To Those Who Are Defending The White Helmets , by Amany Ashour, August 4, 2018.

Amany AshourAugust 4, 2018

الى كل من يدافع عن فئران الخوذ البيضاء…
هل تذكرون حادثة ذبح الطفل الفلسطيني على يد عصابة نور الدين الزنكي…الصورة على اليسار.. كيف يتصف بالانسانية من ذبح طفل بدم بارد.. كيف يتصف بالانسانية من تجرد من الانسانية ؟؟ الفيديو بالرابط و الصورة تشرح نفسها بنفسها..

To those who are defending the White Helmets.
Compare the two pictures. Do you remember Abdullah, the Palestinian boy who was slaughtered by the terrorists of Nour Aldin Zinki Faction – picture on the left? The beast who slaughtered him is a member of the White Helmets- picture on the right. How could those rats help people while they have blood on their hands? How is it possible to have two personalities in one ?

To those who forgot the slaughter video in 2006 here you are to refresh your memory of the reality of the White Helmets. everyone who defends white helmet rats…