NATO Rejects Reducing Number of Border Crossings for Al-Qaeda in Syria/By Arabi Souri/ July 10, 2020

Photo Credit: Syria News

NATO member states at the United Nations Security Council rejected a Russian draft proposal to reduce the number of border crossings delivering weapons and food to Al-Qaeda into Syria bypassing the Syrian government.

Previously, Russia blocked a resolution draft proposed by NATO member states Germany and Belgium to extend for one more year the current mandate six border crossings from NATO member state Turkey into the northwest of Syria, from US-occupied Iraq into the northeast of Syria, from UK-controlled Jordan in the southeast of Syria, those crossings were mandated by UNSC Resolution 2165 for the year 2014.

Instead, Russia proposed to reduce the number of those crossings to just one, which used to be a legitimate border crossing between Syria and Turkey and to extend its mandate for six months only. The Russian proposal takes in consideration the current situation where the terrorists lost most of the territories they used to control six years ago and the fact that those crossings were used to transport weapons to these terrorists and the humanitarian food that was ever sent was only handled by Nusra Front aka HTS aka al-Qaeda Levant which overtook the control from Ahrar Cham, another name for anti-Islamic Jihadist groups sponsored by NATO.

Don’t let them fool you, the EU and the USA do not care for humanitarian aid to reach the needy 2.8 million Syrian people in the last stronghold of al-Qaeda, otherwise, they wouldn’t have renewed and increased their sanctions against the 18 million Syrian people living in the cities under the Syrian government’s control, if you’re not good in the logical analysis at least try numbers comparison: 18 > 2.8.

The following video report by the Lebanese Al Mayadeen news channel details further, the full transcript of the English translation follows:

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Transcript of the video report:

Trucks ignite near Sarmda in Idlib 5 years ago with Russian bombing fire after crossing through the Bab Al Hawa crossing, the Russian Sukhoi on that day unloaded its bombs against 7 trucks at the border crossing with Turkey.

The burning trucks were transporting supplies to armed groups, and the crossing was managed by the Ahrar al-Sham factions that were operating with a Turkish command, Qatari financing; and Turkish and international relief institutions that served as a cover for crossing these trucks, claiming that they were convoys of humanitarian aid.

Bab al-Hawa, which today is under the control of the Al-Nusra Front, is one of the 4 crossings that were included in UN Resolution 2165 of 2014 – where the Security Council approved a mechanism for the introduction of humanitarian aid bypassing the Syrian government, and these crossings formed gates to supply armed groups with arms and humanitarian aid that reached them first and they control its distribution through organizations operating in their areas of control and across its members.

The EU-backed UOSSM organization mourned 4 years ago 6 of its members killed on the Khan Touman front in Aleppo countryside, and their obituary by Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS) revealed that they were its members.

The people raid warehouses of food that arrive from international organizations and are monopolized by armed groups. The uprisings in the cities of Idlib have flared many times against the warlords’ storage of foodstuffs and their control of the markets in order to control the people and their daily eat, but this did not stop the flow of this aid to these groups.

Moscow, in coordination with Damascus, was able to cut off the road for all countries that supported this resolution and are demanding today to extend it for one more year; and prevented the possibility of developing it into buffer or safe zones under the pretext of delivering aid and separating the Syrian areas that could have paved the way for partition and of which the Syrian Army recovered large areas of it.

Dima Nassif, Damascus – Al-Mayadeen

End of the transcript of the English translation of the report.

NATO doesn’t want to accept the defeat of their War of Terror they waged against Syria all these years, they spent huge efforts and hundreds of billions of dollars from their taxpayers’ money and ordered their regional stooges like the Gulfies to spend even more in their attempts to turn Syria into a failed state which can be divided across ethnic or sectarian lines in order to weaken any country opposing the ‘Greater Israel Project’, the project which the Muslim Brotherhood Turkish madman Erdogan is the region’s main vessel for, in his own words.

The heinous continuous crimes of NATO member states against the Semite people of the Levant, especially against the Syrians and Palestinians, are solidifying the belief that their racism against their own poorer Jewish citizens is absolute, they don’t support Israel out of their love for the Jews to establish a special country for them, if you love someone you don’t expel them from your country and send them where they have to kill their way to live on other people’s properties, and live forever awaiting the real owners coming back for their land. Even if you’re an Evangelical fanatic who someone convinced you that in order for Jesus Christ to return it’s your duty to build the Anti-Christ’s kingdom at all costs!
~Arabi Souri

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