Syria: The Quest for Truth and Peace in the New Year

Canadians are being victimized by criminal war propaganda. War with Syria, (Russia, China etc.) IS NOT serving our interests. Politicians who demonize these countries, and support “regime change” wars of aggression, do not represent our interests. Nor do they represent Canada’s national interests, though the politicians seem to think that supporting al Qaeda is in our national interests. None of the countries that we are destroying or preparing to destroy is a threat to us. They are fabricated “threats” ultimately for the benefit of myopic special interests who are impoverishing us all[1].

Obliterated from colonial media messaging is the fact that the legitimate Syrian government — the same government that Canada and its allies are trying to destroy — is and has always been the only polity that protects religious pluralism in Syria. The West’s sectarian terrorist proxies, for instance, have always targeted Christians for murder, and Christian churches, shrines, icons etc. for destruction.[2]

Mark Taliano, September 2016.  Terrorist-damage (FSA, al Nusra Front) to the Shrine of Saint Takla, Maaloula, Syria.

Mark Taliano, September 2016.  Terrorist-inflicted destruction of religious icons, Shrine of Saint Takla, Maaloula, Syria.Syrian Civilization Confronts Western Barbarism

Whereas Syrians, regardless of their religious affiliations, celebrate Christmas, such longstanding Syrian traditions are, and always have been, rejected and annihilated by Western-supported terrorists.

The interests of Canadians are not being served when our government and its allies falsely represent Syria, and when they continue to engage in criminal Regime Change operations against Syria.


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Mark Taliano is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) and the author of Voices from Syria, Global Research Publishers, 2017.


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