The West’s Criminal Embargo Against Syria Collectively Punishes Syrians as it Helps the Terrorists/ Commentary by Tom Duggan

Photo Credit: Tom Duggan

Visiting banks again yesterday, watching people trying to withdraw money .
The banks have imposed the following conditions .
Dollar withdrawals $1.000 max.
Syrian Pound withdrawals 500.000 max.

As far as the limit on withdrawal of Syrian pound is concerned it’s to limit people exchanging Syrian currency on the black market for USA dollars.

The Syrian pound started to go back up yesterday but then dropped slightly.

Awaiting to see what the fluctuations are today on the exchange rate.

Too many fat business men trying to manipulate the market ,as always in a country at war there is always war profiteering by certain people.

President Bashar Al Assad is doing his best in trying to help and to stop the economic terrorism that has been forced on his people by the USA and the EU.

Sanctions are creating malnutrition and poverty.

The draconian use of sanctions against the people of Syria:

Sanctions do not affect the rich . They strike at only the poor ,people in Syria are going to bed at night hungry.

Students are dropping out of universities because they can no longer be supported by family

School education will also suffer very soon especially in the private sector.

Every day I see more and more old and sick people on the street holding empty medicine boxes asking people for help so they can buy the medicine ,that they so badly need.

The average wage in Syria was between 30.000 to 50.000 Syrian pounds per month.

In today’s terms that would be equal to 25.000 syrian pounds .that means the amount of money they have to live on has dropped to almost half .

Imagine you in the west if your salary and spending power was cut in half ,how would you manage?

Bashar Al Assad still has the people’s support.
But certain politicians are being talked about in a very bad way for the extravagant life style they lead.

Photos family members and expensive cars or being shown on social media . The people are not happy .

The President Bashar Al Assad has never been photographed in a Ferrari or any other exotic car . He drives a small family car .

Today we wait as do the Syrian people to see what the Syrian Pound and the Dollar exchange rate is.

Syria needs to become self sufficient very quickly, as it did in the 1980s.

Never have I witnessed a people go through so much , to fight a war against foreign invaders and terrorists, then have sanctions placed on them.

This is inhuman.

I have no doubt in my mind that the west has a lot of evil people in power.