There is no valid excuse for the Canadian government’s war on Syria.

ARCHIV - Der syrische Präsident Baschar al-Assad hebt in Damaskus, Syrien, grüßend die Hand (Archivfoto vom 15.08.2006). Der seit dem Jahr 2000 herrschende Baschar al-Assad versprach nach Amtsantritt wirtschaftliche Reformen. Er und seine in London aufgewachsene Frau Asma al-Assad galten vielen Syrern als Hoffnungsträger. Doch wie sein Vater lässt Baschar jede oppositionelle Strömung mit Gewalt unterdrücken. Foto: Youssef Badawi (zu dpa "Die Assads - Diktatorendynastie in Syrien" vom 26.04.2011)

There is no valid excuse for the Canadian government’s war on Syria. The economic embargo is criminal. The support for terrorism is criminal. Any and all occupation forces are criminal. Canada’s NATO involvement consists of Supreme International War Crimes. There are no greater crimes. All of the atrocity stories and demonizations are baseless. THE WEST DOES NOT WAGE WAR FOR HUMANITARIAN REASONS. Even if the stories were true, they do not justify the commission of Supreme International War Crimes. When we support our government’s foreign policy against Syria, we are obedient fascists. This is who and what we are. It is shameful.

I have been to Syria three times during the war. Janice Kortkamp has been there many times, Eva Karene BartlettVanessa Beeley, Reverend Andrew Ashdown, Prof. Tim Anderson, have all been there many times. Syrians love their President and oppose the western-supported terrorists. We are not lying to you. Your government, the Canadian government, and the media, are lying. It is beyond diabolical.