The US used their “Ninja Missile” Again/By Arabi Souri/Friends of Syria/

Photo Credit: Arabi Souri

15 June, 2020

Under the above title, R&U videos tweeted and shared images of a drone attack carried out by the USA against members of a terrorist group northwest of Syria.

“According to the reports, one of the commanders of the “Hurras al-Din” faction was targeted by the R9X missile fired from an American drone. One militant allegedly still alive” – R&U Videos (Twitter: @r_u_vid)

Hurras al-Din:

  • Hurras al-Din is a terrorist group operating mainly in the province of Idlib in affiliation with Nusra Front aka al-Qaeda Levant aka HTS.
  • Idlib province northwest of Syria is the last stronghold of al-Qaeda as per the Syrian state, the United Nations Security Council, even NATO considers them as such.
  • Being listed as a terrorist group globally doesn’t stop the Turkish regime of Erdogan from supporting this and other terrorist groups operating in Syria, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere, with the help of Turkey’s supposed to be foes like the Saudis and financed mainly by Qatar.
  • Ultimate goal of these terrorist groups and their Turkish patron is to establish a NATO-sanctioned Caliphate to protect Israel.
    Arabi Souri

NATO Targeting NATO Assets!
It might confuse some why would the USA, the main country member of NATO target commanders of a terrorist group sponsored by Turkey, the second main country in NATO.

The US ‘black ops’ always clean their traces and get rid of expired assets, assets who might compromise another black op carried out by the CIA, warlords who express unhappiness with war spoils distributed to them, and those who no longer needed.

The USA always tries to show itself as fighting terror to keep the Sheeple brainwashed, at the same time news about how these terrorist groups pop up always and only within the borders of countries targeted by the Pentagon, how they obtain their advanced weapons, massive financing, satellite communication high-end devices…?!

Important Notes:

  • NATO operates illegally in Syria, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization of invaders and countries destroyers were never invited by the Syrian government to operate in Syria, they were never asked by the United Nations Security Council to do so.
  • Citizens of the member countries of the NATO alliance have no clue to what exactly are the tasks carried out by NATO in Syria,? What is the end goal? And what is the interest of the member states in creating terrorist groups operating on third countries territories then attacking those same terrorist groups? They only their taxes increase to cover the heavy costs while they can’t fight a virus pandemic at home.
  • Every aspect of NATO’s involvement only painfully harms the Syrian people directly and harms the citizens of their countries indirectly but as painfully.