Reviews of Voices from Syria/What’s Actually Happening in Syria: Eyewitnesses Contradict Western Media Lies of Syria’s “Civil War”

Aus Deutschland

F.Koch5.0 out of 5 stars Can we believe what is being reported about the War in Syria?Review from Germany from September 9, 2019Verified purchase

Is what we see about the Syrian war on television and in newspapers credible? Is Assad the mass murderer, as is always said? Are the Russians constantly committing war crimes in Syria? And are the Americans really the good ones?

If you read this book, you can really doubt it. For example, what the author reports about Syria (and Assad) before the war does not fit at all with the image of the devil Assad. What Syrians say is also very different from the reports on TV.

In general, the statements of Syrians (eyewitnesses) are very interesting. In any case, I have seen television news about Syria with very different eyes since reading this book.

HONEGGER ANTON H.5.0 out of 5 stars Look at the true directors of the war staged in Syria.Review from Germany on August 10, 2017Verified purchase

The view of the development of events, led by Syrians on the ground through interviews by Mark Taliano, opens up further facets to this staged war. Once again, one recognizes the mechanism of the US empire, which is so often used, that seeks to achieve its geopolitical supremacy where it benefits the US economy. Unlucky for all people who live in a country that is of interest to US strategists in terms of the resources to be conquered and can thus expand their military-industrial complex.

Michael Herzberg5.0 out of 5 stars The truth about Syria

Review from Germany on June 29, 2018Verified purchase

Residents report what is really happening in Syria. There has never been a civil war. Everything is controlled by the US, which has built and supported ISIS like many others. Germany, among others.5.0 out of 5 stars

Oktober 2019Verified purchase

Very nice to read and also very interesting4.0 out of 5 stars

Review from Germany on July 7, 2019Verified purchase

The chaos in almost all countries where the US had its hands in the game is mainly due to the intelligence services of this state.

R. Mueller5.0 out of 5 stars Analysis of a damaged country

Review from Germany on May 4, 2017Verified purchaseFor more than five years, a relentless has raged in Syria, which has not only claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, forced millions to flee, not only in an entire region, but ultimately worldwide, has caused unrest and chaos. As a result, a million-dollar army of refugees has set out and plunged many target countries into chaos. What makes this was and the possibility of an end so complicated is, among other things, the opaque situation and the large number of parties involved, states, terrorist organizations, each of which pursues its own objectives, which seem incompatible. There is no end in sight. The Western media see Assad in their coverage as the root of all evil and a possible peace only after his disempowerment and removal. The author, who has travelled through Syria, has done extensive research, has spoken to people on the ground, however, reveals a completely different variant. Contrary to the general view in the West, the author’s analysis shows the US as the main culprit of the Syrian war. Islamist terrorist organizations are trained, funded, and equipped by the United States to intervene in directly in the conflict for U.S. interests. The opaque machinations of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, even Israel, which are more or less directly intervening in this conflict, make the whole situation even more complicated. In my opinion, it is not possible to show the role and intentions of Russia, which intervened in this conflict only later, but in a very lasting way, and without which peace will not be possible anyway. Ultimately, the US is concerned with destabilizing Syria and the entire region, changing power in Syria, and expanding its own spheres of power and influence. A frightening analysis of a damaged country, partly forgotten by the world community, and therefore an urgent appeal to them to stop standing idly by.21 people found this information helGunthard Heller4.0 out of 5 stars Truth as a source of peaceReview from Germany of March 9, 2018 VerifiedpurchaseMark Taliano wants to contribute with his book on Syria (as of May 2017) to a “Consensus for Truth, Justice and Peace”. He criticizes western governments and mainstream media for “barbarism and ignorance” instead of “knowledge, growth, humanity and civilisation […] (p. 80f). He advocates a solution “from within”, i.e. by the Syrians themselves, since “the West” pursues reprehensible goals: “a change of government and/or a Balkanization of the country” (p. 99), control of the Middle East (particularly trade), the exploitation of people (as labour) and natural resources. “All this is part of the quest for global dominance, for global war and global poverty” (p. 75). By “West” Taliano means “the […] NATO, the Gulf Monarchies and Israel” (p. 75

Ebenso verwerflich wie diese Ziele sind die dafür eingesetzten Mittel: Lügen, ungerechtfertigte wirtschaftliche Sanktionen und die Unterstützung von Terroristen, die angeblich bekämpft werden. Die sog. gemäßigten Rebellen (in Wirklichkeit Salafisten, Muslimbrüder und al-Kaida im Irak) seien die ersten gewesen, die Gewalt eingesetzt hätten, syrische Soldaten und Polizisten seien anfangs sogar unbewaffnet gewesen.

