We Are Not In This Together

When the tv or government says “We’re in this together,” it’s a lie. We are not in this together. Ruling classes, the billionaire classes, are destroying and raping us. They are destroying lives and our rights and committing crimes against us. At the same time they are fabricating consent from us, the victims, and labeling the COVID measures as humanitarian, as for our own good. All based on lies.

They do this to prey countries except it is more direct. They use al Qaeda and ISIS to directly impose their will.

The Premier of Ontario (and others) should be arrested for imposing baseless lockdown diktats on innocent people. They are violating the Constitution and destroying lives based on a hoax “Killer Virus” and fake statistics.

Who will pay the debt when it is over and done with, when we are digital platforms, transhumans, owning nothing, and “happy”?