Perspectives on the Pandemic/Prof. Knut Wittowski/Episode 2

Some notes based on video:
(13:38) Social distancing did not help to control the epidemic in China and South Korea
(18:56) Data that we have speaks against notion that it is more contagious than other flus.
(21:49) Containment flattens and prolongs the epidemic
(24:50) Nothing fundamentally different from flus we see in other years
(27:00) We will have more deaths because of social distancing
(28:40) We will have a second wave because of current protocols
(29:50) The second wave (will be) a direct consequence of social distancing
(31:19) Need to open schools for herd immunity
(34:09) Testing is not productive
(34:30) Antibody testing could be useful
(38:15) re. Pneumonia: Problem in New York is too many people without health insurance
(40:14) Every flu every year is a “pandemic”
People are too docile. They need to hold politicians accountable