The Clandestine War In Deir ez-Zor heats up/ Report By Tom Duggan & Nana Lancaster

Photo Credit: Tom Duggan, Nana Lancaster

Over the past few weeks the lives of at least three tribal Sheiks have been taken and many more threatened or had financial rewards offered to them.

Sheik Alwawi Al Salman of the tribe Al Bakara, was killed the first day of Eid.

Today we can add another’s name to the long list of people killed in clandestine operations
The death of Sheikh Mutashar Al-Hifl and the injury of Sheikh Ibrahim Khalil Al-Hifl, the Sheikh of the Sheikhs of Al-Okaidat tribe, by gunfire from the SDF gunmen at the entrance to the town of Al-Shuhail in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Is not by chance that the new deal between the USA and Kurds on building 2 new oil refineries.

The USA has been secretly visiting tribal leaders in an effort to create a new tribal council with the aid of Saudi Arabia offering both the stick and the carrot, threats or bribes, as in so many other conflicts.

In an effort to split the original tribal council a purge is taken place.

Tribal leaders are having to make life or death decisions do they support Assad or allow the USA to steal more and more oil, and give land over to the Kurds.

Sheikh Mutashar Al-Hifl made his choice, and it cost him his life.

Having spent time with tribal leaders and original tribal council I can only condemn the actions of the USA and the Kurds as well as the Saudi regime for the type of project being carried out at this moment.

One has to ask the question have the USA out played the Russian in the big game and how does Turkey feel about the USA and Kurdish enterprise? Word of warning to the Kurds: every time you trust the USA you’re left holding the baby.