Ottawa’s Support of US-led War, Opposition to BDS: More Admissions and Canada’s National Disgrace

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s own admission that Israel has a “permanent policy” to “oppose Iran’s attempts to gain a foothold in Syria”[1] is in fact a public admission that Israel has a permanent policy to commit supreme international war crimes against Syria.

His most recent admission comes on the heels of yet another admission (Why hide the obvious?) from Israeli Army Commander Gadi Eisenkot,[2] that Israel supports terrorists, whom he calls” rebels” in Syria.

These mea culpas come at a time when Canada’s “progressive” prime minister Trudeau recently conflated peaceful opposition to Israel’s flagrant violation of international laws and norms as “anti-semitism”.[3]

No doubt, the Canadian government’s opposition to the BDS campaign is rooted in the fact that Canada supports the exact same international criminality that Netanyahu openly embraces.

Israel’s flagrant violation of international law manifested itself in technicolor last night (January 20, 2019) when Israel launched missiles at Syria, ostensibly targeting Iranian targets, but which in fact terrorized Syrian civilians, killed four Syrian soldiers, and wounded another six (most recent tally).

No doubt colonial media messaging will omit from its stories the fact that the Syrian government invited Iranian military into Syria to fight Western-supported terrorism, and that Iran is therefore legally in Syria, but then colonial media was never interested in conveying the truth about the West’s “Regime Change” war against Syria.

Canada’s foreign policy contradicts the very essence of what Canada should be.  Involvement in NATO and ad hoc coalitions against foreign, sovereign states, and its corollary, direct support for terrorism,  means that Canada is party to a New World Order neo-con agenda that ultimately seeks supranational world control as it negates international law and reduces Canada to the status of a treatied sub-state, bereft of self-determination, an economic colony subservient to transnational diktats.[4]

Our government’s embrace of international criminality does not serve our national interests. It is impoverishing us, and it should be seen for what it is – a national disgrace.

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Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


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