Western “Aid” Goes Directly to Al Qaeda and affiliates in Idlib Syria/ Commentary by Marco Glowatzki

Attention, please! Please read the text.

Here’s a report on schooling in a refugee camp in Idlib province.

Unlike the Syrian government-controlled areas of Syria, where school operations are completely normal in solid buildings and school uniforms, here is the conditions of the so-called ′′ moderate rebels “.

At this point, you really have to ask yourself: where did all the buts – billions of dollars and euros go to that pumped the international community of western values into Idlib???

In addition, the millions of the UN and NGO’s! Germany sent just under 100 million euros to Idlib this year alone. Just another trange of over 25 million euros last month.

In addition to that, the International aid deliveries with food and medicines are also added.

So where is all THIS???

I’m telling you, guns, ammo, drugs and in the pockets of terrorists who take the money abroad-mostly parking in Saudi Arabia.

The people of Idlib see nothing of all the international aid and are forced by the terrorists to pay maximum prices for a piece of bread or medicine, quite often by paying SEX. Women and girls but also boys have to suffer for bread or a medicine for the family to survive.

This is documented by many aid organizations.

The terrorists also build their own villas with solar panels and swimming pools. The Uig clocks are mainly the leaders, which, at an estimated 30.000, represent the largest group of occupiers in Idlib.

This is what I learned from several video calls, from my friends who live about 20 km from Idlib city in a village. They are the family of my Syrian refugee family who fled here to Tripoli and whom I always support. That’s why I’m well informed about what happened in Idlib.

Now a brief explanation on ′′ Syria TV. This station is no different than the propaganda medium of so-called opposition and ′′ moderate rebels “. It was founded by the same people along with the famous infamous ′′ White Helmets ′′ and is fully funded and produced by the Western overseas.

Firstly, of course, to discredit the Syrian government and blame all the misery and secondly to beg even more money from the Western community of worthless with such images.

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It would be urgently necessary to stop these aids to the terrorists immediately and to end the sanctions against Syria and in no time the country would be able to provide for itself and inflorescence without Western aid.

Like before 2012 too!

Greetings from me in Tripoli your Marco