“Demokratie setzt eine informierte Bevölkerung voraus” (S. 90), doch westliche Geheimdienste würden die Wahrheit auf den Kopf stellen. Assad werde vom Westen als Aggressor hingestellt, obwohl er nur sein Land vor Terroristen schütze. Taliano vergleicht die westliche Strategie mit dem “Erpressungsmodell der Mafia”: “Falls Assad zurücktritt, sind wir ‘zu eurem Schutz’ da und ersetzen ihn durch eine wahhabitische Marionettenregierung” (S. 70).3 Personen fanden diese Informationen hilfreichNützlichKommentarMissbrauch meldenChristian Döring VINE-PRODUKTTESTER4,0 von 5 Sternen Wichtige Momentaufnahmen an den großen Medien vorbei!Rezension aus Deutschland vom 3. Mai 2017″Assad ist fortschrittlich und zukunftsorientiert.” schreibt der kanadische Enthüllungsjournalist Mark Talino und dies gibt bereits die Richtung des Autors vor.

Ja, er ist parteiisch!

Aber gibt es in diesem seit Jahren erbittert geführten Krieg überhaupt noch objektive Beobachter?

Vom 15. – 23. September 2016 war Mark Talino in Syrien unterwegs. Er hat mit Menschen gesprochen und deren Erlebnisberichte sind in seinem Buch zu lesen. Es sind die schrecklichen Erlebnisse über Zerstörung und Tod. Talino versucht zu beweisen, wie Russland und die USA in Syrien einen Stellvertreterkrieg führen.

Talino und seine Augenzeugen berichten, dass es niemals in Syrien um eine Revolution ging. So sagt einer seiner Augenzeugen: “Ich bin ein Syrer … ich lebe in Syrien mitten im Geschehen. Wir haben einiges Schreckliche miterlebt. Es handelte sich niemals um eine Revolution oder einen Bürgerkrieg. Die Terroristen werden von eurer Regierung (Kanada kämpft im Verbund mit den USA) geschickt. Es sind al-Kaida, al-Nusra-Front, Wahabiten, Salafisten, Taliban etc. und die extremistischen Dschihadisten, die der Westen, die Saudis, Katar und die Türkei schicken”.

Egal um welchen Krieg es sich handelt, blicken wir in die Ukraine, in den Irak oder Lybien, die Wahrheit bleibt schnell auf der Strecke, wer kann schon von sich behaupten sie gepachtet zu haben? Vielleicht der reiche Westen, weil er mit solchen Kriegen immer reicher wird und seine Vormachtstellung um keinen Preis aufgeben will? Sind die Totalzerstörung ganzer Landstriche, die tausenden Toten und die Flüchtlingsströme nicht Anlass genug um über ein Kriegsende nachzudenken?

Einen heiß begehrten Amazonstern ziehe ich dann letztlich doch ab. Warum?

The publisher has failed to read this book again in peace. If he had done so, he would certainly have noticed the many repeat errors. I mean something like that, for example: …. what the actual situation in Syria really is.” (Page 26, 2nd paragraph). In total, it’s a few too many.

Hannibal Actor VINE-PRODUCTTESTER5.0 out of 5 stars

Highly interesting reading material, which will certainly be very controversial! Review from Germany of June 5, 2017Verified Purchase

As one of the first journalists, Canadian author Mark Taliano embarked on a long and arduous journey into the highly contested Syria of the 21st century, primarily to learn the truth about the media’s coverage of the war, especially those of the Western world. Astonishing and shocking things have come to light. What about, for example, President Bashar al-Assad, who wants all the world except perhaps Russia to believe that he is leading his own people to the slaughterhouse? There are eyewitness accounts that claim exactly the opposite. Or why is the Western media largely one-sidedly reporting on the events of the war, with the public focusing on Syrian government opponents in particular? If you really want to get an idea of what is happening in Syria away from the mainstream, this book is highly recommended. The author has really invested a lot in getting outstanding and indispensable information for us. This book is an absolute purchase recommendation for those interested in me!

Dr. Ludwig Watzal5.0 out of 5 stars The West’s War on Syriareview from Germany of May 27, 2017

Since the terrorist organizations had to evacuate the Syrian city of Aleppo, western media coverage has been shut. Only then there were any reports of a poison gas attack allegedly carried out by the government of Bashar al-Assad. In fact, it was a staging to draw the US into the war.

In the staged war of the West and its Arab allies, the one-sided coverage of Western media was perfected.

