There Is “No Equivalency” between the Legitimate Syrian Government and the Western-Supported Terrorists Who are Destroying Syria on Washington’s Behalf

There is no moral or legal equivalency between the legitimate Syrian government and the Western-supported terrorists that are destroying Syria.

Syria and its allies have every legal right to defend Syria’s peoples, its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.  The terrorists, on the other hand, have no right to destroy the country, and to target civilians, as they have been doing, for the last 7 years.

Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists in East Ghouta, near Syria’s capital Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, are dug in, well-equipped, and fortified with human shields/innocent civilians.  They are sectarian, and they exist as a military force because of the West, not despite the West.

Caritas Syria[1] describes the daily trauma that the aforementioned terrorists inflict on Christian communities in Damascus:

“Des centaines d’obus de mortier, en provenance des zones sous contrôle de milices djihadistes takfiristes, dont Jaïsh al-Islam, une milice wahhabite financée par l’Arabie saoudite, le Front al-Nosra, branche d’Al-Qaïda en Syrie, rebaptisé Front Fatah al-Cham, et Ahrar al-Cham, s’abattent régulièrement sur ces quartiers.”

Whereas the Syrian Arab Army seeks to avoid civilian casualties, the terrorists target civilians. This fundamental difference between the terrorists and the legitimate government is erased from Western discourse.

Recently, for example, the SAA dropped the following leaflets onto civilian areas of East Ghouta:

Translation by Mahmoud Altaweel:

The letter by letter translation of the air drop out on Ghouta

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Dear citizens in Eastern Ghouta!
The whole region is entirely seiged by SAA.
Everyone has got sick of this bloody war which brought nothing out but death and homes, schools and hospital destruction.
Because of terrorist groups atrocities, thousands of children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sons have been passed away or lived in refugee camps or shelters.
Dear citizens : we hope you didn’t cooperate with terrorists and urge you to leave the area ASAP.
We guarantee you the following facilities :
*security and safety
* Accommodations and food stuff
*free medications
*secure return to your homes the moment the terrorists are wiped away.


Robert Inlakesh decodes the terrorist-supporting propaganda messaging here, and offers strategies for all of us to consider as we are daily bombarded with criminal war propaganda.



[1] Jacques Berset,«Caritas Syrie: les médias ne disent pas toute la vérité sur la réalité syrienne. »  Portal catholique suisse. 23 February, 2018. ( Accessed 25 February, 2018.