Report #227 | Dr. Carrie Madej: Reprogramming of Cells Without Informed Consent–Moratorium Needed – YouTube

Ramola D Reports

Conversation with Dr. Carrie Madej exposing the fact that the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-vaccine is experimental in nature, has not been properly tested in humans, has not been proven safe and effective- (she explains closely how the raw data has been manipulated), and raises many questions regarding dangerous side-effects and adverse events, including death, as well as pointing to the genetic reprogramming of human cells without informed consent provided to those who take it: this is a transhumanizing and nanobot-containing vaccine, but people do not seem to understand this; given the multiple numbers of adverse effects being reported, she calls for an immediate moratorium to halt the rollout and calls for medical professionals to speak out. An article is forthcoming at The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

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