Western-supported Terrorist Diktats in Occupied areas of Syria/Photos by Reverend Ashdown/ June 2018

Reverend Ashdown adds,
“This was in one of the school buildings adjacent to the ‘White Helmets’ HQ in East Aleppo.”
  • Basma Qaddour: This poster is about the best way of wearing Hijab, cover of head, by woman. It describe the type of clothes the woman has to wear when she puts on Hijab from the view point of extremists.

    Woman should wear clothes that cover all her body .
    The clothes should be wide and not like men’s clothes.
    She should not use perfume.
    The clothes should not be like the clothes of “Infidels” . They should not be attractive
  • Andrew Ashdown :Basma Qaddour Thank you for translating.. As I said before, this is in one of the school buildings next to the so-called ‘White Helmets’ HQ in Aleppo and part of the same compound.
  • Andrew Ashdown: And the other wall poster …
    • Basma Qaddour: The second poster is about the types of Monotheism, belief in the existence of one god, or in the oneness of God.
      1-To Thank Allah .

      2-To show monotheism in acts, prayers and fear of Allah.

      3- monotheism of the names of Allah
    • Basma Qaddour: Andrew Ashdown those terrorists use verses from the Holy Quran and claim that they are Muslims, however the fact is that they do not know the meaning of Islam .. Islam means peace and love, it never calls for terrorizing people. They seek to distort the real image of Islam
    • Andrew Ashdown: Yes. I understand. Those words are a twisting of interpretation to critique religious plurality in the Syrian state…
    • Basma Qaddour:
      As for the third poster in which a statement written in black on a wall, it means:

      The person who leaves home with the intention of seeking knowledge, he/ she is doing good things upon the orders of Allah until this person return home. If this person dies on his/ her way to seek knowledge, he or she will be considered martyrs.