Pfizer Bait and Switch

Commentary by Dr.Michael Yeadon:

I believe what Andrew Bridgen is saying. The material injected into hundreds of millions of people is not the material used in the already exposed as sketchy clinical trials.
I know this because it’s impossible to manufacture billions of doses using the methods used to create the batches used in small scale regulatory route studies.
To scale up requires synthetic route development work of a very substantial nature, is likely to require new purification steps, tests & acceptable results, and this takes years, not months.
In any case, being a complex biological and not a defined substance, the resulting product would inevitably be similar to but not identical with the R&D version. This, bridging studies would be unavoidably required, further adding time to commercial launch.
Whatever people who accepted these jabs have had injected into them, I couldn’t guess. It’s not what the said.
Best way
Ps: the most experienced person speaking out is Hedley Rees, see his output on Substack and please share the word including Andrews warning & Hedley’s compelling arguments.



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