U.K, like Canada, supports al Qaeda-affiliated White Helmets/Commentary by Vanessa Beeley/July 11, 2017

Information has come to light that connects the UK FO to the Independent Diplomat organisation, based in the US. ID was established by ex British diplomat and alleged Iraq war “whistleblower”, Carne Ross. We received FARA documents (Foreign Agents Registration Act) that must be submitted for control if an organisation receives funds from a foreign government. Since 2013, ID received £ 3.7m, the majority of which is from the UK FO Conflict Stability and Security Fund. In September 2016 ID used a percentage of the funding received to organise a promotional speaking tour for Al Qaeda affiliated White Helmets leader, Raed Saleh. Saleh had been deported from Dulles Airport in the US, in April 2016 and Mark Toner of the US State Dept reluctantly stated that it might be due to his “extremist connections”. So the CSSF has been siphoned into the ID, an organisation clearly lobbying for multi spectrum intervention in Syria, including military force and targeted sanctions. That organisation has then promoted and supported a known extremist affiliate and his Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda affiliated group, the White Helmets. Not forgetting that the White Helmets are already funded over £ 65m by the UK FO for non-humanitarian aid. Is the UK regime contravening its own Terrorism Act by doing so? They should certainly be held accountable for the misuse of taxpayers funds, surely?