Syrian Beauty/By Rida Ali

Photo Credit: Rida Ali

#Syrian beauty:??

Syrian woman is not only one of the most beautiful women on the Earth but also she’s the most educated , elegant ,courteous & courageous.

Syrian women could be teachers, school administrators, doctors,nurses,university teachers,writers,women soldiers, business owners, an historian,an archaeologist, housewives, farmers,sports competitors, government leaders,journalists, artists, engineers & lawyer.

The Syrian women is involved at every level of society .

Syria gave a women the rights of vote in 1949 even before #Greece and #Switzerland.

In Syria also don’t not dictate what women wear,it’s up to them.

Before the war in 2011, the women, could walk around cities, towns, villages & everywhere at all hours without any fear at all of being attacked,where Syria was the fifth safest country in the world before the war in 2011.

Although there had been a Military Academy for women in Syria before 2011 but after the global war on Syria,many women joined the army to fight the hundreds of thousands of mercenary terrorists, like #ISIS#Nusra & #Al_Qaeda who came from more than 100 countries, funded and armed by #USA#UK#France#KSA#Qatar#Israel and #Turkey for slaughtering , kidnapping, killing, rapping,looting oil to destroy Syria for the sake of #Zionists .

Syrian Woman deserves the title of Iron Woman.

Syria is the address of civilization ,culture, secularism & religious coexistence.

Thank you رئاسة الجمهورية العربية السورية??????❤️????