Shifting Narratives and War Crimes: NATO Terrorists Used Chemical Weapons against Syrian Civilians

NATO terrorists use chemical weapons against innocent civilians as policy. This is well-documented. NATO used weaponized white phosphorous against civilians in Mosul, Iraq, for example, and NATO proxy ground troops who call themselves al Qaeda, al Nusra Front, Daesh, FSA, and a host of other names, also use chemical weapons against civilians. Chemical stocks, for example, were discovered in liberated Aleppo.

Despite the fact that the chemical weapons/Weapons of Mass Destruction meme was found to be as fake as the “incubator story” hatched by the Hill and Knowlton PR firm as a pretext for the illegal invasion of Iraq, projecting the chemical weapons lie onto target nations is still somewhat effective, given the success of MSM media to inoculate western consumers against the truth.

But the imperial CW narrative has now shifted because the West has now admitted1, somewhat inadvertently, that, yes “extremist groups” in Syria do use chemical weapons.

Translated from the Newspeak: NATO terrorists use chemical weapons against Syrians.

From a research and investigative perspective, it’s a bonus when the perpetrators admit to their own crimes.

What this really means is that as Syria becomes increasingly liberated from the scourge of Western-supported terrorists, and more evidence of the West’s crimes emerges daily, the propaganda narratives need to shift daily.

The next story will likely be that the West needs to save the “Kurds” against the evil Assad dictator. But that story won’t last long either if the Kurdish situation parallels developments in neighboring Iraq.Syria: Egregious Lies and Crimes Are The Foundation of Western Foreign Policy

With any luck, the new story will be that the West has achieved victory in Syria and that they have decided to go home.

Such a narrative might work because it presents the lie (that the West is fighting and destroying Daesh) as the truth – a time-tested propaganda strategy that has worked since 9/11 and shows few signs of obsolescence.


1 Syria Travel Warning, October 18, 2017 ( Accessed 20 October 2017

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