s. He asked why such bombardment is acceptable to members who consider it impermissible that the Syrian Arab Army combat terrorists within its homeland.

aleppo child martyr
Syrian child of Aleppo, murdered by NATO-supported ‘moderates.’

The polyglot ambassador reminded the Council that more than two months ago, Syria opened three humanitarian corridors for the safe exits of civilians from [al Qaeda haven] Idlib, into government-controlled areas. SARC and Russian allies have been on standby, to assure the successful transit; however, the terrorists for which the NATO allies of the SC rend their collective garb, refuse to grant their freedom. Moderate al Nusra snipers have murdered near one dozen attempting to escape being used as human shields.

With whom do you wish us to hold a ceasefire? Cannibals? — H.E. Jaafari to the P3 NATO alliance Council members.

theresa may
Cannibal Saqqar was a hit with NATO media.

Ambassador Jaafari’s exquisite irony may have been too great a weight for the Belgian Pro Tempore, who tried to cut him off and offered a lie as an excuse (upon which UN WebTV momentarily cut the live feed.).

His Excellency Vassily A. Nebenzya intervened with a “Point of Order.” He carefully explained to the Belgian that the emergency Council meeting involves Syria, that Dr. Jaafari represents Syria and that the claimed five-minute rule is a recommendation, not a rule and that it should not be applied for “artificial reasons.”

— Miri Wood


In stunning coincidental timing, UK’s Channel 4 released another anti-Syria propaganda video, in collaboration with the stethoscope-less White Helmets. Though reputedly videoed in the summer of 2019, it suddenly followed the NATO called emergency meeting of the Security Council.

In their riveting story, a mom and thirty-five health professionals all somehow overlook the twin infant in incubator, while evacuating a hospital that does not exist, because of aerial bombings that have not happened.

The infant is kept naked ‘handed off’ from one man to another, with nobody having any idea when the baby might be reunited with derelict mom.

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