Video: Trudeau and Canadian Government Sued over COVID Measures. Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati/ By Rocco Galati and Sarah Westall, Global Research, August 19, 2020/ Sarah Westall, 17 August 2020

Super Lawyer Rocco Galati sues the Canadian government, Trudeau, Health Ministers, and others in first of its kind superior court lawsuit.

Galati lays out for listeners why his client and others have decided to sue over the extreme COVID measures that have now been proven to cause 14 to 1 more deaths than the actual virus. With these facts now proven, the government only continues to promote these extreme measures.

His lawsuit has a long list of experts, data, and more to prove the case against the government.

This lawsuit should serve as an important example to others around the world to also push back against these mandates that are destroying lives.

You can learn more and follow this important lawsuit by following Rocco Galati’s Twitter @RoccoGalatiLaw.


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