How long did it take for "alternate" or legacy media journalists to finally acknowledge that there are no "moderate rebels" in Syria and that the West and its agencies support al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria and beyond? How long...
    Statements of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, June 12, 2024 Original Link Here: The Smoking Gun: Who Started the War. Was it Russia or Was it US-NATO? NATO Confirms that the Ukraine "War Started in 2014" -...


    When we increase the reach of the well-documented truth, we are countering ubiquitous war propaganda.

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    Voices from Syria - Second Revised Edition

    Arabic Version

    Voices from Syria

    These are their stories; these are their voices.

    German version

    Real News and Updates about Syria

    Latest updates on the conflict in Syria. Information and articles about the war in Syria and the Syrian situation.

    On the ground reporting from pioneering investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley.

    The Wall Will Fall

    Pre-eminent Canadian investigative reporter Eva Bartlett’s on the ground reporting about Syria and beyond puts mainstream “reporters” to shame.

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    Manufactured Public Health Crises/ By Wolfgang Wodard


    Bombshell: Japan’s Former Minister of Internal Affairs Apologizes to the Unvaccinated: ‘You Were Right, Vaccines Are Killing Millions of Our Loved Ones’

    By Sean Adl-Tabatabai and Prof Michel Chossudovsky Global Research, June 11, 2024 The People's Voice 31 May 2024   Original Link...

    Dr. Francis Boyle Provides Affidavit: COVID 19 mRNA Nanoparticle Injections Are Biological Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction/By Dr. Joseph Sansone

    Law Professor That Wrote 1989 Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act Provides Affidavit By Dr. Joseph Sansone Global Research, June...

    Mark Taliano’s Voices from Syria is a well documented analysis that refutes mainstream media narratives on Syria.  Having spent years observing and researching, Taliano explains in detail which western politicians support terror, how humanitarianism is feigned to cover crimes, and why mainstream media is corrupt to the core.

    With chapters on Syria and imperialism, the Syrian Arab army, and international capital, Voices from Syria humanizes the Syrian people, their culture, and their nation in a way that is normally not permitted in wartime.  Focusing on the truth as an instrument for building peace and counter-propaganda, Taliano reveals what unites humanity with the people of Syria in their struggle against foreign aggression, and the courage and resilience of this nation’s civilian infrastructure.

    Voices from Syria aims to reverse the tide of media disinformation by reaching out to western public opinion on behalf of the people of Syria.  The west’s political spin is laid bare in the words of the Syrian people, “Stop killing innocent civilians in pursuit of your fake war on terrorism”.  This superbly composed antidote to disgraceful anti-Syria propaganda is a must read…you won’t put it down!