Syria: Free and Independent

Religious pluralism. Mosque and church side by side.

Dr. Ayssan Midani explains in the following video a number of realities about Syria and the war on Syria. Her assessments paint a picture of a free country graced with a self-determining, socially-uplifting political economy.

The economy, she explains, was growing at a rate of 6% or 7% before the war, the country was not (and still is not) burdened by external debt. There were some regressions, she explains, but they were not the cause of the externally imposed war.

The regressions were “neoliberal” market “reforms” which negatively impacted some workers and some industries. Between 2000 and 2010, she adds, “Public-Private Partnerships”, especially in telecommunications and internet sectors, were developing.

Overall, however, she describes Syria as self-sufficient in terms of food sovereignty and manufactured products. A kilo of bread, she says, costs 10 cents. Syrians eat Syrian-produced foods, and wear Syrian-made clothes. Wall Street and international financial institutions do not determine Syria’s political economy.

Despite the war, the government provides everyone with a place to stay, and there is no homelessness.

Midani could have added that Syria still has free education and free healthcare, and that all of these socially-uplifting factors help to explain President Assad’s popularity in the country, despite the West’s best efforts to destroy everything, with its terrorists and its economic warfare.

The above picture that she paints of liberated areas of Syria — supported by strong, irrefutable evidence — also helps to explain why the international dictatorship of monopoly neoliberal capitalism, the root cause of global war and poverty, has set its sights on Syria.

Freedom and independence are enemies to the international predator class that is currently enslaving the West under the cover of war lies and deceptions.