SYRIA: remembering innocent child victims of US Coalition terrorism in Al Sqeilbiyyeh/ By Vanessa Beeley

Photo Credit: Vanessa Beeley

 This is the first time I could visit Hama and Al Sqeilbiyyeh since Covid-19 restrictions. One evening I went to the oldest part of the city with Nabel Alabdalla, commander of the National Defence Forces.  

We saw the wall that has been painted by the children of Sqeilbiyyeh in memory of the five children martyred in May 2019 – by the monsters the West call “rebels”. The beautiful, colourful paintings and images are a reminder that from death springs life and that departed souls are still with us. 

These children did not deserve to die, Syria does not deserve this war or the economic devastation created by the US Coalition of terror.  

Nabel spoke briefly about these precious souls in the video below.  #Syrian_lives_matter. Please don’t forget them while you are deliberately being distracted by orchestrated and exploited events globally.  

God bless these angels, bring peace to their families and protect the soldiers who fight to keep their friends and city safe now and for eternity.  

My article commemorating the five innocent child martyrs:  

“Four children — Bashar Nemeh, Jessica Karajian, Suhair Adnan and Engi Faisal Razouk — along with an adult woman, Hala Mkashkash, were murdered in the horrifying attack on As Suqaylabiyah, their young lives wiped out by Grad missiles almost certainly supplied to the extremist groups by the U.S or its allies.  

Five other children were injured by shrapnel, including Marcel, the brother of Bashar Nemeh, one of the children killed in the attack. Marcel suffered terrible head injuries and was rushed to Hama national hospital for emergency treatment. Just six days later, he succumbed to his wounds and died in the hospital.  

The Nemeh brothers’ father was killed in 2014. He had joined the Syrian Arab Army to defend his country against the influx of Western-sponsored terrorist groups that began in 2011. Yasmeen Zarrouf, their mother, was left entirely alone in the world, her husband and two precious boys torn from her life in a war that has been enabled and sustained by Western media, governments and aligned institutions.” Al Qaeda,Al Sqeilbiyyeh,Syria