“Never Again” or “Again and Again”? Syria has been Fighting, and Winning A Just War against Terrorism

Canada and Canadians should be celebrating. Against all odds, Syria has all but defeated Daesh. Reverend Andrew Ashdown summarized recent developments in these words:

“Excellent news that the Syrian Army has liberated the last ISIS held town in Syria, Abu Kamal, on the Iraqi border. And been able to meet up with Iraqi forces. Impressive advances. Meanwhile, western-backed Al Qaeda groups in the Damascus suburbs continue to shell central areas of the city on a daily basis causing death, destruction and fear. Difficult to counter because of the extensive network of tunnels being used by terrorist groups under the city, and the civilians they are holding as human shields. Enormous respect for the resilience of the city’s population, and the Syrian Army that is trying to protect them.”[1]

But Canada and Canadians are not celebrating these victories of Peace and Justice over War and Terrorism.

The forbidden truth, concealed by totalitarian propaganda messaging, is that Canada continues to support the very terrorists that it publicly condemns. The Truth is “forbidden” because whereas Canada projects an image of peace and humanitarianism, its foreign policy is barbaric.Canada’s foreign policy is anti-humanitarian, anti-democratic, anti-human rights, anti-everything, even as it is pro- war and terrorism.

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The truth would set us on a course compatible with international law, not contemptuous of it. It would reinforce our sovereignty, and it would give meaning to the words “Never Again”, whereas criminal war lies will continue to give us “Again and Again”: more vacuous vilifications, more fear-mongering, more war, more poverty, more death, more disease, more refugees, more of everything that War imposes on us and others every time.

All of the imperial lies against Syria and Syrians have been exposed. All of the evidence-free allegations have been discarded. Since the beginning of the war on Syria, imperialists have committed all of the crimes that they continue to falsely project onto Syria and Syrians. To what end? To further an agenda of international lawlessness, high crimes, war, and terrorism.

Baseless vilification campaigns against Syria continue to override common sense. Whereas it is commendable that the Syrian government signed the Paris climate accord, it is a sign of our government’s absolute moral bankruptcy that Environment Minister Catherine McKenna should feel compelled to apologize for “praising Syria”.

Syria and its allies have been fighting, and winning, a just war against terrorism. Canada and its allies are still scampering about looking for and creating fake pretexts to inflict further misery on Syria and the world.

Syria and its martyrs have earned the respect of the world. The Canadian government and its propaganda apparatus have not.


[1] Reverend Andrew Ashdown, Facebook commentary, 8 November, 2017.

The original source of this article is Global Research. Copyright © Mark Taliano, Global Research, 2017