The most caring country in the world “punished” with a blockade for over 59 years! By Andrea Duffour*

     Cuban Doctors, photo Cubadebate 

Cuba has carried out more than 600,000 internationalist missions in 164 countries. Cuba has been at the forefront when it comes to fraternally assisting other countries in need, without ever interfering in the internal affairs of any of these countries. With more than 1.7 billion medical examinations, 12.5 million surgical interventions and just as many vaccinations *, this small country has saved the lives of more than 6,253,000 people. In 2018 alone, 36,000 professionals, including 18,000 doctors, were on duty worldwide. In 2019, 29,000 Cuban doctors worked in 59 countries. **   

39 Cuban doctors arrive in Madrid on March 29 to travel to Andorra. Photo: EmbaCubaItaly   

“All these sacrifices are worth making in order to save a human life,” any Cuban would state.     

52 Cuban doctors arriving in Lombardy on March 22, 2020. Photo: Consulate of Cuba in Milan   

After Italy, 13 other countries have asked Cuba’s support against Covid-19. 593 professionals (March 30th, 2020) have left their families in Cuba to assist patients around the world.         

Photo: Ruben C. Herrera, collaborator of International Medical Brigade Henry Reeve of Cuba.   

The Fribourg section of the Swiss friendship Association Switzerland-Cuba reiterates the request addressed on March 16, 2020 to Mr. Alain Berset, member of the Swiss Federal Council, regarding the possibility of importing a drug produced in Cuba for treatment of Covid-19 and requesting the assistance of Cuban medical personel (here or google: “Suisse Cuba Berset). We also urge our government to do everything in its power to end the criminal and genocidal blockade imposed on Cuba by the US-government in which our country is complicitly participating.   

*Andrea Duffour, President of the Fribourg Section of the Association Switzerland-Cuba 

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1 Unidad Central de Cooperacion Medical del Ministerio de Salud Publica de Cuba (UCCM)  Central Unity for medical cooperation of the Cuban Ministry of Health.   

2 Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX)     

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