Realities On-the-ground in East Ghouta, Syria: We’ve Seen This All Before. US Supported Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons

The progressive liberation of East Ghouta, Syria, from Western-supported terrorists highlights and confirms what we already know.  We have seen this all before.

First of all, a chemical factory was discovered, indicating yet again that the terrorists use chemical weapons.

Second, the discovery of the CW plant occurred at the same time that yet another false flag terror operation has been predicted.  None of these false flag “Assad gasses his own people” operations have withstood the scrutiny of independent investigations.[1]  They have all been perpetrated by the West and its proxies, most notably the White Helmets, al Qaeda auxiliaries, as fake pretexts for more war.

Third, we see yet again that the mainstream media is an accomplice to Western crimes.  ReporterSharmine Narwani, who visited the abandoned site, noted wryly that none of the mainstream media reporters chose to visit the “makeshift chemical lab”.

Part 1
Weeks ago the Syrian government was blamed for a chemical attack in Shifoniyeh, E. Ghouta
Damascus denied such claims and accused the “rebels” of orchestrating the attack to frame the SAA
Shifoniyeh was liberated and the SAA found a chemical factory in the city

— هادي نصرالله (@HadiNasrallah) March 13, 2018

Finally, we see more evidence of terrorist atrocities committed against occupied populations, as revealed by recently freed captives.  A local revealed to reporters:

“We lived in fear under the militants, there were very harsh conditions. They drove up food prices, introduced a strict regime – you could lose your head for the slightest fault, …” [2]

“They wanted us to be slaves and if one disagrees they would behead him”.
A Syrian civilian who escaped terrorist “rebel”-held Douma in Eastern Ghouta describes the situation under the rule western and GCC backed jihadists#SaveGhoutaFromTheRebels

— هادي نصرالله (@HadiNasrallah) March 14, 2018

Here are some more testimonies:

The alternative to the popular Assad government is not an alternative at all.  It is slavery and despotism. As more areas are liberated by the SAA, we will see more of the same.


Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


[1] Tim Anderson, ‘There is zero credible evidence that the Syrian Arab Army has used chemical weapons.’ Muslim  Press. 20 July, 2016.( ) Accessed 14, March, 2018.

[2] “First group of 50+ civilians safely leaves E. Ghouta via humanitarian corridor – Russian MoD.” RT. 11 March, 2018. ( Accessed 14 March, 2018.