Syria and its Constitution

Syria’s constitution belongs to Syria and Syria alone. It is the fruit of a proud, secular, pluralist country that has defied and largely defeated NATO and its takfiri mercenaries. It is not tainted by twisted Wahhabi ideologies that render service to imperial, colonial masters.

Imperialism and colonialism are criminal travesties. Dressed in clothes of humanitarianism, they are diseased harlots that spread death, disease, beheadings, dictatorships throughout the world for the benefit of a privileged, parasitical, psychotic and supremely criminal, globalizing ruling class.

Make no mistake, every single terrorist in Syria is supported by the West and its allies. The criminal overlords of the “Caliphate Project” should be facing trials at the Hague, not sitting at constitutional tables pretending to decide Syria’s future.

A successful result for the colonizers and their head-chopping proxies would be a balkanized and destroyed Syria with Muslim Brotherhood leadership. It isn’t going to happen. Syria is defeating international terrorism and will continue to defeat international terrorism. The victor will dominate the Constitutional talks and the victor will dominate the results. President Assad explained in a recent interview:

“They aim to weaken the state and transform it into a state which cannot be controlled from within and, consequently is controlled from the outside.  The game is clear, as is happening in neighboring countries which we don’t need to mention.  This is not going to happen; but they will try and we will not accept.  This is the summary of months of future dialogue, and maybe longer, I don’t know. Of course, I mean future dialogue.”

Syria and its elected President are the victors. The real Syrian opposition is elected. The legitimate opposition does not include expatriate imperial proxy stooges. Those who support the takfiris may sit at the table, but their voices will carry no weight in substantive issues.

President Assad was quite clear about this:

“Let us speak frankly,” he said, “Why should we lie and speak diplomatically?  The reality is that there is a patriotic party dealing with a party which is an agent and a terrorist, its as simple as that. But in order to be diplomatic and to not anger everyone, I will call it a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, but only in terms of an identity card, passport and nationality.  But as for belonging, that is a different discussion, to which we all know the answer too aside from the diplomatic discourse.”

The show will go on, but the Victor will decide the outcome. Syria and Syrians have paid with their blood for our sins. Syria and Syrians are the victors. They will lead the way.