Political Insanity

If there is such a thing as “Political Islam”, then, by the same logic there are many other “politicals”.  Some of these would include “Political Christianity”, “Political Humanitarianism”, and “Political Feminism”.

A constant thread running through all of these “politicals” is that they are fraudulent. They are concepts that subvert, displace, and weaponize that which they profess to represent.

“Political Islam” is anti-Islamic. “Political Christianity” is anti-Christian. “Political Humanitarianism” is anti-humanitarian, and “political feminism” is anti-feminism.

“Political Islam” as represented by Wahhabism is an anti-Islamic extremist ideology that is grown nurtured and sustained by US imperialism which imposes mass murder, destruction, chaos and sectarianism on prey nations such as Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, and Syria.

“Political Islam” is a tool for its counterparts who, by the same logic, would be described as “Political Christians”. Everything the so-called Christians do is anti-Christian, and this includes its support for the aforementioned terror proxies and its anti-humanitarian bombing campaigns, all of which is deepening the overseas holocaust and erasing Christian populations from where they previously flourished.

Political Islam and its “Christian” counterparts are in fact trying to destroy everything in Syria that is  representative of religion correctly interpreted: religious tolerance, religious icons, religious pluralism, and civilized society.

All of these anti-religious regime change wars are also, necessarily anti-humanitarian and anti-feminist. In terrorist-occupied areas of Syria, for example, women and men do not have “human rights.” Those who oppose the occupation are tortured, imprisoned, murdered, or all of the above.

If NATO and its allies succeed in Syria, all Syrian women (and men) will be denied basic human rights. But this hasn’t stopped Hollywood star Angelina Jolie[1] from injecting her brand of “political feminism” in the mix by suggesting that NATO can be a leader in defending women’s rights.

NATO is in fact a leader in destroying women’s rights, and it always will be. When NATO imposes mass death and destruction on non-belligerent prey countries such as those mentioned above, it necessarily erases human rights – including the rights of multitudes of innocent men and women to live.

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Screenshot The Guardian December 10, 2017

Strange times we live in when the military organization that weaponizes religion, and is most responsible for the current overseas holocaust, is tasked with being an agency to advance religious and  human rights.



[1] Jens Stoltenberg and Angelina Jolie, “Why Nato must defend women’s rights.” the Guardian. 10 December, 2017.

(https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/dec/10/why-nato-must-defend-womens-rights) Accessed 12 January, 2018.

Featured image is from El Pais.