Western media representatives have become willing henchmen of the Western warring party and terrorists. For example, the fake factory did not shy away from giving the “White Helmets” an “Oscar”, an aid organization of the terrorist organizations IS and al-Nusra Front. Despite the enormous amount of propaganda and manipulation by Western media, there have been repeated reports of independent journalists pulling their propaganda masks off the face of the corporate media. The British journalist Vanessa Beeley documented that the “White Helmets” never helped civilians, but only wounded terrorists.

Mark Taliano gives a voice to the people ofSyria. It shows how the US and the West, together with their Arab allies, are destabilizing the country and firing into a storm for regime change. According to Western media reading, the US and its allies are fighting the “criminal Assad regime” while fighting Islamist terrorists. The West has demonized Assad for years without wondering why he is still in power when he supposedly “slaughters” his own people. The West and its allies have carried out “peaceful” airstrikes over the past two years, but they have been aimed exclusively at destroying civilian infrastructure.

The author makes it clear that the people of Syria know who the real terrorists

are. “The West’s attack on this country is an attack on all of us humanity and an attack on Syria’s progressive and expectant future,” Taliano said. The fact that the West also wants to overthrow the last secular regime in the Arab world, having already overthrown Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi and plunged both countries into chaos, astonishes the people on the ground. They cannot understand why the West is still promoting the most fundamentalist and darkest regime in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia.

Taliano disenchants the supposedly moderate “opposition” that the West is cuddling.

These terrorists are far from “moderate.” “They are slaughtering Christians, minorities and Muslims alike.” They are concerned with the enforcement of the “Wahabitan ideology”. The author’s aim is to document the history of Syrians “fighting AGAINST NATO terrorism.” They are aware that Saudi Arabia and Qatar are funding and training ISIS and the terrorists of the al-Nusra Front on behalf of the US.

Taliano’s book bears a convincing witness to the bravery and resilience of the Syrian people, who have resisted an alliance of Western aggressors and Islamist terrorists for more than six years. The fact that one of the oldest cultural nations in the world is being bombed back to the Middle Ages by the West and its Arab allies is not only a colossal war crime, but also a crime against humanity. The book puts much of Western propaganda coverage of Syria back in the spotlight. Highly readable and very revealing.

Dr. Ludwig Watzal works as a journalist and editor in Bonn.

From Germany

Surfers4.0 out of 5 stars The truth about SyriaRezension aus Deutschland vom 14. Juli 2017Do you think that the United States is contributing to peace in Syria? If so, you were wrong! The author has visited Syria and can testify from his own experience that the US and its intelligence services support ISIS with arms deliveries. The Kreg in Syria has its origins in the USA as well as the Iraq War, the Libyan War and many others in the Middle East, as the author knows in detail. The author writes on page 40:

“Canadians are made to know that they live in a free and democratic society. In fact, we are increasingly being manipulated into accepting the dictatorship of transnational capital. Capital is expressed through international financial companies (as opposed to state-owned banks) and through “free trade agreements. They are all pushing the elected representatives into the background and serving the interests of an international class of oligarchs.”

With this book I find my world view fully confirmed by an oligarch-driven media

landscape. And that Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize, despite his war time, confirms that the Nobel Peace Prize is tantamount to a war medal.

The book is a mixture of the experiences of the witnesses and the personal opinion of the author. The composition reads mediocrely and didn’t yield much new for me.

Basti from the Pot5.0 out of 5 stars Background information from the center of the actionreview from Germany of May 23, 2017

Using the example of the conflict in Ukraine, people could easily see that the Western media – and of course the German ones – report on such crises up to wars absolutely one-sidedly, even almost identically. (The truth is the first victim of the war). Especially in the ARD news broadcasts Tagesschau and Tagesthemen, government opponents were at that time with up to 80 percent more sought-after interview partners than possible opponents of the establishment. One of the popular interlocutors was former boxing world champion Vitali Klitschko, who was elevated to a kind of figurehead. So to the taste of the political establishment, whose performers had neatly blown into the same horn. And that would make it clear that such books and information are of paramount importance. The courageous author has personally made his way to Syria and had many conversations with those affected by the war. In doing so, he has already gone much further than the vast majority of “journalists” in the Western media. I devoured the book. A must-read for anyone who wants to get their own picture (away from the mainstream) of the crowds in the troubled country. Some of them will not want to believe what they are reading in this book – but they should! Getting information from several completely different sources hasn’t hurt anyone yet.

From other countries

Tibsi5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting! Review from Italy on August 24, 2017Verified purchase

Seeing everything from a different angle, that’s what the book conveyed to me.

Are we really being deceived in this way? .

Mainstream media companies … Well…. there is to question any reporting.

This book is really worth reading